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susan41 10-17-2013 06:59 AM

Desperately seeking Susan
Well, here I am.. Creating my own weightloss journal online for allll the world to see. Kinda exciting but scared at the same time. I've always kept myself and my life and even my eating habits all to myself. But I've made a promise to myself by starting this journal to be truer than true here.

So, a little about myself in case anyone wants to read what goes on in my world.

I am 203 lbs this morning and have been for almost a month. So kinda in a stall. If I were more organized I would put all my food daily into a tracker and try to determine what's stalling me the worst, maybe the AS Or maybe the alcohol I consume. Who knows. Or maybe it's the second cycle of depo shot that I'm currently in, with continual bleeding cramps and bloating. At some point I am going to HAVE t track. I know that. Just am being typically lazy and putting it off.

I try to mentally count carbs for the day as I go, but I am a grazer.. So carb creep may be an issue and I'm avoiding realizing that.

The exercise I get is not at a gym, or a track. I have a ranch here in central texas and I work it daily, along with a full time job as a bar manager for a local dive. Both things keep me fairly busy and stressed. My mother passed away after a long battle with co diseases in July. I am grieving everyday as I attempt to keep this ranch running the way she did for 50 years.

Anyways the passing of my mom is another topic someday and I'll get to that.

So, between running on full speed all day and eating what I consider to be induction levels I've managed to lose about 25 # since 25th of August.

So those are the not so pretty parts of my life at a glance, the beautiful parts are that I've got an amazing guy who asked me to marry last February and we are planning our wedding for next year. We live together here on my ranch and he's my best friend, lover and the love of my life that I never thought I'd find after 2 miserable short marriages and being single (and loved it) for years at a time. He's 16 years younger than me (cougar much suz?) and has the energy that keeps me going.

I've got 2 grown kiddos that struggle some in their lives and occasionally need mama to sort messes out for them. However they both have their own homes and they both try to leave me alone because they respect that I've got a lot going on in my world without them adding to it. I have to add though that they both have weight issues.

Ok.. Back to journaling.

What I am going to attempt to do with this small slice of cyberspace is to post daily what's going on in my world, my weight, what I'm eating, what I'm learning or un learning.

We'll see how this goes!

Today I actually don't have much planned in the way of food other than chicken salad for lunch that I have prepared. Tonight will be the fish I didn't cook last night.

DesertGurl 10-17-2013 08:36 AM

Hi Susan, so wonderful you're here with us! Love the title of your journal :D
My dad passed in July, so I can relate to the grieving, etc. :hugs:
Congrat's on your upcoming wedding, that's so exciting!
Really looking forward to being along for your ride!!

susan41 10-18-2013 07:57 AM

Waves Danielle :D thanks for the welcome!

So as I went on my merry way yday doing some shopping at lowes, it was remarkable to me the amt of obese and overweight ppl in the store and for once I wasn't the biggest one. It made me sad for those folks and happy for myself all at the same time. This one lady I wanted to help so bad, but really would have been rude of me to do so. Ever just want to shake a stranger that's huffing and struggling to walk, and say HEY THERES A BETTER WAY TO LIVE THAN THIS!

So I fried some terrific striped bass last night that we caught this summer for my dad last night, I fried it in cornmeal and ate about two small bites. It was sure delicious, it will be something I certainly add back into my woe when I reach goal and have maintenance under control.

I stayed on plan yday but am struggling with keeping my water intake up. I weighed 202 this morning and am sure looking fwd to getting under that 200 mark, I don't know why that's such a big deal to me, but it is. I really want to be under 200!

Off to the bar to work today on a point of sale system. Yuk!

susan41 10-18-2013 06:17 PM

Well today's plan went out the window when the darlin man I live with took me to lunch and I had beef broc at our fav Chinese place, prob went over my carbs today but I had no rice, no noodles and nothing outta line except maybe the sauce had a thickener. Dying to make egg drop soup at home, so been searching for a good recipe. Looks fairly simple.

A lot of water and iced tea today. Had some almonds for snack.

Darlin ordered pizza tonight so I had pizza toppings for dinner and am full. Watching tv and going to get a good nights sleep tonight! Have to be up early because contractor will be here early to put in my antique (was my 6th great grandmothers) wood stove! Can't wait to use it and tell my utility company, too bad you won't get the same 400 a month outta me this winter!

greengeeny 10-18-2013 07:53 PM

How cool that you are putting in an antique wood stove! My grandma used to have one, and it was one of my favorite parts of visiting her house when I was little.

