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Sirtain 03-19-2013 07:21 AM

Sirtain's Valleys and Peaks
I started JUDDD (sort of by accident) on March 5th, 2013.

I follow a low-carb primal diet, that I enjoy, and works well for me...when I stick to it! Emotional-, stress-, and social-eating are my downfalls. At the end of February I was having a LOT of stress. I fell of the wagon for three days, during which I ate many things that are bad for me, key item being a whole box of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. I didn't even enjoy them, just kept shovelling them into my mouth, looking for emotional release.

Well, after many months of no grains, my system went into shock. I started having these pains in my midriff. Went back to eating normally, and then decided to fast every other day to give my system a rest.

I have fasted before(mostly for health benefits besides weight loss, usually 3-4 days) and found it very doable, but since I was so stressed, I thought a long fast might be stressful for my body, rather than restful. Hence the every other day.

I looked around to see if anyone else was doing this, and what their experience had been, and found JUDDD. Became VERY interested in the actions of SIRT1, and decided to continue this for a while to see how it affected both my health, and for weight loss.

(The doctor thinks I have IBS, yes, likely set off by my binge, also thinks I may be gluten-sensitive, if not actually celiac. She prescribed a probiotic + yogurt every day for two weeks, and then we'll see. She wants me to eat every day, though, so I switched to the 20% on Down days, rather than a pure fast.)

Here are my starting stats:

48 years of age
Married, three kids(20,17,14)
Starting weight: 202.0
Goal weight: 154

And here are my numbers for the first week. I am going to bold the numbers taken after an Up day.
202.0 3/7
198.5 3/8
198.0 3/9
198.0 3/10
198.0 3/11
198.5 3/12
197.0 3/13

The first Down days, when I was fasting, were pretty easy. It has been much harder since I switched to eating 20%, but I am going to stick it out, at least until the IBS is resolved(got to get in that yogurt!). Then I may go back to plain fasting, depending on how I have adjusted.

I am eagerly awaiting the three week point, when I am hoping that the SIRT1 being at full flood in my system will make me feel GREAT! I ordinarily feel pretty good on my primal low-carb, but who doesn't want to feel great? Or live longer?

Sirtain 03-20-2013 08:04 AM

Full of resolve
I am facing another down day with yogurt on my mind, but it doesn't seem so bad today. Guess it is always easier at the beginning than at the end! Or, maybe just whining about it got it out of my system.

I did some reading on IBS, and have to say, I'm wondering why the doctor went for that diagnosis. I have had almost no change in my bowel movements, which seems to be a big part of the symptoms. Need to talk to her when she calls me back about the tests.

Here are the numbers for my second week, since I started this journal after I was already in full bore.

196.5 3/14
193.5 3/15
196.0 3/16
193.5 3/17
196.0 3/18
195.5 3/19
196.0 3/20

So, now I'm caught up with my data.

I'm looking at FODMAPs and nightshades as possible things to eliminate until I banish these pains. (I could tell a difference in pains after my meals.) Looking at my diet from yesterday, I see I had something from either or both of the lists at three out of four feedings. Sigh. I miss my good health.

On more cheery news, my Honey decided to try JUDDD, and had an easy time on his first fasting day, and is geared up for his second one. I am interested to see if his allergies will be affected, and how quickly he loses his belly. Men seem to have a great advantage in rapid weight loss, and that's about the only place he has any excess weight to drop. Tonight is his gym night, and he is a little concerned about not having his protein powder beforehand, but he's going to take it slow and see how it goes.

Sirtain 03-22-2013 04:36 AM

Getting going on Week 3
I figure posting after an Up day will help me feel like I have something to say besides 'I'm not eating.'

My Down Day was yogurt, yogurt, yogurt. It didn't seem so hard this time. I guess I am not really thinking of the yogurt as FOOD. :)

Yesterday I had a wilted spinach salad with bacon and egg for breakfast. Lunch was lambchop, zucchini with pesto, swiss cheese, and chocolate covered macadamias. And I finished with salmon with homemade mayo, more zucchini (with butter this time), strawberry-rhubarb yogurt, and three more chocolate macadamias.

