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creseis 04-03-2013 02:16 PM

Endo Pain I WANT TO EAT PIZZA and other crap!
For the past 3 days I have been waking up in severe pain, but it's gone away after a short time. Today, it's been coming back and forth full force. It's made me so tired I've slept most of the day, only waking up in pain. For a good 2 hours I was not in any pain and felt awesome. Then it came back. I have been crying, etc. I called my doctor and they want me to come in tomorrow morning.

I think it could be a ruptured cyst. I know there is nothing to do for it, it's not so bad that it's like send me to the ER NOW, but it's bad enough so that I am feeling super sorry for myself.

And being in pain, don't I deserve to eat pizza? I really want some pizza. I ate almost all of my lowish-carb dark chocolate, well there is 1 piece left. And Lindt accidentally gave me 2 pieces of sample dark chocolate with sea salt and boy was THAT delicious!!!

I have fish in the freezer I was going ot cook but I am in so much pain. I don't want to get up and cook. I just want to order pizza. I have a friend who lives nearby who would be happy to bring me something, but he is annoying and lacks empathy and usually makes me feel worse. My bf is far away today and can't come over, although he listened to me for a good while and now I feel badly because he feels like he can't help me and he feels awful about me being in pain.

I know if I eat pizza, I will feel bloated and disgusting on top of all of this pain. but even though I'm in pain, I'm really hungry right now. ow ow ow ow ow. What I really want is hydrocodone. It's the only thing that works. And no doctor will prescribe it anymore it seems, and I totally understand and agree, but I am in soooo much pain and I know that would take me out of my pain and into a happy place. Is it wrong to think that way?

Karerose 04-03-2013 02:55 PM

You aren't wrong to feel that way.

However, if you want to be good and aren't up to cooking order a nice salad for delivery. They probably have an antipasto salad, so you could get some meat and cheese and salad. If you don't have any salad dressing at home ask them for ranch or caesar which typically ends up being the best choices. And if you love anchovies like I do ask them to put some on the salad. The pizza place might even have chicken wings that they can make without flour or breading.

Or order some chinese. Egg Drop soup, or ask them for beef and broccoli and ask them to use no starch or sugar.

There are things for delivery that you can be good with if you choose to. But I know how pain can make you not want to be good - and yes I do sometimes go there.

Hope the pain passes soon!

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