You are a cougar ;) Good for you. I can't bring myself to date anymore. I don't feel comfortable in my own skin, and it has been too many years now to even count. I give a lot of props to you for coming out of that shell to getting married! I can't even imagine it.

Maybe it's time to start talking to the fiance and ask him not to order or take you places that are too tempting like that. Offer to make a broccoli beef dish at home. Or...lc pizza. There are really good deep dish recipes on here that taste legit. My kids and my sister can't tell the difference. I never have leftovers for lunch the next day (normally).

Good luck on your journey! I will be checking in on you :) I have seen you around posting on stuff. I look forward to reading your journal and getting to know you!

susan41 10-19-2013 05:07 AM

Good mornin! Greengeeny thank you for your support!

Am up much earlier than usual after a terrible nights rest, not sure why other than I have a ton of things on my mind. Plus... It's chilly out and I haven't busted out the winter stuff yet, so I stayed cold all nigh I think.

The things on my mind are several. I've been in the bar/restaurant industry for 20+ years and have always worked for someone else. Well yday the owner of the bar I'm with offered me an incredible deal to buy him out, and I'm seriously considering it. The toss up is that for he last year I've been working toward getting out of that business so that I can focus on my ranch.

Anywho. Going to really have to consider this one. Life changing stuff.

Woke up bloated again and said self? Dont bother weighing. But then I did anyways. 206. Argh!

So no more not stickin to my daily plan. I know it's water, I know how to bust thru this... And I will not be discouraged.

Cleaning out the fridge today at some point and grocery store later once contractor is done, can't wait for my stove to be in!

greengeeny 10-19-2013 10:12 AM

Cleaning out the fridge and going grocery shopping is a perfect way to get on track. I still keep a few high carb things in the house, because I have children who like cereal, rice or pasta every now and then, etc. BUT...everytime I make something new that they like low carb, I eliminate another high carb thing in my cupboard. The only high carb thing in my fridge is yogurt and tahitian treat soda. Orange juice. Other than that I am almost completely low carb in the fridge. Good luck!!!

LolaGetz 10-20-2013 06:02 AM

Good morning, Susan. I, too, would like to become one of your followers if I may. I am so amazed that you are managing to run your ranch while working full time. You certainly have a lot of self-discipline and energy. I'm sure your low carb diet helps. I myself have noticed that since I moved to lower carbs (and stopped eating all those fruits, pinto beans, and nuts every day) I started feeling a lot less sluggish, and became much more alert and energetic. Love low carb!

susan41 10-20-2013 07:28 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Hey Lola! Welcome to my life, lol.

Yday was a good day, stayed on track even though I did have cocktails last night with family while watching texas a&am get beat. So I know to never expect a loss after I drink. Such is life, there are just some things I'm not willing to give up yet or ever, I dunno. Scale today said 203, which is better than 206 lol

It got chilly here for texas this morning and over night, down to 40. The wood stove performed beautifully! I'm attaching a photo. My mother would have been so pleased :)

I've got a busy day planned working this morning at the bar, sales tax is due today and I've gotta pull reports etc. then it's back to the ranch, I've gotta start planning a new barn as I am going to attempt to generate extra income by boarding horses. This is all part of my grand scheme to quit working the bar.

So! At some point it's grocery store as I didn't make it yday, didn't clean out the fridge either... I better move my tail!

Today's menu is up in the air, but I'm thinking BBQ chicken leg quarters tonight, I found a LC BBQ sauce recipe online last week and froze some in ice trays lol so I can use one measured cube at a time, not sure who gave me that idea but I thought it brilliant!

DesertGurl 10-20-2013 07:45 AM

Great stove!

I never lose when I drink alcohol and lately I guess I finally got to that place where I want the weight loss more than the drinks LOL... but I started out just like you did where I was not gonna give it up yet..and I didn't. You have to do what YOU want to do and that is all that matters!!!

What an ambitious girly you are, I am impressed and have zero doubt that you will make it all work! :high5:

Can't wait to hear how the bbq sauce worked out!

susan41 10-20-2013 04:45 PM

Just got in finally!

