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reptogirl 03-29-2014 01:57 PM

Reptos induction-72 style
If I lose 100 pounds- I would still be overweight- that just madness-but it is the reality I have made for myself, weighed myself today to get my starting weight 333.2 yiiiiiikes. I am starting Atkins induction 72-plan on staying on induction as long as I can. I have seen some amazing weight loss on here with '72. I think the other versions are b.s. And not what dr Atkins intended. Starting tomorrow as today I have to go grocery shopping. Anyways that's my intro, I will be writing more , usually too much, I ramble.

reptogirl 03-29-2014 07:33 PM

I was thinking about being fat, since I was around 10 and have decided that my body looks at this fat like a child's favorite teddy bear or security blanket, even as adults some people still have their favorite childhood toys. Something that you don't want to part with. But like all things they get musty and full of allergies and end up making up sick. Okay that made more sense in my head :/

I was also making a mental list of reasons why losing weight is a must.
1. Dread of getting into a strange car and wondering if the seatbelt will fit

2. The dreaded grocery shopping, people stare at me anyways because I'm fat and short, then add in the painful expressions I have on my face 5 minutes into being on my feet

3. Going somewhere with steps, that look too steep...can I step that high?

4. Would be nice to go into somewhere for clothes, and not be worried that their biggest sizes won't fit, and by that I mean lane Bryant

5. I have to force myself to shower or to do about anything...I am so tired all the time

6. Not wanting to leave the house because the energy or even now the desire just isn't there

One of my biggest goals is to get out of 300s has been my goal for years. I feel like that number has me blocked mentally and physically, I would like to reach t
his goal by middle of July. I have an important event then and I know those 34 pounds off would make it more enjoyable.

On a positive note, I got to the grocery store so I will be starting tomorrow woohoo I am excited!

Partyof7 03-30-2014 01:23 AM

Hi Repto girl!
I am on week 2 (today) and I have about 15 pounds more than you - but I am here to cheer you on! You are so spot on about this being like a security blanket. I have ALWAYS been fat, so I don't know what not being is like.

Well, we are going to find out together - aren't we?

Induction 72 brings AMAZING losses - I haven't done it but I monitor the group. Good luck!

reptogirl 03-30-2014 10:02 AM

Thanks party of 7 !!!! Let's rock this together. I am drinking my black coffee and so happy that today is day 1 for me! I am so ready to rid my body of sugar!

reptogirl 03-30-2014 05:34 PM

Getting through the first day. I had a can of tuna, mayo, and pork rinds - I guess that would of been considered breakfast, although I don't keep normal hours or meal times.

Next meal was bacon and scrambled eggs, struggled with this one burnt my bacon, I don't even like it crisp yuck and then I like ketsup on eggs-that's a huge no no- so they just weren't the same, that's okay though I mean seriously is ketsup worth keeping 200 extra pounds on....NO ! So onward I go

Circumstances around here have made it a stressful day, hoping for some quiet relaxing time, that's my update for now...I am thinking about escaping to my room for awhile

Oh I also took my vitamins today, 2 multis, b complex, and a potassium

Partyof7 03-30-2014 10:50 PM

Awesome job girl! I like trader joes sriracha. 1g carb and tastes good.

reptogirl 03-30-2014 11:08 PM

Thanks! I have seen a lot of ppl on here use sriracha right now I'm trying to keep the carbs at a bare minimum but I will keep it in mind for when I decide to up them a little.

So I finished my eating for the day
1. Can of tuna, mayo, pork rinds
2. Bacon and scrambled eggs
3. Can of tuna, 1 cup spinach loosely packed, mayo, 3 olives, and pork rinds

Beverages ..did terrible on this
1 cup black coffee
20 oz bottle of cherry coke zero

Yeah did not drink water, something I will have to work with I just dread it, waking up having to pee and trying to stumble downstairs in a stupor to the bathroom but I know I gotta have it to speed up flushing out toxins and such

And I'm sure my sodium is a little much, but the main thing was getting through the first day-which I did wootwoo

Hoping within the next day or two I have the energy to fix some deviled eggs

For now hoping I can go to bed and actually fall asleep, I have problems falling asleep but I am always tired. Supposed to go look at a house like a hour away , I need a lot of me time when I wake up.

reptogirl 03-31-2014 11:30 AM

Aww day number 2! I couldn't sleep last night at all! It was around 8am and even then I kept waking up. My body can't keep up with my brain. Having my black coffee then probably read some on the forums.

reptogirl 03-31-2014 05:21 PM

So far my food has been bacon cheeseburgers, with mayo and a little spinach. Believe it or not i don't have anything else to say haha

reptogirl 03-31-2014 08:24 PM

I was thinking how much I hate plus size clothes and for so many reason. Obvious is the style, no I don't want to wear tweety bird or eeyore, half the shirts I find sleeves are too short and really the whole shirt is too short.