Trying to keep to the FODMAP list is a little challenging for me, but I figure any reduction will help, and I'll slowly get there. I cheer myself on by considering that it will hopefully be a temporary change, until my system is back to good health.

Seems like most of the vegetables I enjoy are on the list. I'm going to make a soup with allowable vegetables to have on hand so there's something 'safe' I won't have to think about. But carrots, turnip, green beans, spinach, and zucchini are not calling to me as a great combination. I hope they have hidden depths.

Feeling good about getting through my triple threat yogurt day today. Even confident, since I have a big project scheduled (redoing my hall floor) that will take a lot of my concentration.

The weight is...interesting. I look forward to having another week's worth of numbers to post.

Sirtain 03-24-2013 05:25 AM

Maybe TOO busy?
I made it through my Down Day on Friday easily. Very easily. I was so busy working on the floor and shuttling kids, that I didn't think of/have time for eating until 7:30 at night. Got in my one serving of yogurt that the doctor wants me to have, and that was it!

Just a coincidence that there were hardly any pains?

On my Up Day yesterday I was pretty constrained until dinner, when I went (a little) overboard with dessert. Felt uncomfortably full. The same old lesson being taught. Someday I will learn. But it all tasted fantastic, and I admit, it is hard knowing that there is only half the time to enjoy the tastes you want to.

I had a fried egg over turkey/cream cheese leftovers from the girls' dinner for breakfast, with a herring chaser, to get the creamy feeling out of my mouth. Lunch was a salmon patty with home mayo, carrots with butter and dill, and 3 coconut macaroons.

I bought a container of those macaroons at Costco last week, and I feel they will be with us forever! I put them in the lunch bags every day, and yet the carton never gets any emptier!

I finished up the day with a snack of candied walnuts in the afternoon, and a dinner of a small lamb chop, small pork chop, and cucumber in yogurt. I had a bowl of strawberry ice cream for dessert, which would have been fine, but then the memory of how good the candied walnuts were, spoke to me, and I ate a handful of them.

Got to bed not feeling too fine, but that's how it goes.

I am not counting calories on my Up Days. At least, not at this point. I'm just trying to keep to a somewhat normal amount. And what I ate yesterday, is not out of line, amount-wise, with what I have been eating. It is only my digestive upset that made me uncomfortable, I think.

Avoiding these pains is motivating me much more than weight ever has. If it had been just fullness, I would have eaten more last night, once those nuts got me going. I could feel a desire to snack. But I didn't want to put (any more) pressure on my digestion. So although I made a mistake with the second serving of nuts, I was able to stop there, as soon as I felt a little off, instead of ignoring the signals and just enjoying the tastes in my mouth.

Which were wonderful.

Today will likely be yogurt/yogurt/yogurt again. I made some vegetable soup, but at first testing, it was pretty nasty without garlic, onions, and any nightshades. Need to play around with it before i am willing to use it as any of my calories on a Down Day. Life is too short to be eating something that tastes bad.

I am tracking my weight daily, on two graphs. One has all the days in a standard line, going up and down. The other has two lines: all the down days charted together, and all the up days grouped. it makes two overlapping lines, both of them trending downward, though interestingly, both also spiking. So far in the same place, which seems to be a bounce back to normality after the shock of the first couple of days.

But what I really like, is the trend downward. It is nice to see that the weight truly is coming off. I love collecting data, hence the weighing every day, but having a completely normal jump upwards after an Up Day can be disheartening, even though you know it is natural. It is good to have the larger picture to keep it in context, to see that even though you are up, you are down from your Up Day a couple of days ago.

Today I am working on the floor again. It has turned into a multi-day project, which I suppose is good from the keeping busy perspective.

Sirtain 03-25-2013 07:06 AM

The rumored energy surge...
...has arrived!

