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roo 07-09-2013 07:23 AM

Lets do it.....again!
So I lost in total approx 55 lbs (first on WW, then Atkins). Now the last 6 months Ive fallen apart, and am LC for 5 days then binge on sweets and crap for a few days, then do LC again. Its killing my body, and Ive managed to gain at least 15lbs back if not more. I have not stepped on my scale in a month:/
I decided when my clothes stopped fitting again, that I HAVE to get back to LC. Its the only thing Ive ever kept with for a long time (almost 2 years!!) and felt amazing on! I have ulcerative colitis, and felt so amazing doing LC. Now I feel like crap!

I HAVE to do this, and I need the accountability and encouragment a community/journal offers. So here goes, again:)

This is Day 2. Yesterday I did pretty well, managed to hit right at 20 carbs. I have to keep reminding myself how I feel when Im eating all those carbs (full, bloated, unhealthy). Trying to really push the water. I remember that is essential, and am so bad about it. The biggest problem I have is getting rid of my diet soda. I could drink that stuff all day long. Trying to cut down to 1 12 oz can. That was my biggest bad thing yesterday, I drank a large fountain soda from mcdonalds. I know that artificial sweetner can stop weight loss. I will do better today. Not letting myself get into the mentality that let me gain this weight back, which was, OH I made a mistake, now I can binge all day/weekend, and get back on track later.
I will weigh myself Friday, and consider that my official starting weight( I just can't bring myself to see such a high number:() Then I will weigh EVERDAY at least for the first month. That accountability really worked for me the first time:)

ravenrose 07-09-2013 09:13 AM

yeah, don't alternate like that. the high fat of low carbing mixed with the high carb days is really harsh on your body. if you are going to have splurge days, maybe ought to do low cal on the other days.

good luck sticking with the low carb though! *hug*

LoriAS 07-09-2013 10:06 AM

:hugs: Don't beat yourself up. You are doing a great job getting back on track. I think many of us have had those days where we think that the cheat is permission to blow the whole day. You just have to brush yourself off and move on.

You are doing great. Keep it up!

roo 07-10-2013 07:46 AM

Thanks for the encouragement:

yesterday went fairly well. I stayed under 20 carbs again (yay!) and actually was only at 14, and that was with my 3 sweetners counting as a carb each….Need to increase my veggies, always my problem in the first 2 weeks, getting enough of those. Eggs, bacon, steak, celery, guacamole, cheese. In various combinations to make up my day. Was not hungry, and felt relatively good.

The only thing is I could feel the ‘weakness’ when I did yoga last night for an hour. I was less balanced, and not as strong, but again I expect that in the first week. I keep reminding myself the first week is always the hardest. Today Im feeling kinda icky, which I know is normal for this stage of things.

My clothes are not fitting, and that is a huge motivator. I hate that I worked so hard to loose all that weight and gained a whole bunch back now. I was reading over the atkins phase stuff last night, and if I had just stuck with it, I could be eating other things, higher in carbs, if I had just kept following along! I was 9 lbs away from my goal weight!!!!!

Now Im about 25L Grrr! Was that cookie dough, French fries, etc worth it??? NO!!!

My biggest worry is it wont work this time. Ive heard that….like you get one golden shot….Im praying that’s not the caseL

Cause I REALLY want to do this!

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