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nh4forh20 04-30-2013 09:11 AM

Ketosis and Cyclical Ketogenic Diet
I have been trying since the beginning of the year to enter ketosis and after 4 full months of eating a very carb restricted diet and eating one serving to a moderate portion of carbs 150-276 g carbs one time out of the week for my cheat day I have broken into a CKD effect with my body. So now I am going to say that at first when I started the diet I thought the idea of a cheat day was lucrative and that would set weight loss back by millions of weight watchers points. However, I have found that the idea of a "normal" cheat day not an obsessive/over indulgence cheat day is perfectly fine for a ketogenic diet if you know your carb limit. And my carb limit is 8 real flour tortillas now =D. Your hard work pays off just keep trying the next day if you mess up it is not the end of the world, developing healthier eating habits each day is what counts in the long run not to abort your mission and just go back to eating deep fried cholesterol and breaded this and that.

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