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usacoton 04-04-2013 09:32 AM

My HCG Adventure
Okay everyone, I am not sure that I am doing this correctly, but here goes!
I started this journey back in late 2009 thru 2010 and was able to lose down to a weight I hadn't seen since middle school. I had initially weighed 256, then thru low carb down to 226. WIth HCG, I started at 224 down to 175ish. Super excited, but life intruded in a bad way, and I gained back a LOT of my HCG losses. I had used rxHCG cream at that time and it seemed to work great. I had halfheartedly tried a time or two since then to get on the healthy track, but to no avail. Stayed pretty much low carb, but did way overdo calories and overdid the dark chocolate too! (hey, it is "healthy", lol).

In any event, I decided to give this my ALL to get back to where I felt good and was at a healthy weight again. I started rxHCG injections March 3 and have been skipping one day each week. At this point, I am planning to do a modified approach in that I want to increase my dosage and extend my injections until i either reach goal or develop immunity. (similar to Dr E's protocol).

Wish me luck, I am so thrilled to be here and my goal is to write daily!

blessings ~ juli


usacoton 04-05-2013 08:24 AM

well it is day two of keeping an online journal....
I seem to be in a happy place with no hunger - but not so happyw ith weight loss this week. +/- .2 all since Monday, feel like it has just been a wasted few days. I SO hope and pray that all of a sudden it will pick back up again. Time is awasting!

On a happier note, the SUN IS SHINING AGAIN! It has been gloomy here all week with tons of rain (which we needed) but the lack of sunshine really affects me. If I lived somewhere where it was "gray" all the time I would go insane.

On a positive note - this will be really great for our pastures and if it will just warm up again and stay warm at night, the coastal will start growing. I am a little late planting most of the warm/hot weatherveggies in the actual garden, but it will all be to the good. Going to buy the last few plants I need and hope to get it all done by Sunday!

Come on summer - can't get here soon enough for me!

usacoton 04-07-2013 06:59 PM

Today is day 4, and bky was yesterday a bust. I had upped my dosage a few days ago in hopes of speeding my weight loss in an attempt to follow Dr Emma's protocol. Yesterday the increased dosage caught up to me and it was awful. I was starving like I had never been hungry before in my life. Ridiculously hungry. I drank almost 2gallons of water to no avail. We were out of town at a rodeo overnight, so I didnt have access to lots of veggies. Instead I ate beef. A LOT of beef trying to kill the hungry beast. I probaby ate 2500 calories of lean beef. I was still hungry, even after all that food.
Needless to say, I skipped my dose today. This should get my hcg levels back down to normal for me.
I stuck with P & I today, and am going to bed early.
Tomorrow is another day, maybe I will get it right.

usacoton 04-10-2013 03:18 PM

WEll yesterday, after much discussion, we decided to UP my dose to 175. It worked and I didn't have hunger AND this morning I awoke to a loss! That is -.2 M, -.6 T, -. 8 today! So much better than staying EXACTLY the same all week last week. But with the help of reading the boards here on LCF, as well as encouragement from fellow HCG'ers, I was able to stay the course, hurray! In fact, yesterday, I as so "not hungry", I didn't even eat my 2nd meal. I just added a little extra protein to the other one and it worked out close enough.

Something fun I did yesterday was to make Kale and Chard chips that was from veggies that i GREW MYSELF! So so so love my garden! Anyone, with even 4 sq feet of sunshine can grow some of your own veggies!

Yesterday, I made the kale and chard chips from homegrown goodies.
For dinner, we had homegrown baby lettuce and homegrown asparagus with our
venison burger. So so good.

Today has kind of been the same feeling, not hungry, very motivated. I really hope to see this thru. A little disappointed in myself as I had planned to restart my yoga and stretching DVDs today but our weather has been stormy and bleh. I could barely summon the emotional energy to get online. I NEED the sun to feel my best! Thankfully the Sun is supposed to pop out tomorrow and stick around for a while. It was very warm and muggy yesterday, today gave us a windchill of 31, but it is supposed to reach a high of 93 by Tuesday. Gotta love our Texas weather.

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