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pri17cess72 02-18-2013 07:09 PM

Hysterectomy and LC
Hi ladies!

I am wondering who has had a hysterectomy?
I am curious how it has changed your woe?
Or anything else related to lc that you have noticed.

I had a radical hysterectomy (kept ovaries) 3 weeks ago. I'm just looking for women in the same situation. :dunno:

Thank you ladies!! :)

Chris 232 02-22-2013 05:15 AM

Here are my details.
About 6 years ago I have uterine cancer-so a complete hysterectomy and they investigated the lymph gland along the spine, meaning the intestines were moved around or actually dumped out? Since then, I have had incontinence when I drink tea--or don't do low carb--so I wear a pad every day just in case.
Since I knew I would be finally over my yearly medical deductible-I decided to also have a colonospy a week before the hysterectomy-since the doctor had been advising it for several years. Now I also have bowel issues, but it could be totally unrelated to the procedures-doctors don't know and just dismiss it. I seem to be constipated or having severe diahera. Don't know it is related at all, or just old age-my mom had it too-and we are both have tactose intolerance. I carry a tote in the car with some extra pants and underwear, because size 22 are not easy to find everywhere. Now they are just size 18 but still easier to just carry them with me-and extra pads too. When I go out with the gals, I use a big purse and carry some black nylon pants that fold very flat and put them into a zip lock bag with a plastic grocery bag incase something happens. Fortunately I've only needed to use them on one occasion, but what a mess.
I do not seem to enjoy being intimate with my husband of 45 years-even though I use a tubercant. Or it could be hormones and just mental. But he is very seldom frisky, as he has his own major health issues.
I do not use hormones replacement. I know it is more diffuclt for me to use the stairs, and to open jars. Muscle strength loss from no exercise or hormones? Don't know. At 63 it could be allot of things. But I do know that since losing weight and starting to use the elliptical, I can climb the stair easier-but still need to use the hand railing for support.
The scar on my big belly flap went white after about 2 years.
This is probably more info than you need. Good luck with your recovery.

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