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cprcheetah 03-04-2014 08:19 PM

Heather's Getting Lean For Life!
So I was active on this board a few years ago, lost some weight, then life happened and I gained it all back. I am tired of the weight gain and loss roller coaster I have been on for several years so have decided I am going to kick this weight for good this time. I have to battle a medication I am on (that hopefully I will be off of in a few months) that makes me have the munchies NON STOP so that isn't very fun.

Starting Weight 224#
I would like to get down to 150#

I am going to do the Lindora Lean For Life Diet, and today was the start of my 1st of 3 protein days. I was sorely tempted at work by a drug rep bringing by bagels from einsteins bagels and then it was girl scout cookie day. I resisted :jumpjoy: so that was a good thing for my first day on the diet! Anyway this will be my journey. Here are my measurements BLECH!

Weight: 224.6#
BMI = 37.28 kg/m2 Obese
Because I have high blood pressure, I am considered Morbidly Obese

Normal BMI range: 18.5kg/m2 - 25 kg/m2
Normal BMI weight range for the height: 111.2lbs - 150.2 lbs

Neck 14"
Bust 42" across 36 & 1/2 underneath
Waist 39"
Hips 49"
L Thigh 29 & 1/2"
R Thigh 29 & 1/4"
L Calve 19 & 1/2"
R Calve 19 &1/2"
L Arm 15 & 1/2
R Arm 15"

CandyR80 03-04-2014 08:48 PM

Yay for us!
Hi, I just stopped by the office today to figure out if they would reinstate a 'free' program that I bought two years ago (I bought a buy 1 at full price get 1 free deal) I did the first program two years ago and in the last week I found out I was pregnant (which that was my ultimate goal, just thought I had more time since it hadn't happened in the last year)... After thinking they wouldn't do it, they called and said yes, it could be reinstated. I will have my labs done on Thursday and hopefully on Monday I can start the program.... I lost 20 lbs the first time around, but have gained back around 7. But, now I don't work so I have no excuse for the lack of exercise...good luck with the program :)

cprcheetah 03-04-2014 08:53 PM

Thank-you. I am just doing it by the book as I live in Utah and there are no centers near me, but I lost 70# in 2003/2004 following Lean For Life and intend to lose that again and keep it off this time. I love their plan it worked before I know it can work for me again. Both my hubby and I have lots of health issues that aren't well controlled because of our weights so this will really help that.

CandyR80 03-04-2014 09:12 PM

Hopefully I'll be able to continue the program after my 10 weeks. Good for you for following it on your own... Last time I went M-F, I'm planning on doing the same this time around, if you have any questions I can always ask my consultant. They were always so helpful when I did it last time.

cprcheetah 03-05-2014 07:50 PM

So today I started my exercise plan. I was really hungry and just wanted to eat before I did, and after I wasn't so hungry. If that's all it takes I will exercise every day! LOL. I love the Walk At Home DVD's by Leslie Sansone. This morning I walked a mile....going to work myself up to 2 or 3 miles eventually. So that is good. I really feel more energetic and happy today since I exercised. I am planning on exercising 5 days a week. So this is the conversation I had with my hubby last week that really hit home:
Me: Seriously need new scrub pants, all my pants make my legs hurt
Him: Why do they make your legs hurt?
Me: Cause I am too fat...they are too small
Him: Sounds like a personal issue, isn't there a better solution than buying bigger ones?
Me: Yeah but that takes a while, I was 40# lighter when I bought these.

Now know that he said what he did out of love and the fact that we barely make ends meet most months. What a better solution than to lose weight and get healthier at the same time? Smart man of mine :) Today was a great day on the diet. I noticed the Tootsie Rolls on my boss' desk today moreso than usual.....but again I triumphed! I am excited that I am actually having some will power this go around. I'm proud of my hubby, he ordered chinese tonight and made sure to order me stuff I could eat, chicken and pork that wasn't breaded or covered in sugary stuff. It was good, and he didn't have any so I can have some for lunch tomorrow. I love that considerate man of mine, he is amazing!

cprcheetah 03-05-2014 08:35 PM

So took the plunge SCARY and had my hubby take some 'before' pictures of me. SCARY stuff....I think most of my weight is in my butt.

