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meganmac 03-17-2013 07:50 PM

Megan's Makeover
So I guess I'll just start by saying that I weigh 216 pounds. I can hardly believe it. I've never been skinny, but over the last 15 years, the weight has just slowly piled on. I don't even recognize myself when I catch a glimpse in a window or see a photo.

I will say though, that I am a happy person. I stay active, have 3 busy kids, wonderful friends and family and am actively involved in an amazing church. My weight hasn't necessarily bothered me...until recently. You see, there is this new fold that hangs over my bra a little and excess fat under my arms. I'm not comfortable. I can feel it all day and it bugs me! So here I am, ready to do something about it.

Not that I haven't tried to lose weight before. I've joined and dropped out of Weight Watchers 3 or 4 times. I've done South Beach and eDiets with a little success here and there. Most notably, over the past few years I've started eating "cleaner." I no longer drink sodas or coffee. I've substituted unsweetened almond milk for regular milk. I like plain almond butter that I grind at the store and eat with apples. I drink a ton of water. I've cut out artificial sweeteners (see coffee and sodas above). I know these are all good changes, but none of them caused any changes in my body or the scale.

So yesterday, I got my butt to the local "medi spa." I walked away with HCG syringes and am ready to start the VLCD tomorrow. I have a friend up North who was successful on HCG and many of her family members. I don't know anyone here who has done it, although I suspect people are doing it and just not public with the information. I went to the dollar store and bought 3 pregnancy tests too. I squeezed out 2 drops of one of the syringes and it came back positive. So in my belly it went. Tomorrow, I plan to take a test the traditional way to see if it's really in my body. I have the third just in case it take a few more days for it to show up! I also will use Ketostix to make sure that I get into ketosis and stay there. If you couldn't tell already, I like to see physical proof! I'm not sure I could stay motivated otherwise.

I do not plan to do Simeon's Protocol. Rather, after lots of reading online, and lots of questions to the nurse at the medi spa, am going to eat between 600-800 calories per day. I plan to eat 2 fruits per day. I love apples, grapefruit and strawberries, but will also eat other berries and maybe an occasional handful of grapes. I also plan to eat as many "legal" veggies as I can. I get sick of leaf lettuces, so I stocked the freezer with broccoli, brussel sprouts and chopped spinach. I also bought fresh asparagus, celery, cucumbers and bell peppers. I am going to eat breakfast. 2 eggs (only 1 yolk) or a low calorie protein shake. Lots of lean meats of course, that part is easy because that's all I really eat anyway. As far as grissini or melba goes, I'm willing to try other things but will keep it to about 50 calories a day. I have to have a crunch! I bought some Dr Kracker type flat breads that are 90 calories, so I think I'll break them in half. I also like "chocolate delight" made with coconut oil, so when I need something sweet, I'll have that a few times a week probably.

So that's it. That's my plan. I'm doing 4 weeks of shots, then will transition to a traditional low-carb diet. I hope to lose 18 pounds and be under 200 lbs when I go out of state for my cousins wedding next month. If it works, I'll do as many rounds as I need to to get to my goal weight which is 160 lbs. Wish me luck!

meganmac 03-18-2013 07:00 AM

Good morning!
I slept great last night. I have a 4 year old who more often than not comes to our bed and he keeps me awake, but last night he stayed in his bed all night and I slept like a baby. What a great way to start the day.

I'm eating breakfast right now and it's 113 calories. Nice! I scrambled 1 whole egg and 1 egg white and am eating it with sliced campari tomatoes and basil. I got the idea for this breakfast from Donnatella Arapai (sp?) on the Dr. Oz show. She lost her weight using Dr. Emma's protocol and HCG. It's delicious. The addition of the fresh basil really makes it satisfying.

I already packed my lunch for the day. It will be 222 calories. 1.5 cups of greens, 3.5 oz of shredded chicken breast, 1/2 cup of black berries, 1/2 lemon (for my dressing) and for crunch, half of a Dr. Kracker flat bread. I'll take an apple to work with me too, in case I get hungry.

