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Yennie 05-08-2013 03:02 PM

My Potato Hacking Journal
I started with LCF & JUDDD in mid-January 2013 with about 70# to lose. I tried Atkins at first & could not make it work for me. In the past straight low carb had the pounds melting off so I was confused!
Anyway, enter JUDDD. Awesome. While reading about JUDDD, I came across references to the potato hack, which I then began to research. I really like mechanisms so I spent a lot of time looking into the WHY of both JUDDD & the potato hack.
Since a lot of people ask about potato hacking, and I think its interesting to keep track of what's going on, I thought I'd have a place to keep track of my potato specific results. Here are some links to other potato threads on LCF:
Recipes for the potato hack
A DD Hack
Potato Hack on Paleo Blogs

Yennie 05-08-2013 03:13 PM

My first 7 day hack journal
Start weight this morning: 183 on the scale I will use throughout the whole hack. I've decided to just go with this one, even though I do think its a little low, and stay consistent. Even if its low, it will still record pounds lost.
If I could be in the 170's by Easter, this will be one happy girl! Even if its 179.99999!
I'll keep y'all posted on my progress, including tracking how much fat I add and if that seems to make a difference.
n=1 experiment underway!

Potato Hack - Day 1 (kind of)

So I picked a lousy day to start after all. Ended up having to be social for the husband's work...ug! Had a salad with low cal/fat dressing but did have some meat on it. Figured it was about 200 cals give or take.

Then I waited 6.5 hours drinking lemon water and tea. Thank you JUDDD for giving me the power to wait 6.5 hours to eat after having only a salad!

I had 2 yukon golds, microwaved and mashed with chicken broth & 2 TBS of salsa con queso. Um...where has this stuff been all my life??? It was delicious!!!

The potatoes weighed 342 grams for 242 calories. Total meal calories: 287 with 3 grams of fat.

If we accept the earlier conversions of 1 tsp oil to acceptable grams of fat/grams of potatoes - this meal meets both criteria. I also think I could use 1 TBS of the salsa con queso in the future, it was a little overwhelming.

We'll see if the scale is willing to accept by pseudo day tomorrow.

Potato Hack - Day 2

Down 0.2# this morning, which I'm ok with since I kinda blew it yesterday starting off the hack.
Today's counts:
B: Coffee with 1 TBS HWC and a splash of vanilla syrup
55 calories, 6 grams fat
Coffee finished by 9am
L: 2 yukon golds, 1 square chicken bullion, 1 wedge Laughing Cow French Onion cheese
205 calories, 2 grams fat
Had lunch just about 1pm (4 hours post-coffee)
D: 1 large russet, 1/2 square bullion, 2 TBS salsa con queso (Tostito's Brand, will get the Target brand when this is gone)
407.5 calories, 2.5 grams fat

ETA: Halve the numbers for dinner - I could not finish it all. I typed this up while I was cooking the potato, mostly to distract me as I was hungry enough to consider eating an arm. But 1/2 way through my gigantic potato (Costco russets - they're enormous!) I had to stop as I was stuffed. I may finish it tonight, but I doubt it.

Daily total:
667.5 calories, 10.5 grams fat (4.5 grams of fat associated with potatoes)

We'll see what the scale says tomorrow - may need to cut back on the fat with the potatoes.

Been drinking like a fish - lots of lemon water and tea as I tend to load up my potatoes with salt as well. Been...ahem...*going* quite a bit too so pretty sure I'm not retaining water

Hack - Day 3

I took "potato" out of the title...you'll see why.

Down 2# this morning. I'll take it!

B: around 3 cups coffee, some SF vanilla and 1 TBS HWC
57 calories, 6 grams fat (finished by 10am)

L: The rest of my russet and SCQ from last night
261 calories, 1 gram fat (ate around 2:30pm, 4.5 hour gap)

S: (above wasn't enough so I made...) 2 yukons, beef broth & a LC garlic & herb wedge. Not sure if it was the cheese, or the beef or the combo but YACK! I could not finish it. But ate enough to add:
101 calories, 1 gram fat

D: My system was upset enough from the above potato fail that I made some white rice, added a bit of soy sauce & salt. Its my understanding that rice will work also, just not healthy to do long term so I hope I didn't blow it. Especially since DH brought home pizza and there were leftovers...and I did not eat any...
247 calories, 0 grams fat

Totals for the day:
667 calories, 8 grams fat

We'll see what the scale says tomorrow. I did exercise today - rode both horses and yes, that is exercise

Day 4 - Hack

Morning weigh in - 179.9, down 0.9#. Who's happy??? This girl! (I know I said I'd be happy to be in the 170's, even 179.99999 but now I'm greedy and I want that 0.9 gone so I can officially say I've lost 20# since 1-Jan.)

