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Autumn 05-30-2013 11:42 AM

Tests at the OB/GYN
I'm posting this just as a vent really....perhaps some other ladies out there have had similar experiences.

I have had my period for almost 3 weeks now, with very heavy bleeding and many blood clots. I am used to some heavy days...but this lasted a long time, and I have never had so many blood clots. So I went to the OB/GYN yesterday, they did a Pap Smear and blood tests. Good news is that I'm not anemic, I do not have thyroid problems, and I do not have diabetes. However, I may have Polycyctic Fibrosis...which really isn't much of a surprise. My sister has it...I have the symptoms for it. I have not been officially diagnosed. It can hinder weight loss :sad:

I have to go back to the doctors next week for a Transvaginal ultrasound. I've never had one before but supposedly the test takes about 10 minutes...checking the uterus and ovaries.

I'm just hoping that the bleeding and cramps/ other symptoms can be controlled with medication. There is a possibility that birth control may not be taken with my current meds....so...I just gotta wait and see until next week :help: My Doctor didn't seem overly surprised at my symptoms...just waiting for now :dunno:

~~Darci~~ 06-03-2013 05:25 AM

It'll be ok! I've had all the female issues and honestly it sounds more scary than it is. The ultra sound will be relatively quick and it doesn't hurt anymore than a regular pap. It will be good to get an official diagnosis and be able to deal with it than to worry about it:)

Good luck today. I'll be praying for you because I know that even though I've told you it's going to be ok and isn't that bad you are still going to be worried and scared:) Let me know how it goes for you:)

Autumn 06-03-2013 12:03 PM

Darci Well aren't you kind? Thank you for the prayer! Oh, I know it's all routine for them...it's a very nice office...they are professional...it's just scary. But I do want the final diagnosis and the meds...so...here we go tomorrow!

You know what helped me get through the 1st OB/GYN visit? I use to watch the tv show 'Ruby'...a woman that had weighed 700 pounds...but lost quite a bit... she got down to 350 I think. Anyways, they were pressuring her to get a pap and she was REALLY scared, but she went with a friend...and they actually showed her pap on the show (with privacy, the camera was angled behind her head) She was afraid of her body weight being uncomfortable on the table and the awkwardness, all that. But she got through it! So you never know what will help you through an rough/awkward situation, right? Thanks for your support Darci :hugs:

~~Darci~~ 06-03-2013 08:00 PM

I'm happy to be here for you:). I understand that even though things are routine for the doctor they are NOT routine for us! I thought your appointment was today, sorry about that I must have misread:)

I still would like an update if your willing to share;)

Autumn 06-04-2013 03:30 PM

Darci Thanks for thinking of me :) I really do appreciate it!

Well, the transvaginal ultrasound wasn't bad at all- and I do NOT have Polycyctic Fibrosis, my ovaries are normal. But- I am being referred to another doctor at the clinic because I do have a Fibroid in the uterus. From what I understand, its like a noncancerous tumor. I'm not sure at this point if I can take meds or will have surgery, but that is why I was being referred to another MD, someone who can perform surgery. I still don't have all the details yet...I have to go back next Monday....so...I'm STILL waiting! Ahhh....drives me nuts. So, I will try to stay on course with Atkins and just be calm about it....Thanks for your positive thoughts or prayers :)

oncloud9now2 06-04-2013 04:24 PM

Amber- Curiosity was killing me so I came over here to check you out. I am so sorry you' re having these problems. I had fibrosis tissue and had a histerectomy when I was 35. It was fine with me as I had already had my daughter and did not want to have any more children. Your case does not sound nearly as bad as mine and I got thru it fine. I will say a special prayer for you tonight. I'm glad I know your name now because I like to call the person's name when I pray for them. Please let me know as you receive results.:heart::hugs:

~~Darci~~ 06-05-2013 05:53 AM

I like knowing your name too! But you are lovely:)

I'm guessing they are just looking to remove the fibroid? If they can do it vaginally it's not too bad. I know it's scary though:(

I had a hysterectomy on Dec. 19th so less than 6 months ago. Totally not what you'll be looking at but in the same sense that I was having ISSUES. I feel SO much better I can't even tell you. I think that is a huge thing to think about too:)

Autumn 06-05-2013 12:37 PM

Darci and Oncloud9
Thank you for your support! It means a lot- really!

Well, there's the fibroid, but also was said that my Uterine wall is unusually thick for just having had a 3 week period...like I'm about to start to whole dang cycle again!!! So, something may be done about the fibroid and the heavy bleeding/cramps...one or both.

It's so up in the air. I'm almost 34, I have other pre-existing health problems- I don't intend to have children, so I wouldn't rule out a hysterectomy or partial (although that would be pretty darn scary for me...I'll admit) But there are other options too that are done in their office. I've had a heavy period since I was 12, so I wouldn't miss it-lol. But this period this last month was especially strange...so...we'll just see. A lot depends on what Medicare will cover too!

Also recovery time- I take care of my Mom...I do all the errands, shopping, cleaning. How long was recovery time for your surgeries? I am jumping ahead of myself now...lol...will have to wait till next Monday!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! Nice to have someone to talk about this with!

~~Darci~~ 06-05-2013 12:48 PM

Amber~I had a TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy) so it took a full 8 weeks recovery time for my surgery. If you are able to have a vaginal hysterectomy they say the recovery time is quicker. I know it's the best thing that I have ever done. I was having INSANE periods. (TMI ALERT!!) We're talking going through an overnight pad AND a super tampon. BUT, I had a fibroids, entometriosis AND cysts so I had the trifecta.

I'll keep praying that this is a quick and easy fix!