I'm using the tracker app on my iPhone to track calories. It's really easy. I'm sure it will give me all sorts of warnings at the end of the day about not eating enough though. It's temporary! 4 weeks, then I'll get back to 1200 per day, low carb.

By the way, I was 215 this morning, so I'm 1 pound down. I ate normally Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I should change my start weight, it seems weird to already be down a pound when I haven't done anything yet.

meganmac 03-19-2013 06:00 AM

So, I woke up a little grumpy. My 4 year old kicked me all night and I was dreaming about food!

The day ended right around 800 calories. I snacked more in the evening than I should have. For dinner I had 5 jumbo shrimp in a homemade tomato and garlic sauce served over shiratake noodles. It was delicious! And only 150 calories. But I was so hungry that I made dinner at 4:30. I had a work meeting last night and I grabbed 10 green grapes and a few of those veggie chips. When I got home, I was still hungry so I had a couple ounces of chicken and a pickle. All in all, not a bad day for day 1!

This morning I weigh 212. I took my inches yesterday and I'll record those next week when I take my new ones.
This morning for breakfast is a quick 120 calorie protein shake and for lunch I have packed a grapefruit, salad greens and a small turkey burger.

That's it for now.

meganmac 03-20-2013 07:20 AM

Unfortunately, I had another bad night of sleep. There was a storm and I was just really restless. Busy day today though, so no time to rest. I may try to take a detox bath tonight, that usually helps.

This morning I weighed in at 211. I am not in ketosis though because I keep snacking (although lightly) on carbs. If I'm going to snack, I need to snack on celery or protein. I'm boiling a half dozen of eggs now, so those will be a good snack option. I've stayed under 800 calories both days, but I know I'll have to cut that closer to 600 or 650 to keep losing at a good rate. So this morning, I'm skipping breakfast. The last time I tried VLCD with hHCG, I never ate breakfast and it seemed easier to keep my calories low. Also, I think the longer fast (btwn dinner and lunch the next day) help with fat burning. I'll keep mixing it up though to keep my body guessing.

I can't tell any difference yet in my pants or my face. In fact, I feel a little swollen. I need to drink more water today and eat more vegetables! Those are my mini goals for the day. Off to work I go :) My twice monthly house keeper is here, so it will be nice and clean when I get home.

meganmac 03-20-2013 02:16 PM

Yes! I am in ketosis! Skipping breakfast worked (or just day 3 of VLCD).
Either way I am in and need to stay in to maximize my losses.

I have to say, I really do think the RxHCH injections are working. I haven't been hungry. I want to eat out of habit and emotion, but haven't had any physical symptoms of hunger like growling, headache, shakiness, etc... I do not like giving them to myself though. Although very small, the needle does hurt a little and the tiny area is a little sore for a day. I'm VERY sensitive though, especially my skin, so I'm not surprised that others don't feel this and aren't bothered by it. I'm not kidding when I say I can't sleep with skin touching skin. Even my own! I wrap my feet and arms in the sheets and stick a pillow between my legs. My husband hates this about me because he is a cuddler :o

So for lunch I had 2 hard boiled eggs, salad greens with a teeny bit of dressing, 1/2 cup of blackberries and a little less than half a Dr. Kracker. This was like 220 calories. I had a mid-afternoon snack. My 4 year old and I drove thru Taco Bell because he didn't have lunch (long story) and I got a beef taco fresco and a chicken taco fresco. I unwrapped them immediately and threw the tortilla shells in the trash and ate only the filling with a spork. After I ate, I entered into my tracker and lo and behold, the counts were really low! 60 for the chicken, 70 for the beef. I'm not sure if it's entirely accurate, but hey, for 130 calories I didn't feel at all deprived driving thru! I'll need to remember this.

meganmac 03-21-2013 02:07 PM

Well that was quick. I am out of ketosis. I felt sluggish and tired all day and sure enough, when I got home I used a stick and it did not turn pink. So, I had both of my fruits at work, I wonder if I need to spread them out a little more?

