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cheeky1178 02-22-2014 06:00 PM

Low Carb and Gestational Diabetes
Hi All,

Two years ago I had my son 6 weeks premature because I had gestational diabetes. I was low carbing and had lost 30lbs when SURPRISE I got pregnant haha! My Doctor (who was otherwise supportive and knowledgeable about LC) told me right off the bat I had to stop low carbing and eat at least 175 carbs a day for the baby to develop right. I was ok with that because hey 175 is still pretty low compared to what I could eat in a day if I ate whatever I wanted LOL

Then we moved in my 4th month and I got all new doctors. After that, I developed Gestational Diabetes in my 7th month. They couldn't get it under control even though I was enrolled in some award winning hospital program for managing gestational diabetes. I was on insulin and worked with a nutritionist/clinician three times a week. They did have me tracking my carbs (minus fiber) but they wanted me to eat more then 175 and they would say questionable things like that I should eat white bread more then whole grain or wheat because it had lower carbs. I mean technically it does but that doesn't mean bleached white bread is better for you.

Anyway, all that to ask this....I'd like to have another baby once I've reached my goal of losing 75lbs. Hopefully coming into the pregnancy 75lbs lower will stave off the diabetes but I'm not sure those nutritionists know what they're talking about....anybody have any pregnancy/LC experiences they'd like to share?


Ntombi 02-22-2014 06:18 PM

I have several friends who stayed LC while pregnant, for general health, or because of gestational diabetes. Maybe they or others will chime in here, but in the meantime, there's a group here: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/wo...-part-3-a.html

Lori37 02-22-2014 06:25 PM

A brief intro about me. I was diagnosed gestation diabetic, lost 95 pounds and turned it around without drugs! Then I got really sick for 3 months and gained back 30 pounds.
I got pregnant, and had horrible food aversions, I couldn't stand to be around meat and veggies! What's a Low carber to do?

All I could stomach was oatmeal and jamba juice! So yes, at 12 weeks I got early GD. They sent me to their medical professionals to go on their "diet" called Sweet Success. It worked for a few weeks at maintaining my sugars, but I gained weight like crazy! 2 Pounds a week. At 25 weeks I switched over to a Midwife for a water birth. Because of the GD I had to see a Perinatologist as well, first day he wanted to put me on drugs. I begged him to let me try eating low carb, "The way I know I should be eating". He didn't think it would work, but agreed to give me one week to try. Guess what? I made it my entire pregnancy (41 weeks) without drugs! If you want to read more about it you can check out lorivsjourneytohealth on blog spot.

Over in the womens health forum, we have a baby talk thread. There are ladies in there who have eaten low carb the entire pregnancy and had a healthy baby, others who have only eaten more carbs in the first trimester, then did low carb, some do a lower carb paleo meal plan. Join the group, you'll get lots of help!

Arctic_Mama 02-22-2014 09:48 PM

I was low carb for all but a few weeks of my last pregnancy. Baby is smart, healthy, and so was I. In fact, my midwives were shocked at how continually excellent my biomarkers were. There is new research on ketosis in pregnancy and nursing and it is encouraging - here is some of that data to get you started.

The Ketogenic Diet for Health: Babies thrive under a ketogenic metabolism

I am not an expert, but in the absense of any truly convincing evidence to the contrary (dietary ketosis being entirely different from diabetic ketoacidosis) I decided that for my health it was worth the 'risk' to remain at 25-35 net carbs most of the time, not exceeding 50-60 net except for a handful of weeks on a trip. And I have reaped only benefits from it. The choice is yours, do your research and decide what is wisest for you and your baby.

Leo41 02-23-2014 01:55 AM

Over 20 years ago, my sister had her first and only child at age 43. She developed gestational diabetes, and her OB gave her a very specific diet to follow.
He told her that it would be best (for the baby) if she could get control of her blood sugar with diet rather than having to take insulin.

The plan was low carb! I don't recall the specifics, and it wasn't as low carb as I eat (20g), but it was definitely low carb. Her blood sugar was controlled, and she avoided any meds. Later she told me that she'd never felt better in her life eating that way, and she had a healthy baby, who is now 21.

cheeky1178 02-23-2014 09:46 AM

That's awesome to hear! Low carb for me is around 60gms and I don't think I even go into ketosis but I still lose and feel great. When I was going through it last time I was so sure dropping my carbs would fix it but I was too scared to risk it.

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