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Old 08-09-2012, 11:21 PM   #1
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LC Making Symptoms Worse?

Apologize in advance for the length and the TMI, but this forum looks like the right one so hoping it doesn't bother anyone too much.

Hoping someone here can help. Long story short, did Atkins very successfully in 2001 (85+lb). Moved, new job, lots of travel, started eating SAD again and of course gained everything back. Fast forward 10 years and another relocation, another job, super stress, yada yada and another 40lbs gained to reach highest ever. Decided in May that enough was enough and started a modified Atkins approach again. So far, so good--30lb down, but is definitely going SO much slower than it did the first time but hey, I'm a lot older now and also a lot less active so I'm not sweating the slower loss, not yet anyway.

Atkins1 (in 2001) did amazing things for my body, including regulating my periods for the first time in my life. Maintained regular periods even during SAD and gaining all of the weight loss back. Then in 2010-2011, during the stressful relocation, I was also on anti-depressents and the occasional xanax. So when I stopped menstruating for 6 months and began to have emotional ups and downs, I just put everything down to stress. Things got better when I finally found a house and was able to get off the meds but my periods remained erratic.

Lately however, and significantly worse since the onset of Atkins2, I've had days where I think I'm going crazy. My emotions are uncontrollable during those days and I'm beyond "irritable" and more like going from full-on rage to boo-hooing to laughing. Plus I'm irrational and having paranoid and insecure(but scarily convincing) thoughts of quitting my job, that I'm going to be fired, etc. Of course, I'm about to turn 44. And family history and the symptoms seem to indicate that I'm definitely peri-menopausal. I've seen a doc twice but she just wants to treat with anti-depressents, which is not the problem. I'm going to seek out someone else, someone with hormone and peri-menopausal expertise but so far, that hasn't happened yet.

All of this brings me to you because--the (admittedly basic) research I've done on my own on the web seems to indicate that the high-protein, moderate fat, low-carb WOE I'm eating now may actually be making the peri-menopausal symptoms worse. Almost every site recommends grain- and fiber-heavy diets, heavy on the vegetarian, minimizing the animal protein. And obviously that's not what I want to do. But I'm afraid of going to an expert and having him/her convince me to change my WOE, OR that I will ignore medical advice that I actually need because I'm so attached to this WOE because I can lose weight and not feel hungry and I actually feel energetic again as a result of the WOE (I know you all know what I mean when I say that).

So--and again, I apologize for the length--does anyone have any experience with anything like this? Did your doc try to convince you to change your WOE? Did you? What happened? Am I just being paranoid again? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Since you are in pre menopause I would think that it could be part of your symptoms and not diet related at all.. Though I think you should find a doctor that is accepting of a LC diet and can also help you through all your other medical issues.. I think that menopause symptoms can actually mimic PMS or pregnancy woes also.. Its not unusual to hear of your severe mood swings. For some it can be worse then for others.. Try to get as much stress out of your life as you can. If your doctor feels you need to eat less protein you can always lower your protein and up your veggies.. You can still low carb with lower protein. There are people that do it while being a vegetarian.. I have had doctors that said this woe wasn't as healthy as they would suggest but because I lost so much weight it was better for me because of all the other health issues that it cured! I try to not eat fatty meats (as long as I am not starving) and eat more salads and veggies. You CAN adjust your diet without going off of lowcarb. You might want to print out a grocery list and show it to your doctor and let them know what you are eating and ask them to just let you know what you should eat more of without going off plan. PLUS.. Come here a lot for support. It may help you to share every day what you are eating and how you are feeling.. Support can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders and actually take your mind off of any bad feelings you are having. Make sure your doctor is aware of everything you are doing and let them know how important this plan is to you and you just need guidance on how to stay on plan while getting your overall feeling of well being in control.

Take care hun and if you need anything feel free to ask!! We are always very happy to help!


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Old 08-10-2012, 02:19 PM   #3
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When I LC, all of my "period stuff" seems worse. I get a really regular cycle, horrible cramps, more bleeding, all of it...and I have PCOS. I had a doctor once tell me that eating LC normalizes the lady hormones so they act how they're supposed to act.

Unfortunately, you're describing how many women feel when they're hitting or close to hitting menopause. My mom had a TERRIBLE time and I remember thinking she was a lunatic. LOL She thought so too. She found that an antidepressant DID help her.

So perhaps your hormones are doing what they're "supposed" to do? I know that isn't much comfort when you feel like you're going nuts. But I can't imagine that eating the SAD is going to make you feel better in the long run.
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