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Tiggy 03-07-2013 08:14 AM

Making It Count
This is going to be my journal to get my life back!!!


Tiggy 03-07-2013 08:25 AM

Right, I am going to do this! I will be successful!

Where do I start, in the past, I have been more than 100kgs and got down to 60kg when I turned 30 after 20yrs of being overweight. I can't say I did it the right way but oh well, its in the past. I was compulsive in everyway I tackled it from 5hrs working out to extreme dieting.

I kept it off until four years ago when something went wrong. I got so tired, my joints hurt, my bones started disintegrating ... Three years ago I started surgery on my feet and they are now the bane of my existence - every step hurts. I never stopped going to the gym throughout this time, but cut back from my 4 hrs a day to maybe one which for some people is alot, for me, It doesn't count. I love weightlifting, loved spin, boxing, etc. My knees are shot, my achilles is going to rupture, have neuromas in both feet, bursitis in both hips, spinal facet joints are disintegrating... But I do still train, just cut back on the intensity. I walk 7miles a day even with all these problems.

I was also put on Metformin and Diannette for PCOS over 10yrs ago - which it appears I don't have! Last year, after going off these meds, my thyroid was on its way to collapsing. I'm still titrating up on Armour - I'm on 5gr as of today and will be increasing shortly as still not quite there.

I decided on the wknd after reading so many great posts that I was going to give this a go so here I am! All the posts are so great - so much great info, support and help. I bought the 1994 book as well.

I was never much into carbs but whilst I have cut down on them over the years, it never seemed to make a difference. I have been known to binge on them (chips, fries with ketchip and gravy, pasta) but nothing recent so am not expecting this to be that hard to achieve success.

So as of today, which is four days after starting:
Weight 84.6kg (UK size 16)

My goal is as close to 60kg that I can get and as close to 30 Aug when its my 40th. I'm 5'4 and when smaller, of average build but have always weight trained so do have some muscle bulk.

Fingers crossed. I want my life back. Am tired of being held back by thyroid, ovaries, weight, feet, back, you name it!

Tiggy 03-07-2013 08:37 AM

Right, am going to post one day at a time. Sorry, its a bit late so will combine the last few days into one entry. I tried doing the Fat Fast but found was just so hungry it was too difficult to stick with. All of the exercise cals burned is from my heart monitor readings. I only drink either sparkling mineral water or sometimes Diet Dr Pepper but drink well over 2ltrs a day. And usually a packet of Crystal Light Iced Tea.

Sunday 3 Mar. 84.6kg
100g Macadamia Nuts
50g Fatty Salami
Exercise: 2hrs walk (1552cals)

Monday 4 Mar. 83.9kg
100g Macadamia Nuts
225g Pave Steak
2cups Round Lettuce (3tbsp olive oil and 1tbsp red wine vinegar)
150g Grilled Haloumi Cheese
70g Salami
Exercise: 2hrs walk and Powerplate (1586cal)

Tuesday 5 Mar. 84.3kg
100g Macadamia Nuts
100g Dressed Crab
70g Salami
300g Rump Steak
2cups Curly Lettuce (3tbsp olive oil and 1tbsp red wine vinegar)
2tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
Exercise: 45min walk (431cals)

Wednesday 6 Mar. 84.4kg
100g Crayfish with 3tbsp mayonaise
3slices Grilled Ham
1cup Alfredo Sauce (equal parts Butter, Double Cream, Grated Parmesan)
150g Sliced Pepperoni
2tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
Exercise: 1.45hr Walk (1263cals)

I started using Ketostix on Tuesday and have been in ketosis ever since then but just haven't had any weightloss since the first day :-(

Tiggy 03-07-2013 12:22 PM

Thursday 7 Mar. 84.6kg
3 soft boiled Eggs
50g Macadamia Nuts
2 Grilled Burgers topped with 1/2 cup Homemade Guacamole and slice Cheese

No exercise, tired, bed at 8pm

Tiggy 03-15-2013 08:11 AM

Oops, got a bit behind so will just update this from my written journal!

