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mjgh06 10-05-2013 09:00 AM

MissyDee's Weight Journal
Today is my first day on the Induction phase of Atkins 72. I will post daily updates here, mostly of meal plans for the day or what I actually ate. I don't like weighing myself, but will try to do so at least once a week. But it is an issue with me as I get very crazy about my weight when I see it. If I am not losing, or even just seeing how much I weigh, I get depressed and just stop eating altogether. So that part is difficult for me.

Okay, so today I am at 200lbs. I have 75lbs to lose- all of which was gained over the past 3 years. (photo should show up in 24hrs-just posted)

Another area that is hard for me is actually eating. I don't eat much and never have. When I was in my teen's to 20's I would often go days without eating anything. I always stayed the same weight - never lost or gained. I have a very slow metabolism. My current/former diet was eating once a day at supper. Usually a meat, 1/2 cup vegetable, 1cup of potato, rice, or pasta. I have never been a bread, fruit, or snack eater.

Because of medical issues, I live a very inactive lifestyle. I get no physical activity on a daily basis with the exception of walking to and from my car to drive or daily household cleaning. I am on many different meds and all of them have the side effect of gaining weight. So, meds and inactivity to me are the reasons I have gained so much weight in the last 3years.

On to Today's Menu -

Breakfast -
Bacon and Cheese Quiche
(1) 8oz cup of coffee with 1 tsp creamer

8x8 water (so far 4x8)

Lunch (planned)
2 cups romaine with 1/4c tomato, 2sl cucumber, 1tbsp mayo, 1 boiled egg chopped
(1) 32oz diet Pepsi

Supper (planned)
1 chicken thigh baked and seasoned with allspice/ginger, 1/2cup french cut green beans stir fryed with 1/2 piece bacon and two slices onion diced, 1/2cup of fresh zucchini chopped coated with olive oil, vinegar and salt and pepper.

My meal planner has the day calculated as a total of 13.7g of carbs with my fat%/protein%/carb% at 70/25/5. I will add another post if I do not follow the menu as planned.

mjgh06 10-05-2013 04:46 PM

So I didn't do anything I said I would after I posted. Just wasn't hungry. I skipped lunch and had 4oz of pulled pork for supper. % stayed the same but net carbs went down to 8 instead of the 13.

I did end up drinking 10x8 water and only one diet Pepsi. By the end of the night probably 14x8 water. I have a horrendous headache from the drop in caffeine today. I am not going to be able to do that again tomorrow. I may even need to go ahead and have a real soda tonite. I don't know - I can't think when my head hurts.

I also ended up walking this afternoon. I don't know how much and my husband and I disagree on the possible amount. We went to the fair at 2pm. We were there for 4.5 hours and stopped for 20mins to eat, and an hour show. The rest of the time was walking. No, we didn't ride any rides. We went through all the exhibits and buildings and looked at everything. We always spend one day at the fair looking around and then go back another day to ride rides.

mjgh06 10-05-2013 05:25 PM

It wouldn't let me edit my post so I have to add to it...:stars:

As I am new to all this, I have been reading through all the forums and came across the JUDDD diet. That sounds a lot like my younger WOE and I was always thin. I would go a day or two without eating then get hungry and eat whatever I wanted, then end up not eating again for awhile. Maybe my body is missing that lifestyle. I have found as I got older I mostly eat out of boredom or because everyone else at home is eating and not because of hunger which is why I usually eat once a day when my dd and dh are home.

I am thinking I may incorporate the JUDDD WOE into the Atkins 72 WOE. I'll go a day without eating or until I actually feel hungry and then a day when I can eat but without the carbs. Maybe, something to think about.

mjgh06 10-06-2013 02:14 PM

10/6/13 to 10/12/13 My Meal Planner
This is a Meal Planner for a family of 5, and only I am on Induction. So even though some things are listed, I will not eat them or I will modify the recipe to accommodate my needs. Rice I won't eat and the stuffed zucchini I will have mine raw and just two slices chunked up. I also adjust my portion sizes to fit my needs. Breakfast and lunches my family eats outside the home. I usually don't eat or will eat something simple like eggs and bacon for B, and salad for L.

Also, I don't follow the recipes - just use them as a guide. Like some recipes call for sugar, I just leave it out. I think the broccoli recipe had sugar as an ingredient. I also have smaller proportion sizes on most recipes at least for mine. To me everything is adjustable, so I make it fit my needs. I also noticed some of the food calculations of carb grams are not completely accurate. At least not when I enter everything into my calculator.