I blasted through my Down Day yesterday, laying new flooring in our hallway, and feeling very peppy physically, even when I was mentally DONE with flooring. I tell you, figuring the cuts for going around door thresholds is a real challenge when there are seven doors in your hallway!

Now, to continue channeling all this energy for good.

Missouri_Librarian 03-25-2013 07:12 AM

Thanks for stopping by my journal...

Please visit anytime...I am happy to be on the JUDDD journey with you

Keep up the great work...

Have a wonderful day...Stacy

LoCarbGal 03-25-2013 10:25 AM

You're doing great, Sirtain! Yes, busy DDs are wonderful, and usually quite productive. WTG!

Sirtain 03-26-2013 06:13 AM

Looking forward to a Down Day
Hi Stacy and LCG. Good to see you.

My Up Day went well. Enjoyed the things I ate without going crazy.

I had some vegetable slurry with a poached egg for breakfast, along with some turkey leftovers. Lunch was a nice meal out with sashimi, some rice, and seaweed. And dinner was pot roast and roasted vegetables with strawberry ice cream for dessert. I had put the ice cream in the garage freezer so that it wouldn't be staring me in the face during my Down Day and it worked. I almost forgot it entirely. I would have been annoyed if I had missed it on my Up Day. :)

My energy was not as high as on my Down Day. I'm sort of looking forward to a repeat today. Hope I am not setting myself up for missed expectations.

My Honey is a little disappointed that the weight is not falling off of him. I told him he has to give it a few weeks.

I seem to have released a chunk, but the time includes my period week, when I usually drop a few pounds, so I am trying not to get too excited, just to suffer through a perceived 'slowdown'. I keep repeating to myself the little 'my body is healing' mantra. I have been overweight for a long time. I would like to lose weight, but if I stayed fat for the rest of my life, I could deal with it. But I do NOT want to keep feeling bad. So come on, SIRT1, do your stuff!!!!

All that said, when I put on my black jeans yesterday, straight from the dryer, they were loose. Feels good.

Sirtain 03-27-2013 01:01 PM

This week's numbers
194.0 3/21
194.0 3/22
192.0 3/23
193.0 3/24
193.0 3/25
195.5 3/26
193.0 3/27

I realized last night that if I released an average of one pound per week, I would be at my goal by Christmas. Seems very do-able to me.

Sirtain 03-28-2013 04:27 AM

Just an average day
On my Up Day yesterday, I didn't go hog-wild with the food. Had the breakfast I had planned for, scrambled egg and cheese wrapped inside a ham slice and it was as delicious as I thought it would be. But the rest of the food just seemed like...food. I guess that is good.

I had a snack of 3 coconut macaroons and a babybel cheese that I brought with me to a friend's house. Then a lunch of salmon patty and shrimp with homemade mayo and 1/2 avocado. Very good. I almost fell into snacking mode in the afternoon, by having some chocolate and a macaroon, but stopped it in its tracks by adding a pork chop.

I finished up the day with some plain yogurt and a tablespoon of raspberry jam from my sister-in-law. Mostly because I'm trying to eat a serving of yogurt every day, and only partly due to hunger. I think yesterday was the first Up Day, that I felt comfortable NOT eating right up until the end. Instead of thinking, 'I don't want to go into a Down Day hungry' I was just letting the chips fall where they might.

I DID use the phrase 'failing to plan is planning to fail' twice yesterday, to get myself to take the extra minute and fill up a water bottle before I got in the car. Got two glasses of water extra, that I might not have. You know how you SAY to yourself, 'oh, I'll just have a tall glass of water when I get there', but never do? I did not want that to happen. So, it didn't!

My weight was done from yesterday today, which I always find puzzling( though very enjoyable). I'm telling myself it means the weight is really coming off, if it comes down after I eat.

Sirtain 03-30-2013 12:48 PM

Too much sugar on my Up Day
It started with some frozen yogurt, and ended with chocolate. I tried to temper it with protein, but I went to bed feeling uncomfortable. Woke up looking forward to a Down Day so that I could let that junk clear out of my system.

