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zipp2play 05-16-2014 05:28 AM

Zip's JUDDD Journey Part 2
Here is the start of my new journal. Last time I weighed I was 177. (that's about 8 pounds up from my low) We will start off with that.

Vacation to Jamaica in 9 days. SINGLE DIGITS BABY!!!!!!!!!:sing:

zipp2play 05-16-2014 05:29 AM

Let's get this party started!!!!!!!!

DaisyGG 05-16-2014 05:54 AM

I'm the first one! Yay!

You probably know about these already, but I have a favorite brand of flip flops that are fantastically comfortable. I know flip flops and comfort aren't words you normally see together, but I'm telling you, I have bad knees and I'm a chunky monkee and when I wear these, which I do constantly - even in the winter, my feet and joints feel fantastic.

Havaianas. I'd link, but I never can remember what the rules are and I don't want to get into trouble. :o

I have several pairs and my favorite ones are the slims. I don't know why they are so comfortable except they are made with rubber. I wear them around the house and gardening. And I have clean pairs I wear out and about. I'm a nut for them. They are not cheap, but seriously good. Just a thought from me to you.

Although I should tell you in full disclosure that last year when we went on a family vacation with my girls I bought both of them pairs just because I love them so and they were not impressed. :huh:

Blonde with a Rose 05-16-2014 06:51 AM

New journal!!
Good Morning! How exciting to start a new journal. I'm so excited to follow you here.....

Happy Friday Girlfriend!:hugs::heart:

LoCarbGal 05-16-2014 07:05 AM

How exciting....a new journal! I bet you would have a lot of fun re-reading the old one. And probably gain some insight too.

Happy FRIDAY!!!

DesertGurl 05-16-2014 07:50 AM

Yay! A new journal!!! :sing:

Have a great weekend, lady!

Meg2039 05-16-2014 09:12 AM

Hi Monica!
Congrats on a new Journal! :)

zipp2play 05-16-2014 11:11 AM

Hello TO ALL!

zipp2play 05-17-2014 02:58 PM

We are hosting a birthday party tonight. We have cleaned and cooked all day. I'm thinking I earned an early glass of wine!!!!

Oh had a surprise on the scale today 174.6. It's a start!!

Saxy1971 05-17-2014 05:32 PM

Hi Monica! Woohoo, a new journal...Love what you've done with the place! ;)

DaisyGG 05-18-2014 04:14 AM

174! Yay to you!

windygap 05-18-2014 06:02 AM

Oh Yea! down you go girl. woop woop!

kittycitygirl 05-18-2014 12:33 PM


zipp2play 05-19-2014 05:50 AM

Thanks all! As I stated, it's a start.

Yesterday was not a good DD. Had a really rough day with DS15. Teenagers! They know everything, seem to easily talk out of both sides of their Mouth, and no matter what, WE ARE WRONG! Goodness!!! Moving forward.

zipp2play 05-19-2014 05:51 AM

One week from right now, I am on a plane heading to Jamaica. That helps!

Lots to do between now and then.

Having a managed up day today. Lots of end of year things going on at schools. DD12's choir concert is tonight. Almost DONE! Yeah!

zipp2play 05-19-2014 06:17 AM

Forgot to mention, we watched 12 years a slave with DD12 on Friday. WOW what a heartbreaking movie. Makes me so mad about our countries past. I honestly don't/can't comprehend how people ever thought they could OWN other people....like LIFE, due to color, had less meaning!?!?!! I just don't get it at all

LoCarbGal 05-19-2014 11:22 AM

Great new weigh-in Monica! Maybe all that cleaning and entertaining?

Sorry it was a rough DS day. You and DH WILL get smarter as he gets older....I promise! ;)

ohcmb 05-20-2014 06:26 AM

YAY for Jamaica! AWESOME weigh in! Keep it up! I am trying to have a very controlled UD today. Good luck on your DD today. Just think about how good you will look on the beach!

LoCarbGal 05-20-2014 07:24 AM

Good morning Monica! How's it going today?

Sirtain 05-20-2014 07:35 AM

Hi, Zipp. Good to see you stepping out. Jamaica is going to be wonderful.

zipp2play 05-20-2014 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by LoCarbGal (Post 16915108)
Great new weigh-in Monica! Maybe all that cleaning and entertaining?

Sorry it was a rough DS day. You and DH WILL get smarter as he gets older....I promise! ;)

I HOPE SO!!!!!!!!!

zipp2play 05-20-2014 10:25 AM

thus far, my DD is going well! I have had 280c thus far and have a 100c salad ready for lunch!

Meg2039 05-20-2014 01:58 PM

Jamaica! Glad you are going to get a chance to get away! Have you been before?

Doggygirl 05-21-2014 05:27 AM

Hi Monica! Wow. Jamaica. Can I come too???? :) Enjoy your time away! Hope your bags are packed already! :jumpjoy: Congrats on your SV as well!

zipp2play 05-21-2014 05:34 AM

Good morning all! Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids! I say bring on SUMMER! This semester has just about done us all in. They are both getting good grades, but man, the stuff we have been through......

Had a decent DD yesterday. I have had trouble sleeping last night and Monday night. Averaged about 5 hours each night, so I am DRAGGING!!!! TONIGHT, I will sleep! Going to bed early.

zipp2play 05-21-2014 05:36 AM


Originally Posted by Meg2039 (Post 16916343)
Jamaica! Glad you are going to get a chance to get away! Have you been before?

On our honeymoon, back in 1997, the cruise we were on stopped there. We did the Dunn River Falls excursion and I hated it. The country was beautiful, but climbing up falls??? WTH??? IMHO it was more a creek on big rocks. :lol: :hyst: We obviously won't be going back there! ;)

Sirtain 05-21-2014 06:07 AM

We have two and a half more weeks of school. Littlest is getting antsy! So am I!! :) Glad to hear about your good Down Day. Like you said, way to get back on plan! One day at a time really DOES do it.

LoCarbGal 05-21-2014 07:56 AM

Summer vacation! YAY! Have a great UD today. I plan to. :cool:

windygap 05-21-2014 05:15 PM

Next Thurs. is our last day. You sound like you are doing fine with the trip and great DD.

Meg2039 05-22-2014 04:04 AM

Ha! We stopped there on our honeymoon cruise and I felt the same way. I don't get it! But other people loved climbing those rocks. Go figure! I vote for laying on the white sand beach drinking an umbrella drink!

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