Side View:

Back View:

cprcheetah 03-07-2014 05:27 AM

Still going strong, down 8.2# pounds in 3 days, I know a ton of it was water weight as I have been peeing up a storm. I also have been taking a water pill to counteract my water retention. I have high blood pressure so tend to retain water a lot. I start my weight loss days today. It feels really weird eating a 'plain' cereal for breakfast as I tend to grab lucky charms or captain crunch and munch on it while I'm driving to work. On my weight loss days for breakfast I am allowed 1 protein and 1 fruit or 1 grain. I chose to have Chex Cereal (Rice and Corn) today. Hubby and I also eat gluten free. I tend to cheat and eat stuff with flour in it, especially at work. However I am quit proud of myself as I even resisted Krispy Creme Donuts! I wasn't even tempted. We had a client bring them in to thank us for taking care of his dog, he handed them to me, I offered one to the other receptionist and promptly took them in the back for everyone else. I am getting stronger. I went grocery shopping and broke the bank, but bought lots of healthy items for my diet. I am proud of my husband he is going to start watching what he eats better as well, we both need to lose a lot of weight, he probably needs to lose 200# or more, and I am hoping to lose about 75# then will see where I'm at at that point and adjust as needed.

cprcheetah 03-07-2014 08:22 PM

Today was an INSANE day at work we were so busy, had surgeries and procedures and were double booked with appointments pretty much all day. I didn't get much scanning done, (That's my project scanning consent forms and bloodwork for the past many years) but boy did I move around a lot, I think I got my exercise in today just helping customers taking them to the back and fetching the technicians to see rooms, and then checking on the patients when owners called (basically walk to the back and ask techs to talk to clients on phone). It was crazy! I love it when we are busy, at the same time it leaves me in a whirlwind. While the other receptionist was gone to lunch I got slammed with 4 different people there at once, it was crazy! Today was my 1st day on the weight loss menu. It went extremely well for me! Which I am VERY happy about. I love it when things go smoothly. So here is my carb count (aiming for 50-100 per day)

Breakfast 20.8 carbs
1 egg 1 carb
Pinch of Cheese 0 Carb
1 TB Heavy Cream 0.8 carbs
3/4 cup Corn Chex Cereal 19 carbs

Morning Snack: 8 Carbs
1 Peach Non Fat Lite Greek Yogurt 8 carbs

Lunch: 25.27 Carbs
2oz Chicken 0 Carbs
1 Cup Mixed Veggies 5 carbs
1 Small Orange 14 carbs
2 cups lettuce (romaine and spring mix) 1.6carbs
2 Tablespoons Dressing 2.67 carbs
Pinch Cheese 0 carbs
7 Cherry Tomatoes 2 carbs
1 Diet Soda

Snack 0 Carbs
2 oz of String Cheese 0 Carbs

Dinner: 45.02
1 & 1/2 oz Chicken 0 carbs
1 & 1/2 oz Steak 0 carbs
1/2 cup Green Pepper 4 carbs
1/2 cup sweet onion 4.85 carbs
1 gala apple 17 carbs
2 cups lettuce (same mix) 1.6 carbs
6 Cherry Tomatoes 2 carbs
Pinch Cheese 0 Carbs
1/8th cup Cucumber .5 carbs
1 Spinach Gluten Free Tortilla 12 carbs (normally I don't like tortillas, but hubby found these and he wanted me to try it)

Snack 8 pork rinds 0 carbs

Total Carbs for Day: 99.09

Couple of things I learned today....cheese has no carbs! Yummy! Lunch Meat (I was looking at it) has 2 freaking carbs per piece YOWSWERS! I wasn't super hungry today, in fact I was very satisfied. That is one reason that on this diet (Lean for Life) you have protein snacks as they keep you fuller longer. It really does work. It is also AWESOME to find 'no carb' foods like the cheese and pork rinds. I am also amazed that what I ate for Lunch I was able to take my pills without getting sick, which doesn't happen as I always have to eat HUGE meals in order to take my pills or I end up getting nausated and tossing my cookies.

cprcheetah 03-09-2014 02:30 PM

Why am I losing weight?
So I want to do a quick run down and then will expound on each area:
1- Example for my husband
2- Scrubs Fit Better
3- More Energy
4- Better Body Image/Less Depression about it
5- Lower Blood Pressure
6- Better Health
7- Trying to Conceive
8- Doctor Recommended it

