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MintQ8 02-22-2013 10:58 PM

Vicky's Hypnotic Gastric Band Journal
Need some way of keeping focused on this and to see how it's working.

The first thing I had to do with Paul McKenna's new program was read the whole book all the way through. There are a couple of different things in the book from the I Can Make You Thin program, but you still need to follow the 4 Golden Rules
Eat when you're hungry
Eat what you want
Enjoy every mouthful
Stop when you are full

The new NLP recording guides you through the procedure, and from what I can gather, unlike ICMYT, you don't need to listen everyday to the recording. But you can listen as well as often as you like. So I plan on every day for the first week. Then maybe drop back.

There's also a DVD that explains 'havening', this is a technique that supposedly stimulates seratonin, something that people who over eat crave - eating turns it on?

I listened this morning - and then applied the 4 Golden Rules and ate my lunch. I did feel full faster - left some lunch, but did get hungry later - had a little something - not enough to feel full.

We're off out for Thai tonight, will be interesting to see what happens there!

MintQ8 02-23-2013 04:12 AM

So, just back from my meal out. Very interesting ....

Ate 3 tiny spring rolls, a chicken satay stick, a tablespoon of coconut rice and a little soup and I was stuffed!

Normally (in non-diet mode!) would have put away the spring rolls, a couple of satay sticks, the bowl of soup, and main course and rice -a lot more to drink and we went somewhere for coffee after and I would have had a larger coffee and a dessert! Probably already feeling stuffed during the main course!

Am quite excited!

Kissa 02-23-2013 04:48 AM

I love the sound of this. It should be doable anywhere and everywhere.

I am you cheerleader.

MintQ8 02-23-2013 05:02 AM

Could be good! Keeping everything crossed xxx

MintQ8 02-23-2013 03:47 PM

Just had my leftover soup from last night's Thai, for brekkie. Feeling quite full.

See how the rest of the day pans out!

MintQ8 03-04-2013 04:23 PM

Been away for a few days - and now know that I will need to listen on a more regular basis.

Oh well, that's not too difficult to do.

MintQ8 03-31-2013 03:37 PM

Okay - went off track for a few weeks - have listened 2 x since last night - so let's see where this takes me ...

MintQ8 04-01-2013 01:38 AM

So far so good ...

Ate way less today then I have in ages.

For dinner I managed half a small pork chop, a few green beans and broccoli, three small roast potatoes (not even half a small full potato) and a bit of cheese sauce - and I feel stuffed, unpleasantly so.

Will be listening again tonight - we're off for a few days and I want to stay on the program.

ouizoid 04-01-2013 06:58 AM

good luck Vicky!!!

Kissa 04-01-2013 08:29 AM

Keep it up sweetheart. Good start. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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