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Simone 02-12-2013 01:37 PM

Simone's Daily Food Journal
(I'm committing to posting my food until I reach my weight loss goal. I'm following South Beach Diet and I'm on Phase 1.)

Tuesday, 2/12

Breakfast: Coffee with 2% milk, Pizza eggs

Lunch: 1 cup Fage 2% plain Greek yogurt (nothing added to it)

snack: Red peppers and 1 cheese stick

Dinner: 4oz. Salmon and huge mixed green salad with cucumbers, red kale, tomatoes, celery and green peppers. Lime vinaigrette dressing.

Simone 02-13-2013 01:32 PM

Wednesday, Feb 13

I haven't really exercised much since I started South Beach. My weight loss has been strictly from dieting. There was a time in my life when I used to workout a lot, going to spin class several times a week and also working out with weights. In the back of my mind I've been thinking that I would start exercising more seriously (again) when my weight loss begins to slow down; until then I think I will just continue to walk for exercise. Adding intensity to my workouts as I get closer to goal weight should help to keep the weight loss steady. I'm not sure if this is right. I might be going about it completely wrong. Maybe I should be hitting the gym hard right now?

Breakfast: Coffee with 2% milk
Pizza eggs (This is a south beach approved casserole that I heat up in the
morning and makes 4-6 servings at a time. It really helps to keep me full throughout the day.)

Lunch: Fage yogurt 2% milk

Dinner: Julia Child's Eggplant (sliced roasted eggplant with diced tomatoes, basil, parmesan cheese and mozzarella.
Salad with lots of veggies and lime vinaigrette.

Exercise for today: 3 miles walking

Simone 02-14-2013 02:02 PM

Thursday 2/14
Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! :heart:

Breakfast: Coffee with 2% milk and the last of the pizza eggs!

Lunch: Left over eggplant from last night, green salad and 4oz. yogurt

Dinner: Making Chicken Kiev, (south beach style--no bread crumbs), and steamed broccoli to go with it.

no snacks today!

Exercise: Walked 3 miles again today.

Simone 02-15-2013 02:41 PM

Friday, 2/15
I'm going out to dinner with my hubby tonight. This will be the first time I've eaten out since starting South Beach. I picked a restaurant where I know I can order a healthy salad, but I'm still a little bit worried about it.

Breakfast: coffee with milk; egg white omelette

Lunch: Greek yogurt (8 carbs)

Dinner: I plan to order a grilled chicken salad, water with lemon to drink. If I eat anything other than that I will post about it tomorrow.

Simone 02-16-2013 07:58 AM

Saturday, 2/16
There are so many things on my mind that I want to get out before starting my day.

First, today is my dad's birthday. Well, it would have been his birthday if he were still alive. He died of a heart attack last summer after a very long battle with heart disease. He developed diabetes (type 2) sometime in his forties and did nothing about it until he had a massive heart attack one day. He had four heart attacks in his life, beginning when he was in his late forties spanning until his death in his seventies. Surgeries alone saved his life because he did very little to help himself. The quality of his life was so poor, he really stopped living when he was in his fifties.

I watched Dad abuse his body while growing up. It made me (and my siblings) angry that he wouldn't change. He smoked unfiltered Camel cigarettes; he ate a high fat, low fiber diet; he did not exercise. He was totally unapologetic about his lifestyle. He did not think he owed anyone an explanation as to why he was killing himself. There were a few rare moments when I was able to see how he felt inside, that in actuality it was that he believed he could not quit smoking, and that he felt alone in his struggle (despite the support he had from a spouse and family). He did not want to die, though. I am sure of that.

While I have never been clinically obese, this last time I got pretty damn close. What have I been doing? And more importantly, why? What do I owe my husband and family? When I met my husband, I wore a size 4. I wear a 12 right now. I am unhappy. Aside from the aesthetic, there are the real physical effects from being overweight. It will kill me, if I don't change the way I live. Exercise isn't an option. It's necessary, like drinking water or sleeping. I know that eating unhealthy will catch up with me and that changes have to be permanent. I do not want to crash diet, that will not work. I want to change how I live. I am not any different than my father, and if I act like him, I will die prematurely, too. I love my husband so much, I can't even imagine leaving him early by choice. I want better, and he deserves better.

