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Mon January 26, 2004
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Ingredients: 4 large eggs
4 Tablespoons cottage
cheese -- small curd is best
1 1/2 Tablespoons Atkins
Bake Mix
1 Tablespoon flax seed --
as needed, or 2
tablespoons flax meal
1/2 Packet splenda -- or 1
teaspoon granular splenda
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1/4 Teaspoon Cream of


An Electric Mixer (you
COULD do it by hand with a
wisk, but you'd hate
yourself later)
Mixer Bowl
A Second Bowl
A Fork
A Rubber Spatula
Cooking Spray
A Pizza Pan (NOT the kind
with the little vent holes in
the bottom)

How To Prepare: 1. Preheat your oven to

2. Separate your eggs,
putting the whites into the
mixer bowl and the yolks
into the Second Bowl. Be
sure to get absolutely NO
yolk in the whites,

Beginners Tip
If you don't have an egg
separator, just crack the
egg into your hand and
let the whites run through
your fingers into the mixer
bowl. This is actually
easier than most egg
separator devices anyway.

NOTE: As you follow the
remaining steps, the egg
whites will be warming to
room temperature, which
helps them to whip better.

3. Grind the Flax Seed to
meal, if you started with Flax

Beginners Tip
Any conventional electric
coffee grinder works well for
grinding flax seed.
Keep grinding until it's a
fine, dense powder. It will
be a little damp and
clumpy when you're done.

4. Add the Flax Meal to the
Second Bowl.

5. Add the Salt, Splenda,
Cottage Cheese, and Atkins
Bake Mix into the yolks
in the Second Bowl.

6. Stir the ingredients in the
Second Bowl with a fork
until evenly mixed. As
you do this, crush the
cheese curds with the tines
of the fork. They'll still
be clumps when you're
done, but try to get them a
little smaller than when you

7. Add the Cream of Tartar
to the egg whites

8. Whip the egg whites to
stiff peaks.

Beginners Tip
Set your mixer to the fastest
setting it has. Keep rotating
the bowl (or moving
your hand mixer) to evenly
mix the entire contents.
Pretty soon, the egg whites
turn to foam. Keep mixing.
Use your spatula to scrape
anything off the sides of
the bowl that isn't getting
mixed in with the rest. Keep
mixing. From time to
time, dip the tip of your
spatula into the foam.
Eventually, the little "peak"
that forms from pulling out
the spatula will stay
standing, and not slowly
back into the foam. THAT is
a "stiff peak," and it means
you're finished whipping.
Now be very careful with
these whipped whites,
because even jarring them
can cause
them to collapse back into a
runny mess, especially at
high altitudes.

9. Use your spatula to
gently push the whites to
one side of the bowl,
creating a
"well" beside the egg

10. Use the spatula to
scrape the yolk mixture in
the Second Bowl into the
you just created in the egg

11. FOLD the yolk mixture
into the egg whites.

Beginners Tip
What the heck is "folding?"
Well I'm gonna tell you. The
key to folding is NOT to
stir. Be gentle! Run your
spatula underneath the
contents of the bowl, scoop
whatever the spatula will
easily hold, then lift it
straight up, out of the mix.
Turn the spatula over and
lightly lay that scoop on top
of the rest of the mix.
Scoop, lift, lay. Scoop, lift,
lay. Keep repeating this
action until you have a
fairly even mix. When the
mixture has no obvious
blobs of the yolk mixture left,
you're done. It will probably
still be a little streaky, but
that's okay, because
if you try to get it perfectly
even, the whites might

12. Spray your pizza pan
generously with cooking

Beginners Tip
"Generously" means "get it
a little wet," instead of "just
dust it."

13. Use the spatula to
"spoon" the mixture onto the
pizza pan, evenly spacing
blobs of mix on the pan.

14. Very gently spread the
mix with the spatula,
making one evenly-thick
mass with
no holes. (Here's your
chance to be a sculptor.
Remember when you
played in the
bubbles in the bath as a
kid? Same thing.)

15. Place the pizza pan on
the middle oven rack and
bake for 50 minutes.

NOTE: The crust will rise a
little, making what looks like
one gigantic sugar cookie.
It won't look like a pizza
crust yet, but don't fret --
we'll fix that in a few steps.

16. Remove from oven, and
then set the oven up to
375F (for cooking the actual

17. Allow the crust to cool
until warm. (Usually about
five minutes.)

18. Using your fingertips,
flatten the inner part of the
crust firmly, leaving the
outer rim raised, to create
that classic "pizza crust

19. Cool until... well... cool.

20. Top with your favorite
toppings and bake for 20
minutes. HAPPY PIZZA!

NOTE: I'm not going to
describe how to top this
crust. There are so many
great ways to top a pizza, it
would be wrong for me to
only describe my
favorite. And I'm sure there
are many other ways to use
this crust that I
haven't thought of.

When choosing a sauce,
read the labels to find the
one lowest in carbs. I
regularly find pizza sauces
as low as 5-6 carbs a
serving, and I find that
it takes little more than one
serving to make a whole

As a side bonus, now that
you're done, you now have
the skills required to
make Revolution Rolls.
Which, incidentally, DO use
the egg yolks, even though
the posted recipe is sort of
unclear about that. Oh... and
if you add a tablespoon
of Atkins Bake Mix to the
Revolution Rolls recipe,
you'll be much happier.
what lead to this recipe.

Yes, I know that this recipe
is overly detailed. If you're
an experienced
cook, it will be annoyingly
so. But I recall when I was
first learning to
cook, recipes never went
into enough detail, and it
was always frustrating.
So I try to write my recipes
for beginning cooks.

And hey... this is pizza crust.
Everyone on a low
carbohydrate diet needs to
be able to make that! Think
of the cheats it will save!

This pizza crust is a
variation of Atkins' own
Revolution Rolls. Though it
complicated, it's actually
easy to make once you
master "Stiff Peaks" and
And just in case you're a
beginner, I'm going to give
you TIPS with really clear
instruction for the tricky
Number of Servings: 10
Carbs per serving - include all nutritional information if known: 21g carbs total
Effort (Easy, Average, Difficult): Average

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