I could also be the turkey jerky I ate last night in stead of dinner. I skipped dinner and ate two servings of jerky before bed. It had 5 carbs per serving, so 10 right before bed. I'm not sure if that would do it.

Oh well, clean eating the rest of the day, and hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I love how I feel when my body is burning fat!

No breakfast this morning, but had tea. For snack time at school/work I had an apple. At lunch I had a can of drained tuna, a hard boiled egg and lettuce greens. Then my half a grapefruit. I'm already at 450 for the day, so I need to have a very small dinner, heavy on the veggies.

meganmac 03-22-2013 06:51 AM

Ok, so my evening was better. I took a nap after yesterdays post and I felt way better when I woke up. I went to YL last night and my energy was really up and I was feeling great. Come home, and yep, just as I suspected, pink strip. It's amazing how I can tell when my body is burning fat and when it is running on very few carbs.

I also realized, right after I wrote my post that I had forgotten to give myself an injection yesterday morning. So I did it right before that magical nap. Coincedence??? I think not. This stuff really does work to get your body burning fat and making you not hungry at all!

So now it's Friday. I was 209.5 this morning. I guess I didn't post yesterday that I was 210.5. So since Monday morning, I've lost 5.5 pounds! Yay for me.

Now the weekend will be tricky. I am determined though to keep losing through the weekend. Hubby is out of town, so it's just me and the kids. Here's the plan:

Today, friend for lunch. Healthy, on plan.
Tonight, take kids to a mexican restaurant. Crazy? Probably. But I'm going to order crawfish only and avoid the chips. And probably get a side salad.

Tomorrow the kids have swim lessons in the morning and I have a hair appointment after that, so I'll stay busy. And tomorrow night, the kids are spending the night at Nana's so I can go to a Gala for an organization near and dear to my heart. My middle son has type 1 diabetes... he's 6. He's had it for 4 years! Anyway, I have to dress fancy which is not my favorite thing to do. But, I have a long dress that fits and I'll wear a shrug. No biggie.

That's it for now. Off to have a good, productive day off!

SookieMama 03-22-2013 07:02 PM

Wanted to let you know I'm following your journal. Sounds like you are off tea great start!

meganmac 03-22-2013 08:41 PM

Thanks SookieMama! Do you have a journal?

So the day went pretty well. I had my weekly appt. with the RN at the weight loss clinic today. She's awesome! She's lost over 100 lbs on HCG and I met someone in the ready room starting round 2. She lost 30 in round 1. This was all encouraging! Then, a friend came over for lunch, and first thing she noticed I had lost weight. Again, made my day. I have a long way to go, but I've lost more this week than two months is 1200 calorie diet going to the gym 3-4 times per week. It feels great.

I did great at the Mexi restaurant too. No crawfish. :( But they had a "light" menu and I had grilled chicken kabobs with asparagus. I said no rice and no oil or butter. It was tasty! I did eat a few chips with salsa, but like 3. And I broke each on into like 5 pieces and ate slowly and enjoyed them.

Busy day tomorrow. Should be fun though.

meganmac 03-23-2013 03:45 PM

I was down another pound this morning. 208.5. I'm all dressed up and going to a fancy Gala tonight. I've only had 300 calories today. I have no idea what they are serving though. I'm hoping there is a fish option. I already know I will have a glass of white wine. I know this will probably cause me to stall, gain or just eat more. BUT, I have social anxiety! It's terrible, but I'll be miserable without some wine. So it's worth it. I'll be bidding on some silent auction things, hopefully I'll win something great!