Lunch was a hurried while standing affair out of a take out box, the Mexican food place next to the bar grilled me a chicken breast, with onions and bell pepper, smothered it in white cheese... And I wolfed it down with gusto!

Got most of what I set out to do today(except that damn fridge and that might happen yet) done. So now I've got chicken leg quarters in the oven and fried cabbage working too. Gonna fix me an ice tea, enjoy my stove and lay on the sofa most the night.

Interesting thing happened today to me physically, I got the worst shakes before I ate lunch, like a low sugar shakes kinda thing. And today is the first time I've skipped something/anything for breakfast. I'm not diabetic that I know of, but I've a huge family history of type 2. So... No more skipping til I get that figured out.

greengeeny 10-20-2013 06:03 PM

That is scary :( You could always make a quiche, and then for the week, just have a slice a day. It's perfect for when you are too busy to really "make" breakfast.

susan41 10-20-2013 06:33 PM

I was just looking up breakfast quiches! Mind reader! I did not make it to the grocery yet either, so here's what I have on hand, eggs, bacon, frozen spinach, onion, garlic and of course spices etc. so I'm looking for one that I can include those items.

Oh and as a side note for no other reason than it just occurred to me...

On my way home we stopped at some friends. I had about three oz cheese and likely 4-5 oz summer sausage from a tray she had on the counter. So here's where my grazer mentality trips me up on carb counts. I guess I am going to have to go so far to carry a little notebook with me or something to jot stuff like that down.

So... 3 cups coffee with splashes of hwc, say.. 3 carbs, that's being liberal.

Chicken breast with onion and bell pepper and about an oz cheese. So...the cheese and onion and pepper I'm gonna count as 5
That's 8

Summer sausage and cheese... Count as 6 or so? That's 13

Chicken leg quarter and fried cabbage with bacon...can't be more than 3 total. That's 16-18 carbs for the day...

Oh wait, let's include the sweet n low this morning and tonight. 3 am, 3 tonight. That's right about 20+/- for the day.

I really need a decent app for my phone for this I guess, any recommendations?

susan41 10-21-2013 08:08 AM

Bounce bounce bounce, am I ever gonna see 201 again. Grrr. 204 this morning and that's even after taking magnesium last night before bed because a.) I was feeling a little constipated and I know it works well for me. B.) I've had this stupid little random eye twitch on and off for like 3 days. Still have it this morning as well. And c.) sometimes get charley horses in my calves in the middle of the night and I really didn't want to have one last night so I could get a full nights sleep, and I didn't have one thank goodness.

I think I need to incorporate supplements again, I've great vitamins sitting on the shelf, and they are newish so not expired. Just haven't pushed myself yet into working that into my plan yet.

I'm reaching almost 2 full months of low carb on the 25th and I really was hoping to be under 200. And from experience I know that this little "stall" is right on track with how LC works. But knowing doesn't make it any less frustrating.

I really want the big and steady losses I had in 06 on LC so I am trying to examine this morning what's different in my lifestyle now from then, and what's different about my woe plan.

In 06....
I was single, no birth control messing with me, bartending hard 6 nights a week on south padre island, taking my supplements, no family stress because I was so far away and my mom was still healthy, going to the beach almost daily year round. Getting plenty of sunshine.

Now... Stress is off the charts as far as family stuff goes. Mom passing, my dad and sister and I are devastated and completely lost without mama. I'm in 2cycle of depo shot, which I've literally been bleeding since July. No lie. I have my fiancÚ to cook for now instead of just me. Not taking supplements. And a lot less sunshine.

So. I've decided to take that list and work some of it out, like the supplements thing starts today.

You know also, I think I was drinking more water then too than I am now, so water is doable and something I can change immediately also to try to replicate my 06 plan.

Also.. Obviously I'm 7 years older now and I just need to come to grips that I'm gonna lose slower I guess. Again knowing that little gem of information doesn't make it any less frustrating.

greengeeny 10-21-2013 08:25 AM

A few weeks into my journey, I was stalling. I knew if I kept weighing myself that I would get frustrated, so I measured myself instead. I took measurements of everything. Also, I made fat bombs. They got me through my stall. Extra fat really does work.