B: 2 cups coffee with only SF vanilla syrup & 1/2 russet potato grated & dry fried. Already discussed my cooking method above, won't bore you with repeats.
Calories: 165, Fat: 0

L: This was really a throughout the day snacking, not a single meal. Made 1 pot of rice with 1/2 beef broth and 1/2 water. Eventually ate the whole batch, doing small servings every 1.5-2 hrs with a bit of salt & soy sauce. I was home with the monkey all day so I actually planned this deliberately as I tend to want to snack when I get bored. This way I "snacked" on my rice pot.
Calories: 400, Fat: 0

D: Other 1/2 of russet. This one I shredded, rinsed in hot water, squeezed dry in paper towels and then spread on a fresh paper towel and left sit out for a few hours. This got them much drier. Fried it up on the plain waffle iron. YUMTASTIC!!!!! Added a bit of salt and A-1, would have loved to add some SF ketchup but, alas, I have none. Satisfying crunch.
Calories: 180, Fat: 0

Total for the day:745 calories, 0 fat

I can feel that I haven't been drinking enough water today, I've spent the whole day chasing my thirst. So I'm brewing yummy teas for tonight and will hopefully try to catch up my hydration to balance the salt. I'm hoping my attempts to rehydrate won't keep me up all night long...

Overall today was much easier to handle. Maybe its mixing in the rice, maybe its the thrill of being down a "decade" but baby, today I rocked it! Felt great!!! Definitely getting easier the more days into it.
Day 5 (Holy cow, DAY 5!!!!!)

I love potatoes. I am part Irish, so I suppose its in the blood. But I think I'd be in love with them right now anyway, regardless of heritage.

This morning's weigh in: 179.0, down 0.9# from yesterday (and a total of 20# lost since 1-Jan and the beginning of this particular journey). This is 2 days in a row of 0.9# losses. First day was after about 8g of fat total, 2g associated with potatoes. Yesterday I had 0g fat, and still had a 0.9# loss. So, I'm concluding that negligible amounts of fat will not (at least for me) impact the process.

B: about 3 cups of coffee, SF vanilla syrup and 1 TBS HWC
Calories 57, fat 6g. Done around 10am

L: 2 yukon golds, a bit of chicken bullion, 1 wedge LC cheese (not garlic & herb, LOL) - ate at 1:30pm
Calories 291, fat 2g

S: Bowl of rice (1/2 brown, 1/2 white), soy sauce
Calories 150, fat 0g

D: 2 yukons, 2 TBS salsa con queso
Calories 295, fat 3 g

Daily totals: 793, fat 11g

Today's major accomplishment: I'm starting to prepare stuff for Easter and I did not snack, taste, sample any of the goodies - which included candied pecans which are like crack to me. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Hack, Day 6 - Confession time

Well, dang it. I take back yesterday's "being proud of myself". After checking in last night, I ended up doing some baking - a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I did not lick the beaters, scrape the bowl, etc but I did end up tasting both the batter and the frosting - my excuse? It was a new recipe and I did want to see how it was turning out. And, dang it, I ended up eating 1 candied pecan (pecan covered in melted sugar). Why am I confessing? Cuz I'm laying it all out there in the name of science.

This morning's weigh-in was at 179.9. Up 0.9 from yesterday.

Aside from the sugar tasting, some other things were different yesterday: I know I didn't drink enough & I added brown rice instead of just white rice. I woke up feeling pretty bloated & almost constipated feeling. Interestingly enough, when I weighed myself at work, I was exactly the same yesterday & today so maybe there was something to the bloaty feeling as I weigh at work later in the day. Regardless I said my "trial" scale would be the Wii, and the Wii weight is what I'm recording.

Today's menu:
B: Coffee, SF Vanilla syrup, 1 TBS HWC
Calories: 56, Fat: 6
L: Rice with a bit of chicken broth and salt
Calories: 242, Fat: 0
D: 2 yukon golds with 2 TBS SCQ
Calories: 260, Fat: 3
Totals for the day: 560 calories, 9 grams fat

I'm hydrating, hydrating, hydrating today. I will continue the hack through tomorrow at bedtime, weigh and measure for my end-of-March numbers Sunday morning, and then eat like a normal person for Easter. My menu will include the previously mentioned Red Velvet Cake.

7th & final day

This morning's weight: 178.1#, down 1.8# from yesterday, down 0.9# from lowest since starting the hack.

Didn't feel bloated this morning but I did mix up my morning routine to try to, um, get things moving. I'm guessing there just isn't much to move - no luck.

