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confusedtruffle 09-03-2013 09:50 AM

HFLC caused amenorrhea, help!
Hi all~! I'm new to these messageboards, but not new to low carb.
About this time last year I began my low carb lifestyle, and loved it so much. I had weight loss that I could only dream of!
However, after about 2 months I stopped having periods altogether. No cramping, no bloating, no PMS, no periods. I went to the doctor and they recommended a seed cycling regimen that I just didn't believe in.
Needless to say, I kept on with low carb as there were no other health issues I had.
My period came back in January 2013, 3 weeks before I broke the low carb and began to do low fat, high carb (unintentionally, just the foods I was craving). Oops. Now I'm at a high weight but have been VLC for a week and loving it! :jumpjoy:

My question is, has anyone else had this situation where you lose your period on LC?

Worth noting, I had been on birth control for 2 years before starting low carb. I stopped in May of 2012, two months before I began LC in July 2012. Would stopping birth control cause me to lose my period for 8 months? Thanks all :)

ravenrose 09-03-2013 11:12 AM

please don't say or think that HFLC CAUSED amenorrhea. what you noticed is they happened at the same time. it would be just as logical to say the amenorrhea caused your low carb diet... that is, not.

of course there is a chance they are related. and a GOOD chance they are not related. and the hormones you were taking are much more likely to have influenced your problem, I think.

good luck now.

somethingblue2u 09-03-2013 11:34 AM

When I stopped BC a few years ago I didn't have a period for 6 months. I only started again because I went to the gyno and I was given some pills to get me going again. I had high testosterone levels. This coupled with my periods being irregular, painful and heavy made my gyno suspect I have PCOS. An appointment with the gyno might be in order.

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