Friday 8 March 83.3kg
1.5 cup of my Alfredo sauce with a packet of 150g sliced chicken
10 slices of back bacon
1/2 cup cream cheese topped with hot salsa and black olives
2 egg omlette with ricotta (2tbsp) and topped with aubergine pesto

Saturday 9 March
2 egg omlette with ricotta (2tbsp) and topped with aubergine pesto
Tuna mayo on top of grilled cheese
Small serving no rice cabbage rolls

Sunday 10 March 82.8kg
Two servings cabbage rolls (no rice)
100g packet of cashews, almonds and macadamia nut mix
1 serving of pork pibil and friojoles
Pork scratchings with guacamole and bit of salsa (dinner at Wahaca)
Exercise: walk to Greenwich (2hrs) 1768cal

Monday 11 March 84.1kg
150g coleslaw and 150g sliced chicken
300g sliced chicken
70g proscuitto
Foot surgery no no walking for a couple weeks

Tuesday 12 March 83.6kg
3 eggs omlette with cream cheese
4 burgers with cheese and salad

Wednesday 13 March 83.4kg
5 grilled spicy sausages with salad
175g Havarti cheese slices
4 spicy sausages

Thursday 14 March 83.5kg
3 grilled spicy sausages
2 stuffed chicken thighs (cream cheese, spinach) wrapped in bacon
75g salami milano
50g macadamia nuts

Friday 15 March 82.6kg
2 stuffed chicken thighs (cream cheese, spinach) wrapped in bacon with salad
Roast pork belly - thick crackling only
50g macadamia nuts
Exercise: Weights session - chests and back

Tiggy 03-17-2013 12:26 PM

Another two days gone

Saturday 16 March 82.5kg
2 stuffed chicken thighs (spinach, cream cheese, bacon) with salad
4 pepperoni sticks
150g roasted pork belly

Sunday 17 March 82.6kg
3 pepperoni sticks
3cups steamed cauliflower with 1cup Alfredo (cream, butter, parmesan)
Fried black pudding with salad

No gym but 4 hrs shopping and 6 hrs cleaning

Tiggy 03-26-2013 11:14 AM

And a week gone by already. Thank god I keep a paper journal as well!

Monday 18 March 83.1kg
Large bunch of asparagus wrapped in proscuitto, roasted
160g soft cheese covered in chopped almonds, coconut and pineapple
400g beef meatballs with 50g tomato sauce (Sacla Gorgonzola and Onion)
Buffalo Mozzarella and salad

Tuesday 19 March 82.8kg
3 eggs scrambled with cream and slice of cheese
6 baby red peppers stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon
Tandoori chicken mixed grill with salad
Exercise: walk 650cals

Wednesday 20 March 83.3kg
Whopper salad with 400g beef
3 slices cheese
3tbsp peanut butter
4 slices cheese
400g filet steak

Thursday 21 March 82.8kg
2cups Cauliflower with Alfredo sauce (1/2 cup)
2 burgers with cheese, coleslaw and lettuce
1 whole chorizo
Exercise: 60min walk

Friday 22 March 83.1kg
400g sirloin steak with salad
1pack bbq chicken slices
1/2 eating chorizo
2 cups cauliflower with butter

Saturday 23 March
1/2 eating chorizo
Beef mince with tomatoes
Inside of Taco Bell burrito supreme
2 big macs (meat, lettuce and cheese only), 1 double cheeseburger (meat, cheese only)

Sunday 24 March 83.1kg
1 mince stuffed pepper with cheese
1 sm avocado and lettuce salad
Packet snacking salami
2 mince stuffed peppers
Roast chicken thigh with kale
1 eating chorizo

Tiggy 03-26-2013 11:18 AM

Monday 25 March 83.3kg
1 stuffed pepper with mince and cheese
Brie with butter
Salad with portobello mushrooms (4) stuffed with pork mince
25g peanut butter and butter

Tuesday 26 March
3 eggs scrambled with cream and cheese slice
Salad with roast chicken (1/4)
50g St Agur cheese
Exercise: Shoulders and Arms session

Phranquie 03-27-2013 06:18 PM

Tiggy, welcome to LCF. You certainly have been through tough times with your health issues. I admire you for persevering and still exercising in spite of of pain. I am the pits at exercising and have only recently started. I have been on Armour and Cytomel for years for my thyroid. When I dropped some weight my doc lowered my Armour dosage for the first time ever. I hope that you find the great health benefits of eating LC. Your menus look really good and you get good variety in them. Good luck on your journey!

