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muncheechee 03-18-2013 02:18 PM

anyone having a lc pregnancy?
Hi ladies,
I just found out I'm pregnant with our long awaited second child. I'm a t2 diabetic so staying lc is a must. With my previous pregnancy I didn't watch what I ate and had to use a lot of insulin and gained too much weight. This time I plan to use lc to reduce our eliminate the need for insulin.

So have any of you stayed lc during pregnancy? Any advice?

Arctic_Mama 03-18-2013 04:19 PM

We just discussed this on the baby talk thread a few pages back. Short answer - yes, I'm doing it, another gal is as well, and several of us have had past pregnancies VLC/ZC. It can be done healthfully and safely, I'm never going back to a more liberal carb intake during pregnancy again! I feel soooo much better this way :)

Congratulations on your new bean!

LucilleMcgill 03-18-2013 04:25 PM

Hi! I was diagnosed in November with Gestational Diabetes. I immediately started low carbing. Right away my blood sugar numbers came down. I did this for about a month before the GD classes I had to take at the perinatologists office. After the classes I tried their diet for about a week. My numbers were way too high. So I stayed on my low carb plan for the rest of my pregnancy. Doing it my way I did not need insulin. I walked and ate low carb about 50 grams a day. I lost about 10 pounds from November to January and then I maintained at 228-230 for the rest of the pregnancy. I was monitored by my midwife and perinatologist. My baby was not big like I was told she would be at my initial diagnosis. I did not need to be induced, my baby had no blood sugar issues after birth. Everything was wonderful to which I am totally grateful to God and low carb for and to a very supportive midwife whom I found after my GD diagnosis!!! I firmly believe low carb can fix and help our bodies. Now I'm continuing low carb while nursing. That is just my experience and I am no expert at all. I didn't even really know what GD was before all of this. I'm also not sure about any issues if you already have diabetes. I just felt like I couldn't tax my body with all those carbs when I knew it was already not using them properly. I wish you all the best and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

bacon bit 03-18-2013 04:25 PM

I went LC to conceive. It worked and I stayed LC but not as drastic-not like I was doing it to lose weight.

pocahontas 03-18-2013 04:33 PM

I stayed LC with my pregnancy a couple yrs ago. I kept it at around 50-60 carbs per day, only gained 12 lbs and never had to use any meds. It was wonderful! the first tri is the hardest, I couldnt stand the smell of meat cooking but it soon passed and I was able to keep on keeping on. Congrats on the bundle! :love:

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