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br3n 10-04-2013 03:19 PM

~Br3n's Daily Recap~
Now that I have been around the site for two weeks, I've decided to make a journal. As of today it looks like I might be sticking around for a while! I really love the site, everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and there are so many success stories to keep me inspired. Not to mention the tasty recipes... That being said, here's where I am today:

I started my low carb diet on September 19th {2013} at my highest weight EVER, aside from pregnancy. I began my pregnancy overweight, ate carefully, but still managed to gain 50 lbs. Half of that melted away within a few weeks, the other half would not budge no matter what I tried over the course of the next year. {Fast forward} An art project for my 14 month old son's class required a photo of him, along with a photo of his family. We took several snapshots of us all together, and well, I was beyond mortified. :eek: I didn't even recognize myself! That very same night I decided to take drastic measures and cut out carbs. Oh sure, I had been dabbling in this or that, making a few lower calorie meals per week, but it was time to get serious. And I did! As a carboholic, it was a difficult decision, but one I knew I had to make if I want to get this weight off - and keep it off. As a bonus, after the first 10 days or so my husband decided to join me. I'm not putting my son on any kind of restrictive diet, but I think he too will benefit from less carbs on a daily basis - especially considering that he already has a wheat allergy. I don't want him to be hooked on carb-heavy foods like I have been my entire life.

Two weeks on induction without cheating, along with the information and support gathered on this site, and I am down 14 lbs. as of today. I'm very pleased with that and optimistic - maybe I CAN get this weight off after all! I have more than 100 lbs. to lose, which seems overwhelming sometimes, so I have set several mini-goals in order to stay focused. I have a very long way to go and look forward to utilizing all of the great information on this site as I continue, and of course chatting with and meeting all of you wonderful people! We can do this! :high5:

Daily Report:
On track! Feeling good mentally and physically, despite having a bug that's been going around.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, with a sprinkle of cheese, two slices of canadian bacon, and a pinch of green onions.

Lunch: went out today! Romaine salad with chicken, pico, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.

Dinner: Meatza. I haven't attempted this yet, just brainstorming at this point - meat toppings in a skillet? Might try the cauliflower crust I've been seeing all over the net if I'm feeling adventurous and have some extra time.

Have a great weekend low carb friends! (and, well, everyone else too!) :hiya:


DesertGurl 10-04-2013 03:45 PM

Just marking my spot!
So glad you decided to start a journal, I love mine!

You're off to a fabulous start! :high5: Best of luck as you continue on, I know you'll do great. Even better that the hubbs is doing it with you, there is nothing like that kind of support!! :clap:

Have a wonderful weekend!♥

P.S. that's my most fave lunch to have. I can never get enough guacamole! ;)

greengeeny 10-04-2013 07:59 PM

Bren, it is always better when your family goes along with you. My children eat what I make, and are not carb dependent either. Although, I do throw fruit and different veggies in, baked goods and stuff for them. BUT...B, L, and D are always low carb. We never really were big potato, rice, bread people to begin with. It's nice that your hubby is supporting you, and changing his habits for the better.

The first two weeks I have heard are the hardest. Breaking some of those bad habits and addictions. Looks like you are off to a great start!!!!!

br3n 10-07-2013 08:42 AM

Feeling great...on a Monday!
Thanks Danielle & Geeny!

Saturday- 10/5 - I had a crazy, chaotic, weekend and still managed to stay on plan! That is a HUGE win for me, since those are the times when I end up feeling overwhelmed and hit the drive-thru for convenience! Not this time!! I'm really excited, wondering if maybe, just maybe, something has finally clicked in my head that this is a long-term WOE and not just a "diet". I was up bright and early to get myself and my son ready for my SIL's baby shower, with a birthday party right after. I was in charge of ordering & picking up the cake of all things. :hyst: No cake for me and I didn't even feel a tug of temptation! WHAT!? That was WIN #2. At this point, I'm thinking Dr. Atkins was a GENIUS. :notwrthy: I was definitely a carb addict and now I feel.....free! Even on prior diets, I would verbally say "No thank you" to the cake, croissants, mimosas, etc, but I would sit there the entire time obsessing over it. {Hmm, I wonder how many calories would be in 1oz of mimosa, 2 bites of croissant and a bite of cake with no icing.} :rofl:

I am proud to report: Those days are gone and I hope to never be that person again! Ever!

