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krow134 07-29-2013 05:31 AM

365-countdown begins
Hi I am Tanya! I had thought years ago, that by the time I am 40, I would of: Reached goal weight, quick smoking, and become all around better. Well years, turned to months, which has now turned to days! I just turned 39 on friday! So I have less than a year now to do all that I said! In other words I need to get my butt in gear!

I need to focus on my goals. I got the idea for this journal watching, "I used to be fat" on MTV. My daughter loves the show, and I usually got stuck watching it. I ended up liking it too. While I dont have a personal trainer, there is no reason I cant take from that show and put into everyday life for myself.

I cant say I can post on here everyday, but I will post the up's and down's when I can.

I try to follow JUDDD, but somedays its hard. I get hungry and when I am hungry, I am miserable. I think I am going to just count calories, with a goal of 1500 a day for now. I plan to run 1 mile and walk 1 mile mondays thru fridays, with weekends off.

I am also going to work on this no smoking thing. I tried cold turkey, I tried electronic, I have tried, I have tried........I cant believe how something so little has me by the hands, brain, and everything else it is holding. Its so very hard to quit!!! And sadly, I cant even say I like it anymore......I just have people around me that smoke way more than I do.....and I realize its a habit of seeing them light up, I think I need too also! Such a hard cycle!!

I have other reasons I must do all of this....Not only is my blood lipids horrid. I also am in premature menopause, with risk of bone loss......I fear falling and breaking a hip! I have been a nurse aide for years and I have seen it, and I have always said.....I dont want that to be me!! The exercise will help!! The mix of walking and running, from what I read and what my Doc said will keep my bones healthy enough for now!

Ok so a little late on starting the journal but here we go.............

krow134 07-29-2013 05:33 AM

Monday July 29th-

Exercise- run/walk 2 mile.

Food- Suppose to be a Down Day, I will go as far as I can with it today.

Weight- 180.....Think my scale is broke, its been 180 for a while now, and with JUDDD you bounce, only I havent bounced for a while. We will find out soon enough lol!!

krow134 07-30-2013 05:06 AM

So yesterday was a very good day for me diet wise. I keep a small white erase board on my fridge and track my calories on it. I came in at 950 yesterday. I do round up so it was a little less, but still good! Was suppose to be a down day, but I had a head cold (nothing worse than a summer cold I say). I ended up eating some soup and then dinner and then a small snack. I knew I shouldnt of opened the can of soup because that would kick off my eating when I was suppose to really have 350 calories or less. But my throat hurt and the soup felt good!

As for today, my head still hurts and my eyes are watering.....but I just finished my run/walk. And I feel better for doing that....today would of been a perfect day to say "oh I will do it later" then later not come. I am one of these that I have to exercise to lose not just diet alone!

I am not going to weigh in til Sunday again. I am going by a once a week thing. The show on MTV does every two weeks, but I am vain when it comes to my scale. I need to see progress or I give up! Once a week should be good for helping with that!

Today is an up day. So my calories are 1500. Suppose to be 1800 but I want to try the 1500 because when I get closer to goal that is where I am suppose to be calorie wise, so if I can train myself in the process to say "I am at max" I think I will be better in the long run!

Busy day ahead, I will have a brunch today as I am not really hungry at the minute and I have to run my daughter around this am. So when I get back .... I am thinking mushroom omelete!!

Heres to a good day all!

zipp2play 07-30-2013 05:35 AM

I follow JUDDD too. Sometimes the DD's are unbearable. I typically allow for a range on DD's. Trust the true rotations of JUDDD. If your calculated calories have you needing 1800c on up days, you should eat to that. The up days are supposed to help fuel you for DD's.

You can do this. Have you considered some of the prescriptions they can give to help you stop smoking? I have never ever smoked, so I have no idea about it, but I know many that have tried and quit. Just a suggestion!

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