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AsmallerME 01-02-2014 10:48 AM

Amber's New Body, Adventures, and Quest for Fitness
So I was going to title this journey "my third house." But I wasn't sure if that seemed negative or depressing in some ways, so I went with the above.

A little about me...

Diet/Weight: Atkins is the only diet I've had success at. I started it for the first time in 2003. That's when I first found this site and got hooked. People here are awesome. The recipes are amazingly helpful. I dropped about 40 pounds then (210-170). Life got busy and I got lazy. I gained it back and kept gaining over the next decade. Through that time, I graduated from law school, started new jobs, got married, bought and sold my first house, lost my dog, bought a second house, switched jobs, had 2 miscarriages, had my son, had another miscarriage, and just generally experienced the ups and downs in life. My highest weight (pregnant) was 294. My lowest was in 2012 - I got down to 221. Mostly I've fluctuated in between those numbers over the past 8 years.

Exercise: In high school, I was an athlete. I ran a 10k. I competed on multiple soccer teams. I wasn't thin, but I was fit and a size 10. I want to get back to that girl. I am a member of 2 gyms and plan to exercise 4 days per week minimum. I love group classes so I plan to prioritize those. My job is very stressful and requires long hours during certain times of the year. And that time is just beginning. So fitting in exercise will take a commitment and I plan on doing that.

Life: I'm married and have an amazing 4 year old. He's seriously the greatest, sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. He is super smart, super empathetic, and super handsome (I'd say beautiful but he tells me that boys are handsome and girls are beautiful ;)). We moved into our dream house last year. Life felt great and I felt so lucky to have "it all." But that's when stuff goes wrong I guess. So to make a long, messy, sad story short, my husband of 8 years wants a divorce. We are in the early stages of that process. I'm doing okay sometimes, super sad sometimes, and have a hard time breathing others. It's a rollercoaster. Because of this, we are selling the house and I'll be finding my own place for me and my son. Thus the other title idea (My Third House).

I feel like the journey to find myself after feeling like part of a couple for so long is going to be difficult. Living alone will be scary. And heck, losing weight is already hard and scary at times. So what the heck, 2014, let's make some change. I'm going to try to look at the positive opportunities ahead of me and focus on those.

Stats: I'm 33 (this month), 5'5, and 249. Goal is to lose 100 pounds this year.

Welcome to my journal.

Low Carb Librarian 01-02-2014 01:22 PM


You can do it. All the struggles that you have gone through have just made you stronger.

DesertGurl 01-02-2014 02:47 PM

Hi Sweetheart :hugs:

Walking every step with you. :heart:

So totally looking forward to the year of YOU!!! Let's do it! :sing:

Jeannecgo 01-02-2014 08:10 PM

Hi Amber...good to see a familiar face! Sorry to hear about you and your hubby. I know you will come out of that stronger....and on the bright side, you got an amazing little boy out of the deal.

I feel your pain...I too fell completely fell off the wagon. I have been just terrible since August. I haven't worked out and I am eating everything in sight. I am a mess. So, I had some yummy banana nut bread for breakfast yesterday at the resort where we spent New Years....made a pledge to myself on the way home that I would turn this around!

Have been on-plan since.....worked out this morning....stayed strong today. Oh, did I mention I split the butt out of my jeans the other day.....yep.....time to re-commit.

You have always been my inspiration on here......so lets get off our duffs and do this!

AsmallerME 01-03-2014 05:38 AM

Jean - (((((hugs))))) to you. I'm glad you're back and restarting with me. We can do this. I am flattered that I've inspired you. You are my inspiration. I love how you put your mind to it last year and just blew past all of your goals. You'll do that again!!

Danielle - ((hugs)) This journal is here because of how much I enjoy reading yours.

LCL - Thank you! (hugs)


So I worked out for an hour yesterday. It was a class that involved rowing and spinning. I was by far the fattest girl in the room. But all those girls in their cute workout gear were inspiring to me. And the gym has little quotes up on the wall about working out and sweating. The owner lost 80 pounds herself. It's kind of a neat little gym that only offers classes. I go again tomorrow and today is my off day.

Food has been great. I ate pretty well yesterday. Threw together a casserole with rotisserie chicken, broccoli, scallions, bacon, mayo, and cheese. It got all bubbly and delish. Also had a salad with chicken salad on top. Today's menu will be quiche (eggs, sausage, brocollini, scallions, and cheese), coney island chili dog pie, and more of the chicken casserole from yesterday. I'm probably slightly overdoing the cheese, but I'm okay with that in week one. I have eliminated coffee and all that cream I was using, so I think my overall dairy consumption is WAY down.

DesertGurl 01-03-2014 07:19 AM

My journal? Really? I guess it is good for entertainment value :laugh:

Man, sitting here reading about your food... had to wipe the drool off my chin :hyst: Holy YUMMO!

I love that despite being the biggest girl, you went and worked your hiney off...I dunno if I'd have stuck around:love: You show those itty-bitty's who's boss!

AsmallerME 01-07-2014 07:37 AM

It's funny that my food made you drool. It's a total grass is greener kind of thing when we're on a diet, isn't it? Suddenly I crave oatmeal when I see my WW coworker microwaving a packet, or want a rice cake when a low calorie friend eats one as her afternoon snack. Neither I actually enjoy that much. And I'm sure they are both seriously jealous of me when I have a bunless burger smothered in veggies and cheese and dipped in real mayo for lunch. haha

Been doing good. Tomorrow marks one week on plan. I've had a few moments where I really wanted to cheat. Serious moments where I had to stop myself from ordering pizza, eating leftover Christmas candy, or going through a drivethru. But somehow I got through it all. I am just trying to remind myself that I want to be healthy and at a good weight. I don't want to be stuck here forever. So I got through it.

Today's menu:
B: cup of coffee (yes, I gave this up but had a cup to shake the cold today); handful of almonds
L: turkey rollups with baby swiss and mayo - meant to add bacon but forgot
D: hamburger with a fried egg on top and a drizzle of sriracha sauce

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