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Christine's Weight (better-be-loss) journal

I have a wonderful app on my phone that documents my weight.....uh....gain over the course of several years. That's why I used such a cryptic title. You never know what life is going to sling at you!

I discovered JUDDD about a year ago, and starting at about 195 lbs I lost weight through one of the most difficult times for me -- late summer and fall. My final weight in the beginning of December was 178, giving me a 17 lb loss in about 5.5 months.

Then the pneumonia and bronchitis hit. The meds were not conducive to a ketogenic diet, nor was chicken soup or tea with honey. Weight crept up to 192 in a few months.

Even though I developed shingles during tax season, I re-started this diet in late April, and on a down day I am at 183, thus giving me a 10-pound RE-loss. I'm still not back to where I was December 1, when I put my wedding band back on for the recommitment ceremony we had for our 40th. Yeah, I had a nurse take that thing off at about 188 lbs 11 months earlier when I had shoulder surgery. The doctor said I could keep it on, but the surgery center gave me scary stories about how the lasers could make it burn. That little procedure hurt worse than my surgery! And I was AWAKE for it!

So now I'm committed to getting some weight loss before surgery on my left hand in mid-August. I have 7 weeks to lose 5 lbs to be sure I can get it off by myself.

Plus, our daughter is having a 10-year anniversary celebration this December, and you know they will be taking pictures! I'm pretty sure I can lose 20 more by then. Maybe more. My goal is 140, but that won't happen by December. 160 is doable! If I compare up days to up days before and after, I've lost 7 lbs in 7 weeks. If there are no stalls or emergencies, that makes it possible to lose another 30 lbs by Christmas. Oh, yeah! I'll look good at 155!

This is how my days look. Down days are usually under 200 calories, although I'm allowed 400. I understand 500 is still a "down day." Up days I don't count calories, I eat "normally." Of course, I just might feel a little deprived and a LOT hungry on up days, so it could be as high as 2100 calories, which is what the calculator allowed back when I was at my highest. A more modest up day I eat about 1700 calories. I do count calories once in a while, just so I know I'm within the right range.

The original plan was to double up on Up Days on weekends, but that doesn't always happen. I take an extra UP day when circumstances make it convenient. But not always! I hosted a missions meeting this past Saturday, and kept it a DD even though I cooked and made cake.

Exercise is something I know I need to be more consistent with. Usually it's gardening. I don't really believe the app that tells me that an hour of gardening burns 261 calories an hour. I'd be Twiggy if that were true!

It's tough to exercise when I have so many physical handicaps, but it's not impossible. I do have a recumbent stationary bike (in the living room, no less) that accommodates back, arm, and knee issues fairly well. It's just that I'm too tuckered out at the end of the day to use it!

Well, here goes nothing. Oh, wait; I mean SOMETHING. I do have to lose for a variety of health issues. I AM committed. I AM already losing. Let the negativity stop with the title.
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