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KariLCHF 05-28-2013 02:24 PM

Kari's Danish LCHF Adventure
Thought I'd start a journal here, also to help me keep track of my meals. :hiya:

I'm starting out a bit slowly on LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) because going "cold turkey" when I've lived on a bread-several-times-a-day lifestyle is not a good idea for me. I'm too much of a rebel in that regard and I know that I will be more likely to binge on carbs/sugar if I refuse any hint of them from one day to the other. So I'm phasing them out, so to speak.
I'll still have the occasional white bread, bit of pasta (just in some of my wok meals) and various candy stuff. But all in moderation! That's the key with me. Some years ago I used to binge like crazy on chips. If I remember correctly, I used to be able to eat 4-6 Cans of Pringles (plus 2-4 plates of chocolate) a day. And that's not counting the fastfood and other stuff I'd eat on the very same day. It was ridiculous and no wonder I ended up morbidly obese at a weight of about 330 pounds.

Today I weigh roughly 212-213 pounds and I have trouble eating a whole bag of chips in one sitting. If I want to eat the whole thing, I have to do it over at least 2-3 servings throughout the day. Thank God! My current lack of excessive binging makes it just a bit easier to change my diet/lifestyle.

I'm currently a uni student, studying at home, getting ready for my final exams(!!!) and have developed ridiculous sleeping patterns. As such I usually stay up until early morning and then sleep until 10.00-13.00. So, mostly no breakfast for me, but often a nighttime meal instead. This should change when I finish my schooling and start searching for a job...and then hopefully find a job with regular hours. :jumpjoy:

Today's food/meals:
Sandwich with chicken breast, cheddar cheese, cucumber and mayo
Dark chocolate (70%)
Pork chop with tomato&cucumber salad (mixed with canola oil) and mayo on the side
Dark chocolate (70%)
Pork chop with mayo on the side

KariLCHF 05-29-2013 01:40 PM

Turned in this semester's first exam paper today. 1 Down, 3 to go!!! :jumpjoy:

I admit to carbing it up this morning and lunch, I didn't have much time and simply needed something easy. I was out of town and when I did get back to town, I was busy with errands. When I finally got home, I had just enough energy to get a little to eat and do my budget for the next two months (will be finishing uni, might be receiving benefits, etc.) After that I took a long nap and ended up having my dinner rather late.

Even so, my weight is dropping bit by bit~! It's freakin awesome.

Today's Food/Meals:

1 banana and a glas of milk
1 banana
1 bread roll with butter, pork and chicken cold cuts
Dark mint chocolate
Omelet with bacon, emmentaler cheese and a tomato.
Dark mint chocolate

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