Monday morning will be my official weekly weigh in with measurements. I'm excited to see the first results. I can totally do this! I'm feeling more confident than ever that a real change in my weight is going to occur. I look at picture where I was 160 and I was adorable. Most people would still thinks that's heavy, but I was 21 and a size 8 and very fit. That was 14 years ago :eek:

meganmac 03-24-2013 01:37 PM

Whoa! I was down 2 more pounds this morning to 206.5! I can hardly believe it! I went to the gala last night and ate/drank wine and I still lost???? Crazy. Here's what I had. 2 glasses of white wine. The salad I forgo the dressing but it had proscuitto and goat cheese on it. Delicious! The main course was brocclini, shrimp, filet and mashed potatoes. I ate everything but the mashed potatoes. There were two sauces that were yummy, but I scraped most of it off. I didn't eat any bread or rolls obviously. Then they put the dessert plate in front of me. I was this close to asking them to take it away, but I didn't want to bring attention to myself at the table. (remember the social anxiety bit?) It had 4 small portions of different desserts and I took 1 Teeny Tiny bite of everything. I moved everything around and gave one of my portions to someone else at the table who wanted it. It was so good. I knew I was cheating, but also knew I was practicing amazing restraint as I would usually eat everything off every plate plus have a couple rolls, so better than that for sure.

When I went to bed last night, I was feeling a little discouraged, knowing I would probably throw off my progress for a couple of days with my transgressions. Boy was I wrong. But then...

Church picnic today. Popeyes Chicken. Evil, greasy, amazing fried chicken. It was calling my name. I made plates for the kids; tenders, biscuits, chips, cookies, gatorade. Whoa the calories! Then I made my plate. 1 spicy chicken breast. I had the best intentions of peeling off the skin and throwing it in the garbage, but really, what a waste? I ate it...all. I also had two clementines. So I looked up the calories and I'm at 500. Not much else to eat for the day so I am in the process of mentally planning a veggie heavy dinner, with some very lean protein.

All in all, I'm prepared for a gain and or no loss tomorrow. Weekends will be very hard to be on VLCD. But I think I showed myself that I can still go and enjoy events in my life and just eat less. Or in the case of the chicken, choose the one thing I really want, and forget about the rest. It's just calories. Good lesson learned today for maintenance.

meganmac 03-25-2013 06:34 AM

Seriously?? Somebody pinch me! Here are my 1 week stats. These were taken Monday morning to Monday morning.

215 - 206 (9 pounds lost!)
waist 42 - 41 (1 inch lost)
Hips 49 - 48 (1 inch lost)
Thigh 29.5 - 28.5 (1 inch lost)
Arm 17 - 16 ( 1 inch lost)
Knee 17 -17 (0 inch lost)

Never have I seen results this quickly and NEVER have I felt so good! I'm so excited to continue P2 and the VLCD and to lose more weight for good. I'm only 6 pounds from Onederland.

I got through my first weekend with continued losses and this week should be bump free as it is just a normal week. Woo Hoo! :jumpjoy:

So yesterday (after the fried chicken mishap) I just had shiratake noodles with a fresh spicy tomato sauce and 3 oz of lean ground beef. It was very filling and delicious and only chaulked up 180 calories. I wasn't even jealous of everyone else eating regular pasta because they got plain old jarred sauce.

Going to the grocery store today, there is basically no food in the house.

meganmac 03-26-2013 04:26 PM

Ugh. Bad day. I slept terribly (thank you 4 year old) and just felt sluggish all day. This morning at work there was all sorts of delicious food. I didn't have breakfast so I decided to fix some fruit. Then I grabbed a kolache and pulled the sausage out. Sausage! What was I thinking? Then there was this egg casserole. It wasn't the bread and cream soup kind (gross!) but it did have potatoes in it. I took a very small piece. So, I made a better choice than I would have before, but still, not on plan. Then at lunch, I just ate my salad and grapefruit because I was feeling like I was too high on calories. I didn't track anything. I should know better. I must track so I know where I am and how much further I have to go.

So, it seemed to lead to more snacking here and there and now I am ravenous. My body has loved all these carbs and now wants more. Have I really done this to myself, am I really going to have to go through withdrawl again to get me back to that glorious, fat-burning state?

I'm scared, because typically it's a day like this that can throw everything out of wack and make me quit. Not this time. NOT THIS TIME. I'm sticking to this. I'm seeing results. I was feeling great. NOT THIS TIME. So tomorrow is a new day. Wake up, weigh (ugh...) and track everything I eat and stay between 600-800 calories.