Tiggy 03-31-2013 05:43 AM

Thanks so much Phranquie!
I really hope I get there as well! I just upped my dosage and am now up to 6 gr so am looking forward to when I can reduce it. I found I had to increase it since going LC but then I read some articles on the Thyroid Patient Group UK site that said that can happen when you increase protein intake. Very strange, but actually, since increasing, I feel better.

Thanks for your input on my menus, I'm trying! I think I messed up a bit the last week as the ketostix were nowhere near purple so have stopped eating out and really watching again. I am getting a bit frustrated as don't seem to make any progress on my scales, though clothes are getting a bit looser. I'm hoping its just water retention from weight lifting. I went for a 6mile walk Friday, first time after surgery, and almost didn't make it home. Honestly, I want a new pair of feet! Am hoping with some new physio, things will improve. I think that's the worst part - I want to go and do things but that feeling wanes as soon as everything hurts! But am trying :-)

Tiggy 03-31-2013 05:45 AM

Wednesday 27 March 82.6kg
Roast chicken with Alfredo Sauce (1/2 cup butter, cream, parmesan)
500g mince beef, onion, taco beef seasoning
Lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa

Thursday 28 March 83.3kg
Roast Chicken with Swiss Chalet sauce (250ml)
5 pepperoni sticks
175g mixed Italian salami
200g coleslaw with 5 chicken wings
Exercise: Chest and Back weights

Friday 29 March 84.3kg
6 chicken wings with 250g coleslaw
Pulled Pork pibil with salad, beans, cheese, hot sauce
Exercise: Legs weights and 6.5mi walk (1,506cals)

Saturday 30 March
3 pork sausages and 2 fried eggs
3 pork sausages
400g ribeye steak grilled and head curly lettuce with oil/vinegar
Exercise: powerplate 30min, 3hrs walking

Phranquie 04-01-2013 07:18 PM

Tiggy, beware about the ketostix. If they read any color at all then you are in ketosis, not just when the color is really dark. I think there are a lot of factors at play including how much water is in your urine and what you have been doing. So don't fret over them not being dark purple. I use the mouth test. When I feel like I have major dragon breath, I know I am burning fat and am in ketosis. Sounds gross but this is the easiest way I can tell.

Also there will be a couple of weeks after you get going on LC where your loss will stop for a couple of weeks. It is normal so don't worry about this. Your loss will start up again and continue as you stick to your plan.

Wow, I was on 3gr of Armour and finally went down. Your thyroid must be quite sluggish. Do keep up with your blood work with your doc as when your diet and weight both change so will your meds. My body does great with Armour and LC eating :) I do believe the LC eating helps me feel more energy.

Tiggy 04-09-2013 07:29 AM

Thanks so much Phranquie!

Although 6gr is alot, I've been reading Dr Lowe's book on fibromyalgia and he seems to find that those with fib require higher doses than those with just thyroid issues, go figure! I think I'm much closer to my sweet spot now, so fingers crossed!

Thanks for the breath mint tip!!! Will keep a nose out for that!

Just wish I would stop yo-yoing with these same 3kgs!!!

Tiggy 04-09-2013 07:39 AM

Damn, got behind again on my journal!

Sunday 31 March 84.1kg
100g carved ham with alfredo sauce (1/3 cup ea cream, parmesan, butter)
50g macadamia nuts raw
4 burgers (lunch/dinner) with grated cheese, sour cream, 1/2 fried onion and mushrooms
Head round lettuce with oil and red wine vinegar
Exercise: Bellydancing, shoulders session 1,851cals

Monday 1 April 83.8kg
6 cumberland sausages
1 head round lettuce with oil and vinegar
Roast duck pieces with gem lettuce cups, cucumber and 1tbsp reduced sugar hoisin
Exercise: powerplate session 445cals

Tuesday 2 April 83.8kg
Can oil-packed tuna mixed with mayo on grilled cheese slice
French blood sausages
Head curly lettuce with oil and vinegar
4tbsp coconut oil with 1 tbsp peanut butter - bark
Roast duck pieces with gem lettuce cups, cucumber and 1tbsp reduced sugar hoisin

Wednsday 3 April
6 sauteed king prawns in butter with sqeeze of lemon
4 burgers with 3 cheese slices, mayo and low carb ketchup
Coconut bark
Guacamole with salsa mixed in with pork scratchings at Wahaca
Small serving frijoles with sour cream and cheese