B: Coffee and a TBS of coconut oil and SF Vanilla Syrup
Calories: 135, Fat 14
L/S: Pot of rice, salt, soy sauce
Calories: 484, Fat 0
D: Yukon golds, SCQ
Calories: 195, Fat 2
Totals: 814 calories, 16 grams fat

We'll see how tomorrow morning's weigh in goes. I'll post an update with final numbers. Right now we're averaging 0.8#/day.
Always intended to end tomorrow with Easter lunch. And I'm ready to be done hacking. It was kinda tough to choke down those last potatoes tonight. I think I need a few days of JUDDD to get my variety on, but sticking with PDDs!
Final weigh in

Well, a bit anti-climactic: weight this morning 178.1, for a total loss of 0 since yesterday. I'm ok with that though, I think its masking water retention again. When will I learn I need to drink-drink-drink!!!
This is for a total of 4.9# in 7 days; averaging 0.7#/day. I'm happy with that and seems to be pretty average as I think I've read losses of 0.5-1#/day.
Happy Easter for all who celebrate!

Yennie 05-08-2013 07:05 PM

The previous post, miles long, is a compilation of my journaling attempts from my first 7 day potato hack. If you're interested in mechanisms and a bit more discussion, these posts & the resulting discussions about fat, etc were on pages 8-10 of the Potato Hack on Paleo Blog thread that I linked to earlier.
For clarity, and to not re-post pages & pages & pages, most of which was written by others, I did not include those discussions here.

Yennie 05-08-2013 07:16 PM

A bit on mechanism
Ok, so I said in my first post that I wanted to know more about the mechanism. And if you had the patience to read through my 7 day journaling, you will see that I tracked grams of fat, along with calories. So, what gives?

First, the potato hack is a general term I'm going to use to actually mean potato and rice. So in case you were wondering where the rice came from all of a sudden, there you go.

The potato is a perfect food for an exclusive diet, or hack. It contains good carbs, resistant starch, high quality protein, lots of vitamins & minerals and ZERO FAT!! That last bit is important. Yes, potatoes have a very high glycemic index, meaning they make your blood sugar go up high & quickly. Rice does as well, and also contains no fat, but the protein & other minerals are not even comparable to the potato which is why it is not recommended to do this exclusively with rice.

The other factor making the potato a great choice for this is that potatoes have one of the highest satiety factors of all foods on the planet. In other words, people don't need to eat much potato to feel & stay full. This satisfaction is key, in my opinion, to making the hack work for you without being a mental drain.

So, back to the point - the mechanism. It plays into insulin metabolism. Basically, in a nutshell, in order for your body to manufacture insulin, it needs fat. Additionally, in order to utilize insulin, your body also needs fat. In most cases, when people eat a baked potato or some such, its loaded with butter, sour cream, bacon bits, cheese: loads of dietary fat. Being the primitive "feast or famine" critters that we are, always saving energy for a rainy day, when you have a blood sugar surge and your body goes looking for fat, it will first draw on dietary fat to make & use insulin.

But what if you eat something, like a potato, with NO FAT - it still sends your blood sugar skyrocketing! And your body's first response is going to be to get that glucose out of your blood & into your cells where it can actually do some good. That takes insulin. And (potentially) a lot of it! But there's no dietary fat to be had so...your body starts drawing on fat stores to manufacture & utilize the insulin it needs to respond to the glycemic surge created by eating the potato.

Now, you're probably looking at this and thinking - that can't be good! Actually, in healthy individuals with normal glucose metabolism, the effects on your blood sugar are really no different than eating a candy bar. But the candy bar comes with its own fat source so you're not drawing on reserves to process. For diabetics, well, that may be another story. There are several diabetics on the boards who are interested in potatoes for their resistant starches, which can be useful in regulating blood sugar. But I am not diabetic and am only interested in resistant starches as an academic curiosity, so I will leave the discussion of RS to the experts.

Yennie 05-08-2013 07:23 PM

So how does it actually work
You eat potatoes. Pretty straight forward. The tougher part can come from trying to figure out how to eat them without any fat and have it be palatable.
I linked a potato hack recipe thread in my first post, which will help. And you're welcome to create your own ideas & recipes. Just remember that the more fat you eat with your potato, the less of your stores you'll be mobilizing to process insulin. If you read my journal, there doesn't seem to be much difference in my 0gram fat days versus the 6-10gram fat days. I like to have a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese (3.5g fat) with my potato and this does not seem to negatively impact MY results but be aware YMMV.

My personal favorite ways to eat them are:
1) "Baked" in the microwave, moistened with chicken bullion or bone broth with sea salt & some A-1 or Laughing Cow cheese or Salsa Con Queso.
2) Sliced thin & microwaved until they turn crispy & eaten like chips

You may wonder why not eat some other low/no fat items along with the potatoes, like FF greek yogurt or FF cottage cheese. Some people (including me) feel like the protein will blunt the insulin surge which MAY diminish the impact on your peripheral fat stores. Other people feel adding too many other items may impact the satiety factor and there does reach a point at which it is theoretically possible to eat too many calories of potatoes & over-ride the fat burning mechanism. So that is why I tend to use only broth or bullion with only a very little bit of something else. It may take some experimentation to decide what you like - it is worth the effort, I think.

