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dinnerland 08-03-2013 12:07 PM

Dinnerland - Days 1 and 2
Wow, I was really inspired by this journal:


So, I am going to follow her lead.
I love the idea of coming here and doing a quick rundown each day-- and watching those pounds drop.

However: I must say that Biochic is a bad ass, exercising a lot, eating little etc.

I think my program, provided I'm going to stick with it, will be more moderate and possibly less dramatic.

I am not at home today with my regular scale, but at our place at the shore. This morning I got on the scale and was at 172.5.

My eating today has been a bit screwy b/c we are not at home and I need to go shopping, but I am really doing my best to just keep away from the carbs:

Eaten today so far:
coffee w/ cream
1 egg w/ sprinkle of feta cheese
4 slices center cut bacon, 2 oz swiss cheese
brussel sprouts sauteed in butter w/ bacon bits
hot dog (no bun, no ketchup)

So I know that this is a high fat/ cheesy day, I intend to have more lean proteins- more greens... but I'm making due and I am avoiding cookies that are sitting on the counter.

dinnerland 08-04-2013 06:18 AM

Day 3
Started today with coffee and a few teaspoons of cream.
Looking at evidence AGAINST the ideas in Taubes' book makes me feel a bit freaked out-- but I also need to go with sanity.

I tend to be very black and white about things, but I know that focusing my energies on low carb, low sugar, avoiding white flour, white sugar and simple carbs-- keeping fiber as high as possible and not shunning fat are the right things to do.

Wrong things:
Eating a ton of cheese, high fat protein and salty stuff.

So... on day 3, I continue forward focusing on avoiding simple carbs, but keeping eating in check as well.

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