Thursday 4 April 83.7kg
2 eggs and 2 slices fried haggis
2 sausages
Coconut bark
Exercise: 45min walk

Friday 5 April 83.8kg
Black pudding fried
Head round lettuce with oil and vinegar
Cream cheese pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, salami, half tomato, half green pepper

Tiggy 04-09-2013 07:44 AM

Saturday 6 April 84.2kg
100g carved ham with alfredo sauce (1/4 cup butter, parmesan and cream)
Tandoori mixed grill with chicken, prawns and salad
3/4 Cream cheese pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, salami, half tomato, half green pepper
Exercise: 45min walk

Sunday 7 April 84.4kg
1 slice Cream cheese pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, salami, half tomato, half green pepper
6 slices bacon, 10 sundried tomatoes and grated parmesan
Head curly lettuce with oil and vinegar
Pork pibil (shreded spicy pork stew) with frijoles (black beans with sour cream)
Guacamole mixed with salsa and pork scratchings
3/4 coconut bark
2 slices havarti cheese
Exercise: 4hr walk to Greenwich, 30min swim 2,602cals

Monday 8 April
2 boiled eggs
coconut bark
Lrg piece chicken fried steak (made with ground almonds)
Head round lettuce with oil and vinegar
Exercise: chest, shoulders and back 712cals

Phranquie 04-15-2013 05:49 PM

Tiggy, you have an amazing and varied exercise plan! I have just started to walk and do zumba classes so I am in awe of how much you do.

I hope you are feeling well and that you have been enjoying the lc plan you are on. Your menus look really good and varied.

Tiggy 05-06-2013 02:25 PM

Thanks so much Phranquie! I wish I could do Zumba - too much twisting and foot work for my recovering toes and ankles! I used to salsa but that's out too for now - suffering from bad achilles and after effects of foot surgery which didn't quite work out! Walking is my favourite as it gives you time away - but my feet problems make it difficult and painful - though it hasn't quite stopped me yet, am walking the Breast Cancer Moonwalk next weekend - the full 26miles!

Am sure you are having a great time with zumba and with the weather getting better, walking will be even nicer! If you want to start weight training - give a Body Combat class a try. I started weights 15yrs ago that way and now train with the big boys! It really does help with getting toned, and unless you are lifting like Schwartzenneger, you really won't bulk up.

Have been sooo bad and haven't been updating my journal here so going to get to it now! At least I write everything down. Have some blood work being done later this week to check my T4 and T3 levels so fingers crossed am near my optimum dose!

Tiggy 05-06-2013 02:39 PM

Crikey, am way too far behind to enter in a month's log! Going to start from 1 May and be diligent from there! Had one slip up last month and had a bag of Jalapeno Cheetos, I don't know why, or what came over me, they were 26g carbs and made sure had no other carbs that day and only half the day after. I still don't know why as I've managed to resist even a taste of two different birthday cakes I baked for friends, fries at dinner at a friends and other temptations, but stupidly went for the bag. Rght, will not fixate...

Wednesday 1 May 83.1kg
1 cream cheese pizza recipe topped with 150g passata, 75g salami, 1 green pepper, 2 cups mushrooms and half a small can of corn
1 large piece of coconut bark
Exercise - back and chest, 20min powerplate

Thursday 2 May 83.1kg
350g cooking chorizo
2 fried eggs
400g sirloin with head lettuce and oil/vinegar
1 large piece coconut bark
Exercise: pilates session

Friday 3 May 82.9kg
1/4 roast chicken with lettuce salad plus 3 cherry tomatoes and cucumber, sunflower seeds
1.5 lb steamed lobster with butter, 2 sm lettuce salads with balsalmic
150g prawns with squeezed lemon
1 large piece coconut bark
Exercise: 3hrs walking

Saturday 4 May 82.6kg
6 slices mexican cheese
Whole head of broccoli with 1 cup alfredo sauce
1 piece coconut bark

Sunday 5 May 82.4kg
1/2 roast chicken with two green peppers and 3 cups mushrooms, fried in cajun seasoning
3 slices Havarti cheese
1tbsp humous
Exercise: bellydancing class, 30min swim, 20min powerplate

Monday 6 May 82.2kg
60% of cream cheese pizza topped with 150g passata, green pepper, 2 cups mushrooms, 75g salami
1 keilbasa sausage with dollup of mustard
30g bag of posh pork scratchings
Exercise: shoulders and arms, 20min powerplate