Tomorrow I am planning our traditional Easter breakfast- lox, cream cheese, capers, hard eggs. I will skip the bagels and juice. I bought some dark chocolate to have while the rest of the family is having their milk chocolate and jelly beans. I sort of don't want to eat it, and sort of do. I think if I don't I may feel deprived later, and end up eating it when I am not planning. But the chocolate yesterday was a MISTAKE. So I am of two minds.

I've had my slurry with egg, and my spinach salad so far. Will have plain yogurt in the early evening. The same old thing, but I think that is wisest for me right now. I do not want to be thinking about food any more than I have to on my Down Days.

I have two social eating challenges next week. A lunch on Monday, and dinner on Friday, both with friends, but friends who do not know I am doing JUDDD. Both on Down Days.

For lunch we are meeting at IKEA. We get together once a month to discuss our money goals, and have lunch in the cafeteria. My plan is to have the lox plate, skip the dressing, and then just have yogurt in the late afternoon.

For dinner, I think I will show up a little late, and say I already ate. Luckily, they are used to me turning down dessert. If it looks really good(cheesecake!) I'll ask for a piece to take home for the next day.

Oh, mercy, I just remembered another challenge. I am going on a camping trip with Girl Scouts on Saturday. Well, I'll bring my own low carb food for that Up Day, and a hard egg for the Down Day if I can't hold on until we get home Sunday noonish. I guess that one isn't much of a challenge. Except to pack low-carb for the day. Hmmm, maybe a Whole Foods rotisserie chicken!

Sirtain 04-01-2013 06:31 AM

One challenge gone
Our Money Meeting got switched to next week, so no challenge for today. After my lox consumption yesterday for Easter, I am glad. I love lox, but eating it next week will be better than having it two days in a row.

It was Easter, so I can't say I'm surprised, but I had too much sugar yesterday. I am letting treats creep into my Up Days. Seems it didn't take long for me to feel 'entitled' because I am having so little on alternate days. I want to watch that.

Today I want to add some dry skin brushing to my Down Day routine. I was reminded of it a couple of days ago, and think it would be a good habit to get into again. When I have done my multi-day fasts in the past, I usually do some dry skin brushing for the detox. Doing it every other day would be great for my stress levels. I find it both relaxing[during] and invigorating[after].

My walking went out the window this weekend. Too much driving on Saturday, and wanting to veg in front of the tv yesterday. But I have two walks planned today. Plus some sitting and knitting time. I have started a shawl which I am enjoying very much. Subtle stripes in three colors that come to a point in the center of the back.

Sirtain 04-03-2013 04:43 AM

Fat Fast Down Day
I went to make my spinach salad, only to discover I was out of the starring ingredient. So I had two slices of liverwurst instead. Yum. The same amount of calories, but a different experience. I did NOT manage to nibble it slowly. But I did feel like I had eaten something at the end of it.

Yesterday was a good Up Day. Still had some chocolate, but no ice cream. I have added cauliflower back into my diet, mostly out of desperation. It may be a FODMAP food, but I was having a hard time getting enough veggies into me, being limited. I did feel a little gassy, but it seems to have been a fleeting thing.

I also managed to stop eating at a normal time yesterday, instead of stretching it out into the evening. I wasn't as worried about hitting a Down Day 'empty'. I guess I am getting used to it.

Here are my numbers for the last week:

192.5 3/28
191.5 3/29
195.0 3/30
192.5 3/31
194.0 4/1
191.5 4/2
193.0 4/3

Sort of a staying the same week, but I am at the 'holding' part of my cycle, plus I ate FROZEN YOGURT earlier in the week, so, not unexpected.

Sirtain 04-05-2013 04:12 AM

Heading to my challenges, feeling good
Tonight is my gathering with friends. Turns out I am going to have to arrive late(accompanying Littlest to a Girl Scout grocery trip), so it will be easy to let her know not to hold dinner for me, and then just have already eaten when I get there. Or bring my yogurt to have as 'dessert'.