For the roast - I slowpot cook the family's roast, but before preparing I cut a small chunk off and I cook it in a foil single serving meatloaf pan in the oven plain without the sauce. I have learned to cook separate ways for the family through the years because my parents are diabetic and eat over a lot.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

greengeeny 10-06-2013 02:21 PM

I love how you have posted your dinners for the week. I wish I could do that. I really fly by the seat of my pants when I am working. I do plan out our dinners when I am home in the evening, but other than that, I just keep the fridge stocked with low carb stuff and grab what suits me.

mjgh06 10-06-2013 02:43 PM

I LOVE planning things and researching. If there was a job I could just do both, I would be all over it.....lol. My follow through with eating what is cooked is another story. I cooked tonight and just wasn't hungry so didn't eat. I am a sahm so it is easy for me to cook daily now. When I worked full-time, I would cook all my weekly meals on the weekend and freeze them for easy reheat during the week. It would take me about 4-5 hours to cook everything and baggy it up individually and by day. Except for crockpot days, I would just start that the morning before work. Oh, and of course, any leftovers always get saved and frozen for use later.

I think today will be considered a DD for me. I did my 10x8 water, and had 1x8 of coffee with 1tsp creamer. That's it all day! Not great for %, but good for calories. Tomorrow I will go hog wild :yummy: (hopefully) on my eating, still staying under 15 carbs of course.

greengeeny 10-06-2013 02:53 PM

If you can't force yourself to eat a little more, maybe just eat stuff that is a little more fatty.

mjgh06 10-06-2013 03:14 PM

Thanks Green.

Tomorrow will be my Greatest Challenge ever! I went over to the Juddd website and their calculator shows my UD s/b 1972cal (wow that's a lot) and DD at 396cal. My Atkins Induction goal is less than 15 carbs per day. I won't count calories on UD, just the carbs. I've heard it has been easier for people that get hungry a lot to spread their daily intake by the hour. Maybe I can plan my day that way so I actually eat. Ya know just eat something every hour.

So on to determine what I will eat tomorrow - Maybe what I had planned a day ago. Breakfast another Bacon/cheese quiche. I made enough last time to freeze 10 days worth. Then have some meats available to eat throughout the day, eat a salad with boiled egg and cucumber for lunch and then tomorrows supper. We shall see. My intentions are always good...lol :)

mjgh06 10-07-2013 08:37 AM


I was able to eat my breakfast - 1 serving of bacon/cheese quiche AND as a morning snack I ate a leftover chicken thigh! WOO HOO!!

I know, I know...very silly to be excited about eating. But for someone who never gets hungry, this is a major accomplishment.

Also, I just ran across a post from MerryKate about optimal NK. It was very informative and helped me a lot. by what I read my optimal % should be more around 80/15/5, 60g protein daily, UD cals no more than 1680. So I will work on that and add in a multivitamin which I currently don't take.

mjgh06 10-07-2013 01:26 PM

I hate that I can't edit a post!

Anyways, I felt GREAT this morning better than I have in forever. Then I ate my breakfast, snack and even at a 1cup romaine salad for lunch. I am now feeling horrible, just horrible! stomach cramps, bloating, and just icky yucky feeling. I know it is because I have eaten more today already than I ever eat in a day. It's just too much. I am feeling very disappointed and sluggish. I don't see how I will ever come close to eating what all the calculators say I should eat calorie wise.

I think it is best if I quit worrying about how much I eat and just monitor my % and carbs for the day. I am getting a lot of flack for how I have chosen to diet from friends, family and even on the boards here and elsewhere. I know I am different than most who suffer from wanting to eat all the time. I can't help that I just don't have an appetite. I never have. I have asked doctors about it and none of them have an answer - medically there is no reason for it. All they can say is well you need to eat. That doesn't help. To me it is food and meds that got me here. When I was healthy, I didn't eat everyday, I would eat when I got hungry. Now I am in the habit of eating supper everyday with occasional breakfast, lunch or snack and guess what - now I am unhealthy physically and medically and considered Obese. To me that says a lot.

So although you may not agree with me choosing to not eat on my DD, please do not berate me for doing so. If it doesn't work out, I will try something else and I will continue trying until something works for me. There is no one diet that is perfect for every person. That's why people are always moving from one way to another. So who's to say my diet won't work for me. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, or in this case the weight/health.

greengeeny 10-07-2013 08:31 PM

IT is sad that anyone berated you. Obviously, if you could you would eat. People don't always gain weight from eating too much. Sometimes it is eating too little. Your body saves what you store in it as fat, it's like your body goes into starvation mode at all times. It sucks. But, that is why a lot of people who go from eating a lot to a little bit can't lose weight. Not that you ever ate a lot of food. Every person has to find that balance of where they should eat that will give them optimal results. It is not written in stone. Do what you can. Take baby steps to achieve a higher goal. I am sorry that you feel this way. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

mjgh06 10-08-2013 07:20 AM

Thanks for your support green.