I'm sorry that my Dad could not or would not change his lifestyle. He believed that life was too short to be unhappy. But tragically, happiness for him was tied to destructive behaviors like overeating and smoking. It's what helped him to get through his day. There's so much I could learn from him, if I allow myself to be honest.

I never smoked, thank god. So there's that. But I often think my happiness is tied to being able to eat whatever I want. I also think that I am punishing myself when I go to the gym (or run or exercise regularly). I start thinking ridiculous crap like, "Well, the French are skinny and they don't work out." Hello, you do not live in France. Just do what you know works, okay?

Second, I am so proud of myself for eating a salad last night. I left the restaurant slightly hungry, made it past the frozen yogurt place that I LOVE without stopping, and had a plain yogurt when I got home. Doing that simple act made me so much stronger. I handled the temptation just fine. I'm so glad I didn't mess up.

And third, as of this morning, I am down another pound, which puts me at 167 lbs. I have lost 10 pounds! I wish I knew what "clicked" inside to make this determination reappear. I kept praying for a rock-bottom, but it never seemed to come. One day, I just started wanting to take care of myself again. I'm so thankful.

Yesterday, I did all of my grocery shopping. This weekend will be spent cooking low-carb meals ahead of time and putting it in the freezer. I found a wonderful website, full of phase 1 recipes. I do not know this person, but I love her recipes! Here's the link: Kalyn's KitchenŽ: South Beach Diet Information Posts on Kalyn's Kitchen

This weekend I am making Kale, Lasagna. I've never tried it before, but I think it looks good. I've read that kale is really good for you, so I am trying to eat more of it.

I'll post my food later today. Have a great Saturday! (The weather is perfect today! )

Simone 02-17-2013 06:24 AM

Sunday, 2/17

Breakfast- Coffee with Trader Joe's all natural Vanilla creamer (less than 4 carbs) yogurt (Fage 2%)

Lunch: Tuna with celery and mayo

Dinner: Kale lasagna (this turned out so good!) and Arugula salad with red peppers, cucumbers and lime vinaigrette. I loved this dinner. It's very low carb, and it tastes a lot like lasagna. The best part is that it makes a lot, so I don't have to think about cooking this week. :D

Exercise: Yesterday I spent the entire day outside. I did yard work most of the day, but also took the dogs for a long walk. The weather is amazing this weekend, 40's - 50's and sunny.:heart:


Breakfast: Coffee with 1 T Vanilla creamer (not hungry at all)

Lunch: Arugula Salad with lots of veggies; boiled egg

Dinner: Reheat kale lasagna and serve with broccoli

Exercise: Definitely going to jog/walk intermittently today. I'm aiming for 3 miles. I also wouldn't mind riding bikes today. I bought some flowers and herbs that need planting today as well. So, if all goes well, I will be outside all again today. :)

Simone 02-18-2013 06:14 AM

Monday, 2/18
No work today because it is President's Day! :heart:

I have not weighed this morning because the hubby is still sleeping and I don't want to wake him up. However, the weight loss has definitely slowed down. I knew it would, but it's not as exciting. I guess it's time to think about permanent lifestyle changes and not crazy tactics to lose weight quickly. This kind of thinking is hard for me.

Yesterday went well. I exercised by running and walking, covering close to 4 miles. The dogs are loving the extra exercise! After I finished in the yard, I decided to visit the thrift shop where I bought a used copy of "The South Beach Diet Super Charged" (I really should have read the book before starting Phase 1, instead of just relying on the Internet for information :doh:) and I bought a couple of mini skirts for summer in a size 8. They are too snug to wear right now. I can button them, but I'd never wear them out this tight. I bought them to motivate me. It's completely reasonable that I should be able to wear them comfortably after losing another 7-10 lbs. I feel like I need the incentive for when times get tough. So they are hanging where I can see them in the closet to be reminded of my goals.