ETA: If you are going to eat or drink something with fat, its best to give yourself at least 4 hours before eating potatoes. For example, I will often have BPC or HWC in my coffee in the morning for the satiety factor. So I then wait at least 4 hours before eating my first potato to make sure all the fat in my coffee is gone and won't interfere with the potato processing.

Yennie 05-08-2013 07:30 PM

Some potential downsides
There are people for whom this hack is a miserable failure.

1) Weight gain: some individuals have found they actually gain weight on the hack. And not all of them are coming off low carb so it isn't just recarbing that's doing it. Although there are plenty of people who've reported going straight from strict LC to the potato hack & gained 3-6# straight off. If they stick with it, most of that comes off in a few days but it can be disturbing.

2) Gas, bloating: Not sure why although it is always recommended to not eat the peels or any green bits under the skin if you're having tummy trouble.

3) "Hypoglycemic" reaction: Although I'm not sure that we're actually technically "hypoglycemic" when the hack makes us light-headed & shaky, it still feels pretty lousy. My first potato day ever I got the mid-afternoon shakes and actually had access to a glucometer, tested myself and I was at 78 so clearly not hypoglycemic but still felt lousy. Some people can burn through it, some people can't. I've only had it happen severely once but have, a couple times, had minor dizzy spells. Nothing I can't function through but...

ouizoid 05-08-2013 08:04 PM

I love your summaries Yennie! This will be very helpful to people.

Yennie 05-08-2013 08:42 PM

Thanks Ouiz! That means a lot coming from you - my Potato Hack idol!
I thought it might be nice to have some/lots/no way its all of it in one place. Kinda. And a place more appropriate to share my personal story in hopes that it can help someone else without cluttering up the threads. :)

zipp2play 05-09-2013 06:20 AM

Interesting read. I have severe hypoglycemia, so I have never tried it. I will anxiously watch you blast those pounds away!

Yennie 05-09-2013 12:42 PM

Round 2, Day 1
Yesterday's weigh in at 173.9 pounds.
B: Coffee with 1 TBS HWC & SF Vanilla syrup
L/S: About 3/4 cup total (measured uncooked) white & brown rice with salt & soy sauce, several servings throughout afternoon.
D: About 250g russet potato moisened with chicken bone broth & 1 wedge Laughing Cow French Onion Cheese
Definitely not enough water today though. Rode both horses so got some exercise but nothing "structured".
This morning's weigh in: 173.3#, for a loss of 0.6#

Yennie 05-09-2013 12:44 PM

Some thoughts on water
I realized after I went to bed last night that I failed to mention how incredibly important it is to stay hydrated while PHing.
Here is a link to one of my favorite threads discussing different ways of hydrating and why adding lemon may be beneficial.
Lemon water, JUDDD and weight loss

Yennie 05-09-2013 12:54 PM

Something else someone else might find useful
I wrote this back on 2/26/13 before I had tried any multi day extended hacks. It was in response to someone feeling bloated and gross while trying the potato hack, from the thread: Anyone else feel lousy on the potato hack? If I recall, the OP had been doing moderately low carb which is what prompted this reply. Good info for others looking to do potatoes after being LC for a while - expect a bounce!

I only do 1 day mini-hacks (doing PDDs) and I find them filling. The first day I did it, I felt the "hypoglycemia" symptoms - shaky, foggy head, cravings, etc. Funny enough I tested by blood sugar (we have glucometers at work) and my blood glucose was 72. Which is not technically hypoglycemic so I wonder if it was the swing that brought on the symptoms. But I only experienced that my first day on the mini-hack, haven't since. However, I'd also added carbs back in for a few weeks before trying the hack so I wonder if that's why.
Svenska - you may be feeling the effects of your body trying to rebalance water and sodium. This is a clip from a website I'd copied & saved a while back. I don't save sources - bad me - so I can't accurately cite this but:
" A high-carb diet raises insulin levels. That we know.
One of the side effects of elevated insulin is that the kidneys start hoarding sodium, which leads to bloating and excess water weight.
This is the reason people lose so much weight when they stat a low-carb/ketogenic diet. Their body "sheds" the excess sodium and water follows along.
This is a good thing, but can be too much of a good thing when your kidneys keep dumping sodium until you become deficient."
The article was about the common mistakes people make when starting ketogenic diets, and goes on to say that you should not fear an increase in sodium.
But my point in pulling this out was to theorize that, perhaps in your case, your body is now doing the opposite. Too much sodium, too much water retention and you feel bloated and sluggish.
I truly, truly, truly believe drinking the lemon water has helped me flush the excess water I was holding on to. And give your kidneys a few days to adapt - they're pretty remarkable organs but do need a few days to figure their business out. (For example, an animal in metabolic acidosis/alkalosis will renal adapt but it takes 48-72 hours before you can see the compensation on their blood work, where as respiratory compensation happens much faster. Hello, physiology nerd.)