HFLC Fat Bombs! Zesty Lemon Cream and Chocolate Almond Butter {Grain-free, Gluten-free, Low-carb} | All the Love-- Without the Wheat

These are a few twists on regular fat bombs. But, there are just plain ones you can make too with peanut butter. Try it. They taste pretty good. I keep them in my freezer and pop one every few days...or two.

susan41 10-21-2013 08:58 AM

Thanks greengeeny .. I actually have been meaning to look up the recipe and try them. I really feel I'm getting enough fat, but I haven't really tracked it either so I could be wrong? Yuk again my thought process leads to me tracking... Looks like it's time to do that. :annoyed:

I also just thought about something, I take a heaping kitchen spoon of co in the morning with my first cup of coffee, and have for about 4 weeks now. I'm really not seeing the benefits of it yet like others talk about, like hair nails skin improvements. Maybe I need to up that as well?

LolaGetz 10-21-2013 02:17 PM

You know, I have actually experienced skin benefits from the coconut oil I've been eating and I've been pleasantly surprised. I haven't noticed any difference in the way my skin looks but I definitely have noticed a really big difference in how it feels. I have very dry skin and always had to slather moisturizer on my face, sometimes multiple times a day, because my skin felt so tight and dry. After adding
coconut oil to my diet I've been kind of shocked to realize I no longer feel that tightness and so often completely forget to use any moisturizer at all.

susan41 10-23-2013 06:04 AM

Technical difficulties! Phone battery dies, iPad charger gets left at work! So I took two days off from the grid and did without it lol. It was actually sort of nice.

At any rate, I'm still on plan, still at 203, and I made a sausage, egg, spinach and cheddar quiche that is the bomb. I had no idea they were that easy.

Couple of decisions have been made, the offer on buying the bar is off the table. I'm actually relieved too. FiancÚ and I decided that it's just too big a risk for the money and too much drama. I can tell he's relieved also, he wanted to do it because he knows I've always wanted to own my own bar. Not because he actually wanted to do it.

Barn material has been ordered and post are being cut now for the structure, kinda excited about that.

I've been staying under 20g carbs I think, and been drinking a lot of water. I did have 4 cocktails last night otherwise I think my weigh this morning would have been better. I'm taking the day off today from bar stuff so going to get house straight and laundry caught up. Been experiencing some weird lower back pain that I've never had before so am taking Motrin and gonna try to slowly work the kinks out somehow.

Here's hoping we all have a great day!

GailyGail 10-23-2013 01:02 PM

Susan, you are doing really well and should be proud! You lost 25 pounds in less than two months and that is a lot of weight to lose. You might be stalling because your body is trying to catch up with your weight loss. Either way, your eating looks really good!

susan41 10-23-2013 02:27 PM

Thanks Gail! I am just impatient is all, I'm a very.. I want it all and I want it now! Girl, always have been...

It's that under two hundred thing that derailed me on two prior attempts at LC woe lifestyle. I stall here where I am for some reason and I need to get it behind me before that happens again!

The depo shot I'm pretty sure is the culprit, that and alcohol. Depo I can't change, not until it wears off... The alcohol I can and I know that's where I need to make changes. So it's just a matter of getting my self on that wagon as well.

Sigh. I really had hoped this would never be an issue! Lol

susan41 10-24-2013 08:03 AM

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Good morning! My back is feeling somewhat better after a decent nights sleep with a heating pad and 2 Motrin pm tablets.

I'm wondering if this is a dehydration thing and my kidneys are hurting me, because two mornings in a row I've gotten up and went to pee and it's like a tiny trickle and very dark. I really am pushing water during the day so I had not considered that before. I feel like I have to pee but then get in there and nada. Still at 203 today and no tight rings or anything, but the thought occurred to me that it might not be my back itself, maybe my kidneys. So going to research that this morning on what exactly my water intake should be and if maybe I have a uti. Never had one in my life, had a friend though that suffered all the time with them. May call her.

I stayed really high fat low carb yday. And busy. I had to go take photos of the ranch for the appraisal district to submit with a re application for our agricultural tax exemption. Pain in the tail. But worth the time and energy to do it. The taxes on a ranch this size without an exemption would be astronomical. So... We do what we gotta do! This being a responsible grown up thing is a lot of work lol. Below is my antique barn. Not to be replaced by my new one that I'm building. But my very treasured barn that mama and I painted about ten years ago when she was still in good health. That's the backside of it. The front is open with stalls.

susan41 10-25-2013 06:17 AM

Just got in from walking about a mile up to my front gate n back, got prompted to do it by a renter of ours who is 75 And walks every day. He semi challenged me to walk with him so I did. Felt good, but I seriously gotta cut back on the cigarettes. I got pretty winded keepin up with the old man lol.