SookieMama 03-28-2013 08:00 AM


Originally Posted by meganmac (Post 16337983)
Ugh. Bad day. I slept terribly (thank you 4 year old) and just felt sluggish all day. This morning at work there was all sorts of delicious food. I didn't have breakfast so I decided to fix some fruit. Then I grabbed a kolache and pulled the sausage out. Sausage! What was I thinking? Then there was this egg casserole. It wasn't the bread and cream soup kind (gross!) but it did have potatoes in it. I took a very small piece. So, I made a better choice than I would have before, but still, not on plan. Then at lunch, I just ate my salad and grapefruit because I was feeling like I was too high on calories. I didn't track anything. I should know better. I must track so I know where I am and how much further I have to go.

So, it seemed to lead to more snacking here and there and now I am ravenous. My body has loved all these carbs and now wants more. Have I really done this to myself, am I really going to have to go through withdrawl again to get me back to that glorious, fat-burning state?

I'm scared, because typically it's a day like this that can throw everything out of wack and make me quit. Not this time. NOT THIS TIME. I'm sticking to this. I'm seeing results. I was feeling great. NOT THIS TIME. So tomorrow is a new day. Wake up, weigh (ugh...) and track everything I eat and stay between 600-800 calories.

How are you doing now?

meganmac 03-29-2013 02:46 PM

I'm still here! I picked up my 3rd week of injections today. I've had a rough last few days. My 4 year old is really sick, he has pneumonia. Stress makes me want to eat all the time! I've been doing good considering. I was still at 205.5 this morning. So I haven't gained anything, but I haven't lost anything since Monday morning either. The clinic registered a 3 pound loss since last Friday, but remember, I lost 3 pounds over the weekend!

So I guess that's what I get for letting my guard down. I think My exact words were "this week should be easy, I don't anticipate any bumps in the road."

My big breakthrough was the Easter parties and Easter goodies at the preschool yesterday. I brought steamed broccoli, red peppers, cucumbers, strawberries and chicken. While all the kids ate their nuggets, and rolls, and cheese and all the mommies milled about, I ate my own lunch. Lots of questions from all the skinny moms, my answer..."Just trying to be healthier!" Which is the truth really. I want to be healthier.

I'm drudging through though. I don't know if it's the lack of sleep, the stress or what. I'm hoping I will turn a corner when my hubby gets home from work and we can have a nice weekend together. I finally got my son on meds today and so hopefully he'll turn a corner too and sleep better tonight. I will mark it up as a success if I can lose 1 pound by Monday morning.

bacon bit 03-29-2013 05:16 PM

Good job on the preschool meal! Oh, also, I have an almost four year old who sleeps in my bed and kicks me all night in the kidneys. Love it!

meganmac 03-30-2013 06:56 AM

Yay! I'm down another pound this morning, 204.5. I went back and skimmed my posts and I'm feeling a little more encouraged. One week ago today I woke up at 208.5. So that's 4 pounds this week even with all my craziness. That NEVER happened on Weight Watchers. I was happy and celebrated if I lost half a pound a week.... and never lasted more than a couple months.

I don't know why I'm so up and down emotionally. Normally, I'm pretty steady. Maybe it is hormones, certainly not out of the question since I"M INJECtING ONE INTO MY BODY EVERYDAY! I need to give myself a little grace on a daily basis and look at the big picture. I'm on perfect track to meet my goal, which is to be below 200 pounds when I travel to WI for my cousins wedding. I've got to have a perfect day today, as tomorrow is Easter and I'm hosting a brunch for 10 adults and 8 kids. It will be a busy and fun day but I'm sure to have a bite or 2 of cheese grits. :o

Thanks baconbit and sookiemama for reading and commenting. I appreciate your follow up and encouragement!

meganmac 04-01-2013 06:52 AM

Monday morning stats are not very impressive. The scale this morning teetered between 204 and 204.5, but we're going to call it 204 :)

That is a 2 pound loss for VLCD Week 2. I also lost 1 inch around my waist, but nothing noticible anywhere else.