joytotheworld 05-09-2013 05:02 PM

JUDDD? Potato hacks? I've learned quite a bit from you! Congrats on all your weight loss! Looking forward to watching your progress :)

Yennie 05-09-2013 08:00 PM

Day 2 menu
As I posted earlier, yesterday's menu netted a 0.6# drop. Still haven't made it back to my lowest low but that's why we're hacking! And also the lifer of a JUDDDer, the scale she a bounces! The steady decline from the potato makes me feel better about myself and therefore I need the reinforcement occasionally.
Okay, focus. Menu:
B: Coffee w 1T HWC & SF Vanilla syrup
L: More coffee, water and a few bites of a mixture of: about 1/3 baked russet potato, 1/4 cup cooked rice, chicken bullion & 1 wedge Laughing Cow French Onion. Only a few bites because work was insane.
D: Chips made from 2/3 of a russet.
Lots & lots & lots to drink. 1 Diet Pepsi (yes, I drink Diet Pepsi, limit 1/day often less). Lots of lemon water and plain water, have a pitcher of sun tea out on the deck right now.
We'll see what tomorrow's losses bring. I'm feeling good right now and the top part of my stomach is the flattest its been since starting the diet so...

Yennie 05-09-2013 08:11 PM

The wonder of the new decade
My starting weight was a little ambiguous. I started with a weight from my Wii, then went with a weight from my work scale which is higher and tried buying a bathroom scale & that thing is lousy. Anyway, I settled on 199 so I never got the joy of aiming for, and hitting "Onederland"...at least not officially. I know I was over 200# when pregnant & right after. Its very possible I was over 200# at some point near 1-1-13 and just didn't know it. But I called 199# as my start weight and so there it is.
The thing I have been musing over is the capriciousness of our love/hate relationship with the number on the scale. I was THRILLED to see 189.9 on my scale! Those first 10# gone and what a joy it was! By 181, all I could think was please, whatever deity is listening, get me in the 170's! All I wanted was 179.99999, and when I got it, I wanted that 0.9 gone so I could say I lost 20#. Now I'm bouncing around 172-173. No longer am I thrilled to be in the 170's...I wanna see a 6 on my scale, and not in the form of 176!!
Maybe I'm extra impatient because the 160's hold some pretty significant milestones for me.
1) At 169, I will officially have lost 30#. This is the most weight I've ever lost while consciously "dieting". I've been lower than this weight before, but I've never "dieted" long enough to lose 30# in one go of it.
2) At 164.5, I will have lost 34.5#, which is 1/2 way to my goal. I'd like the 1/2 way point to be BEHIND me. I'm still really scared I'll foul up, throw in the towel & gain it all back. Somehow I think the mental encouragement of getting past the 1/2 way point will be really useful for me. (I think this comes from distance running - the mental push to get to the 1/2 way point, and then from there its shorter to just finish than go back to the start.)
3) At 163.5#, my BMI will be 29.9 which puts me in the "overweight" category and I will no longer be "obese". I honestly don't know the last time I wasn't "obese". I think I put 2009 in my signature but I honestly don't know. I know I was in the 150's the summer of 2008 but I also know I started gaining after that so who knows...
I'm sure once I hit 163, I'll be over the 160's and aiming for the 150's. And thrilled when I get there, and annoyed when I get to 153-ish. And hopefully the cycle will continue on down to the low 140's which will give me the push I need to hit 136#. At 136# I will technically no longer be "overweight" according to my BMI and maybe, just maybe, I will no longer be annoyed with seeing 13x on the scale...

Yennie 05-09-2013 10:14 PM

Eastern vs Western diets
So apparently I'm using this space for my musings as well. I suppose its ok, I don't have a blog, or regularly journal. So apologies to those of you wading through my inner most thoughts in search of potato info. I think almost all of what I have to say will eventually lead back to diets & potatoes so hopefully it won't be too annoying. Assuming anyone is actually planning on reading this. :)

Anyhow, we've all heard countless times about how different cultures than the Unites States regularly eat/drink <insert presumed "bad for you" food/beverage item here> and, despite this, are XXX times healthier/thinner/happier, etc. Having spent quite a lot of time abroad, I'd venture to say that the primary differences in why the US is less healthy, diet wise, stems from most other cultures viewing eating out, especially fast foods, as a treat and not a regular occurrence. It is also my experience that cooking abroad tends to be done with more fresh & less "pre-packaged" items...pre-packaged: read chemicals.

