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Gram 06-19-2013 08:14 AM

Gram's Journey
Day # 2. On summer break from working in the local school department. Summer hours are around the corner but I have a few blissful weeks off to begin induction ............ for the second time. First time was 9 years ago. I have managed to return to where I began back then so I am at ground zero all over again. Little peeved about it but ........

Yesterday went well. I'm waiting for the headache, sluggish induction flu. I didn't really have that last time so am hoping I wont this time either. The only difference between now and then is I am allowing myself black coffee each day for now. Oh and menopause has caused lots of changes that I wasn't experiencing before, some good and not so great. So far I am on track and keeping busy waiting for the glorious feeling of lack of hunger. The absolute best part of this last time was the feeling of not wanting to eat all the time. No cravings and having to make myself eat something.............. and the energy. I miss my energy.

Today's goal. Keep busy and drink water. I only got 32 oz in yesterday. 64 is the goal. The busy part, not a problem with the housework and care of a 4 year old all day. I will be stopping by the board here and there to read up on all the information there is to offer :)

Gram 06-21-2013 03:26 PM

Day # 4
Still working the program. Logging everything into ******.com. I have been using mayo, listed as no carbs but tonight realized it does contain sugar (listed 6th on the ingred. list). Daily carb count has been 12-18 each day from romaine, lettuce and cheese ... little bit of bacon. Day # 3 showed a loss of 4#. I have not really felt any kind of induction flu or other symptoms I had last time. I'm beginning to wonder if it is the mayo or my body is different now. I did not use mayo at all last time. Ordered a new copy of DANDR. Seems I tossed the old one or placed it where I cannot find it. One day at at time.

Logging into ******, coming here to read some of the posts and looking around the web a bit is helping. Still waiting on the not feeling like eating at all part of the program. Feeding the family still makes me consider what that half a pbj or a scoop of mashed potato would taste like right now. Strawberry season is here. Holding strong though and not feeling like I am missing out, just old habits and eating style is still there in my head. Old tape. Working on recording new tape.

verbqueen 06-21-2013 04:51 PM

You're doing great! Focus on the things you CAN have--butter, cheese, steak, salads with luscious dressings!

Gram 07-06-2013 06:44 AM

More than 3 weeks in now. I managed to lose 8# in the first 2 weeks. The scale is not moving but I expected that if my body works at all like the last time I will go periods of time staying put then losing 5-6 # in a matter of days. Best for me to just stay the dreaded scale and not focus on what it says each morning. I feel better. My bra's are more comfortable (well as comfortable as a bra can be anyway!), my stamina is stronger, my head is clearer .... these are what motivate me this time. Not the scale. We have put a pool in the back yard for my grandson. It is 3 1/2 ' deep and large enough for the adults to get in with him and play. Also great for walking around and around to create a whirl pool each day and get a walk in while enjoying the time spent with him. And in the 95 plus degree weather .... it has been a blessing to be able to be outside and not melt into the ground.

Still find myself thinking it would be nice to have a bowl of cereal or eat what others are having but I think it is because it is easier not because I am craving it. As long as I am drinking my water and have recently have added an iced coffee with splenda and 1 TB of heavy cream most every afternoon I am happy.

verbqueen 07-07-2013 05:27 PM

Good for you--keep up that great attitude. It will take you a LONG way!

Gram 07-19-2013 03:25 PM

Thank you Jessica :)


I'm almost 5 weeks in and as of last week have lost 11#. Hopefully if I was to get on the scale it would show more of a loss but I'm not obsessing about the scale as much this time around. I do feel changes though and had I measured would be able to see it on paper. My bras have loosened up. I'm feeling a little more room in my pants. I can feel the bloat that has left my face and hands. I walked all day long in Storyland earlier this week and what I have managed to lose made a huge difference in my knees and I was not in pain walking around. Nor did I come home stiff and in pain from sitting for the 2.5 hour drive home. I have more than 100# to lose but every single pound lost has made a difference. Making small goals of 10 losses is what I am working on. And about that trip to Story land. I came in at 20 carbs for the day with out much trouble. I was able to treat myself to an iced coffee with just cream on the way home to keep my eyes open. Had boiled eggs for breakfast, a chicken caesar salad, and snacked on macadamias. I'm not able to keep those around all the time because they call my name but they are a great option for days that cant be as regulated. If they are here I eat them all and its best I only use them for special times.

About every other day I am making an iced coffee at home with 1 TB heavy cream and a packet of splenda. I find myself with a sweet tooth and have decided to forgo the IC's to see if that is the cause of my sweet craving. Haven't caved but find myself looking at cake and ice cream and even browsing thru the sugar free candy at the store. I made a cake for my family and had no problem doing so but old habits die hard and in the evening when all are in bed and I'm alone .... that cake is calling my name. Thinking about how much better I am feeling so far has kept me away from it. I save a few carbs for the evening an slice up some cucumbers. I really want the lack of appetite back.

Adding exercise back in bit by bit. Pool time ....mostly by setting my timer for 45 or 50 minutes and walking in the pool creating a whirl pool with my grandson and changing direction a couple of times is what I have been doing so far. The WATP dvd's are coming out soon.

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