So today I am going to get a pelvic US done to see if I have tumor. Whoo hoo..

It is day 4 of my journey here and I can't remember what I have eaten, so I am going to recap:

10/5 - Bacon/cheese quiche, 4oz pulled pork, 14x8water, 1x8 diet pepsi, 1x8 coffee w/cream (8carbs)
10/6 - nothing to eat, 14x8water, 1x8 coffee w/cream (1 carb)
10/7 - Bacon/cheese quiche, chicken thigh, 1cup romaine w/chpd egg salad w/2tsp ranch, 1cup chicken&broccoli stirfry, 16x8water, 1x8 coffee w/cream (14.7 carbs)
10/8 - 1x8 coffee w/cream, today is a DD so will just do the water for the rest of the day.

Doing great carb-wise, but not so good %-wise. I need to up my fat% and don't know how without upping the protein or carbs. Dilemma, Dilemma, Dilemma. I could drink a tablespoon of oil or cream maybe, but it won't up it much that way.

Tomorrow night I may weigh myself on the scale. But I don't have a digital scale that shows points. just the old step on me scale looks like a clock...lol. Hopefully I have lost something, otherwise I may do the fat fast for my UD. I have read about that on some of the forums here. Something has got to kick me into NK.

mjgh06 10-08-2013 12:14 PM

I have drank everything I want to for the day...lol My test required me to drink another 32oz of water, so I am officially already at 10x8 for the day.

Then after the test today, I stopped by my local Walmart which was right behind the test center :) , walked around for a couple hours, and bought me a digital scale that reads to the nearest .1 :)

When i finally got home, of course I opened it and had to weigh myself. Okay so the results are in!

Induction Start 10/5 (weighed at the DR) 200lbs
Today 10/8 (weighed on my new scale) 192.1

Accuracy can be an issue because two different scales were used. But I have lost weight and now I have an accurate scale to use from here out. Woo Hoo!

greengeeny 10-08-2013 01:18 PM

Try these fat bombs or clouds... they are mini bites that are mostly all fat. I just made fat bombs for the first time and they are pretty good. I keep them in the freezer. I used my mini cupcake pan. I put one tbsp of the mixture into each cup. Made 24 mini bites.


I haven't tried the clouds yet, but am excited to try something new. These are such small bites and were created for people who have problems upping their fat intake.

mjgh06 10-08-2013 09:22 PM

A little bummed...
So I posted my weight on here today, and was anxious to tell my husband and mom. I should have known better and kept my mouth shut. My mom was the first I told because my dh was at work. Her response was to criticize me for losing too much to fast. Told my husband - his response was a smirk and an 'unh', with that look of 'you can't tell it'. I have such unsupportive people in my life. :dunno: :( :mad: :cry:

Then I come back on here and read some posts. I got a response from Mistizoom clarifying some more info about NK for me. Learn a little, learn some of what you thought you learned was wrong, learn a little more. So here's what I learned - quoted from part of her response(bold is my key point) "They say to eat 50 g or fewer total carbs per day (you may need to eat fewer to remain in ketosis), enough protein to support your lean body mass, and the rest of your calories from fat. This includes dietary fat PLUS body fat if you are losing weight (eating at a calorie deficit)."

So here is how I apply it to me - "If my goal is 15g carb for Induction, and I have 45% body fat as an estimate. I weigh 192, body fat would be around 85lbs but part of that is good, so say 70 lbs body fat, and then lean body mass would be the rest at 107. So I'll match that with protein at 70g(lean body mass *.66). So now I have 15g carb * 4 = 60 calories, 70g protein *4 = 280 calories, ttl cal = 340 . But for right now, I only want a diet of around 1000 calories so that leaves 660cal for fat intake."

Sounds like a plan to me.

mjgh06 10-09-2013 11:05 AM

What a wonderful feeling!
Yesterday was my DD and I did really well. Today is an UD so I ate last night's supper for breakfast. And it was WONDER FUL! Linda Sue's Meatloaf, broccoli salad, and fo smashed cauliflower. I didn't know cauliflower could taste so delish :clap: No lunch because of the big breakfast, but that's okay by me.

After I pick up my dd from school, we are going to get our grandson and go to the fair this evening. So I will be getting in some exercise and eat a gyro without the bread. Love, love it!