I still remember living in Mexico and seeing my foster family make a cake from scratch! I mean, actual scratch. As in adding each individual ingredient to the bowl, nothing from a box! I didn't know that was even possible, I thought all cakes came from boxes up to that point!

Anyway, the point of this post is to specifically highlight the awe with which Westerners view the peoples of Southeast Asia & their diet. How many times do we hear, "How can they be so skinny with such a high carb load in their diet?" My brother lives in SE Asia and I asked him about the things they will typically eat along with the rice in his part of the world. In his experience, many times the rice may be eaten alone. Or, if there are accompaniments, its usually protein and vegetables. Steamed veggies. With soy or other broth/protein based sauces.

So, lets see - a grain with a high glycemic load eaten WITH NO FATS. Sound familiar? Sounds to me like certain cultures have been "potato hacking" a lot longer than we have.

So what does that say about the dietary messages being sent to consumers in the USA? Of course, we all know we get mixed messages - high carb/low fat, low carb/high fat, count calories, salt is bad...blah blah blah. I think that, essentially, no one knows exactly what the universal key is because there IS NOT ONE UNIVERSAL KEY!! Everyone's metabolism is different and everyone needs different things. Many roads up the mountain. Stop trying to stuff everyone in the same box!! And I think a lot of dietary researchers are in the pockets of big food companies and recommendations are being tailored accordingly, but integrity in research (or, really, the lack thereof) is a post for another day.

On a separate but similar note, anyone had this happen to them? You're asked, "How did you lose the weight?" as if the asker is hoping your answer will be some sort of magic pill. But then when you tell them the answer, they're either disappointed (because it was hard work & exercise) or they argue with you about your method. Seriously, if you're not going to listen, don't ask!

ouizoid 05-10-2013 07:50 AM

lol, great musings!

Yennie 05-10-2013 07:25 PM

Day 3
Morning weigh in: 171.7!!! A new low! :jumpjoy: :jumpjoy: :jumpjoy: Apparently we're just gonna skip over the 172's entirely. Not that I'm complaining! :)
This is a drop of 1.6#, for a total drop of 2.2# over 2 days. Averaging 1.1#/day so far. Before everyone runs out and buys every potato they can get their hands on, don't worry, it will slow down. This is how it went before. Little drop day 1, huge drop day 2 and then smoothing out to a steadier downward trend days 3-7. Although I certainly would not complain if the losses continued at a pound per day! But I'm not going to count on it. If I can hack into the 160's, I'll be pleased. (Gee, haven't I said that before about a different decade?)

Today's menu:
B: Coffee with 2TBS total HWC & SF Vanilla syrup.
L: The rest of yesterday's rice, potato, bullion & LC French Onion cheese thing.
S: Microwave chips from 1/3 a russet
D: 1/2 a "baked" russet with bone broth, salt & 1 wedge LC Garlic & Herb cheese.

A few additional notes about today. Did a better job drinking today, worked on it deliberately because I woke up thirsty this morning which is a sure sign I DID NOT drink enough the day before. Need water to flush out the fat & toxins. I also had a mid-afternoon "starving" episode which seriously tested my will power. Especially since one of my employees had been to the dollar store & came back with packages of cookies & other snacks. She's more than willing to share! ;) No thanks. I started to get a bit shaky, like the start of a "hypoglycemic" episode & even considered testing my BG for grins but got distracted & by time I remembered I was feeling better.

On a separate note, I was able to assume the plow pose & a shoulder stand pose for the first time today ever. I started practicing yoga about a year ago but the last few months I haven't been able to go to the studio as much. I hadn't tried plow or shoulder stand in a while and, suddenly, I was able to assume plow easily. Shoulder stand was a bit tougher, my abs are still not as strong as they should be. I think having almost 30# missing from the mid-section makes it easier to get one's feet over one's head. :)

I also should ride my horse tonight but he looks so peaceful & sweet grazing out in the pasture, I think I'll give him 2 days off in a row. He's been working hard so I'm sure he'll appreciate the break. :heart: him so much! Had him longer than the husband. Got this horse in 2000, met the hubby in 2002. They sure are money pits but as I tell the hubs all the time, they're bound to be cheaper, in the long run, than pills & therapy!!!