Yogurt. As dessert. Did I ever think this was possible? But at least I have 'doctor's orders' to hide behind on that one.

How funny that I have this need to prevaricate in front of some of my dearest friends. But then, friends are the ones most likely to tell or show you their opinion, and I am JUST NOT UP FOR IT. I am more than ten pounds lighter, but at my weight, it won't be showing up for another twenty pounds. And I do not want to open myself to criticisms. I accept this, and am doing what I need to right now. I am not even going to be telling anyone I have lost weight. I'll use the standard, 'oh, do you think so' if someone says I am looking thinner. Which I do not expect.

For my Up Day I had some leftover taco meat with tomatoes, cheese, and avocado to start things off. Then a bratwurst with some homemade sauerkraut, and primal cheesecake and coconut macaroons. There was some snacking with seaweed salad(more leftovers) and liverwurst and cheese. And a nice dinner of lamb chops and roasted cauliflower with a dessert of sugar-free jello. I had a yen for a fruity sweet dessert, so I made some, even though I am trying to cut back on artificial sweeteners. But it really hit the spot! I was too full for my yogurt. :(

The weight is moving steadily downward this week, which is a pleasant surprise. I'm looking forward to posting my next week's numbers. But first...my challenges. The dinner with friends tonight, and tomorrow...camping with Girl Scouts. I'll be bringing my own low-carb food for my Up Day, and am planning on just a hard egg for breakfast on Sunday. That's the only meal we'll be eating together that day. Then home, and I'll take a nice bath, and a nap in my own bed. Camping is fun, except for the lack of mattress. Guess I'm turning into a sissy in my middle age!

Sirtain 04-09-2013 04:56 AM

A mixed bag on the challenges
I ended up eating the toppings off four slices of pizza on Friday. I DID have my yogurt as 'dessert' instead of the fabulous chocolate cake and ice cream presented. So, I stayed low carb and primal, but not strictly within my Down Day limits.

The camping trip went wonderfully. I stuck to my plan for the Up(one indulgence-a marshmallow and chocolate, NO graham cracker) and Down portions, and feel pretty good about I handled it.

I did get some pains later, that I think relate to the marshmallow and chocolate, but I'll consider that a learning experience, and not a failure, because I had planned to have them, and didn't just give in to a craving. However, I don't think I will plan that again. Pain is not worth it.

Today I am having a fasting Down Day, instead of a 400K one. I just feel like the ease of a day with no eating. That is easier for me that sticking to a small amount. I have lots of projects planned to keep me busy.

Sirtain 04-09-2013 04:58 AM

Oh! How did I foget?
During the camping trip, one of the other leaders mentioned this interesting documentary she had seen. You guessed it...Eat, Fast, and Live Longer. So I told them that that was what I had been doing for the past month, and we had a cool talk about it!

LoCarbGal 04-09-2013 11:15 AM

Very cool that people are taking notice of IF. I haven't had anyone mention it to me, but it's only a matter of time. I haven't told anyone but my family yet that I'm doing it (8 months in!).

You did great on your trip! Better than I would have. That's a real success and victory for you!

Sirtain 04-11-2013 07:28 AM

More numbers!
I confess, I am LOVING my charts. Here are my weights for the past week:

190.5 4/4
191.5 4/5
191.0 4/6
191.0 4/7
189.0 4/8
190.5 4/9
190.0 4/10

An exciting dip into the 180s. I will be glad when I start hanging around in that neighborhood, instead of just driving by. My cycle is that I dip down just before my period starts (hello, 189!) then go back up and hold steady for a bit. So although I ended the week just about where I started, I feel good about those numbers. I was at 191 on Sunday (as per my one pound per week goal) and think I will be at 190 on Saturday.

