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Old 07-24-2014, 10:23 PM   #1
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 6
Gallery: xCal
Stats: 260/209/160
WOE: PSMF, Low Carb
Start Date: January 2014
Cal's PSMF Log!

Hey guys! I've recently created an account because I've always been a fond lurker on this forum and I've decided to post my progress on my 2nd round of PSMF (protein sparing modified fast) for those who are interested/for motivation of others

This is my second round at PSMF (I've previously did a 4 week round and lost ~ 25 lbs [from 260 to 235 lb] and I also lost from 235 lb to 216.2 lb over the course of 3-4 months after my round of PSMF on a deficit of 500 calories from my maintenance.

For those interested in PSMF (my doctor recommended this to me) - a quick google on the diet by Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss PDF (the book is posted online and is available) will offer a lot of information. However, for those who want the premise of it:

1. Eat .8 to up to 2.0 grams of protein per LB of lean body mass from lean meats (minimal fat/carbs such as chicken breast). [Information in the RFL PDF] I have to eat 143 grams a day.
2. Take 6x fish oil supplements + a Multivitamin + Magnesium/Calcium/VitaminD supplement
3. A fibre supplement may be necessary, but is optional
4. Dark green veggies are highly suggested (spinach, broccoli, etc)
5. (Optional) but I found that intermittent fasting helps a lot!
6. Strength training 3x a week is suggested to help retain muscle

In essence it is a high protein, low calorie diet - to spare muscle.

I plan on doing this for the following 6 weeks, with 2-3 refeed days in between each two week interval (for psychological sanity + restoration of leptin levels). Weight fluctuations are to be expected!

I've already started the first 5 days and I have logged the weight [I sleep in a lot benefit of being in university + having the summer off!:
07/20 - 1 PM - 216.2 lb
07/21 - 12 PM - 213.0 lb
07/22 - 12:30 PM - 211.8 lb
07/23 - 1:30 PM - 211.2 lb

**I plan to log everyday from now on! Feel free to post comments + questions! I hope this helps motivate others that are also dieting!!

Diary Entry for 07/24:
Weight: 212.4 lb - total loss: 3.8 lb
Today's the first day with weight fluctuation! I definitely need to drink more water! I will continue working hard on this diet; as my next off day is next Sunday (mental sanity). Also, weight fluctuation is normal as fat cells deplete of triglycerides, water takes it's place (Google Of Whooshes and Squishy Fat and there is an excellent article by Lyle on this) I didn't get to finish all my food because I was feeling extremely full (shocker!!). I also did a bit of LIGHT cardio (walking) for 20 minutes, which was very nice and made me feel good - relieving stress + release of endorphins

7 oz of chicken breast - 45.5g of protein
1 cup of egg whites - 28g of protein
2x scoops of select protein - 48g of protein
Sugar free jello - 4g of protein
6x Fish oil capsules

Total: 125.5 grams of protein and 656 calories.

I don't know why I simply couldn't finish the other 4-5 oz of chicken (I felt extremely full), however I'm going to listen to my body and not force myself to eat the remaining. No hunger today - was not hungry at all actually. (Coffee with splenda helps suppress hunger FYI)
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Old 07-25-2014, 08:36 AM   #2
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 6
Gallery: xCal
Stats: 260/209/160
WOE: PSMF, Low Carb
Start Date: January 2014
Day 6

Weigh in: 210.4 lb (total loss of 5.8 lb)

I plan to intermittent fast until 5 PM - 6 PM. I'm feeling good so far; not tired or hungry!
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Old 07-25-2014, 02:07 PM   #3
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 6
Gallery: xCal
Stats: 260/209/160
WOE: PSMF, Low Carb
Start Date: January 2014
Continuation of Day 6:
Food doesn't make me feel nauseous anymore! My appetite is back.
I had my meal at 4:30 PM consisting of:
6x fish oil softgel pills
5.1 oz of shredded chicken breast; 46g of protein
3/8 cups of egg whites; 11g of protein
1 can of Kirkland Signature canned Chicken Breast; 46g or protein
2 Scoops of PES - Select Protein; 48g of protein

**saved 1/2 cup of my protein shake for later tonight incase I feel like eating

Totalling: 776 calories; 151g of protein
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Old 07-26-2014, 04:18 PM   #4
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 6
Gallery: xCal
Stats: 260/209/160
WOE: PSMF, Low Carb
Start Date: January 2014
July 26 2014

Today Iím down another 1.4 lb! Extremely happy because I thought I was going to stall since thatís usually how my weight fluctuation patterns go ☺ Today marks my 7th day on this diet with no cheats, and Iíve lost 7.2 lb (albeit some of it is probably water weight). However, Iíve always seen it as ďyouíve got to lose water weight before you lose actual fat!Ē I also expect weight loss to decelerate from here on out, perhaps averaging ~ 3lb a week, but we shall see.

I woke up today feeling a tinge of hunger but mostly thirst. Iíve also bought enough materials to last the next 4-5 weeks, to ensure that I will finish the grandiose and slightly banal diet. After the 4-5 weeks, I plan to increase my calories by 300 increments to transition into a 500-850 calorie deficit or follow JUDDD, in order to lose the remaining weight. I expect to be approximately 195 or around there at the end of my PSMF, ergo I would like to lose an additional 25-30 lb until Iím at a healthy BMI. I feel that JUDDD would be easier after my PSMF because it gets difficult to accurately calculate calories when youíre forced to eat residence food at university. However, when the time comes, I shall come to a conclusive decision as I still have 5 more weeks to go!