Yennie 05-11-2013 08:55 AM

Morning weigh in
Morning weigh in following PH Day 3: 170.9#
This is down from 173.9 at the start, and 171.7 from yesterday for a daily loss of 0.8#, total loss of 3# for a daily average of 1#/day. I still think these losses will slow down so that the average over the length of the hack will be closer to 0.5-0.8#/day. I'm ok with this though.
I'm trying to decide how long to go. DH is really, really supportive but tomorrow is Mother's Day. Although I'd rather have some free time to ride than go eat food somewhere. Non-food rewards, this is what we need to focus on.
I'd like to hack into the 160's...and far enough past it that I don't bounce back up when I start back on rotations.

ouizoid 05-11-2013 09:35 AM

so proud of you Yennie! Happy Mother's day whatever you do~

Yennie 05-11-2013 06:33 PM

My thoughts on the "cheat"
Today, while planting our garden, hubs & I discussed our plans for tomorrow. (He is on swing shift right now so we have until about 2pm to do stuff before he has to go to work.) I need to take the brown beast for his conditioning trot sets down the road, which takes a bit over an hour and then I need a shower before I'm presentable for public. We're going to finish the garden and I told him that, time permitting & if he wanted to, I'd be up for going to our favorite BBQ place tomorrow for lunch. I really like one of their salads which has about 600 calories in it, and some unsweetened ice tea. Makes a great lunch. We'll see if we end up going or not. If we do that for lunch, then the plan will be coffee for breakfast, the salad for lunch and then a good 5-6 hour fast until some potato dinner. It will depend on how the day plays out. We will, however, for sure skip the big Mother's Day buffets.

The fact that I might eat a meal "off hack" tomorrow made me think about "cheat meals" and restrictive dieting. I could not stay in ketosis when I tried to do Atkins Induction back in January. I've done some reading on the HCG & Stillman's boards. My hat's off to those folks - I couldn't do it. So why can I restrict myself to just potatoes but I can't restrict myself to just protein? I love eggs, I love meat, so what's different?

I think, for me, what's different is the same thing that attracted me to JUDDD in the first place. Huh, you say? Enter the concept of the "cheat meal" or the "oops meal".

When you have an oops day on JUDDD, its easily repairable. If there is a bounce up, its usually small & gone after a few days rotation. If you have a cheat meal on the potato hack, then you just have to space out your next potato meal and you'll be back on track. Maybe you'll see a 1 day stall on the scale. With the other plans, 1 oops and you're sunk for days to weeks (according to the reading I've done and a few personal experiences). For example, some of the folks on the Stillmans boards talk about paying the consequences for almost a week for one "cheat" meal. No thanks!! That's not for me.

I think the reason I can restrict my PHs is because I know, mentally, that if I do have an "oops" I'm not derailed long term. I might not even be derailed at all (guess we'll see, if I have that salad tomorrow ;) ). I even dislike the term "cheat" meal. I feel it carries a very strong negative connotation.

For me, my success is all about mental. Not feeling trapped by rules & restrictions, and knowing that if there is a slip, its forgivable.

I :heart: potatoes, and JUDDD.

Yennie 05-12-2013 09:49 AM

Yesterday's menu; this morning's weigh in
B: Coffee w HWC & SF Vanilla syrup
L: 1/2 baked russett with bone broth & 1 wedge LC Garlic & Herb cheese
D: ~1/3 cup (measured uncooked) rice with soy sauce & salt
Lots & lots & lots of water! Yesterday was a hungry day. Struggled with feeling hungry all day. Tried to sooth the beast with liquids. Paid off:
Today's weight in: 168.7#
This morning I felt slimmer. That was nice, to actually feel it. It's happened before, but not often.
Stats so far:
Weight loss so far - 5.2#
Weight lost from yesterday - 2.2#
Average daily losses - 1.3#
The losses have picked up again. I feel like the days I'm extra hungry result in a drop the next day. Which is why I fight the hunger instead of feeding it.
Not sure what we'll do today. Its raining (shocking, I know) which our hay field & garden desperately need. I just don't know that I want to go for an hour long conditioning ride in the rain, with parts having to be on slick, oily, wet cement.

Yennie 05-12-2013 05:46 PM

Mother's Day
We went to lunch at the BBQ place, and I ended up having the salad (550), a roll (170 - yes, its worth it) & some soft serve ice cream (~150), along with unsweetened tea (0). My plan had been to wait 5-6 hours to eat some potatoes or rice but that plan didn't pan out. I ended up sharing some popcorn with my kiddo as we watch videos on this rainy day. Then some greek yogurt with frozen blueberries, pecans & honey. I'm now pleasantly full and will attempt to refrain from eating for the rest of the evening.
I'm not 100% sure if I'll go back to potatoes tomorrow or jump back in to JUDDD rotations. Might all depend on what the scale says - if I weigh back in the 170's it may be back to the potatoes so when I go back to JUDDD rotations I am protected from the bounce. I may also take this opportunity to hack for an extended amount of time - maybe all through the 160's. We'll see. There are some pretty big milestones in the 160s that I'd like to get through - for some reason I feel like it will be smoother sailing once I hit those points. Like I might be able to go back to JUDDD rotations with less stress about damage control.
169#: lost 30#
167#: lost as much as my son weighs (32#)
164.5#: 1/2 way to goal
163.5#: No longer obese
I guess I should be pleased to have so many mini-goals in this decade because I'll be accomplishing something at every turn.
My first schooling show this season is 6/2. The first recognized show is Father's Day week-end. The schooling show isn't a big deal as I can wear whatever I want as long as its appropriate riding attire but the show...and that jacket that isn't quite fitting yet... Yikes!!!