So...is this what I hoped for? No! But I'm ok with it. At least it went in the right direction and I've got to tell you, I feel great today. Here is a recap of my weekend:

Saturday for lunch I went out with my daughter before a birthday party. We went to a quick, local Mexi place and I got a 1/4 rotisserie chicken, white meat only. I tore off most of the skin. It came with a bed of lettuce shreds and pico de gallo. I asked for extra pico de gallo and it turned out to be a good, filling salad. I think when I eat spicy food it makes me more satisfied. Then for dinner, again, our family went to a mexican restaurant. Neither my husband or I ate 1 chip! I ordered one pound of crawfish, mostly because it takes forever to eat, keeps me busy and is hardly any calories. I also ordered a cup of their veggie soup with no cheese or tortilla strips on top. It might have been a little fattier than I hoped, but it was delicious. All in all a good day eating, all for about 650 calories (depending on the soup.) I ended the day with a good pink ketone strip.

Sunday was Easter. I practiced amazing self control I must say. I made cinnamon rolls for the kids in the morning. I didn't lick any icing from my fingers. I don't really have a sweet tooth, so its not that big of an accomplishment, but still, normally I would have just eaten one because they were there. I hosted a brunch with 12 adults and 6 kids. We had a lovely day. I made a ham, egg casserole and garlic cheese grits. Others brought a green salad, a fruit salad and the desserts. We also bought 2 pounds of smoked turkey from a local bbq restaurant. All I put on my plate was mostly the green salad, a small serving of the fruit and a few slices of the turkey. No one even noticed or commented that I wasn't eating all of the delicious food! Okay, okay.... I did sneak a couple bites of the casserole, 1 bite of the grits and I had a couple cheese cubes from the appetizer tray. But even if those bites equaled 100 calories (and I doubt they did) I still stayed well within 300 calories for the meal.

Last night, I wasn't even really that hungry, but I thought I should eat something. I sent ALL of the leftovers home with the guests, so I made the kids quick sandwiches and the hubby and I had roasted eggplant with a quick tomato sauce. I had some leftover ground beef in the fridge, so there was a little protein on their too. According to my calculations, it was only 150 calores. Again, I ended the evening with a nice dark ketone strip.

Look, I know I'm not doing the HCG diet exactly as prescribed, and obviously I didn't see the results I was looking for last week. But I'm doing it in a way I know I can do without being totally miserable. If I had no kids and no social life, this would be a piece of cake. But I have a big family and a busy social life, so I will take these 2 pounds and be proud that I banished them away forever, even on a holiday weekend!

This week I plan to do better at eating more veggies! Also, no eating out, so I know that my protein doesn't have added fat. I also will be stricter about limited fruit intake and keep it to apples and grapefruit. Here's hoping for a good week! Happy Monday!

meganmac 04-01-2013 04:29 PM

I just made a yummy sauce for my chicken and or shiratake noodles. I wanted to write it down so I will remember it!

I took sliced mushrooms, fresh cubed tomato and sliced green olives. (I know! Off original protcol, but super low in calories) I then added some plain crushed tomatoes (canned) fresh basil and the kicker.... roasted eggplant. I had a half an eggplant leftover from yesterday and my oven was hot from the kids' meal, so I peeled it, cubed it up and roasted it til it was all shrunk up, carmelized and delicious.

It reminds me of a camponata. I can't wait to eat it when hubby gets home.

For lunch I had two Easter eggs mashed up with a pickle, mustard and a scallion, rainbow slaw with lemon juice and sliced tomatoes. Oh, and a delicious, cold grapefruit, my favorite time of the day. Lunch clocked in at 300 calories.

meganmac 04-03-2013 05:55 AM

Apple Day today.

I had 3-4 days of great eating. Staying around 600 calories, and I gained a pound. So that is very frustrating. I went to a dinner party last night in my state of frustration and drank champagne and ate bread. So today, I will eat only apples when I want to eat.