4:30 PM: My momís making one of my favourite meals. Itís extremely aggravating to avoid eating it, especially since it is considered low carb (Iíve eaten a low carb life-style for quite some time). Gotta stay strong by sipping on my protein shake! As long as Iím not alone in the kitchen, I wonít sneak a bite

Food for today:
A fairly simplistic day - I decided to solely have protein shakes for the simplicity (a common PSMF diet trick)
5x scoops of select protein (2 cookie & cream; 2 snickerdoodle)
1x scoop of Beverly chocolate protein
6x fish oil pills
1x multivitamin (going to start logging all my pills/supplements)
1x EGCg 400 mg
1x calcium/magnesium supplement
1x vitamin b12 pill
1x Kelp Tablet

Total: 670 calories; ~140g of protein

P90X Legs & Back at 8-8:30 PM (dreading this )
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Old 07-27-2014, 02:37 PM   #5
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 6
Gallery: xCal
Stats: 260/209/160
WOE: PSMF, Low Carb
Start Date: January 2014

07/27/2014 Ė 207.8 (-1.2 lb) Ė total loss of 8.4 lb
Today I stepped on the scale and was extremely happy! Another drop of 1.2 lb, making me 207.8 lb at 11 am. 6 more days until I get to have one day where I eat at maintenance or slightly more! Iím thinking of going to a sushi buffet with my family, and then I will do another 2 week cycle of PSMF. The weight loss is extremely motivating and surprisingly hasnít slowed yet. However, I do expect some form of deceleration soon. I also found this extremely cool cinnamon & raison bread thatís 7 grams of protein, 1.5 grams of fat and 1 carb! I look forward to purchasing this on Tuesday, as I can have a slice or two with sugar free jam! It also has 7 grams of fibre!

Iím also feeling extremely sore from my workout yesterday! I havenít decided on what I wanted to eat today, however it will probably be a combination of chicken breast and protein shakes. I find that my cravings have also completely dissipated at this point in my diet Ė which is extremely motivating. Thus far, I see no further problem of doing this for 5 more weeks. I might even consider skipping my off day on Saturday! I guess it will depend on how my morale is by Friday night. Iím going to do Ab Ripper X today, which is a quick workout.

Also, Iím going to be going grocery shopping today. Hopefully I find some cheap eye of round steak, and tuna. Iím looking forward to mixing up this diet variation (getting a little sick of chicken breast). Although, eye of round has a higher amount of fat than chicken breast, so I may decide on taking 1 less fish oil pill on the days that I do eat eye of round.

My clothes have been also feeling a lot looser. One of my old shirts now fits comfortably Ė extremely ecstatic over this. To anyone reading this, I hope you stay motivated on your diet and find intrinsic happiness with all the success that you will or have already achieved.

Diet Log:
1x Beverly Chocolate Protein Shake Ė [Tastes like chocolate cocoa] 20g of protein
1x Cookie & Cream Select Protein; 24g of protein
1x Snickerdoodle Select Protein; 24g of protein
8 oz Chicken Breast with Ketchup; ~72g of protein
6x Fish Oil
1x Multivitamin
1x Vitamin B12 Complex
1x Kelp (iodine) pill
1x Calcium/Magnesium/Vitamin D3 Complex Pill
1x EGCg Pill

Total: 140g of protein; 708 calories

Iíve also started to use a mixture of ĺ regular salt and ľ potassium salt. Iím also trying my best to drink 1 gallon of water a day. No hunger today, except a 1-2 minute hunger pang at around 2:30 PM while shopping. I find that becoming acclimated to IF has truly suppressed my hunger, to the point where I can go the entire day without eating with no hunger. I picked up 6 cans of tuna, and I look forward to eating something different this week.

I'm also going to try to sleep earlier, as I recently watched a riveting video about the importance of sleep. Gotta improve my health as much as I can!
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Old 07-28-2014, 02:32 PM   #6
Junior LCF Member
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 6
Gallery: xCal
Stats: 260/209/160
WOE: PSMF, Low Carb
Start Date: January 2014

07/28/2014 – 207.2 lb (-0.6 lb) at 12:30 PM

Definitely not complaining about the loss once again! I think that drinking a lot of water does help me continuously battle water retention. Today, I woke up a little sore and tired from a leg workout from a couple days ago. I’m also reconsidering the off day on Saturday because I might want to go to a nice Italian restaurant instead of a sushi buffet – to minimize calories. However, sushi is my favourite food, so I would feel a little cheated that I didn’t get to savour my off day.

Unfortunately, I’m feeling a bit lightheaded, however that was soon remedied when I had some soup with potassium salt. Definitely was low on sodium/potassium (I assume). By the end of this week I hope to be 205 lb, which isn’t an unrealistic goal at this rate. Only 33 more days on this! Not much to log today, I will keep it short.

Exercise for Today:
Arms/Back at 7 PM.

Food Log:
2x Select Protein Shake; 24g of protein
1x All my pills (refer above for a list)
Seafood Soup that I made – contains 2 fish fillets + 4 mussels + veggies/tofu shirataki noodles
1/2-1 can of tuna
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