But even more than that is the sizing, a person that wears a size 8 or 10 for example can lose very little weight and go down a size, a person of my size could lose 75 pounds and might be able to squeeze into a size smaller. I have a friend that went from over 400 pounds down to 260-270 and can wear some things two sizes smaller although a lot of those are still skin tight

Will be so great to be able to buy clothes but even better I think will be the day I can get rid of my fat clothes, very few would be worthy of donating, and that goes back to sizing I have had the same clothes for years and they are raggedity

My biggest regret is I didn't start this way of life earlier but the main thing is I started now

reptogirl 03-31-2014 10:02 PM

So food total for the day
2 bacon cheeseburgers with mayo and cup of spinach

And a snack of 2 oz of cheese, pork rinds, and 7 olives.

Close to getting 24 oz of water in! Improvement over yesterday
1 cup black coffee
1 20 oz bottle diet sunkist

I also remembered my vitamins today

I joined the May Day challenge, my goal was to lose between 10-15 pounds by May 1 I think that is very doable, and if I don't make it oh well...

My mom got through day 1 I'm so happy! She plans on weighing everyday, I haven't decided yet how often. As long as she is losing I should be too, praying that she sticks with it!

reptogirl 04-01-2014 12:41 PM

Hanging out upstairs, well truthfully hiding out, my sisters case worker is here, although might not be caseworker..something or another, I just don't want to be around ppl, I woke up yesterday with a guess a catch in my upper back, twisting and reaching etc hurt, today I woke up with lower back pain too, lower back pain is TOM related, so needless to say I hurt pretty darn bad. My stomach has started in with hunger pains too, but can't do anything until the intruder..umm company leaves.

Good news my mom made it through her first day yesterday, her starting weight was 262.6 and this morning was down to 259.4 , 3.2 down I am excited for her health, she can make a huge difference in the quality of her life!! I just pray that she sticks with it, it's life and death with her really , she will be 64 in couple of weeks, diabetes(although not raging out of control yet) copd, arthritis etc...

Partyof7 04-01-2014 01:03 PM

Hi Repto - bacon cheeseburger girl - lol
I hear you on the plus size clothing! Its like plus sized women shouldnt feel sexy & instead should wear cartoon characters - what? Just because a person is a certain size does not mean they are a joke.
I hear you on too short also. I certainly dont want to walk around like Baby Huey!

My first couple weeks I couldnt sleep at all. 4 hours and I was UP! Thankfully that has passed.

24 oz of water is great! Truthfully I think that is all I managed yesterday too.

Feel better, friend.

reptogirl 04-01-2014 04:33 PM

Baby Huey lol

I have insomnia anyways, I literally have to be exhausted to fall asleep, and even then if my brain isn't willing.....

Today has been bad here, grandma acting a fool.

I have had a can of tuna, spinach, mayo and pork rinds

I wanted to get deviled eggs made but my back hurts so stinkin bad, just can't get any relief, I did fix my mom food bacon and fried eggs, just want to keep her motivated and on track, it is so easy just to be too tired and hungry to fix anything so I didn't want her to grab just anything

reptogirl 04-01-2014 10:54 PM

Watched a movie with mom and sister tonight. Finally got some deviled eggs made, made 6 eggs they didn't even make it in the fridge, we all ate them. Besides that I snacked on cheese, rinds, and some olives. Sister is thinking about starting low carb as well, she needs to , younger than me, still in her 20s and on a ton of medicine, she also has unexplained leg,chest, and stomach pain, I have told her for a year try gluten free but she never would, she has actually never been on a diet in her life, she loses weight quick though or did awhile back, never skinny though, would be great to have 3 of us on plan!

reptogirl 04-02-2014 10:07 AM

Today starts day 4! Half a week on plan, and besides some lingering back pain I feel pretty darn good! I will have my first weigh in soon, 2 more days, that will make 5 days on plan, let me say that not obsessively weighing myself takes more willpower right now than avoiding sweets! But it's a great feeling have the discipline to avoid the scale. My mom was down another pound, 258.4 for a total of 4.2 in 2 days, yup we know it's water and not fat but still exciting all the same.