I am feeling better than ever, and have so much more energy. Now, just to figure out what to do with my time. Maybe I can start some fall arts and crafts projects. I always used to love doing them, just for years now I have had no energy and just pretty much slept my life away. It's time to live again. :jumpjoy: If this continues as things are, there is no way I can or would ever go back to eating carbs like I used to.

GailyGail 10-09-2013 11:28 AM

Congratulations on your weight loss and on feeling GREAT! Good for you! You are doing really, really well and you should be very proud!

mjgh06 10-10-2013 06:55 AM

Thank You Gail!!

Well, last night was Great! I absolutely love fair food, but this year didn't mind not eating any of it. No popcorn, no cotton candy, no elephant ear, none of it. I didn't have the Gyro because they changed how they make it. It had a lot of onions and very little bell peppers. So, I found a place that had grilled ribeye, so I got one with cheese and mayo. Delish!

Today is my DD and TOM, so a little cranky and in pain. Just really want to curl up in a ball, but I have too much energy to do that. So I am going to clean the house from top to bottom. Maybe movement will help. I weighed on the scale just to see (I know I shouldn't but...) and it says I am at 186.4. No way can I be at that and TOM, I don't believe it, so I will weigh again in a week...lol

Everyone have a Great Day!

greengeeny 10-10-2013 02:02 PM

ha ha, the scale might be right :) That would be awesome! I am terrible with fair food. I loove fair food. At our county fair this year, they had fried cheese on a stick. swiss Cheese, deep battered, then fried. It was the best thing I have ever eaten, and probably the worst at the same time. I love all the foods on sticks. They do steak on a stick that is out of this world! Good for you avoiding the fair foods. Grilled ribeye sounds so delish!!

mjgh06 10-11-2013 08:06 AM

So I think I was overdosing myself on fish oil. I started taking the multivitamin and 2-1290/735/165 Omega 3 fish oil tabs on the 8th. Last night the inner jitters came on. I associate it with the fish oil tabs because most of us who have been or on long-term antidepressants know the fish oil tabs alter the serotonin in the brain similar to anti-depressants. In fact it is very beneficial if you ever want to get off antidepressants without the wear-off effects. But I was taking the dose I do when I am not taking my anti-depressants, so I went overboard. I hate that creepy, crawly feeling. It's better this morning thank God, and I will not take them again for now. I don't know why I did in the first place except to up my good oils not thinking about the side effects I'd have.

Anyways, yesterday was a DD for me and TOM. I had energy at first, but as the day progressed that energy went out the window and I felt just drained. Still feel that way this morning. My husband was very sweet last night. Even though he is sick right now, he didn't want me to have to cook when I wasn't eating so he went and got himself a burger. So sweet. For me, I'll add in some extra B1 for energy, maybe it will help me out of this funk. But even that could be from the fish oil messing with my serotonin.

I ate my bacon/cheese quiche and a slice of avocado this morning for breakfast. And I finally decided to take my measurements. So here they are in inches.
upper arm 14.5
bust 41
rib cage 35
waist 37
stomach 43
hips 45
upper thigh 25.5

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Day!

greengeeny 10-11-2013 10:59 AM

ha ha, we have almost the exact same measurements :) ALMOST...but not exact.

mjgh06 10-11-2013 05:31 PM

Well, tonite was a bummer. I tried one of LS recipes for thin crust pizza. Everything went very well. When it was done it looked Oh So Delish! But it would not come off the parchment paper. Or what I thought was parchment paper. I had gone to the store earlier and I couldn't find anything labeled parchment paper, so I bought wax paper thinking it was the same thing. It said it was to be used to line pans so there was no sticky. Well, obviously it was not parchment paper because that pizza was so stuck to it that it was not edible. :(

So I managed to scrap off what toppings I could into a bowl for me to eat, and started to cook another meal for everyone else - sausage stroganoff. While it was cooking I placed a small bowl of my pizza toppings into the freezer to get cold because I like it like that better for some reason. Things didn't go well from there either. I followed all the directions, but in the end the stroganoff looked like sausage soup. When I went to get my pizza bowl back out, I opened the freezer door and out fell the bowl and everything all over the floor. I was so frustrated. I told everyone to just make do and scoop out what they could of the stroganoff, or eat it as soup. I ended up just having a small romaine salad with sausage and bell pepper and mushroom.

SO lesson for the night make sure you buy something that says parchment paper, and if it goes wrong, order out.

mjgh06 10-11-2013 05:49 PM

Also, I don't understand why I can't tell I've lost weight. All my clothes still fit the same, I think I look the same. But I guess as long as the scale is moving downwards I am doing well. Dunno. Just will keep trucking along. I read a post somewhere on here I think about a guy who lost over 6olbs in six weeks on the original Atkins 72 (DADR) by staying in Induction, and he didn't have the flabby skin you get from fast weight loss- he attributed it to drinking a gal of water a day.

greengeeny 10-11-2013 07:37 PM

I guess I better start drinking a gallon of water a day then!!