Tiggy 05-19-2013 04:52 AM

Tuesday 7 May 83.5kg
3 slices of ham with 1 tbsp humous
1 piece coconut bark
2 burgers, 2 slices Havarti, lettuce with oil/vinegar
1 bg pork scratchings
2 burgers

Wednesday 8 May 83.8kg
3 eggs scrambled with cream and cheese
3 slices Havarti
2 pineapple cheese rings (cream cheese with almonds)
100g pecans
6 chilli sausages
1 bg pork scratchings

Thursday 9 May 82.5kg
3 slices Havarti
5 chilli sausages
2 Pret tuna sandwiches - insides only
2 bg pork scratchings
2 big macs - inside only, 2 cheese burgers

Friday 10 May 82.6kg
2 scotch eggs
2 bg pork scratchings
1 piece Whitecastle beef pie
3 slices Havarti
1 bg almonds

Saturday 11 May
1 piece Whitecastle pie with added pasta sauce
Wahaca - pork pibil with frijoles, guacamole
1 burger
1 piece coconut bark
Exercise: 14mi marathon walk from 12am to 6am

Sunday 12 May
3 burgers with lc ketchup, mustard and mayo
3 slices Havarti
1bg pork scratchings
3 pieces coconut bark

Monday 13 May 82.3kg
1 piece Whitecastle pie with pasta sauce
1 steak with salad, 5 pieces polenta
Antipasti with meats, veg
3 Havarti slices
1 piece coconut bark

Tiggy 05-19-2013 04:58 AM

Tuesday 14 May 82.3kg
1.5 pieces Whitecastle pie with pasta sauce
3 Havarti slices
3/4 head of cauliflower with alfredo sauce

Wednesday 15 May 81.8kg
Lettuce with ham, sunflower seeds, 4 baby tomatoes and tex mex dressing
1 bowl Chinese Muslim beef with mang tout (cucmin and chilli, shaoxing wine)
5 pepperoni sticks
1 bg thai crackers (6carbs)

Thursday 16 May 81.5kg
2 fried eggs, 1 sausage, 3 slices bacon, mushrooms
1 piece white fish in tomato sauce, sliced tomato with mozzarella, 1 piece chicken
1/2 bowl Chinese Muslim beef

Friday 17 May 81.5kg
2 scotch eggs
1 bowl Chinese Muslim beef
1 pk Jarslbourg cheese
1 piece coconut bark

Saturday 18 May 81.3kg
2 bowls cajun chicken with green peppers, 4 shallots and mushrooms
75g milano salami
3 slices Havarti
Exercise: shoulders and biceps

Tiggy 06-16-2013 06:43 AM

Omg, I am terrible! Another month has gone by, well since I am feeling so jet-lagged, am going to update properly

Sunday 19 May 81.7
Large bowl cajun chicken with peppers
3 slices Havarti
2 slices Havarti with can tuna with mayo, grilled
1 piece Brie
2 thai crackers
1 pepperoni stick

Monday 20 May 82.4kg
5 pepperoni sticks
1 bg thai crackers
2 big macs and 2 cheeseburgers - insides only
40% pizza (cream cheese base) with passata, bacon, peppers, mushrooms, tomato
2 pieces coconut bark

Tuesday 21 May
1/2 remaining pizza
3 slices Havarti
1pk corn fritters (8 gr carbs)
6 onion sausages
1 pk coleslaw and potato salad (4gr carbs)

Wednesday 22 May
5 sausages with 1.5 heads lettuce and texmex dressing
4 burgers with 3 havarti slices and grilled mushrooms
Exercise: chest and back

Thursday 23 May 82.6kg
2 eggs with bacon
400g steak with head lettuce (balsalmic and oil)
1bg scratchings

Friday 24 May
Lunch at Mango Tree: duck breast, fish cake, mango salad, chicken satay, penang beef curry (naughty: a few prawn crackers)
75gr salami
1 chorizo ring
1 tsp of caramel sauce (had to test as partbof baking a toffee apple cheesecake for a friend)

Saturday 25 May
3 Havarti slices
Lunch at Hazev: taboulleh, humous, borek, vine leaves, aubergine, couscous, chicken shish

Sunday 26 May 82.1kg
Packet Bacon
Lunch at Mango Tree: sliced pork, fish cakes, mango salad, chicken satay, prawn crackers
1 bg pork scratchings

