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Love2Lift 07-30-2013 11:05 AM

Love2Lift.. and shed some fat
Hi all,
Here I am starting a journal.

I'm a powerlifter looking to lose some body fat. I've struggled with my weight forever, literally all my adult life I've been yo-yo or dieting. I've had a break from that and healthy eating did do me well but after a year of a gap and not losing but gaining 8kg / 17 and a half lbs, of which some is likely muscle due to my starting lifting weight but not all of it will be.

My ideal weight is 150lbs / 68kg but I've not been that for over 20 years. So whether this is achievable is there in the doubt file.
For now my goal is 170lbs and to take it from there. This takes me down a weight class and my next competition is in November. I know other competitors who do massive weight drop diets right before comps, for me this are no-no's so I'm here, for the long haul of losing weight the right way. I don't want to yo-yo, I want to get down and hold my weight there.

I'm 41, a mum of three girls and wife of one hubby. I own my own horse (well he's a large pony but as large as they get). Started lifting weights a year ago (used to lift in my teens / early 20's) as a way of managing a mood disorder I was suffering from. PMDD, it's premenstrual and I was on prozac for a while but seem to have balanced out, of which exercise has helped with I think.

Oh and I'm a uni student (very mature) so am back for my 3rd year in September to add to the challenge.

SW - 191lbs (after dropping 4lb recently)
CW - 190lbs


Day three of lowering my carbs, first day hit 50g, yesterday and today under 30g.

I started out on 4 protein shakes a day and one clean meal (clean as in nothing processed).

yesterday was 2 meals and 2 protein shakes

today 3 meals and 1 protein shake
meals today:
Scrambled eggs x3 (2 cherry tomatos)
Chicken portion for lunch
Ham for a snack
2x Chicken portion and asparagus for dinner

Love2Lift 07-31-2013 04:11 AM

Today is day 3, no ketosis registering but I think I was a bit high on day 1 with the shakes so am cutting them down.

Weighed in at 188lb so that is 3lb gone! Gotta love a low carb diet. :) I'm a self confessed daily weigher. Been doing it since my heaviest as when I ignored my weight that is when I gained the most.

28th July - 191 lbs
29th July - 190 lbs
30th July - 190 lbs
31st July - 188 lbs

AF / Monthly cycle arrived today. :( hits me hard the first few days, we're off out as a family tomorrow but I was due to squat in the gym today. So gym is going to have to wait and I'll catch up on Friday.

zipp2play 07-31-2013 07:18 AM

Looks like you are doing well!

Love2Lift 07-31-2013 07:41 AM


Originally Posted by zipp2play (Post 16538732)
Looks like you are doing well!

Thanks :) have been playing around with weight loss the last 12 months but really want to lose more and low carb worked for me 8 or so years ago when I came down from 227lbs. So hopefully my body still enjoys it.

Well done with your weight loss - fantastic! Bet you can really feel a difference. :up:

Love2Lift 08-01-2013 10:01 AM

Weighed in at 188 again this morning :) pleased though as it's my TOM and was expecting a gain of fluid at least.

Day out with my family today - over 4 hours walking so I'm shattered now. :) had a great day though. managed not to go mad off plan but did have 2 mini flap jacks and 1 mini brownie, and 2/3rds of an ice-cream. I can't just throw that sort of thing away when my little one decides she is finished - need to work on that but I did enjoy it. (naughty I know).

so, am counting today as a cheat day but am not cheating more than that. Breakfast and lunch were fine and dinner will be to.

zipp2play 08-01-2013 02:50 PM

way to stick close to plan and not do an ALL or NOTHING attitude. That's what I tend to do!

Love2Lift 08-03-2013 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by zipp2play (Post 16541255)
way to stick close to plan and not do an ALL or NOTHING attitude. That's what I tend to do!

Thanks :) it's sooo hard at the moment dunno think last week was an easy week and now with my TOM I'm struggling a bit. Temptation is all over the place (not helped by friday being a 'pudding' night in our house so there is remains of a cheesecake in the fridge).

I did buy some philidelphia chocolate soft cheese for a treat, small serving is 10g carbs so not horrendous and it is yummy but I keep finding myself looking at biscuits etc. Junk.. so am trying to remind myself not to eat junk and that I'll be rewarded with weight loss. It's worked so far - it's 7pm and my crisis time when I eat pudding / sweet things.

Scale is bang on 188lb today given day 3 of my TOM that is good going to be holding my weight, normally I'd be gaining. So holding tight to get down the 180's more soon.

Bought myself a new vest top as a treat for the gym today - online, os that will be nice when it arrives.

Work was hard going but had a great deadlift session yesterday - up to and including 90kg but with sets at 60, 70 and 80kg did 3x3 of 75kg then finished off with 40kg x15 reps for speed / cardio. Also rack pulls of 110kg to start getting myself ready for stepping up to 110kg deadlift :)

tomorrow I will be swimming with my girls in the afternoon (after work) then squatting on monday :)

Eyes refocusing for now on the prize.. really want to get down in weight.

Love2Lift 08-04-2013 12:59 PM

long and wet day at work today. :( soooo wet here there was local flooding on certain roads / streets.

Weight is the same at 188lb today, day 5 of my Time of the month and am hoping it'll ease away soon so the weight losses can return. Really hope the scale moves soon.

Been busy planning and ordering some bits for our lounge, we're redecorating with the intention of it being finished by the time I'm back in uni. Might need to add a new carpet to that around that time but that is best done with the kids all in school anyhow so best to wait. Been lovely to buy new curtains when I've never been happy with our current ones! shame I can't put them up yet, but one more wall to prep and painting can start. :)

Love2Lift 08-06-2013 01:45 PM

Busy couple of days off but eating is firmly on track! :) Cravings have eased too and am managing not to be tempted by familiar foods either.

Great news is yesterday the scale moved, down 1lb then again today down half a pound. So here I am at 186.5lbs and 4.5lb down.

Back to work for three days now. :) need to hit the gym over those days too.. so lots to do.

Love2Lift 08-06-2013 10:55 PM

Pleased to say I've hit 5lb lost since I started 2 weeks ago. 5 days of those 14 were non-movers due to my TOM but that is great progress for me and really excited to see what I can lose in a month. Won't be amazing stats like others do but for me it'll be good and that is all that matters :).

I tested urine this morning still no sign of ketosis so looking likely I'm losing slower as not in full ketosis need to look at that or know that I'm ticking along at a happy medium. 2lb in 3 days is not a bad rate.

Onwards and upwards as they say, back to work now for 3 days. return to the gym might help the losses too. :)

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