Thanks for the encouragement, LoCarbGal. I am please with how it went. It makes me feel like I can adapt to the normal activities that are going to come my way. This weekend I am doing a craft fair with a friend on my Down Day. 8-1, so my plan is to have plenty of liquids, and some veggies for munching if I feel I need to show that I am eating.

My Fasting Down Day went well. AND I had minimal pains the day after. Who knows if it is cause and effect, but I liked it enough to be trying it again today.

I had a delicious Up Day yesterday. Some chicken leftovers for breakfast and dinner, but a glorious sashimi feast with my Honey for lunch, and some strawberry ice cream for dessert in the evening. Enjoyed the food and myself thoroughly.

Honey has released 10 pounds in the four weeks he has been JUDDDing, and is planning to continue. His immediate goal is 170 (started at around 192, now at 182). When he gets there, he'll take a look around and see if he wants to continue and go lower, or pause for a bit.

Sirtain 04-13-2013 10:03 AM

I was NOT at 190 this morning. Still 191.

Patience, patience. Yesterday was a good day, my body is just not ready to give it up yet.

I weigh every day. Honey is only weighing after Down Days. He says that as he gets closer to his goal, he'll start weighing after the Up Days, since he wants his goal weight to be what he weighs after regular Up Days. But right now, he wants to see those lower numbers.

I DO have exciting graph news, though: I am on to a new sheet of graph paper. Of such little things are life's pleasures built.

Yesterday I had a singular Egg Benedict on a bed of creamed spinach, another sashimi lunch (twice in one week- what luxury!), and a steak, mushroom, and sweet potato dinner followed by a little chocolate ice cream. All things I looked forward to eating.

Yes, I think leftovers will definitely need to take a back seat in my life. I used to always eat dinner leftovers for breakfast or lunch. Now I get too few mealtimes to waste any on leftovers. I want something new and exciting at the times I DO eat.

My eldest daughter expressed an interest in trying JUDDD after she finishes her finals. She has a little extra weight, about 10 pounds. I hope she does give it a try, I think she would have success on it. And it would be nice for her to start college feeling good about her weight. I am going to buy a copy of Dr. Johnson's book before then, so that she can read about the science.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge for me. It will be an Up Day, but we are eating lunch at a friend's house. She is a spicy vegetarian. I usually bring my own food, as I avoid grains, and I am not a spicy person, and just have a little of whichever non-spicy, non-grain thing she has. So...what do I really want, that I can make ahead and take along? I'll need to ponder.

I DO know that for a dessert tomorrow, I am going to try that coconut cream frosting recipe. Just to make sure it's okay, you know, for later in the month when I will be making cake. (yeah, right!)

Sirtain 04-15-2013 11:54 AM

That Down Day got away from me. 665 calories, which is only a Down Day because I am tall, and take to heart Dr. Johnson's idea that you can go up to 30% sometimes.

My plan for today's Down Day is to keep it to 420 or fewer calories. Started off with a salmon fillet with some homemade mayo, and that shot of protein really filled me up. Which seems funny to say about a 'meal' that was all of 133 calories, but it did.

Later I'll have a spinach salad.

We talked about our diet to our friend yesterday. She was very receptive, which may be because she is Indian, and her culture does religious fasts regularly. In any case, I am not looking to repeat the experience (yet) with other friends. I'm still going to keep it a deep secret. It has been pretty easy so far.

Got too full at lunch yesterday (on my Up Day) and was not able to have all the meals I wanted. :sad: I am still planning that chocolate coconut cream frosting for tomorrow, though. :)

Sirtain 04-17-2013 04:24 AM

I need an attitude adjustment
I'm annoyed because the weight is NOT moving downward asIi would like it to. I felt like I didn't even want to post my numbers. I can have a competitive streak, and the thought of putting up evidence of...nothing happening...really irked me.

I realized I am EXPECTING weight loss. The answer, of course, is to stop weighing, and view the rewards of just having this as a lifestyle. But I DON'T WANNA! I want to those numbers to keep slipping! I want my jeans to get baggier and baggier! I want my face to be thinner, my legs to be smaller!