202 today, so making progress maybe? Come on 201!

Work work work and then hs football game tonight, gonna stay on plan.

greengeeny 10-25-2013 07:56 PM

I had a high school game tonight as well. We did not win, BUT my son did get a touchdown :) Easy to go snacks for me at the game: Roasted pumpkin seeds, nuts, spiced nuts. Beef jerkey. And, either a bottled water or a bottle of dt. dr. pepper. Helps keep me on track and away from the pizza, popcorn, candybars, etc.

sweetlady2k 10-26-2013 06:00 AM

Susan just a note on the depo shots. That had a lot to do with my weight gain this time. I had lost weight and maintained around 150 for 3 years and Started getting depo shots and like you I bled continuously between the first and second shot after that it tapered down and was awesome for me because no periods at all. I work long hours and it makes it so convenient. But over the course of the next year or two I gained 45 lbs! I talked to my Gyno and she said depo is the worst for weight gain. I had to try many plans before I could even budge the weight. Its great your losing on low carb I didn't. But I have done low carb many times and I think it didn't startle my body anymore. Keep up the good work you'll make it. It took me over a year to lose most of it. Still 7lbs to go for me:-) and congratulations on your engagement!

susan41 10-26-2013 08:28 AM

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Pumpkin seeds are my favorite greeny! I tend to go over board with them though. We won our game in district play, was also a rival game so was tons of fun to win.

I went off plan last night but I am not going to beat myself up about it. One of the best things my sister ever has made and has been doing it for years on special gatherings is make chicken and dumplings. Homemade. We went to her place before the game and she had a big pot ready, I had 1 small bowl of it and it was divine. The carb count was prolly off the charts. It didn't set me up to eat other stuff off plan, and I weigh 203 this morning so.... Water and protein and fat today.

Yday was also my 2 months on LC - so with a 24lb loss in 2 months, with all the insanity that is my life.. I think I'm doing ok, granted I haven't lost anything in 2 weeks lb wise. But I'll get thru that. Eventually.

With the depo, and thanks Shanan for the info on that. And the fact that I still partake in cocktails 2-3 times a week. 24 lbs ain't too shabby.

I'm out of keto sticks so no way of knowing if yday knocked me out of ketosis, but I suspect it did. So need to focus on that today and this weekend.

I also didn't walk this morning, I was too tired. And this nagging back thing hasn't gone away either.

I'm "off" today, and may not leave my house if possible. Heck, I may not get dressed.

Have a good day y'all!

susan41 10-26-2013 10:10 AM

So I've been reading a lot this morning on a meat and egg fast. To break out of a stall or get things moving again, and I'm slowly convincing myself this is possible for me to do, so here's the plan of attack.

I'm going to write down my menu for a 3 day meat and egg fast, which will include butter and coconut oil, I am going to cut out dairy for these 3 days, and also alcohol. Also no veggies or diet cokes, the only artificial sweetener will be my sweet n low with coffee or iced tea.

This is not going to be easy, but I'm convinced it's something I need to do to get over this damned 203 lb hump I've had going on, for 3 weeks. :annoyed:

Today is going to be day one, so I should be done by Monday and see if I want to extend it til Tuesday. Losing dairy is the biggest drawback, as I'm very used to any reliant on cheeses, hwc, sour cream, dairy based sauces etc.

susan41 10-27-2013 06:50 AM


That's how I feel this morning, simply mad. 205 this morning and bloated.
Day 1, full day of meat and eggs. Yday was only a partial day since I decided to switch gears midday. So I'm not counting that.

I'm still slightly bleeding like everyday since I had the second cycle of depo in August. Which is coming up on another shot in two weeks or so, and frankly I don't think I can do it again and remain sane, so I have to research birth control and what they will offer me and what I can afford. I know pills are out unless there is one they will give a 46 year old smoker. An iud sounds uncomfortable and scary, but I may be just chicken about it. Barrier method sounds like a great plan for someone who will actually use it, I know me though, we've met. I'd forget or get too spontaneous, etc.