I find it hard to believe that I weigh nearly 80 pounds more than my mom, but that's going to change :)

When I get out of the 300s it will be a big mental boost! I would like to get there before July 15th but I am not making it a goal, just a hope, there is no way to know how my body will respond to this way of eating, I might lose quick , I might be a snail, and it is about so much more than a number, but that number means a lot to me, it's silly I know but I will feel more normal being in the 200s, even if it is at the high end.

I didn't do well with water yesterday so as soon as I got up,I filled my water bottle up,before I even made my coffee, haven't drank it all yet, but I'm working on it.

reptogirl 04-02-2014 11:01 PM

Got through another day, had some really bad cravings but I got over them.

I had some ham and then more ham yikes, not the best choice but it could be worse.
3 slices of bacon, tiny bit of ground beef
4oz cheese, olives

Hoping to get back to store tomorrow and hopefully make more deviled eggs as well.

I don't have the atkins 72 book so I am reading the 92 edition just for some added motivation :)

reptogirl 04-03-2014 11:00 AM

Mom down another pound 257.4 total of 5.2 rock on mom! That's for 3 days on plan. I am excited and nervous to weigh in tomorrow, my TOM started the day I started low carb...go figure, I have been eating quite a lot of salty foods-olives, ham, pork rinds. So those things could really make a difference. But more important than a number is the way I feel, I actually feel lighter, and it think my face is already looking thinner as well, it would be great to have the confirmation on the scale but that doesn't always happen.

I just remembered I haven't swallowed my vitamins yet, better go do that now before I forget-working on making that a daily habit so it will just become 2nd nature.
I read in DANDR that L-glutoione I know I mangled that spelling will help with sweet craving, after yesterday I think it's in my best interest to use them, and since I already have some I will.

My sister has apparently decided not to start our WOE, maybe in time when she sees our results she will. I am not going to push her, because that sure wouldn't work.

reptogirl 04-03-2014 10:15 PM

Another successful day.
Usually when we go to the grocery store I am in so much pain just a few minutes into it, tonight we went to 4 stores granted they weren't huge trips-was trying to find some meat on sale, but I felt like I had a spring in my step wow! Feels so good feeling alive-that is definitely what you would call a non scale victory.

Today's menu was 3 deviled eggs, 2 slices of real cheese, and 2 pork chops
Will be having lots of pork chops bc we found them on sale and bought 5 packs, also stocked up on more pork rinds.

Tomorrow I weigh! Regardless of what those numbers are I am very happy with the way I feel, I have never felt this good on a diet, keeps this up and I might start taking some walks

Partyof7 04-03-2014 11:42 PM

AWESOME Reptogirl! I remember the first day I was able to walk and get stuff done and feel that spring in my step; never want to go back to lying lethargic!
Yay for you and Mom!!

reptogirl 04-04-2014 10:09 AM

Mom was up .4 still puts her at 4.8 lost

I was down 4 lbs, I will gladly take it, any loss during TOM is great in my book

I will weigh in again after 5 more days on plan -which will be April 9th,
Hey party that's the same as your weigh in date

How are those Callanetics doing for you, I want to research them some more but I think that is something I could handle, because I know I need to shape my body as I lose.

reptogirl 04-05-2014 07:30 AM

Mom is at 255.2 that is 7.2 pounds after 5 days, wow!!!! So happy :)

reptogirl 04-05-2014 08:30 AM

Stomach is still wonky
I am hoping that my body is just shocked by all the changes and everything will calm down.
Will give it plenty of time, I figure a week...if still having problems will have to think about eliminating cheese, I truly hope that's not the case, because I honestly don't know how I would do without cheese, has always been one of my favorites.
But I know I can't safely leave the house in my current state, too risky

I was tempted to weigh myself today, just because I didn't eat much yesterday, and my stomach feels smaller, but I didn't, if mom wasn't weighing everyday I would just put the scale away. her blood sugar was up today, I am once again hoping it is just her body reacting to the changes.