1- Example for my husband: I love my husband to death. He is considered Morbidly Obese (heck so am I) and he has a lot of issues due to his weight (high blood pressure, sleep apnea (may be genetic component too), Diabetes uncontrolled), retaining water in legs etc. I want to lose this weight so we can both be healthier, and I want to be a good example to him as far as portion sizes go, healthy meals and snacks. We both have a tendancy to not care about portion sizes and take way too much food, then we complain about belly aches or "I ate too much" later. If we are more careful about portion sizes we will lose weight. We have both done the diet I am on in the past and he lost around 65# when he was on it before. The Dr is very concerned about his weight and wants us both to lose weight. I know that if he and I both lose weight our health will be better. His joints won't ache as much and his Diabetes will be better controlled by eating healthier meals. He had a major health scare a few months back was having chest pains, and boy was I scared. It ended up being a pretty bad kidney infection, but it could have easily been something A LOT worse like a heart attack. His A1C levels are really high (10. something) and that increases the risks of cardiac events. I know I am too at risk for health problems due to my high weight. I want to stick around and be here for my husband for a long time to come. I would hate to make him a widower at an early age due to my weight. I do know that if my hubby doesn't get his Glucose under control he may have to go on insulin which is NOT something he wants to do.
Here's a little more about A1C:
The American Diabetes Association currently recommends an A1c goal of less than 7.0%, while other groups such as the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists recommend a goal of less than 6.5%.
Of interest, studies have shown that there is a 10% decrease in relative riskfor every 1% eduction in A1c. So, if a patients starts off with an A1c of 10.7and drops to 8.2, though there are not yet at goal, they have managed todecrease their risk of microvascular complications by about 20%. The closer to normal the A1c, the lower the absolute risk for microvascular complications.

2- Scrubs Fit Better I have gained 40# since November due to the Seroquel I am on. So hence my scrub pants are getting tight tight around my huge thunder thighs. I told hubby that I needed to buy new ones, and he said "Isn't there a better way to do that, other than buying bigger clothes?" That struck home to me and is what really made me realize that I needed to get this weight off.

3- More energy Most days I come home from work and plant my fat butt in front of the computer, doing nothing else, neglecting kitty litter boxes, dishes, house cleaning chores etc. If I lose weight I will have mroe energy to get more things done.

4- Better Body Image/Less Depression about it I have a very poor self esteem, I do not feel very pretty in the shape I am at right now. It is depressing to realize that I am 75# overweight if not more.....My ''ideal' weight is from 125-150# for a healthy BMI, I am working towards 150# and will see how I feel at that point.

5- Lower Blood Pressure I recently in the last few months started having issues with extremely high (almost danger zone) blood pressure, it was so bad it was giving me horrific headaches and making me dizzy. I know that high blood pressure raises the risks of a lot of different things including heart problems, brain problems, kidney issues and more. You can read more about it here: High blood pressure dangers: Hypertension's effects on the body - Mayo Clinic

6- Better Health I know that if I lose weight, overall my health will improve and I may be able to even go off of the high blood pressure medicine. My joints won't be as achy as they won't have excess weight to bear.

7- Trying to Conceive We have been trying to conceive since 2005, we have had no success at all. I knwo that both of our weights are impeding this process. I would love to have children and know that if we lose weight we may be successful

8- Doctor Recommended it I am one to try to follow the Dr's orders and he has recommended that I lose weight. I am up 40# since November when I got my annual exam. The last visit he really recommended that I stick to low carb and try to lose this weight.

ladyinlove56 03-09-2014 07:12 PM

Heather ....you have the heart to do this and you will make it happen...a good post ...:)

cprcheetah 03-09-2014 08:20 PM

Today was a bit of a frustrating day, I had to run to Walmart because our downstairs basement drain was flooded/clogged. So I picked up like $40 in draino type products LOL, it took 3 different kinds to finally get it somewhat unclogged, then it still isn't all the way unclogged. I didn't start doing the laundry (need to do 3 loads) until 6pm.....then it came flooding back up the drain some so I couldn't do the other loads that I needed to. So we are going to put MORE draino down the drain tonight and let it work overnight, then we shall see. I was really worried about how I would do today as I was off and home most of the day, usually the weekends/days off are when I sabotage myself where the diet is concerned. So I am quite proud of myself in that regard. I even 'portioned' out tortilla chips for my husband in sandwich bags, and didn't even sneak a tiny piece of one, normally I would have had a few myself. I found Fat Secret's Calorie Counter to get the right 'net carbs' on things (take the carbohydrates and subtract the fiber) so a couple of the counts went down, and a couple went up. I was 216.2# this morning so even on my weight loss menu, I am losing again. I have lost 8.4#. I am way excited! I can't wait to get to my goal weight. Here are my 'goals'.
Short Goal: 4/4 214# 10# in 30 days
6 Month Goal: 164# by 37th Bday (9/25)
End Goal: 149 by Dec 31st!
This is an average of 8# per month