Tiggy 06-16-2013 06:59 AM

Monday 27 May 82.6kg
Whole pizza (cream cheese base) with passata, salami, peppers, mushrooms, ricotta, olives
5 slices bacon

Tuesday 28 May
2 big macs and 2 cheeseburgers - insides only
2 pieces coconut bark
2 bunches roasted in olive oil

Wednesday 29 May 82.6kg
4 burgers with topped with cheese, mushrooms, 1 shallot, sour cream
1 pkt pecans, 1 pk broad beans
2 pieces coconut bark
1 bunch asparagus
Exercise: 5mi walk

Thursday 30 May
Black pudding with lettuce and tex mex dressing
1 pc coconut bark
150gr ham with butter
1 bag scratchings

Friday 31 May 83.0kgs
Black pudding with lettuce and tex mex dressing
1 pc coconut bark
1 bag scratchings
2 cups alfredo sauce
3 scrambled eggs with cream

Saturday 1 June
Black pudding with lettuce and tex mex dressing
1 pc coconut bark
Dinner at Wahaca: pork pibil, frijoles, sweet potato
Exercise: chest, back, arms

Sunday 2 June
4 burgers with 2 heads lettuce and tex mex dressing
1 bg scratchings
Exercise: legs

Monday 3 June 82.6kg
2 bags scratchings
1 piece coconut bark
4 double cheeseburgers - inside only
1 steak with lettuce, balsalmic vinegar, parmesan
1 small packet cherry tomatoes

Tiggy 06-16-2013 07:42 AM

Tuesday 4 June (flying to Miami)
Salad with three prawns and blue cheese dressing
Steak with green beans
Organic raw pineapple slice
2 packets nuts and cashews
Mixed Mexican meats with salad, beans, salsa and sour cream

Wednesday 5 June
4 sausages, 5 slices bacon with scrambled eggs, 2 proscuitto slices
1 burger pattie, cheese, salad with feta
Tuna carpaccio
Chicken parmagiana with cesar salad
Exercise: shoulders and 45min swim

Thursday 6 June
Roast beef slices, salad, tuna mayo, cheese slices
Mixed seafood (crab legs, lobster, crab cakes, tuna, prawns)
Steak, salad, carrots and beans
3 Lindt balls
Exercise: arms

Friday 7 June
2 burgers and 2 hot dogs with pickles, 2 cheese slices, mayo, salad
3 pieces buffalo chicken strips with blue cheese
Exercise: 3hrs bowling

Saturday 8 June
3 pieces buffalo chicken strips with blue cheese
Baclened chicken with cabbage
1pk ham with jalapeno cheese dip
5 Lindt balls

Sunday 9 June
1 pk ham with jalapeno cheese dip
1 large chopped salad
Exercise: 45min swim

Monday 10 June
5 Lindt balls
Tgi spinach dip (no chips)
Buffalo chicken tenders with blue cheese dip
Steak with salad and broccoli
Exercise: 45min swim

Tuesday 11 June 83.6kg
Omlette with cheese filling, 2 sausages and 5 bacon slices
4 burgers with lettuce with balsalmic dressing

Wednesday 12 June 82.3kg
3 double cheeseburgers and one big mac - insides only
1 duck breast with soy and honey, salad and 1/2 pomegranate
1/2 bag seaweed peanuts
2 lindt balls

Thursday 13 June
Lrg Thai pork mince with salad mixed with mango and peanut satay
3 pieces coconut bark

Friday 14 June 81.5kg
4 hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad, malt vinegar beets
4 pieces coconut bark

Saturday 15 June 81.5kg
Coconut lime chicken thighs (3) with coconut cream, lettuce, thai dressing and satay sauce
1.5lb steamed lobster with salad
Exercise: chest and back, 30min swim

Sunday 16 June
Coconut lime chicken thighs (3) with coconut cream, lettuce, thai dressing and satay sauce
200g fried haggis
50g cherries
100gr chorizo
Exercise: legs and 30min swim

Tiggy 06-23-2013 03:45 PM

Monday 17 June 82.4kg
250g haggis fried in butter
1 chorizo ring
Taco beef with lettuce, pepper, salsa, cheese, sour cream
1 bag pork scratchings
Exercise: arms