Autumn 06-05-2013 01:52 PM

Oh since we're going for Too much information! I've been wearing adult diapers! LOL...not every day but for several days of heavy flow....it was pretty much impossible to keep up with. Awful with cramps. It would be really nice to pop a pill and make it go away- lol...but I've already been told that birth control might not go well with meds I'm currently taking. There may be alternative meds for heavy bleeding, won't take care of the fibroid? Soooo....hmm. I'm not very educated in all of this...still learning.

Wow, 8 weeks recovery. I'm glad that you are feeling better now!!! :love:

oncloud9now2 06-05-2013 04:11 PM

I had vaginal and they left my ovaries. They said 6 weeks and I took the whole time. I could have done more before 6 weeks but I wanted to be sure I was healed and so did my family. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.:heart:


Autumn 06-06-2013 09:09 AM

Thanks for sharing the personal info...I'm trying not to think of my appointment now-lol...to be honest with you. My Mother said she'd go with me to the appointment, that'll help a lot, because I'll misunderstand information when I'm overwhelmed or stressed. I'll see what happens next Monday! Thank your for your positivity and support!

Karerose 06-06-2013 11:08 AM

I had a fibroid resectioned (pretty much cut the whole thing out) in March. For me that wasn't the first thing they did though because of the location of the fibroid. After the first regular transvaginal ultrasound I had to have an SIS (Saline Infused Sonogram) which is basically the same thing but they shoot saline in there. It gave them a clearer picture of the actual fibroid - how good a picture they get with a regular ultrasound I'm guessing depends on the individual.

I can't remember all the details now, but that did hurt a bit more. I know they told me to take advil before. It was horrible, but for me it ended up hurting a bit more because they discovered a polyp on the cervix so with the ultrasound want and the tube for the saline in there squeezing through that was pinching more. Unfortunately at the time they discovered the fibroid was not located in a good position to cut it out.

I'm quite a bit older and really should have gone through menopause but didn't. But close enough that a major surgery to have a hysterectomy was not a risk I wanted to take when nothing else was wrong - doctor agreed with me. Option 2 was an IUD. Since I had to have the polyp removed too, I had an outpatient procedure to take that out, plus check my uterus more throughly including testing for uterine cancer, and then insert the IUD. That all went well and the IUD really helped for a number a months. We were hoping it would get me through to menopause.

Unfortunately my body didn't like that option and the fibroid grew extremely quickly and big knocking the IUD out of place. Major bleeding again. After some more tests and seeing how the fibroid grew, they were then able to cut it out. I did first take some shots for a few months, which puts you into medical menopause and shrinks the fibroid. Dr. said sometimes people just stay in menopause after they stop the shots (when they are so close like me - not younger) but no such luck.

So in March I hade the resectioning and the pathology reports showed my lining was like it was in menopause, but the doctor couldn't tell if that meant I really was or just from the shots. Unfortunately I discovered a few weeks ago - not! Of course I was on vacation when it happened. However, period was nice and light and not a single clot in sight. It was a longer than it used to be when I was on BC pills, but I'll take that over the super horrible too long periods.

The actual surgery wasn't bad. Sleeping the night before wasn't so great because they make you put something inside the night before that loosens up the cervix. The longer it was in the crampier it got. I did wake up with more pain then I did for the hysteroscopies (examing uterus) and polypectomy, but they gave me a pain pill and it went away. They also gave me two prescriptions for pain one stronger than the other, but after I went home the amount of pain I had was not even close to my regular horrible crampy period pain. The doctor got out most of the fibroid and said that should cut off the blood supply and the rest will shrink up and basically die.

If I had been considerably younger I would have considered a hysterectomy as an option. I'm really glad I didn't push my doctor for a hysterectomy, because even though better than they used to be it is still major surgery and more risk than what I had. Like I said though I'm older and not much chance of getting another fibroid issue before menopause.

Autumn 06-08-2013 11:28 AM

Thanks for the input Karerose. Sounds like this is a common problem.

Now I'm not sure if I'm taking my Mom with me or not because of the weather and taking her places involves a transport chair since she can't walk long distances. I sincerely hope I don't have to have major surgery because I really can't have one. I take care of my Mom...I have to push my groceries in a cart up a hill because of the location of our apartment...I really can't rely on anyone but myself for help. If Medicare won't pay for it...well... I can't have one anyways!
So, I'm in a bad mood- lol....really bad mood...waiting for another visit....please excuse my bad mood. The one positive thing is that I have been staying on Atkins instead of binging like I normally would when I hear bad news.

Thanks for everyones input and positive thoughts!

Karerose 06-10-2013 10:18 AM

If you can't afford the recovery needed for a major surgery then definitely ask your doctor about the possibility of the resectioning. It will all depend on the fibroid whether they can do it or not. It was outpatient procedure and I think I took two additional days off from work. After the initial pain in the hospital wore off (wasn't that bad really) and I went home and took a nap I was fine. I probably could have gone back to work (office work) the next day with no problem. I don't even remember if my doctor told me to take any time off. I'm guessing though some people probably do have more pain because they did give me a prescription for Oxycoden or Oxycotin plus another one for Motrin (800 mg). Like I said though the period cramps were way worse than the little bit of cramping I felt after. Even the cramping the night before with the cervix softening stuff was worse.

BlueTopaz 06-10-2013 11:00 AM

Lovely: I had your same issues last year and had a D&C. Then went on Pellet HRT and it took care of the problem. I have a small fibroid tumor and ovarian cyst because of all these long periods. The fibroid and cyst are from my being estrogen dominant - thus the abnormal TOMS. I remember last year having a 3 week period and then it stopped every other month, then hot flashes, then TOM with clots. Now I have normal, regular periods. I would like to know when I'm going to stop altogether - I'm 53 yrs. old! :lol:

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