Sunday - 10/6 - a bit less chaotic, but still busy. I made us a big breakfast with eggs and bacon, and then put some zucchini boats in the oven. My husband says my LC recipes are a lot better than my regular ones and he seems to enjoy all the cooking I'm doing vs dining out or eating processed meals all the time. The funny thing is, as long as we've been together (9 years) we have ALWAYS bought light, low fat, low calorie, fat free, lean, everything... and those are the same 9 years that I somehow put on 100 lbs. So now, my recipes taste better, I'm using real food instead of frankenfood and we're both losing weight. It's like magic! :jumpjoy: I was on a mission to get my little guy something cute to wear for his "school" pictures today and it was so beautiful outside that I insisted we stop at Old MacDonald's Farm. We had a great time, and that would be WIN #3! It was actually MY idea to stop at an outdoor facility to walk around for a few hours and chase after my son -- very unusual, but LOVING it! I actually have some energy again & I'm happy. Of course, the photos of me were still repulsive because I don't even recognize myself, but that's ok -- it's just more positive motivation since I consider them "before" pictures now! It's a bad feeling when I saw them before and just felt hopeless, like I was stuck that way. Now I have faith again.

As for the scale, weight loss is slowing down a bit as it's supposed to but it's still moving along. Yesterday I was 263, this morning I was 261.8.
16.4 lbs. lost to date.:jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy: Oh, and my husband is down 9 already in his first week which is amazing since he is only aiming for 20-30 total.:clap:

Have a great week! :up:


Edit: also, the "Meatza" I mentioned in Friday's post was pretty great! I got home and basically tossed a bunch of pizza toppings, with a scoop of crushed tomatoes and italian seasoning into a cake pan, topped with mozzarella and baked it until bubbly. MmmMM! I don't know how I could possibly be losing weight eating delicious cheesy food like that, but who am I to argue!? It was a perfect Friday night meal.

DesertGurl 10-07-2013 11:35 AM

Look at you go! :high5:

Feels good to feel free, huh? One of the reasons I love LC so much is the clarity and release you get from it. I love that I no longer feel like I'm dieting, just living and isn't soley based on eating crap food.

Keep it up, you are rockin this! :sing: And kudos to DH-he gets a gold star! ;)

br3n 10-08-2013 08:37 AM

Thanks Danielle, it does feel nice to be free! I'm sure the day will come when I start craving something in particular, but so far I'm enjoying this. I think as long as I don't cheat I should be ok, but I'm the type of person where one innocent little bite of something will completely derail me. That's why I'm afraid to try any plans that allow more freedom, I have been failing at those for 16 years now. Then again, I'm happy with this WOE, so no need to change it up!

Monday 10/7 -
Breakfast: a yucky smoked salmon egg muffin. Ironically, I love(d) sushi but I rarely like fish prepared any other way, especially not salmon. Still, for some reason, I decided that I would go ahead and incorporate some into my weekly batch of egg muffins. And ruined them all. :sick: I still made myself eat one, I was out of time.

Lunch: it has been about 55 degrees in my office this week, so we left for lunch in order to thaw out. {We being the hubs and I, we work together} We ended up at Luby's cafeteria where I chose a squished hamburger steak topped with cheese, green beans, and broccoli.

Dinner: Half of a juicy grilled ribeye and cauliflower mash. It was tasty, but I'm up almost .5 lbs today, so I don't think the sodium was my friend.

I have been bouncing around 261-262 for a few days now and really hope to break through it by the end of the week. After thinking about it, I seem to remember 262 being one of my "plateau" weights that I get stuck at every time I try a diet. Ugh!! It's ok, that will just make me try even harder. :muscles:

Today 10/08 -
Breakfast: :eggs: 2 fried eggs on top of a few leftover steak slices. Well, I didn't want to waste it. :yummy:

Lunch: I made a cajun type casserole for lunch, sauteed bell peppers, celery, bit of onion, added some chicken and smoked sausage. Mixed in some cajun spices, 1/2c LC alfredo sauce, and mozzarella, baked for 30 minutes...voila. This one has a few more carbs than I would like, so I just cut a smaller portion for myself. It's STILL freezing in my office, so I think I'll heat it up and head to the park to take a walk.