Tuesday 18 June 83.5kg
2 bags scratchings
2 laura secord chocolate bars
2 servings taco beef salad as previous day
Coconut bark

Wednesday 19 June 83.7kg
2 big macs and 2 cheeseburgers - insides only
1 bag scratchings
Cajun chicken stirfry with pepper and mushrooms
1 mozzarella ball
Exercise: 45min swim

Thursday 19 June 83.1kg
LC pizza with passata, salami, green pepper, tomato, mozzarella
Coconut bark
1 bag scratchings
Exercise: 25min swim, powerplate

Friday 21 June 82.1kg
Head of lettuce with 2 chicken breasts, sunflower seeds, texmex dressing
Bacon, sausages with sauerkraut fried in butter
Exercise: powerplate programme hips/thighs, 30min swimming

Saturday 22 June 82.5kg
Bacon, sausages with sauerkraut fried in butter x2
Black pudding fried in butter with salad and tex mex dressing
Exercise: powerplate upper body and fat burner 60min, 25min swim

Sunday 23 June
Pizza with passata, mozzarella, mushrooms, green pepper, sweet corn (1/2 can), salami
2pc coconut bark
Exercise: pp fat burner/bone strengthen (60min), Shoulders, 20min swim, 45min walk

Tiggy 07-06-2013 02:44 PM

Monday 24 June
2 fried eggs with 80g fried ham
1/2 chorizo stick, fried halloumi cheese
1bg scratchings
2 servings stir fried cabbage with beef
Exercise: powerplate 6 pack and thighs/hips programme 60min

Tuesday 25 June 84.1kg
2 big macs and 2 cheeseburgers - insides only
Leftover cabbage and beef stirfry
Coconut bark
Piece of roast chicken
Exercise: 30min powerplate runner programme

Wednesday 26 June 83.1kg
4 lindt balls, thai crackers, noodles (feeling sorry for myself binge)
Lettuce, chicken pieces and tex mex dressing
Exercise: 30min powerplate fat attack

Thursday 27 June
1pk proscuitto
Insides of two Pret tuna sandwiches
1 meat antipasti, steak with fennel, rocket, lemon
Brie, coconut bark

Friday 28 June
3 burgers
Coconut bark
Steak with fennel, lemon, rocket

Saturday 29 June
1 burger
Salad with roast chicken, tomato, bacon, parmesan

Sunday 30 June 82.4kg
4 burgers with cheese
Cauliflower with alfredo sauce
Exercise: bellydancing 60min, 20min powerplate, 30min swim

Tiggy 07-06-2013 02:49 PM

Monday 1 July 81.7kg
100g peacans
Cauliflower with alfredo sauce
Mozarella ball with one sm tomato, oil, vinegar
1/2 bag scratchings

Tuesday 2 July 81.4kg
Veal mince with mushrooms in chilli tomato sauce
Peanut butter and butter
Wahaca - pork scratchings, guacamole, pork pibil, frijoles

Wednesday 3 July 81.4kg
1 pk salami
2 sausages

Thursday 4 July 81.4kg
Chorizo ring
Lrg container coleslaw

Friday 5 July 82.1kg
2 burgers with lettuce, oil, vinegar
3 sausages with lettuce, oil, vinegar

Saturday 6 July 81.4kg
Cesar salad with bacon
Caramelised onion humous with celery
Brie with butter

GailyGail 07-07-2013 07:36 AM

Tiggy, I am so impressed with your fabulous low carb menus. Very gourmet, tasty and varied!

Tiggy 10-02-2013 10:46 AM

I so wish I deserve your cudos! I've been naughty quite a few times recently and haven't been keeping up with my online journal either...

But I've been scouring the threads for some better recipes and I'm hoping to be a better girl and cook those up instead of, gasp, ordering a sweet and sour chicken and noodles dinner...

Tiggy 10-02-2013 10:52 AM

So, will skip the last couple months and start this week again...

Monday 30 September 80.7kg
LC pizza with pizza sauce, mozarella ball, green pepper, sweet corn, salami, mushrooms, olives
Coconut bark

Tuesday 1 October 80.6kg
Sauerkraut with fried gammon steaks x2
Coconut bark
Exercise: powerplate Core Blast and Skiing programmes

Wednesday 2 October 80.6kg
Salad with bacon, sundried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, parmesan
Tuna mayo cheese melt
Exercise: two powerplate sessions (heading there now!)

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