I'm flabbergasted that 1 week I lost 9-10 pounds and in the almost 2 weeks since I have lost nothing. I'm not doing anything differently. Infact, When I strung together 3-4 days in good ketosis with a 1 pound gain, that makes no sense to me biologically or based on personal dieting experience in the past. I realize that HCG is not a ketosis diet, but it is suppossed to target fat reserves and make the body burn it more efficient, which would naturally produce ketones.

I've mentioned WW before. If I were eating 600-800 calories on WW alone with no HCG, I would expect a 2 pound weight loss. This is not a TOM thing and it is not water weight since I have to take a diueretic for a health reason.

All that to be said, I'm still happy with the 10 pound loss. I just got my hopes up that the subsequent weeks would be successful with steady weight loss. I need to see results to stay motivated, and right now I'm not feeling very motivated. Hopefully this apple day will re-start my weight loss.

bacon bit 04-03-2013 05:35 PM

I hear your frustration! It is SO hard to keep going when the scale isn't giving good news. I don't really have advice, just wanted to let you know I understand.

meganmac 04-04-2013 04:34 PM

So, the apple day worked. I was 203.5 this morning. I don't feel like it was real weight loss though. Just lack of water and empty system. I guess the scale will show tomorrow if it was real.

It's dinner time and I don't have many calories left. So I made ramen. Ramen! you say. That's not low in calories. Well it is, and it's delicious. Here's what I did. I took a cup of beef broth and soaked a handful of dried mushrooms in it. Then I added 1/3 a package of rinsed and drained shiratake noodles and 1 oz of chicken chopped up super small. I mixed it all together and added some thinly sliced green onions on top. As far as I can tell, it's all of about 75 calories. I'll have some raw veggies tonight if I get hungry again, but that's it for the day.

My lunch today at the preschool was a few mini carrots, 3 of those mini colored peppers, 2 oz of chicken, salad greens and 2 clementines. Oh, and half of my cracker.

But after school I was ravenous. I was getting my 4 year old McDonalds (as a reward for staying in his own bed all night) and so I was feeling sorry for myself. I used to just get a large diet dr pepper....and sometimes a snack wrap if we drove thru. But lately, nothing. Then we went to Target. On the way out through the grocery part, I grabbed a stalk of celery and a 3 oz package of proscuitto. I ate it in the car. I wrapped like 5 ribs of celery in the delicious proscuitto. It was so good and made me feel less sorry for myself missing my McDs drive thru. :) Not on plan though. The proscuitto is too high in fat and uber salty. The pack had 180 calories and 10 grams of fat.

So that's why I don't have many calories left for dinner. But it was worth it. I also had to decorate two cakes this afternoon for the kids' school carnival tomorrow night. I am not a baker and I cannot decorate for cakes, but there was a desperate call for volunteers so I stepped up. Turns out, you don't need much skill, just a bunch of candy to make a cute cake. The first was round and chocolate. I frosted it (it looked terrible!) then stuck kit kats all the way around the sides and ties them with a ribbion. Then I "filled" the cake with M&Ms and also covered teh whole entire platter with M&Ms and it hid all my mistakes. It was cute! I also just made a rectangle cake with blue frosting then made a rainbow out of skittles and clouds out of mini marshmallows. I had frosting everywhere at one point, but I didn't lick any fingers!