I bought a new lunch bag for work this week and it's so cute! I also bought a cute purple notepad to track my daily eating. Purple is my favorite color.
Here is what I ate today:
Breakfast 20.8 carbs
1 egg 1 carb
Pinch of Cheese 0 Carb
1 TB Heavy Cream 1 carbs
3/4 cup Corn Chex Cereal. 19 carbs
*I have decided that I am going to cut the cereal to 1/2 cup as I don't usually eat a big breakfast and it almost seems too much so that will cut the carbs to about 11 or 12.

Morning Snack: 8 Carbs
1 Black Cherry Non Fat Lite Greek Yogurt 9 carbs

Lunch: 21.94 Carbs
2oz Chicken 0 Carbs
1 Cup Broccoli 3.73 carbs
1 Small Orange 12.29 carbs
2 cups lettuce (romaine and spring mix) 1.08 carbs
2 Tablespoons Ken's Blue Cheese Dressing 1 carbs
Pinch Cheese 0 carbs
6 Cherry Tomatoes 2.82 carbs
1/8th cup Cucumber 1.02carbs
1 Diet Soda

Snack 5.65 Carbs
1/2 cup Full Fat cottage Cheese 4 carbs
1 Tbsp Sugar Free Pear Sauce 1.65carbs

Dinner: 26.05
12 Medium Shrimp 0 carbs
1 cup San Francisco Blend Veggie Mix 2.67 carbs
1 gala apple 15.79 carbs
2 cups lettuce (same mix) 1.08 carbs
6 Cherry Tomatoes 2.82 carbs
Pinch Cheese 0 Carbs
1/8th cup Cucumber 1.02 carbs
2 Tbsp Homemade Ranch Dressing 2.67 carbs

1oz cheese

Total Carbs for Day: 82.44 (I am aiming for 50-100 per day)

cprcheetah 03-11-2014 08:20 PM

Weight week 1: 224.4# Down 10.2# :jumpjoy:

BMI was 37.38 last week, now with a 10.2# loss it is 35.7! Woot Woot! Getting healthier.

I am going to have to kick it in high gear this week as it is TOM.


Breakfast: Total Carbs: 13.97 1 egg cooked in microwave with 1 Tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream, a pinch of cheese and some garlic, salt and pepper. 1/2 cup of corn chex,

Morning Snack: Light Greek Non Fat Peach Yogurt Total Carbs: 8

Lunch: Total Carbs: 26.29 2 cups mixed greens w/pinch of cheese, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1-2 Tbsp cucumber, 2 Tbsp blue cheese dressing, 1 cup california blend veggies, 1 orange, 1/2 cup sloppy joe mix (sugar free).

Afternoon Snack: 4 carbs 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese

Dinner:Total Carbs 22.75 3 & 1/2 oz Pork Ribs, 2 cups mixed greens w/pinch of cheese, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1-2 Tbsp cucumber, 2 Tbsp ranch dressing, 1/2 cup broccoli, 1/2 cup spinach, 1 orange

Evening Snack: Total Carbs:16g 1/2 cup Pecans , 1 can Fresca, 1 can Diet Barqs Root Beer, 1/2 cup Sugar Free Vanilla Icecream

Total for the day 91.01 Carbs (aim is 50-100 per day)

Holy cow! Today was a busy busy day for me. I got up and ate breakfast. Then I exercised, did another Walk At Home DVD and walked 2 miles in about 30 minutes. Felt Great. That Motivated me to do more, so I cleaned my kitchen, did a butt load of dishes, cleaned off my stove, and my counters, vacuumed (yes we have carpet in our kitchen), started cleaning off the catch all table, did a couple loads of laundry and put it away, cleaned the toilet, and around it on the floor,

cleaned a little bit of the bathtub. I was on my feet for most of the day, and worked worked, worked! After dinner, I started getting nauseated, so I was like what am I going to do as my normal nausea treatment is a Fresca and some Popcorn, no popcorn on low carb.....so I found some Pecans we had and had a fresca. That did the trick! YAY! So now I have a new 'go to' for when I get nauseated.

