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tajasi 05-24-2013 09:15 AM

Anyone have WLS and PCOS?
I had RNY 7/2009 and lost around 125 lbs. I have PCOS and without changing anything over the last couple months the scale has went up close to 20 lbs. I know my PCOS symptoms have definately kicked back in over the last few months. Basically what I want to know is if anyone who has/had PCOS, had WLS, then stayed on Metformin or was started back on Metformin for management of symptoms? My doc has started me back on Metformin to see if it helps with the symptoms/weight gain. What are your thoughts?


cidelsia 06-18-2013 10:36 AM

I had RNY in April of 2012 and took Metformin for PCOS symptoms up til mid January, when my primary told me to stop taking it because she was worried that my blood sugar would dip too low (I have always had normal ranges before and while taking Met). So, I stopped and now am up about 10-15 lb on any given day :down: I started taking the Met again yesterday. Just 500mg in the a.m. and the p.m. ...easing my way back up to 1000mg twice daily. I am doing this on my own since I had tons of Met left.
I think when I stopped taking it, I started to feel that blah PCOS feeling that I remember so well:( I also am anxious to see if my cravings go away. I didn't seem to have cravings til after I stopped the Met in January.
Good luck!:hugs:

Maryposa 06-19-2013 03:33 PM

Tajasi, I am sorry you are struggling. I hope that you can find a Dr to help you. I myself am hoping to see a doctor next month. My energy has been HORRIBLE... and I just don't know if there might be a hormonal or medical reason or not.

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