Dinner: I miss taco night, which we used to have weekly - so we'll be having taco night sans the tortillas -- thank goodness for lettuce wraps! I guess I need to make a whole jar of taco seasoning. Who knew that stuff was full of carbs? Companies just seem to stick them in everything, whether it's necessary or not. :annoyed:

Still feeling good mentally, still on track. Is it bad that I'm just waiting for a big wave of misery and temptation to hit me? I guess I've learned to associate dieting with being miserable, I don't even know how to handle being happy about it. :shock:

Have a wonderful day everyone! :hiya:

friday13th 10-08-2013 08:52 AM

HI!!! I just want to mark my spot so I can follow you on your FAB journey!:) I am getting back on the wagon, and we have close STATs. My husband is always ready to eat LC with me, and he is inspiring me to exercise... it is always easier when he does things with me!
Taco night sounds great, think I may do the same thing! Try melting some shredded chedder cheese in a sm frying pan, as it starts to brown, flipout and lay over a small bowl bottom, and voila! you have a taco shell after it cools and ohhh so yummy!

Anyway... good luck!! We can DO THIS!!! :jumpjoy:


br3n 10-08-2013 09:43 AM

Hi there April! Welcome back on the wagon, I'm glad to have you along for the journey. Yes, it is much easier with the husband being on board, but even if not -- he's stuck eating whatever I cook. :laugh: He's starting to lift weights again and finally brought my elliptical in from the garage so I can get moving. I have high hopes for both of us! Before I got pregnant I worked my way up to 30 minutes a day, every single day! Of course that was 2 years ago, so I will be thrilled to work up to that point again. Combined with this WOE, I think I will have great results if I can just get started. :muscles:

Good luck to you! :hiya:

DesertGurl 10-08-2013 10:37 AM

Oh I know exactly what you mean about "too much freedom"..boy, do I! :rolleyes: I was terrified to try carb cycling because I was afraid of seeing gains and no losing. Ugh, and the free day, I literally had anxiety leading up to the first one. I've surprised myself and realized that I'm actually content and that I CAN make this work. I guess it's because I feel like I get the best of both worlds every day...one day low carb yummies, the next day higher carb goodness..:yummy: The free days arrive and I'm finding that they're really not all that exciting...I choose a couple things that sound good but end up barely touching them or only half..WAY better than I've ever done before. :o

Just remember to chug that water whenever sodium is high in your meals...I "float" daily but then again, I LOVE water. That small gain will be gone before ya know it! :)

br3n 10-08-2013 11:34 AM

Thanks Danielle. I thought I was doing great with my water intake but keep waking up thirsty at night so apparently I need more! I even take a bottle on my commutes to and from work because I stay thirsty. I'll try to increase it today and see if that helps. I'm drinking about 96 oz a day right now, so maybe I'll aim for the whole gallon. The level of freedom is exactly why I'm afraid to try Carb Cycling, but it sounds like a great plan, especially for long-term use. Atkins is definitely helping me break my carb addiction, I'm just hoping it sticks with me! I'm one of those people who will go rabid in the panty if I have one cookie. :eek: After losing a few pounds I always get cocky and think "I know what I'm doing, I can have one lousy candy bar." Then before ya know it, all of my weight is back, with a few friends! Or at least that's a summary of the last 16 years.. trying to be very cautious this time! :agree:

DesertGurl 10-08-2013 12:01 PM

You have to do what works for YOU. Atkins works for you and that is all that matters :up: If it still did for me, well, I'd probably still be doing that.. Too many times on that merry-go-round apparently and my body has decided uh, no go. :p

I've struggled with weight most of my adult life..I had success years ago and lost about 80 lbs doing ultra low cal and tons of exercise.. I had less than 30 to go to meet my goal..life got in the way and I lost control and regained it all..have been yo-yo'ing for the last 10 years or so.. NO fun! :annoyed: I'm just thrilled that I have something that I can do forever that doesn't feel like a diet to me...it's just living.

You're doing fabulous and keep remembering that feeling even when the scale jumps..it's only temporary! :high5:

br3n 10-09-2013 07:59 AM

Feeling a little frustrated today, since the scale has been stuck for about 4 days now. I figured this would happen eventually, but not so soon! It probably doesn't help that I weigh daily. If I look back across the past week I've lost 4 lbs, which meets my ultimate goal of 3 lbs per week, so I know I shouldn't worry yet. I increased my water bottle from a 16 oz to a 24 oz so I should be able to easily down a gallon by drinking 5-6 bottles. I feel like I'm drinking a ton already, yet I am always thirsty and even wake up with chapped lips sometimes like I'm dehydrated --so weird! I've been on plan, so I'm still trusting the process and hopeful that the scale will budge. I just know my mindset and worry about what will happen if it doesn't budge soon. I will think "Why bother eating this way if it isn't working?" and then I'll be back to square one. :cry:

Trying to stay positive, I should probably just stop weighing daily --it's great when it moves along in the right direction, but can be frustrating when it isn't.

