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Mon January 26, 2004
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Ingredients: 9 cloves garlic -- roasted
1 1/2 cups oil
2 oz fresh cilantro
How To Prepare: Start with the garlic. Buy yourself a nice, phat, clove of the elephant stuff, and try not to think of how unappetizing 'elephant' garlic sounds. You know, when you think about it there's all sorts of nasty parallels that we can draw here, but let's just skip it. To roast garlic, simply remove the skin from the outer part of the bulb and place the whole darned thing on a cookie sheet (or in a loaf pan, casserole dish, dirty gym sock, whatever you have on hand) and throw it in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour. Every once in a while, baste the bulb with a little melted butter, just to keep it from drying out.

Remove the garlic from the oven, stopping to scream in pain when you realize you've forgotten the potholder. Run your hand under cold water for a few minutes, then suck it up and move on. Take that roasted garlic and separate the cloves, dropping them right into a blender. Add the cilantro (you don't have to cut it up or anything) right to the blender, stems and all, along with half of the oil, and puree it all together. You'll know it's done when the garlic stops screaming and you can't see anymore cilantro stems in the mix.

Add the rest of the oil, and pour into the container that you've chosen to store it in. This works really well if you buy a small bottle of oil just for this purpose. A word about oils- light olive oil, sunflower oil, or even peanut oil works really well with this. Don't use flavored body oils though, especially the ones that heat up when you rub them on your skin. Trust me on this.

Now take the container that you've filled with the oil, garlic, and cilantro blend, and cap it up, placing it in a dark and mysterious place for three or four days. After that time has passed, strain the oil through something that will remove the impurities, like a metal strainer, or cheesecloth.

That's it! Use your flavored oil as a dip for shrimp, the base for herb vinaigrette, or as an oil toss for roasted zucchini or some other vegetable.

Oh yeah, and I was kidding about the gym sock.
Carbs per serving - include all nutritional information if known: 66g total
Effort (Easy, Average, Difficult): Easy

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