Partyof7 04-05-2014 09:57 AM

Hi Repto ---
Sorry, was away :)
I love Callanetics! As soon as I figured out a modification and just stuck with it, after just 2 sessions I really do feel lighter and lovelier. It's the oddest thing ever! I am just doing Am/PM because of how out of shape I am - but its wonderful.
I will try to do the 1 hour 10/10 workout tonight :)
I can feel ab muscles that are slightly sore like - whoa--- I didnt know you were there.

Seriously, think about giving it a try. Its very gentle.

Congratulations to your Mom and yourself. How high is her blood sugar going?
Hooray for April 9th - I am so hopeful its great news that day. Debating on asking for a Rx anyways regardless. I don't know if it would hurt any at this point.

Are you just having diahrea? Maybe get some acidophilis in your system. That always works for me. I know I get gastrointestinal distress (haha) when I eat too much sweetener.

reptogirl 04-05-2014 11:49 AM

I am starting Callanetics today, been researching for a couple of days and wow! I am downloading her videos as I type. I imagine it will slow the scale loss down, but the scale results I don't share outside of low carb friends, I would rather have a higher number but lose inches and go down in clothing size, the scale will eventually catch up. I think I am going to take some revealing before pictures, I really hate using a tape measure, and right now not even for sure where one would be.

I'm going to try the 10/10 just because I don't see myself wanting to do something twice a day lol!! If it proves to be too much I will go to am/pm

Her blood sugar isn't going extremely high was still under 150 , but since she has started insulin this is the highest it has been.

I was wondering if the sweetener in my diet pop was doing it, i hope not, diet root beer is my crutch right now

reptogirl 04-05-2014 05:08 PM

So I did the first session of Callanetics today, proud of myself...there was quite a bit my body just wasn't able to do, but I did what I could, I definitely got a workout because I am feeling it in my muscles..I'm excited! It's just another step to a better smaller me!

I have a non scale goal, I have a pair of pajamas that is rather large and stretched out...but still stay up on me, I want them to be too big for me, I think it's a good starting goal and I imagine it would only take a few inches to do this, oh the joy of being able to throw them away..not really worthy of donation, they have a paint stain on them and I know I am at least the 3rd owner of them

Beginning of august I have a vacation of sorts, it is the worlds largest rummage sale, I want to enjoy myself as I walk around and shop, there was some unpleasant moments last year, that is 4 months away and I think between low carbs and Callanetics I could seriously be carrying around a lot less fat

Partyof7 04-06-2014 01:18 PM

Great job Repto! And that rummage sale sounds like my kind of fun also!

reptogirl 04-06-2014 01:35 PM

Don't know where you live but it goes from Michigan, Ohio, ky, Tennessee, and either al or ga, I can't for the life of me think what road it is.. I27 maybe

Partyof7 04-06-2014 07:27 PM

I think my aunt and grandfather go to it when they come out to see me. :)

reptogirl 04-07-2014 01:12 AM

Wow I barely wrote a word today...
Mom is down 8 pounds so far
I barely have an appetite, I eat when I get hungry, only because I am hungry, and just enough to not be hungry anymore, I guess eating fat really does satisfy a person.
I ate a few deviled eggs earlier in the day, and for dinner I ate a porkchop....mom and I was talking and thinking about how we used to eat. For example if we had porkchops 2 could of easily been involved, along with porkchop gravy, mashed potatos, corn, sometimes some rolls, porkchops would of been breaded and usually involved a second plate of food. That's insane! Well I didn't get to this weight by making good choices!!!!
That one meal was more than I have are in two days probably, but like I said I am not hungry, not suffering, and I feel so much better.
I went to bed a few hours ago, tired but unable to sleep, this sounds crazy but I think I can already feel some results, I don't see them but i think my stomach and arms are smaller
My moms chest is noticeable smaller, her bras are fitting better-lol I'm sure she would love to know I posted about her boobs lol.
Originally I was just going to do Callanetics 1 day then rest 2 days then 1 day etc.. But have decided to try for every other day. Only because I was lying in bed and found myself wanting to do it again lol, almost craving it...although my legs are still slightly sore...go figure...but that extra hour every week will really add up, come July that would be 12 extra hours

Well I guess that's enough rambling for now :)

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