Breakfast - 2 eggs with 1T of salsa.

Lunch - taco lettuce wraps, made the meat last night but they travel well so I decided to bring it for lunch and have chicken & mushrooms for dinner instead.

Dinner - Undecided. My husband wants steak, but I think I'll leave the salt off of mine this time, or use very little. Plus some broccoli or brussels sprouts.

I'm busy at work today, so hopefully that will help me stay focused and not obsess over the scale.

Have a great day all. :hiya:

mjgh06 10-09-2013 08:17 AM

Bren, don't worry so much about the scale. That has always been my biggest cause for failure. I have had to force myself to weigh only once a week. Because if I don't see the scale going down, I get depressed and want to give up even if reality is that I am overall losing the weight. Also remember STRESS and WORRY cause weight gain. So stop it already!

Have you changed how or what or increased something you eat that you hadn't done before? If not, it's probably either stress-induced or just a small stall. As long as you are losing overall, don't worry about it. If after two weeks, still no loss or you start gaining, maybe think about lowering your carbs/increase fat again.

As for the water, I noticed that too. I am on Atkins Induction and it seems the more water I drink, the more water my body thirsts for. I am now drinking 14x8 or 112oz daily with some days more.

Do something to take your mind off the scale and try to have the most Wonderful day Ever! :)

DesertGurl 10-09-2013 08:52 AM

Hang in there! Do NOT give up! A real stall is literally 6 weeks without a change at all. This is just merely a pause because you have lost so much in the last few weeks. Give you body a chance to catch up and things will move again! Trust the process. Up the water and keep track of what you're eating and checking for hidden carbs anywhere. You can do this, it will work, and keep going! :hugs:

GailyGail 10-09-2013 09:04 AM

Bren, I agree with what Dani said. You have already lost a lot of weight and now your body is trying to catch up. Just give it a little time and let low carb work its magic! Patience and persistence are key here. Don't give up!

br3n 10-09-2013 09:32 AM

Thanks Ladies.
I know, I know - I'm being ridiculous scrutinizing 4 days... :hyst: If we were talking weeks, then I might have a problem. I'm going to stick to my plan and stop weighing until Sunday, hopefully by then my body and scale will have worked out their issues. :)

br3n 10-09-2013 10:05 AM

It also helps to remember that I'm not ONLY doing this to lose weight.

I've experienced a lot of positive changes since going low carb--
-I feel better both mentally and physically
-I haven't experienced the "crashes" that used to have me nearly falling asleep at my desk
-I haven't experienced that dreadful bloated feeling I used to get after almost every meal
-My clothes are fitting better
-My body is changing shape
-It helps keep the sugar/sweets cravings away (which is always a huge issue this time of year!)
-I feel like I'm finally in control for the first time ever!

Now, I just have to remember to re-read this post next time I feel deflated. :laugh:

DesertGurl 10-09-2013 10:30 AM


Originally Posted by br3n (Post 16636770)
It also helps to remember that I'm not ONLY doing this to lose weight.

I've experienced a lot of positive changes since going low carb--
-I feel better both mentally and physically
-I haven't experienced the "crashes" that used to have me nearly falling asleep at my desk
-I haven't experienced that dreadful bloated feeling I used to get after almost every meal
-My clothes are fitting better
-My body is changing shape
-It helps keep the sugar/sweets cravings away (which is always a huge issue this time of year!)
-I feel like I'm finally in control for the first time ever!

Now, I just have to remember to re-read this post next time I feel deflated. :laugh:

That's my girl!! :high5: Look at all those wonderful things happening in just a short amount of time!!!! You are wreaping benefits all over the place, not just on the scale. This is AWESOME!!! If you have to, write it all out and post it where ever you need to keep seeing it...the fridge, the bathroom mirror, your closet...wherever! So proud of you!

br3n 10-10-2013 07:08 PM

Thursday 10/10- 261.8
On Wednesday I went to bed feeling weak, woke up today still feeling that way until this afternoon. :confused: I'm thinking it was either not enough sodium or not enough calories - I added more of both today and finally feel like I'm back to normal.

Breakfast - 2 eggs & a cheese stick
Lunch - salad bowl from chipotle
Dinner - baked pesto chicken with a side salad & ranch

Thanks Danielle. :o I have to remember this whole process is as much mental as it is physical. Sometimes I forget about that part!