Okay, just needed to get that out. I'm feeling good, my pains are (slowly) diminishing, I'm saving money on groceries, I DO weigh less than I did six weeks ago. I can keep this up.

So, here are my numbers:

191.0 4/11
188.5 4/12
191.0 4/13
190.0 4/14
191.5 4/15
190.0 4/16
190.5 4/17

A good Up Day yesterday, but I didn't get to eat all I wanted to. Just not hungry enough/got too full from meals. Looking forward to having a salmon fillet again today, for one of my mini-meals. That was a real winner. And already planning some sashimi for my Up Day tomorrow. I made the coconut cream frosting yesterday, but wasn't knocked out of my socks. I'll have to taste it again tomorrow, after the flavors have melded.

Sirtain 04-21-2013 07:46 AM

No room for chocolate frosting
I just have not gotten to the coconut cream chocolate frosting yet. There it sits in my fridge, but there is always something else I am eating on my Up Days, and I don't want to spend the calories on my Down Days. Ridiculous!

I reported in at the Weekly Weigh-in thread with a slight loss. That feels good. Especially since my Up Day yesterday got a little out of hand with snacking. I even had some potato chips! Ugh. Managed to stop myself before too many. Don't know why I grabbed them- I don't even really like potato chips. I guess I just didn't want to sit down and eat a MEAL. Too lazy. Everything else for the day was within parameters, though. Plenty of vegetables, too.

I am hoping for bigger things next week though. The slope downwards has been very gradual, and I want a good, solid DROP!

Sirtain 04-29-2013 08:05 AM

Three Up Days in a row
This past weekend I went to Germanfest with my daughter. It was going to fall on my Down Day, but I LOVE wurst, and I knew I would want to indulge. My Honey is JUDDDing with me, so I didn't want to change my rotations. So, IN ADVANCE, I planned to have three Up Days in a row.

I decided I would not go crazy, but make no attempt to have a calorie-counted Moderate Day. I count calories on the Down Day, but just eat to desire on my Up Days, so I knew I would not want to be counting to try to keep it Moderate. It would make me feel like I was in a Down Day. No guilt allowed when wurst is involved!

I think I did pretty well. My weight went up, but just back to where it was after my last round of Up-Down, not any higher.

I was a little worried if three-in-a-row would get me out of the JUDDD habit, but by last night, I was looking forward to having a Down Day, and this morning, I felt like I was back in the swing. This helps me think that I could maintain this as a long-term plan. We all know how hard STARTING again can be after a lapse. Granted, this was a planned lapse, but I feel heartened.

It doesn't hurt that my post-Down Day weight just before was low. I feel ready to get back into the swing and see that number again.

Speaking of which, I need to post my numbers. Here they are since last time:
188.0 4/18
190.5 4/19
188.0 4/20
190.0 4/21
190.5 4/22
192.5 4/23
190.0 4/24
190.5 4/25
188.0 4/26
188.0 4/27
189.5 4/28
190.5 4/29

On the 27th, I STAYED down, even though it was after an Up Day. Yay!

My pants are getting much looser. :)

Sirtain 05-05-2013 07:31 AM

My new range
I have been solidly in the 180s since my last post.


Got right back into my Up/Down rotation after the days off. I think I am getting to really like it. Although I am not stuffing myself on Up Days, I am enjoying the 'lighter' feeling of not eating so much on the Down Days.

I have felt this before, with total fasting, but I am surprised, especially given how hard the Down Days were, when I started eating a little versus total fasting. I think Fat Fast and Protein-centric Down Days have been key to this. They squelch hunger, and don't really activate my tastebuds. I'm just eating to nourish my body with them, not for emotional or taste reasons(although the food DOES taste good).

