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atkinsgirlinvegas 03-03-2013 06:12 PM

Breastfeeding and Lowcarb
Hi! I've been away from the forums for awhile. Prior to getting pregnant, I was a follower of Atkins and loved it! I got pregnant and BAM got a huge meat, egg and veggie aversion. Being in the same room as meat made me throw up. Needless to say I ate crackers and fruit and gained way too much weight that I am now desperate to lose.

My son is now 4 months old and exclusively breastfed. I'm trying to avoid giving him formula if at all possible. I've always barely had enough milk for him, and any attempts to cut calories so far have caused a supply reduction for me. I would love to do Atkins induction again (20 grams or less), but I'm scared my milk will dry up and I won't be able to feed my son.

Does anyone have experiences with milk supply and low carb? How many carbs did you have to eat to maintain your supply?

Potaty 03-03-2013 06:59 PM

Low carb does not affect my supply at all, I just make sure to drink plenty of water and keep calories at a decent level. You could take fenugreek (you know you are taking enough when you start to smell like maple syrup) or Mother's Milk tea to help boost supply if you notice a drop. If you start to lose your supply and the tea or fenugreek don't help, I would stop and try something else so you can keep breastfeeding. Good luck!

pocahontas 03-03-2013 06:59 PM

I EBF my son for 14 mo and ate LC while doing it. What I did was have a cup of steel cut oats for breakfast and then ate induction foods for the rest of the day. It kept my carbs low but not low enough to harm my supply in any way. The oats are touted for keeping your supply up too. Im not sure if they really worked but they certainly didnt hurt. :D I lost 40 lbs eating like this after DS was born. I dont think induction is rec'd but I would have no probs with it. I only chose to eat the oats because I craved them and because I work FT and was worried I wouldnt be able to pump enough. It worked for me. Good luck!

ktgrok 03-05-2013 04:45 AM

I'm nursing my 5 month old. I noticed that if I dropped carbs too drastically it did effect my weight loss. But lowering them gradually worked just fine. Try doing a more "primal" low carb, getting carbs down to between 50-100 grams total (not net) carbs a day. Do that for a while and that may get you to lose just fine. If not, then lower more, a bit at a time. I got pretty low and my milk was fine, but had to be gradually so I didn't freak my body out.

That said, as much as I totally hear you about the weight loss..baby comes first. Do NOT switch to formula just so you can lose weight. Health wise nursing is much more important for both you and the baby than the weight loss. I know that is hard to hear, but it is true.

Hugs, and feel free to ask me any nursing questions as you do this...I've nursing my 3rd now, and have nursed for years and years total.

atkinsgirlinvegas 03-05-2013 06:56 PM

Thanks for all the great tips so far! Breastfeeding is so important to me, so I definitely don't want to change my eating so drastically that my supply dries up at all.

suzanneyea 03-06-2013 07:24 AM

My son is eleven months and still nursing. I have been zero carb since he was born.

luvmybabyhead 03-07-2013 08:04 AM

I had issues with my supply if I let my carbs get too low. We nursed for 30 months though, so we worked through it. :)

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