Goodnight everyone. :hiya:

DesertGurl 10-10-2013 08:04 PM

Mmmmmmmmm Chipotle :yummy:

Glad you're feeling better!! What a balancing act we have to do in order to lose, feel right, and keep ourselves generally healthy, huh? :stars:

All that matters is you're aware of how you feel mentally...stay on top of that and you're golden!

Have a great night, Bren!

greengeeny 10-11-2013 07:26 AM

My weight hasn't really moved either, and I am definitely in ketosis. But, I did do measurements...and that showed 6" gone!!! Maybe try measuring yourself?

br3n 10-14-2013 03:20 PM

Sunday 10/13: 261.2
Well, so much for a "daily" recap! :laugh:
I did weigh in this weekend, but didn't have much internet time to myself. Never really do anymore, now that I'm a mama!
The scale is STILL bouncing from 261-262 & driving me nuts... but I'm keeping calm... I'm ok. I'm on plan, so it has to come off eventually right? Right!?!? :hyst:

Not going to obsess over it. I'm also not weighing daily this week, I'll check again this weekend. Moving right along...

Thanks Geeny, I will try measurements! I'm also going to try to add some exercise.

I managed to stay on plan all weekend. I was in a bind one day when I realized I hadn't eaten lunch and it was already 6pm. Ooops. Denny's saved the day with a bacon avocado omelet and side of squash, something I will definitely be recreating at home. Confession -- I had a bit of alcohol on Friday. On the bright side I drove around town looking for a specific brand of mixers to make sure my drinks were 0 carbs, and only had a couple. I admit it was nice to let loose a little without throwing my entire plan out the window. So far I've been able to shape this plan to my lifestyle which is great. It's definitely a positive sign for long-term success. My husband is still doing well. Of course the scale is moving for him and we're eating basically the same things, except heavier portions for him. I'm a little jealous. ;)

This weekend -- let's see --
I wasn't home much on Saturday so I didn't do a lot of cooking, breakfast is always some form of eggs. :eggs: Sunday, I made zucchini boats again. My 1 year old LOVES them, especially the filling. I usually feed him while the rest of it's baking because he's always hungry *right now* -- not in 25 minutes.
I had a light dinner since my husband was away - some turkey roll-ups with a little mayo, cheese, and a pickle. Mmm Mm! It's funny how simple things like that can actually be satisfying.

This week - I'm going to try tracking calories. I don't think I've been eating enough, if I were to add the calories of 2 eggs with a pinch of cheese, 2 zucchini boats (2 halves) with maybe 1/2c of filling total, and my turkey roll ups---not really much. Oh, and a mozzarella cheese stick. I feel like it's enough for me because I'm certainly not hungry -- but I'm sure it's a drastic drop in calories from what I'm used to. Then Saturday when I was out, I had 2 eggs + 2 sausage patties for breakfast, no lunch, then an omelet with squash for dinner.
I'm not meaning to cut calories, but with this WOE and drinking tons of water, I'm rarely hungry anymore. :dunno:

I'm going to pay closer attention this week, take measurements, and I'd also like to see my percentages of protein/fat/carbs.

Have a nice week everyone! :hiya:

mjgh06 10-14-2013 04:12 PM

Bren, you're doing pretty well. For alcohol, I know Barcardi 151 has the 0 carbs. There was a site I ran across that listed almost all alcohol and what the carbs were for LCers. I will try to find it again and post the link for you.

Looking at what you are eating, I wouldn't worry about tracking the calories unless you just really want to. I would just try to add back in some more protein - meats and some more fat. Like chicken cooked in olive oil and then covered with butter and cheese.

I love Denny's and Cracker Barrel for eating out. :D They both have wonderful LC menu items. Sounds like you a Great weekend!

KUTGW! :up:

DesertGurl 10-14-2013 06:31 PM

Hi Bren! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend.
Given the foods you've listed, i would say your calories are really low. However, if you're following Atkins you shouldn't have to worry about them unless you're one of the unlucky (like me!) who has to actually do that. I would actually try to up your protein/fat and take in a few lower carb veggies. How do you do with water?

Definitely take measurements! Sometimes the scale doesn't show us what the tape can. :up: Unfortunately both those things don't always go hand in hand like we want them to!