My Honey is doing well on his rotations. He has been hitting the same low for several Down Days in a row, so I am expecting him to break through to a new low shortly. I noticed that his poor eating (chips, sodas) seems to be decreasing. Yesterday he scarfed down a bunch of fruit instead of his usual bag of chips after his bike ride. I'm not saying much about that, though. He knows how I feel about the chips. Next vice: soda! Well, a gal can hope. :)

Even though his weight is not changing very quickly right now, I can definitely see a difference in his waistline. His belly is about the only part of him where he has extra fat(he's very muscular). When he gets down to the 170 he is aiming for as his first goal, he's going to look amazing! At that point, I'm going to encourage him to have his fat percentage analyzed. I think he'll be pleased.

LoCarbGal 05-05-2013 11:02 AM

Sounds like you both are doing great! That's wonderful to be able to share this with each other.

By the way, have you had your Bday this week? Hope it was wonderful! :birthday:

LuckyLou 05-05-2013 11:27 AM

Hi Sirtain

Just dropping by to say hello. I've enjoyed reading about your experiences on JUDDD. I'm equally intent on getting to the 180s but I've decided against weighing in for a little while and letting the magic happen unbeknownst to me... Here's hoping it works :)

I love that you're aware of your challenges in advance. It's a tactic I need to borrow. I'll keep popping by to pick up tricks :)

All the best to you & your DH on your WL.

Sirtain 05-06-2013 12:38 PM

Hi LowCarbGal. I am loving being able to do this with my Honey. First, it makes the Down Days much easier. There is no expectation of a big family meal, with me sitting there, looking parsimonious. I just feed our girls, and Honey and I do our own thing.

Second, we get to talk about it with each other, and not feel we are being boring. And now that he is getting into tracking his weight(he didn't want to at first, so we don't know exactly how much he has gone down) it's kind of fun to weigh in, and cheer each other on.

He's going to make some Excel graphs for us, and I think that will be fun to run together, also.

Thanks for stopping by, LuckyLou. I also like reading about how other people are doing on JUDDD. I have a challenge coming up at the end of the month, that I am spending some time considering.

I will be going with my middle daughter and her friends(they are 18ish) to A-kon, an anime convention held in Dallas. This is our fourth year. I go as chaperone, but I get myself a ticket, and attend classes and shows, and really enjoy myself. In the past, enjoying myself has meant a lot of eating. This year, due to a combination of budgeting and JUDDD, will be different.

We will be going Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday and Sunday are both Down Days. I know I can BRING the foods I want, but I am apprehensive that being so far away from my regular routine, will make things trickier, as in, a desire for emotional eating. On the upside, there will be plenty to do to keep me occupied. AND, since I will only be 'eating' one day, I can splurge a little and still be spending less money. :)

I remember last year, planning on being thinner this year, and making myself a great costume. Well, I'm not really THINNER, but I am thinking I should celebrate the weight I HAVE lost by making a little something. Hmmm, need to think on that.

Sirtain 05-06-2013 12:42 PM

Oh, and here are my numbers
188.5 4/30
189.5 5/1
187.5 5/2
188.5 5/3
185.5 5/4
184.5 5/5
184.5 5/6

I'm pretty happy with them. What's not to like, about that huge drop downward? I told my Honey this morning that I sort of like staying the same for a while, too. It makes me feel like the number is REAL.

zipp2play 05-07-2013 05:54 AM

Look at you go girl! You are doing great! Is your "honey" still following the rotations with you??? My DH had huge success with JUDDD, better than me, but he had more to lose too!

Sirtain 05-07-2013 08:58 AM

Yes, he is still doing it. He started about a week after I did, in mid-March at 193. His weights now are 181(after Up) 176(after Down). His first goal is to get to 170 after Up Days. I think he might go to 5:2 at that point, to hold steady for a while, before seeing if he wants to go lower. He is very muscular, so 170 may be the right weight for him, even though it sounds high for his height(5'7").

I kind of want him to hold steady for a while, even if he goes lower, so I have a chance to 'catch up'! I would love to weigh less than he does. That has only been the case ONCE in our relationship. (For about five minutes!)

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