I have decided I am going to make Wednesday's my weekly "Protein Only Day" as I have to be to work by 1pm so leave by 12:30 so I won't have to try and rush to eat a bigger lunch.

cprcheetah 03-12-2014 09:06 PM

Today was my protein day. This is what I ate

Breakfast: 1.8 Carbs an egg, a tbsp heavy whipping cream, pinch cheese.

Morning snack: 9 carbs blueberry Greek nonfat yogurt

Lunch: 0 carbs 3 & 1/2 oz pork ribs

Afternoon snacks: 2 carbs 16 slices pepperoni, 2 oz sharp cheddar, 1/4 cup pecans

Dinner: 6 oz tilapia

Evening snack: 9 pork rinds

Total Carbs: 13.8

Today was a bit stressful, I finally blocked the very toxic person on Facebook last night. I woke up to a text message on my phone, never gave her my phone number, a message from her dogs account on Facebook, and an email from this person, so I sent her an email and told her not to contact me again, and got two more emails today from this nut job. Which is good because usually when I am stressed out I sabotage the crap out of myself, and I stuck to the plan. GO ME!

I got home from work and was in an incredibly good mood which was great, has some playfulness with the hubby, and enjoyed spending some time with him tonight. It is amazing the relief I feel tonight not having to chat on Facebook with this person. I got my nightly chores done, got lunches made for tomorrow, and got all the dishes done and counters and stove wiped off. I love my new attitude.

I actually exercised today. Did a walk at home DVD for a half hour and walked two miles.

cprcheetah 03-16-2014 12:36 PM

Sorry I haven't written in a couple of days, have been mega stalled with my weight loss, even gained 2# because of TOM. I am considering doing carb cycling with the Lean For Life Plan, meaning maybe cutting out the grain and fruits one day then have them the next. So sticking closer to the 50g per day on the low day, then closer to the 100g on the high days. I just seem stalled after just 2 weeks, I know it's TOM but it is so frustrating to me as I was doing so good. I will see where I am on my official weigh in day (thursdays) which is the day after my protein day and decided what to do from there. I have been bad though and didn't exercise Friday or Yesterday, I need to get off my butt and do it today but I am feeling lazy lol. One thing I have noticed today is that I am super hungry today....which sucks. Trying to have 'no' carb snacks, but it's still killing me, maybe I need to get off my butt and exercise, maybe that will help with the hunger I am experiencing.

MrsBettyDraper 03-16-2014 12:53 PM

I've been there! So frustrating. Quick question: I noticed you are having nuts as snacks...is that in the new book? I am still using the book with the yellow cover, and the menu items in it don't include nuts.

Hang in there! I am only on day one. The first days are so hard for me!

cprcheetah 03-16-2014 01:27 PM

No nuts are not on the menu, however I take pills and sometimes if I don't eat a huge meal I get nauseated. My 'go to' treatment for that was popcorn and fresca, since I can't have popcorn, my hubby suggested nuts, and it worked. That is the only reason I am eating them. They are still low carb, but I have to have something that will get rid of the nausea otherwise I end up puking. I do tend to eat stuff that is not on the list, however I have done this in the past and still lost 70#. It keeps me on 'plan' so to speak. So I guess I am not 'pure' in eating the Lean for Life way but I do stick to the plan for the most part. I am using the old book for my plan.

cprcheetah 03-17-2014 08:27 PM

Today was my day off, and boy did I have a major case of the hungries! I was freaking starving most of the day. But I managed to stick to the plan. I didn't exercise like I wanted to today, but I will get back on track with the exercising on Wednesday and keep up with it. I am trying to sell my tablet, so I can get the cell version, so trying not to deck it out like crazy but boy am I tempted too. Oh well, I can just deck out the new one. I was reminded of an app I used to love using earlier today it's called "Lose It" it's really good it keeps track of what you eat and you can have weight loss goals etc. You can pay for more features, but I just have the basic. I really like it cause you can chose what nutrients it tracks such as carbohydrates etc. If you are interested you can find it here: https://www.loseit.com/ I have to get back on track with the exercise, I only exercised 1x last week. So that is my goal this week is to exercise Wednesday, Friday and Saturday without fail and without excuses.

I remembered I can have a 'miscellaneous' item on 2 of my meals, so I have chosen to have Sugar Free Jello, you get 1/2 a cup for 'free' on the Lean for Life plan and boy was it delicious. I haven't weighed in a few days due to it being TOM, I plan on weighing in tomorrow (sort of scared to) but hopefully a protein day or two will kick me back into weight loss mode.

