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46&2 04-26-2013 01:55 PM

Time to re-lose some weight
Having lost over 50 lbs with LC and CKD, I fell off the wagon and stayed off for a couple of years, regaining 40 lbs in the process.

I tried to lose weight earlier this year by counting calories and eating clean, but hunger and cravings got the better of me. Then I remembered how much less effort was required, back when I was eating low carb, and how my appetite and cravings were naturally blunted.

So I went back to a low carb WOE as of this monday and I'm determined to stick with it. My diet is fairly basic: <30g of net carbs, <100g of protein and lots of fat.

It's been years since I ate like this last, and I'd forgotten how great this WOE is.

46&2 04-29-2013 09:43 AM

Week 1
I'm down from 85 kg to 82 kg. Obviously it's mostly water weight, but it's still encouraging.

I've been consuming 1600 kcals daily on average. I haven't restricted calories, but just eaten when I was hungry and tracked my consumption. Some days I would go over 2000 kcals, one day I barely broke 1000. But at no point was I hungry.

Energy has been so-so. My body seems to still be adjusting to the diet. It will be interesting to see how I'll do tomorrow, when I go to judo practice. I was out with a leg injury last week, so this will be my first time after going low carb.

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