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bethierose 04-19-2013 09:41 AM

Bleeding in the middle of cycle? TMI
I have been LC since January, and have successfully lost 42.5 pounds! I have PCOS, and my cycles have always been wonky, but in January (coincidentally) I went to by GYN and had her prescribe me progesterone for cyclical progesterone therapy to keep my cycles a normal 28-30 days. I didn't want to take BCP since hubby and I would like to have babies sometime relatively soon and I did NOT want to try Metformin again.. so she was happy to do that, and I started it with no issues.

Had normal cycles in Feb. and March, and started like clockwork on April 8. A few days of bleeding, and all was well. Then two days ago (on cycle day 10), I had some spotting that turned into light-medium bleeding that is still continuing.. I am scheduled to start my progesterone therapy on Sunday, but I am wondering if my body is trying to regulate itself.. Any thoughts? I would love to ovulate on my own, and have regular cycles, and if this is my body's way of making that happen, I am ok to be bleeding right now.. haha.. :)

Any experience in this area? Thoughts? I'm a newbie around here, but everyone seems so nice! Thanks in advance!

Valin 04-20-2013 02:08 PM

I'm also curious here. I had bleedings in my cycle, even tho I'm on birth controls. First I thought it was because I drasticly changed my diet, so the first two months I had bleedings, and then the 3d the cycle was back to normal. But now on my 4th month its back again... Anyone knows why? I had one or two days I was out of optimal ketosis (I was on 1.4 bloodketones), can that be a factor?

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