Here is my menu today:


1 egg, 1/2 mushroom, 1 T Sharp Cheddar, 1 T HWC, 1 lunch meat ham


8 pieces pepperoni, 1 string cheese, 1 strawberry nonfat greek yogurt


2 cup lettuce, 1/4 tomato, 1 T olives, 1 T Sharp Cheddar, 1 t onions, 3 & 1/2 oz taco meat, 1/4 cup refried beans, 1/2 cup strawberry sugar free jello


8 pieces pepperoni, 1 string cheese


2 cup lettuce, 1/4 tomato, 1 T olives, 1 T Sharp Cheddar, 1 t onions, 3 & 1/2 oz Pork Ribs, 1 gala apple, 1/2 cup jello, 1 cup green beans

According to Lose It! I have eaten, 68.4g carbs, with 10.8g fiber that means I had 57.6 total net carbs.

cprcheetah 03-18-2014 09:45 PM

I have decided on a couple of things. #1, I don't know if I am going to log every thing I eat, I mean I do in my phone app, but not sure I am going to keep posting it here, just how many carbs I eat in a day. I dared to step on the scale this morning and EEK! I am up to 215.8# which isn't surprising since TOM is here and I always inevitably gain 5-10# with it no matter what I do. I am a little disappointed, but have decided to buck up, quit adding unneccessary things to the plan and make sure I exercise. I was 'supposed' to exercise Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday......yeah um....I exercised Monday. LOL! So I am determined to exercise tomorrow. However I did figure out with pedometer steps that I am burning a few calories that way......I figured out with my stride it is 0.03/step and today I burned 226 calories with my pedometer steps. So that is a way to burn more is to walk more. I tried to get up and move a little more at work today. I am a Veterinary Receptionist so I spend a lot of the day at a desk, however do have to go get patients and take patients back to rooms and such so that is some walking. Tomorrow is my protein day with Thursday being my 'official' weigh in day for the week. We shall see how it goes. I do feel awfully bloated today though :(

Todays Net Carbs: 59.5

cprcheetah 03-19-2014 08:28 PM

I love this quote! "Great Changes May not happen right away. But with effort even the difficult become easy" It is very true. The longer I am on this diet, the easier it is becoming to keep on it and stick to it. It is becoming second nature to prepare healthier meals.

Another quote I found that I really like is: Giving up your goals because of one set back is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat.
I tend to do this all the time. If I gain weight or so instead of sticking it out, I quit and then end up gaining it all back. I am bound and determined to make this my last 'diet' aka Lifestyle change for good, meaning no more yo-yoing. I am going to eat healthy and watch my carbs and exercise regularly. I have to make it my routine. Much like I am making keeping my house/kitchen clean my routine. I come home from work, empty my lunch containers and my hubby's into the sink to soak while cooking dinner. Then I do the dishes and load others that can go into it into the dishwasher. It is becoming easy to do. It's been a week which is a MAJOR accomplishment to me. I think overall this diet is giving me more energy and pep and also losing the very toxic person on facebook has helped my attitude immensely. I haven't been snappy at all to my husband this week (that I know of).

Today was my protein day for the week. My 'official' weigh in day is tomorrow. I decided to toss my scale out the door as it wasn't going anywhere even though I know I have lost weigh. Weighed in on my hubby's scale (which is a high capacity scale) and I was 211.6# this morning so that's a loss of 13# in 15 days. I know a ton of that was water weight. So I am going to keep track on hubby's scale as it is closer to what the Dr's scale says hubby and I weigh. I know that is a very high rate of loss, but considering I was so bloated and retaining water when I started, I am not surprised.

Todays Net Carbs: (aiming for 50-100 per day) 26.4 Carbs *protein days are lower on carbs than weight loss days
Todays Calories (Goal is 1546): 1667 - 471 (exercise calories) = 1196 Net Calories

Todays Exercises:

30 Minutes (Very Brisk Walk) 202 Calories
Pedometer Steps (9,203 Steps) 269 Calories Burned

NanaMary 03-20-2014 11:49 AM

Hello Heather! Thanks for stopping by my journal and saying hello! It looks as if you're doing a great job sticking to plan, resisting temptation, and exercising. Exercising is always the hardest thing for me...I always try to find excuses not to do it but then I normally talk myself into it and then feel great afterwards. I have read some posts by others on the boards about not exercising, and I can't wrap my head around the idea. It's so good for you in so many ways, our bodies need to move! Keep up the good work!