You're doing great! :)

greengeeny 10-14-2013 07:27 PM

Last night, I had an absolute and soda water with one slice of lime and one slice of lemon. It was 1 carb because of the fruit. Not too bad :)

Rebecca1979 10-14-2013 11:24 PM

I'm hitching my wagon to your post! =) I need the inspiration!

br3n 10-15-2013 08:29 AM

Hi Ladies!
Thanks for the tips! I don't drink often, but it's nice to have some ideas when I want to.
Danielle, my water intake has been pretty high, I'm drinking near a gallon every day if not the entire gallon. I bought the biggest water bottle I could find. :laugh: I think I'm doing ok - I just need to be patient. Although, if this scale business goes on for another week I'll have to re-evaluate or maybe try carb cycling and see if that can get it to budge. It just seems odd that I'm stalling so early on in the program. :dunno:

MJ - I can't believe I hadn't thought about Denny's earlier. Cracker Barrel is a good idea also, my husband and I love that place but they are both kind of far. The omelet was so good though, I thought avocado was weird in eggs, but it was great and I wanted the extra "healthy" fat.

I did exercise last night, for the first time in 2 years. I haven't exercised a bit since becoming pregnant in 2011, so I thought I would be doomed to 8 minutes or so -- but somehow I managed to do the entire 30 minute up-hill program, which is where I left off two years ago after I worked my way up. I really surprised myself. Then again, I've been chasing after an extremely rambunctious baby and carrying him around for the past 15 months - so I guess that counts! Now I just have to make sure I keep getting on there at least every other day. It's located in the office, so the neat thing is that I can just log in to my cable company and stream a TV show which makes time go by much faster than staring at a wall. Or being self conscious in a gym. I was able to catch the season premiere of The Walking Dead while getting my workout on. :workout: A pretty good night overall. My husband has been busy since we're still getting settled into our new house, but he's about to start lifting weights again -- I think I'm going to do it with him. I've read good things about pairing weight training with the LC way of eating.

Since I was making taco soup, I went ahead and prepared 2 lbs of meat. I used 1 for the soup, and brought 1 to work today so we can have taco salads. Hopefully with the romaine, sour cream, dressing, etc I will have enough fat/veg intake. Planning to have grilled chicken & sugar free coleslaw tonight, and looking forward to my absolute favorite -- chicken stuffed poblano peppers in cream sauce, tomorrow night.

I have a lot of ideas this week to mix things up a bit. My absolute favorite restaurant, which I have worked next door to for the past 12 years (hello 100 lbs) is having a "birthday" special this week where all fajitas are half price. It's really the most delicious and perfectly Atkins lunch ever, so I'll probably be going there a couple times. :laugh: I just don't eat the tortillas and order a side of sauteed veggies instead of rice and beans. Mmm mm! :yummy:

I think I need to add some different veggies, so far I seem to be stuck on zucchini and cauliflower because they are favorites and can be used in soo many different ways. I've had broccoli a couple times. Cabbage a couple times. I would love to use spinach more. I used to have a "Green smoothie" almost every morning before going LC. I think I'm allowed to add a couple berries now, so maybe I'll give it a go with almond milk and cream, maybe some divicini syrup for extra fruitiness. It's worth a shot!

Have a great day everyone! :hiya:

DesertGurl 10-15-2013 08:36 AM

Great job on the workout! :up: I have to have tv on when I am doing biking or treadmilling.. I get bored very easily. Glad that this is a great option for you to ensure that you get that time in. That's fantastic!

Glad the water thing isn't an issue...I'm always surprised when people say they don't like water because I LOVE it. I crave it. I blame my kids. :laugh: It started during each of my pregnancies where all I wanted was ginormous glasses of ice water..couldn't get enough. It's stuck with me ever since. :p

Mmmmmm I love fajitas :yummy:

Have a wonderful day!

br3n 10-15-2013 10:05 AM

Danielle - Thanks! I really hope to make working out part of my lifestyle and less of a "chore." That's just another one of my 200 goals. :p
Of course, I'm doing well with my other goals, so why not keeping adding to the list?! I am daydreaming about those fajitas! I especially love them from this particular restaurant, they practically melt in your mouth. And it's served with a frothy garlic butter, ohhh my.

I finally realized I'm able to add a signature & ticker!! That's exciting for me because it obviously means I've been around for 25 days now. When I look at it that way, I guess 16/17 lbs in 25 days is not too shabby after all! So maybe I'll take a break from complaining about the scale and see how it goes this week.

greengeeny 10-15-2013 10:46 AM

It's a little expensive, but if you catch it right, you can get good deals sometimes. My family is addicted to asparagus!!! I roast it in a 425 over. Sprinkle it with olive oil, garlic salt and pepper, then a little parmesan cheese. Roast it up for about 15 minutes, and my two boys literally argue over who gets more of it! They come out a little crispy from the cheese on top. Doesn't matter what type of parm you use, but I like the shredded better.

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