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Texas Lady 04-09-2013 08:57 AM

Linda's Journal
Last year without even trying, as i got more hours on my feet at work all the time, started losing weight. This was great because I had given up totally on trying to lose weight. I went from 245 down to 215. My clothes were starting to fall off and my mobility improved. Until my knee started giving out. Guess I'm too old for this physical type of work.

Anyway, I quit smoking cigarettes on January 10, 2013. I gained 10 lbs. by March. OK, not bad really. But then I could no longer work on my leg and had to quit my job on March 10,2013. Since then I have gained 8 more lbs.

I learned a lot about addiction during all my experiences with quitting nicotine several times. Have realized that I have a sugar, starch, and junk food addiction. Being pre diabetic, I am going to try to use some of that knowledge to quit this addiction and free myself from the impending bad results I will have if I do nothing about it at all. So today I will begin my abstinence from the addictive substances which will result in some withdrawal symptoms I am prepared to face.

Aleina 04-09-2013 09:38 AM


Greetings,fellow new blogger and good luck with your new day today!

Texas Lady 04-09-2013 08:43 PM

day one complete
Wow what a day. It's been awhile since I did low carb and I had forgotten how hungry and empty I feel during the first week.

What I ate throughout the day:

coffee w/ cream and splenda (a few)
turkey salad, egg salad, pickle, olives, 1 hot link (bad choice, I know.), pepperjack cheese, leftover brisket 2 small 4 carb taco shells, rotel dip & salad.

Wanted to binge eat after supper as usual, but did not react to the thoughts. Did not fight the cravings. Just let them be, as they are, knowing it is not me, but the addiction and no big deal. They lost their power and I was fine. Just like I did with my nicotine cravings till they got weaker and weaker until they became easy to deal with. This just might work. I am still smoke free by the same method.

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