cprcheetah 03-22-2014 11:48 PM

2 Weeks In (well 2 & 1/2) Progress Pictures:
Front View

Back View

Side View


cprcheetah 03-25-2014 01:23 PM

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-HJ7p_MpARy...Cs-Of-Life.png<<<<<< Love it! Almost 3 weeks ago my husband sent me that dreadful text that made me wake up and say "Hey, I'm fat, and there is something I can do about it instead of just buying bigger clothes". I made that choice to take the chance to make the change! I couldn't be happier! I have already dropped 17#, lost 5.4" and dropped my BMI almost 2 points (I am actually in a lower class now instead of Obesity Class 2 I am Obesity Class 1). I have made my choice and I couldn't be happier. I have really been pushing the exercise this week, I have exercised all 5 days this week. And exercised today to start off the new week.

A couple things that have REALLY helped me, and things I have learned so far in this journey are:
1- FOOD LOG- I have started recording EVERYTHING I eat, including the butter I use to cook my foods in. Holy crap was that ever eye opening. I have decided as much as possible I am going to try to cook with Coconut Oil as it has 1/2 the calories and is supposed to be a lot better for you than butter. I had NO idea butter had 100 calories per tablespoon. It makes me sick to think that I used to eat like 1/2 a stick when I'd make popcorn, I'd dip it in it. EWWW! No wonder I'm fat LOL. Lots of different things that I have learned, like fresh garlic has calories, the homemade ranch we make using 2% boxed milk has like 100+ calories, luckily I found some other dressings that are lower calories. This is the app I am using both on my phone/tablet and computer to track my foods/exercise https://www.loseit.com

2- EXERCISE- Exercise is key if you want to lose weight, you need to burn the calories you consume, you can't do it without (IMO). It helps build muscle and turns your body into a fat burning machine. I really like the Leslie Sansone Walk At Home DVD's and try to do 2miles every day I exercise. I really like them, they are quite the work out and I even pushed myself today and did the 3 mile one. Burned 450 calories! You can burn 125-150 calories per mile doing her DVD's!

3- MUSCLE WEIGHS: I have gained a few inches in my calves from all the walking I have been doing. At first when I measured, I was really disappointed, then I read up on it and found this: http://www.************.com/topics/s...gaining-weight It is extremely helpful. I know I gained 0.8# this morning on my weigh in but I am counting it as muscle gain from the walking I have been doing.

4-COUNT YOUR PEDOMETER STEPS: I have an app (Noom Walk) on my phone that counts my steps. I have figured out that I burn 0.03 calories per step. So I calculate it at the end of the day before bedtime, and figure out how many steps I have taken. I burned 1438 calories this week using my pedometer. Every thing counts!

5- READ LABELS This ties into #1, but boy has it been eye opening to me. I make sure I read the labels on everything I consume whether it be butter, oils, spices, pork rinds anything. I want to track what I am eating and know before hand if it's bad for me :)

6- FIND SOMETHING BETTER: I bought some greek yogurt last payday as it was the lowest carb count I could find at 8-9 carbs per container. I used google and found a product called "CARBMaster' yogurt at Kroger, well we have Smith's here and Friday night I found it at our smiths! It only has 4g of carbs per container. They have 19 different kinds and some are really good (we've tried a few flavors). So if you have a favorite treat that is high cal or high carbs, find an alternative.

7- SET GOALS: Make sure you have something you are working towards. Last night I figured out my 1/4, 1/2 way, and 3/4 of the way goals to a healthy BMI. I also have an exercise goal of 2 miles per day for 5 days a week which is a total of 400 miles walked by the end of the year. My GOAL WEIGHT IS 130#, that puts me right in the middle of a 'normal' weight for my BMI, of course I will adjust as needed if it's too low/high once I get there. Setting these goals has really helped me have a sense of progress. I am literally 6# away from my 1st goal! Woot Woot! I got this!
Here are my goals for my weight/BMI:
Goal for Healthy BMI

111#-149.5# (shooting for 130#)

1/4 Way to goal 23.7# Lost =200.9

1/2 Way to goal 47.3# Lost =177.3

3/4 Way to goal 70.9# Lost =153.7

BMI Levels: MY BMI Weights:

Normal weight = 18.5–24.9 111-149.5
Overweight = 25–29.9 150-179.5
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater 180+

8- SUPPORT SYSTEM It is a good idea to have a support system, whether it be friends, or family. I have a facebook page set up for my weight loss GETTING LEAN FOR LIFE: FBGLFL I have also joined a couple of weight loss groups on FB as well as liked some pages, and have a couple of forums I frequent. It really helps to have people who are in the same boat as you are rooting for you :)

9- TAKE MEASUREMENTS: Wow again eye opening. I have stalled a little bit with my weight loss over the past few days, it's been 2 weeks into my journey so I decided to take measurements, wow what a difference. I have lost 2" on my waist, 1 & 1/2" on my hips, 1" on my bust! It made me feel good even though my weight isn't changing much up/down in the past few days to know that I have already lost 5.4#, hubby helped me set up an excel spreadsheet that will auto calculate the losses, all I have to do is enter in my measurements when taken.

10- IT'S OKAY TO SAY NO!: Sometimes there may be something you REALLY want, but shouldn't have, such as at work recently we've had bagels, donuts and tortilla chips with homemade salsa brought in by clients/drug reps. If you know me you'll know that bagels are one of my ABSOLUTE favorite things in the world, so saying no to those (it was my 1st day of my diet), was extremely hard. However now it's becoming 2nd nature for me to say no. My manager brought in donuts Friday, and I wasn't even tempted. Even though my supervisor offered to go grab me one when she noticed I hadn't gotten it yet.

11- IT'S OKAY TO EAT DIFFERENTLY: There are a bunch of girls at work, and oftentimes during lunch there will be one or two of us in the breakroom eating. I feel like I have quite the spread of food compared to theirs (for example lean cuisine frozen meal with texas toast), while I have a fruit, protein, salad, and a vegetable, and usually a little container of Jello. It makes me feel like a pig with all that food, but that's okay, I am eating healthy and losing weight while doing it.

12 IT'S ALL IN THE ATTITUDE: Boy is it ever. I REALLY didn't want to exercise yesterday as my legs were already on fire from all the walking I had been doing, but I bucked up and just did it. Today again I put it off, then I finally went and changed into my exercise clothes and then just did it, I had a positive attitude about it and actually had fun even though I was killing myself with a more difficult workout. It was a blast :) I feel happier and more energetic today.

I think that about covers it. I do know that this lifestyle change is helping my bipolar quite a bit, even though I am on lowered dose of medicine, I have a postive attitude and even though I was getting frustrated with my hubby last night while he was working from home and not making a decision about dinner, I bit my tongue and decided to go do something productive, aka exercise :)

cprcheetah 03-26-2014 08:38 PM

Still going strong, although I had a couple of protein days yesterday and today to kick start things again as I have been stalled for over a week, even though I am exercising and eating under my carb and calorie limit. I discovered a new trick I am trying out, using essential oils. I put 4 each of Lemon, Grapefruit and Peppermint in my drinks twice a day. It kept me refreshed today and gave me energy without my diet coke fix. I am trying to cut back on drinking diet coke as I have been drinking 2+ liters a day which I know isn't good for my weight loss. I hope it helps cutting back. The past 2 days I have only had 1 can a day which is like a miracle.

I am exercising every day, using the Walk At Home DVD's. I am going 3 miles per day and trying to do at least 5 days a week. Hoping the scale moves downward tomorrow. Although I feel bloaty and like I am retaining water tonight. So we shall see.

cprcheetah 03-27-2014 09:24 PM

Yay! Down 2.4# today! I am super happy. I am really starting to see a difference in my body and feeling it too. I have decided that for me I need exercise every day, so I am doing the 3 mile Walk At Home DVD every day, no breaks. I just think I need the extra push the exercise gives me. I am doing well on the no diet coke, although I did have a large one today, which is better than my normal 2+ liters a day.

I have started an essential oil detox, and I really think it is helping as well which makes me happy. I really need to get this weight off.

cprcheetah 04-16-2014 11:03 AM

Still hanging in there! I am down 23#, & 12.5" in 6 weeks and keeping on going. I have had a couple of cheat days in the past 2 weeks that set me back and I had to lose that weight again. NO MORE cheating. I am bound and determined to make this work. I believe I am carb sensitive, it really makes me gain water weight etc. Also have cut way back on my soda consumption, I am down to 1 can per day instead of a 2 liter a day. Very proud of that fact.

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