Tomorrow at the carnival will be hard. There will be pizza, Chick Fil A, popcorn, chili frito pies, etc.... All my favorite things! I'm going to buy a couple different flavors of gum and keep alternating them to keep my mouth busy. WIsh me luck!

meganmac 04-05-2013 05:58 AM

Whoosh! 202 teetering on the edge of 201.5 today. This was the motivation I needed to pick up my last week of syringes today and continue this VLCD for 1 more week. My cousin's wedding is in 8 days, and my goal is to weigh under 200 pounds. I think I might just make it! :jumpjoy:

I'm cooking today. Like get out every utensil and make a huge mess kind of cooking. My best friend in the whole world had knee surgery Wednesday. She cannot put weight on it for 6 weeks or something ridiculous like that. She's got two small kids and a husband and she cooks for them, breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. Rarely do they eat out. She makes pancakes, waffles, muffins, eggs etc every morning...from scratch. She packs healthy lunches for kids and hubby and she makes a hot meal for dinner. She's amazing. So, several of us decided to help a little bit and bring dinners over for a few weeks. I signed up for this weekend since Fridays are my day off. I making a big batch of corn chowder and yummy, hot sandwiches. Also probably some muffins they can eat for breakfast.

I also have another friend about ready to pop with her second baby. She's huge and basically refuses to leave the house because she doesn't want anyone to see her. She's beautiful though, and had no trouble after baby number 1 losing her weight so I'm sure she'll do great. Anyway, I thought I would bring some comfort food to her and her family too.

So along with the school carnival tonight, it is a busy day! Busy is good, as complacency finds me at the fridge a lot. As long as I can avoid "tasting" as I go, I should be fine. I'm in a good state of ketosis and feeling no hunger at all.

meganmac 04-05-2013 06:32 AM

Possible answer to my stall. I took a supplement called Dim-Plus for a couple of days. It's supposed to metabolize extra estrogen? A friend recommended it to help me with my greasy, acne prone skin. Anyways, I was sitting in my car reading about it today and it dawned on me that my unexplainable stall started shortly after I took it. I didn't continue, because I'm terrible at taking my supplements. Maybe I'm trying to find an answer that doesn't exist, but I'm going to avoid Dim-Plus while on injections.

meganmac 04-06-2013 06:07 AM

Yes! 201 this morning. I'm excited this thing is working again and the scale is going down, down, down! I've been thinking a lot about my short, weekend trip next week. They gave me phase 3 of the diet yesterday at the clinic, but I was already pretty familiar with what to do. My last injection will be Friday morning before I get on the plane. Then, for 3 days I am "supposed" to stay on the VLCD. (this is while I'll be out of town so I'm worried about that. my family will notice the very small portions and ask too many questions) Then I can start adding in calories in the form of fat and protein, but not starches. If I gain 2 pounds, I'm supposed to scale it back for a day (steak day or alternative) or two. I guess the idea is to "train" your body to stay at that weight, or to stabalize. This actually makes a lot of sense to me. In fact, there is a new diet book out there, The Fast Diet, that says to eat normally for 5 days and fast (500-600 calories) for 2 non-consecutive days every week. I can see this in my future, now that I've pretty much mastered the art of very low calorie, yet filling, meals. I wonder if fasting only 1 day a week would stabalize weight, where 2 days continues a loss.

I plan to only do this for 3 weeks or so, then start Round 2 of injections for 28 days. (I can't wait the whole 6 weeks and the doctor said it would be fine.) I leave on June 9th for camp and I would love love love to be 180ish. I'll have teenagers to keep up with and we'll be swimming everyday. It will be great not to be carrying around an extra 30-35 pounds.

So that's my longer term goal. Of course my final goal is 150 (bmi 25.7) and to forever stay below 160. I'm 5'4" and most people would think this is too heavy, but my build seems different. I don't think I'll ever be 125-130 like the charts say I should be. :dunno: I weighed 140 through high school. When I started this, the plan at the clinic called for 4, 4 week rounds losing around 15-20 pounds each round. This seems doable.

SookieMama 04-06-2013 09:00 AM

Fantastic! I know that must feel good to get that close to the 1's!

bacon bit 04-06-2013 02:40 PM

The cool thing about this is that you are SO CLOSE to that next decade, I bet you'll sail on through!

meganmac 04-06-2013 06:09 PM

Thanks guys!

meganmac 04-07-2013 06:27 AM

So close! This morning I was 200.5 teetering at 200 even. Will I make it to Onederland Monday morning? Just wait and see!

bacon bit 04-07-2013 05:27 PM

So exciting!

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