Yennie 05-12-2013 11:33 PM

Well...today turned into a full-on Up Day. Had a grilled cheese sandwich, a couple cookies, few other things here & there. Oh well. As I discussed in my "cheat meal" post, its not cheating to me. Both JUDDD and the potato hack allow life to happen.
I did, however, ride and got out the hula hoop. That was entertaining for the fly on the wall. And made a big pot of bone broth mashed potatoes for next week. Will PH at least M & T since I'm doing my mid-month measure & weigh on Wed morn.
We'll see Wed but I'm thinking of adding some CLA. I dont tend to do well with supplements as I forget to take them but the results in loss of abdominal fat I've been reading are pretty encouraging.

Librarygirl 05-13-2013 02:00 PM

Thank you for all of this good info, Yennie!! I am still chicken about doing the PH...

I don't know if you covered this already, but is there a reason you stayed under 1000 calories or were you just completely satiated and could not eat more? I know if you could do 700 cals for days at a time, it obviously would cause you to lose.:dunno: If I have to use will power to keep my calories low enough to see results, then I don't want to try it. :D

Yennie 05-13-2013 07:04 PM

Hey Cindy,
I actually didn't end up staying under 700 cals for my "UD" - I ended up turning it into a full blown UD & had the resulting bounce on the scale this morning. More on that later. 700 was because that's what the salad I ordered had. My plan had been to eat the salad then wait & have a potato dinner but then I said "screw it" and decided to have my grilled cheese & a few cookies from Hawaii. And a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg from the freezer saved from Easter. So I'm not surprised the scale didn't like me this morning.
Normally, on my potato days, I eat to satiety and don't worry about calories. The only reason I tracked calories in my earlier journaling was because I was curious.

Yennie 05-13-2013 07:10 PM

Post UD Weight in
This morning's weight: 171.7#. Sad, back in the 170's. Oh well. But as I said I turned the "just gonna have a salad" into a full blown JUDDD UD. Grilled cheese, some cookies, etc.
I'm back on the potato wagon today & tomorrow. I also bought come CLA & GLA today at WalMart & took them at lunch. Went on my lunch break so thats when I took it. I'd like to see some reduction in waist numbers. I feel like I have a lot of abdominal inflammation...I don't think I've lost any inches around my waist in the last 8 weeks despite dropping pounds. So when people report losing inches without losing pounds, I am ok with that. For now.
Todays menu was -
B: Coffee w FF milk (I was out of HWC :cry:)
L/D: Potatoes mashed with BB, dinner a bit of SQC was added. Picked that up at WM too - yum! :yummy:
Also did something a bit different today: Added 1 TBS ACV and as bit of vanilla syrup to my first water bottle of the morning. But seeing as I'm still on Prevacid, it wasn't too terribly intelligent to add an ACID to my water. It tasted ok but I'll tell you my ulcer is not healed. So another 14 days of Prevacid (or going back to Prilosec which is what I usually take) and some Sucralfate to help the tummy pain.
Also drinking lots, so hitting the potty lots, which I'm hoping will flush out the junk left over from my day yesterday. I guess we'll see what the morning brings!

reptogirl 05-13-2013 09:21 PM

Really enjoying reading your journal, very interested in the potato hack, it is something I will keep in the back of my mind, seems like every time I get near 299 I stall, cheat etc... Just a mental brick wall, I have to bust it open this time! I will be lurking :)

Librarygirl 05-14-2013 07:04 AM

Hey Yennie! I'm doing a potato day today too. :) What I meant about the daily calories was not about your UD, but about the total calories on each potato day. I see now that you said you weren't limiting, but only tracking. I have 450 calories of potatoes planned for today alone, but doesn't include coffee/cream I had for breakfast. Of course, I won't eat all of it IF I don't want it. ;)

Yennie 05-14-2013 09:01 AM

Ah, Cindy, gotchya. Yeah, I don't count except for interest. When I add in rice it increases the calorie content considerably but its a nice break when I need it from the potato.
My new favorite dish is to "mash" potatoes with bone broth & then mix in some cooked rice. The combo of the 2 gives me the tummy soothing qualities of the rice and the filling qualities of the potato. I add salt, or SQC, or a wedge of LC cheese.
I hope you enjoy your potato day & it doesn't give you the "hypoglycemic" reaction. I did early on but I burned through it. If you can, push through that feeling (use some warm broth, it helped me & others have reported the same) because once you get to the other side, most people find it doesn't happen again & the benefits of the PH are so worth it!

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