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Mon May 5, 2008
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Ingredients: 1/2 cup water
1 1/3 cup splenda
8 ounces unsweetened
chocolate -- chopped
4 ounces semisweet
chocolate -- coarsely
1 cup unsalted butter --
room temp, cut into pieces
5 extra large eggs -- room

How To Prepare: DO NOT be disheartened
about the length of the
instructions. THIS IS EASY.
Read through the
instructions all the way to
make sure you know what
you are going to have to do.
Prep the pan, and turn the
cake out exactly as written
and it will work perfectly.

The following is the real
recipe for a classic French
flourless chocolate cake. It
is amazingly easy, and
almost foolproof. Make sure
to use unsalted butter and
extra large eggs. The only
change to make it Atkins
friendly is replacing the
sugar with Splenda. Also
watch the note later about
the batter breaking when
making it Atkins Friendly.
The cake makes 12 good
sized portions and is very,
very, rich & filling. By my
calculations the carb count
is between 11-12 per slice.
Try some pureed
strawberries or raspberries
and a little whipped cream
with it.

You will need:
A single 9" round layer cake
Circle of wax or parchment
paper to fit the bottom of the
A large roasting or baking
pan that the cake pan can
sit inside of.
Enough hot (not boiling)
water to make a water bath
in the larger pan.

Position a rack in the
middle of an oven and
preheat the oven to 350
degrees. Butter a 9" layer
cake pan. Line the bottom
with a circle of parchment or
wax paper cut to fit precisely
butter the paper as well.
Place the pan inside a
backing pan large enough
so the sides of the two
pans do not touch. Place
the water and 1 cup of the
sugar (Splenda) in a 1 1/2
quart saucepan. Bring to a
rolling boil stirring until the
sugar/Splenda dissolves
completely. Turn off the
heat, add both chocolates
and stir until completely
melted (may have to put it
back over the heat for a bit
when using Splenda). Add
the butter, piece by piece
stirring until melted and
thoroughly incorporated (cut
the butter into many small
pieces, 12-15 and add a
couple at a time. Works
better. Again, may have to
add a little heat using
Splenda). Place the eggs
and the remaining 1/3 cup
sugar/Splenda in a bowl.
Using a whisk or electric
mixer set on medium
speed, beat until slightly
thickened, just a few
minutes. Using a rubber
spatula fold the chocolate
mixture into the egg mixture
until well combined.

NOTE: When making this
with Splenda, the batter at
this point has a tendency to
break. That means the
melted butter starts to
separate out and you see
these oily blobs appearing
around the edge of the bowl
and across the surface.
Use the beaters to mix
them back together and get
it into the oven as quickly as
possible. You may want to
prep the eggs first. It is
easier to add the chocolate
as soon as you get it
melted, and the warmer the
batter is, the less chance
there is of its breaking.

Pour and scrape batter into
the prepared cake pan and
smooth the top. Put the
cake pan into the larger pan
and place in the oven. Pour
hot water into the outer pan
until it comes about 1/2 " up
the sides of the cake pan.
Bake until the cake looks
dry but is not firm, 30
minutes. Remove the cake
pan from the oven (be
careful not to scald yourself
with the hot water or get any
on the cake). Immediately
cover the top of the cake
with a sheet of plastic wrap.
Invert onto a flat plate.
Remove the pan and the
parchment/wax paper. Put
your serving plate on the
bottom of the cake, flip it
over and remove the top
plate and the plastic wrap.
Let cool to room
Number of Servings: 9
Carbs per serving - include all nutritional information if known: 164g carbs total
Effort (Easy, Average, Difficult): Easy

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