This nagging back pain is becoming an issue and it's got 2 more days to right itself or I'm going to have to spend the $ and see a dr or chiro. Never been to a chiro before, so that will be interesting. I know it makes me cranky as heck and the fiancÚ is getting a little fed up with it too. The Motrin I'm consuming can't possibly be good for me.

The plan today is meat and eggs, I'm a little short on groceries and pay day is not until weds, so here's the plan.

Coffee, minus my usual hwc because I'm thinking it's dairy, which is a little bit of a bummer. But nothing I can't do for a few days, lunch will be 3 sausage patties with 1 egg hard fried in kerrygold, dinner will be a ground sirloin hb patty with another fried egg in Kerry gold. I hope I get enough fat outta all that, normally my fats are coming from the dairy in the way of hwc, cream cheese, cheese. If notice my hunger is more than normal that will be my cue. I'm still at a loss on this morning bloat I experience. You'd think that after 7-8 hours of nothing to drink or eat that you'd wake up at your most dehydrated. Not me.

I've filled 3 1.5 liter water bottles so my water is actually measured for today and hopefully I can make doing that part of my regular routine. Making sure I get at least 100 oz water every day, if not more. Isn't that how the rule is? Half your body weight in oz is what's recommended. Anyways, if I can do 100thats a lot more than regularly so it's gotta be better.

So, here we go. Going to clean out my storage today and re arrange it all. Hope my back holds out and there are no snakes in my rock garage. I saw one in there when I was a little kid and it's never left me that it's "snakey" in there lol. I'm a grown-ass woman and I secured the place myself, I know better, but isn't it funny how that sorta thing never leaves you? The interesting part will be coming across all my old 2x fat girl clothes and deciding on trash or keep?! We'll see.

susan41 10-28-2013 08:08 AM

203 lbs? Oh you rat.

Still doing meat and eggs today, any this is day 3 of it, I'm firmly in ketosis judging by the energy I had yday and the taste in my mouth. Was hoping to see 202 or 201 today, but didn't happen. I honestly ate very little yday, my plan went a little off what I orig had planned but came in lower I'm sure

Coffee with sweet n low and one cup the same but with a tbls of CO
1.5 eggs deviled, made these homemade the night before with mustard mayo and a small spoon of sugar free dill relish
3 pieces pork rinds
5 wings baked and then used a bit of franks wing sauce and maybe a .25 of a tablespoon of ranch before I tossed it.
A forkful of kerrygold butter straight out the fridge
1 petite dill pickle

Going to make more deviled eggs today and have a burger patty planned for some point today, can already tell I'm not gonna be hungry today, maybe the scale will reflect something different tomorrow. I had orig planned on a 3 day, maybe will go 4 or more.

The no alcohol is going ok, did miss it some last night when fiancÚ was drinking here at home. But that's ok, I want to get past this stall more than drink.

I was amazingly productive yday, I tackled my storage garage which included my moms stuff, my stuff from 2 past moves that I've periodically dug thru and didn't put back like I should have, my daughters stuff etc. took every box every item out, then went thru, re packed or distributed to burn pile, house, or daughters or back into storage. The fiancÚ said, what are you ON? Lol. I had to explain ketosis. The back screamed a few times during moving stuff and I worked thru it with a lot of Motrin and a hot bath and heating pad last night before bed. I'm pretty sore today. Oh and fat girl clothes? Burn pile. Don't care how much I loved it, how expensive it might of been at the time, it's going up in flames dec 31 when we have our nye Bon fire.

Off to do some reading...

greengeeny 10-28-2013 09:31 AM

Maybe you aren't eating enough for it to kick in? I don't know. Usually when I do a meat and egg fast I am eating a LOT.

susan41 10-29-2013 07:52 AM

202.2 this morning!

Day 3 of M&E is going well. Although the planning beforehand is not.
I can write it down all I want, then it changes by the time we eat, simply because my life is chaotic. Yesterday I had it all planned out, then we got caught out, the fiancÚ wanted lunch so we went to BBQ place, I ended up with brisket. Not a big deal, but for the most part I'm going to quit trying to plan it down to the letter, because it isn't working for me.

Headed out to lunch and get nails and toes done today with a girlfriend. It's about time, I haven't had a day to do just stuff for me in a long time.

Also, going to go browse the vitamin store and see what's what.

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