I can't tell that I have lost weight...much. I think it is because I have been wearing clothes that were just too small for me, and now they just fit "better".

mjgh06 10-12-2013 07:20 AM

My dd went on a mini-vacation with her grandparents yesterday. I am missing her terrible, but know she is having a wonderful time. She'll be home late Monday.

Oh, I wish Autumn would show its B E A Utiful face. I can't wait until I can wear a sweater in the morning. But our Autumn here always hits around November and doesn't last long. It moves right into winter quickly.

Okay, here is my meal plan for the next week. Last week I found that I switched days around depending on what was going on and how I felt. So I still use the menu but if I am in a hurry or something, I may switch a day menu for another one that is quicker/easier to make. My Breakfast is usually leftovers from the night before or a quiche. Lunches I mostly skip because I am still full from B. If I do eat, it is usually a salad.

Chicken Rolls Salad

Bacon Beef Rolls

Philly Cheeseburger Skillet

Swiss Mushroom Chicken
Fried Rice
side salad

Southwest Taco Soup

Hamburger n Hotdogs

Pork Roast
baked green beans
Radish Red Skin Potatoes

mjgh06 10-16-2013 11:11 AM

I had a really nice day yesterday with my DD. We made a picnic basket and took it to the park for lunch. After eating, we walked around the trails and picked up pecans. We live close to the park and I decided I wanted to take pictures but I didn't bring the camera. So we walked home got the camera and walked back. We spent two hours at the park and then we went to the library for a little while and each checked out two books. It was very nice indeed.

A funny little thing has happened while eating this way. I am starting to get my hunger back. I think it has caused me to gain weight back. The last two days I have eaten lunch with B and D. I have stayed on plan but my calories were at 1600 a day. So although I weighed yesterday at 181.8, today I weighed and am back at 184.6. Almost 3lbs overnight which doesn't bother me necessarily because I have lost that much overnight. But looking at my trend, my weight loss is definitely slowing down. That scares me because after the two weeks I was going to stop doing a day fast and just limit my DD to 500 cal.

Not sure what to do now. :dunno: I also keep forgetting to take my vitamins everyday. Have to do better on that.

I posted a new picture of myself three years ago. I am going to use it as a reminder of where I want to be and why I am doing this.

Well, I think on it and come up with something. :confused:

greengeeny 10-16-2013 01:33 PM

Maybe your body got used to the super low calories. I would give it a little time before going straight back to barely eating again. Sometimes if its close to TOM, you carry extra water weight. Just like you know that you don't lose 3 lbs over night, you don't gain it like that either. Especially not eating 1600 calories. You would need a lot more lol!!!

I love getting out and spending one on one time with the kids. It sometimes makes up for all the other crap in our lives.

Hope your day is going great. I am making those tortilla chips right now :) I will let you know if they turn out. Did you ever find the parchment paper???

mjgh06 10-16-2013 01:37 PM

Nope never found it.. Looked at Wallyworld, target, kroger, fred's, publix, dollar stores...we just don't seem to have it here. I asked a csr at walmart and she gave me wax paper...lol. I told her that wasn't going to do it.

Just got off TOM, so maybe that's what the issue is. I'll give it a couple days and see how things go. I weighed again today and it was down to 183.4. Yeah I know your body fluctuates and I don't normally scale every day. So I need to just stop and go back to my once every five days or so.

ohhh, I so hope those tortilla chips turn out good..:yummy:

greengeeny 10-16-2013 02:02 PM

Love the new pic. I had to click on your blog twice because I thought I opened the wrong one lol. So used to your up close pic!!

mjgh06 10-16-2013 05:47 PM

Can you believe that is only a three year difference? That was me in 2010. I am nowhere near the same person anymore. I was very timid and shy, never spoke to anyone because I was always afraid of what they would think of me, or I 'd say something wrong. Never went anywhere unless it was with family. I was such a hermit.

I still am a hermit somewhat, but I try to smile at everyone I run across. I have even started going to Awana's with my daughter and teach a class there. So Amazed at that !!

Now to figure out how to make friends... I haven't had to make friends since high school. When I got sick, the ones I thought were my friends (work friends) stopped coming around or calling after the 2nd stroke. So I guess they weren't real friends anyways. And now I have been house bound since end of 2010, so only have seen family. It has been really nice getting out to Awana's this year.

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