After reading the book last night, I realize that I made some mistakes. It's amazing to me that I lost as much as I did considering I didn't follow the diet exactly. Anyway, after being on Phase 1 for more than two weeks, I realize I have to move onto Phase 2. I don't really want to reintroduce bread, oatmeal, or rice just yet, though. I think I will just reintroduce berries for now. I also think I should ditch the vanilla coffee creamer based on what I read. Even though it is organic, it still has extra sugar that I wouldn't be eating. I don't really NEED it. I like fat-free half-half, so I will switch to that.

Regarding yogurt. While the book recommends eating fat-free yogurt or 1%, I am sticking with 2%. If they had 1% Greek yogurt, I would buy it, but they don't. I've read that the body will not absorb the calcium as well when it's fat free, therefore it's better to buy low fat over fat free. I'm not sure if that 's true, but there's a world of difference in taste. I can't stand fat-free yogurt unless it has sweetener in it, and then what's the point.

I disagreed with the book about using Aspartame or artificial sweeteners. I think that stuff is dangerous. I don't trust it. I'd rather eat no sugar or something natural like Stevia. But that limits my options, because all of the low carb yogurts have Aspartame in them. At least in my area. I was lucky to find a flavored Greek yogurt at Trader Joe's that was organic and had 12 carbs, but that's still more than I want to eat.

Food for today:

Breakfast- Spinach eggs (recipe from Kalyn's kitchen see link on previous post) and coffee with 2% milk

Lunch: Green Salad with lots of veggies and 2 oz. plain/dry tuna; lime vinaigrette dressing. 1 cup of mixed berries

Dinner: Probably Kale lasagna again. Love this recipe!!! :lol:

(I have not been eating snacks because I don't feel like I need them right now.)

Exercise: Time to hit the gym. I will blog later what I did while there, but I plan to do the elliptical and some weights. I'm really trying to be positive about it, but I'm not looking forward to it! :workout:

Simone 02-18-2013 01:10 PM

Update on weight: Holding steady at 167, which is fine for now.

Update on the gym: 45 minutes on the elliptical. 15 minutes mat work (crunches, leg lifts, planks, and stretching) No weights.

*I am committing to go to spin class tomorrow after work! If I write it down, I'll pressure myself to follow through.

Simone 02-19-2013 12:36 PM

Tuesday, 2/19
I'm really excited because I lost another pound this morning! That puts me at 166lbs. Today I'm wearing my size 12 jeans, and they are very loose in the waist and hips. (so exciting!) :jumpjoy:

P.S. I have virtually every size covered in my closet from size 12 down to a size 4! Isn't that crazy? The majority of my life I have worn a size 4 skirt and 6 pants. I can't wait to be able to fit into those clothes again! :heart:

Breakfast: Spinach eggs and coffee with milk

That was the last of the spinach egg casserole, so I will have to make something tonight for the rest of this week. I'm thinking of making pizza eggs again--just sauteed cherry tomatoes with garlic, added to 10 eggs, parmesan and mozzarella cheese baked in the oven. (If anyone wants the official recipe, just ask. I am happy to share it.)

Lunch: Kale lasagna; greek yogurt with berries

Dinner: Mixed green salad with cucumbers, carrots, red pepper and cherry tomatoes. 3 oz of baked Wild Salmon.

Exercise: Gym- Spin class.

Simone 02-19-2013 05:43 PM

I made it through spin class tonight! So proud of myself for going! I plan on going again Thursday night. Tomorrow I think I will just do a regular workout.

Simone 02-20-2013 05:38 AM

Wednesday, 2/20
Well, I didn't make the egg casserole last night before going to bed, and consequently I didn't have breakfast before leaving for work. I grabbed some yogurt and berries to eat at my desk later, but this is not going to be very filling. On top of that, I have to wait 8 hours before eating lunch. (I have a weird work schedule) :sad:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt and fresh berries to go with it

Lunch: Stir fry chicken and veggies

Dinner: Green salad with lots of veggies

Exercise: Going to the gym again, weights and elliptical, aiming for 1 hour total.

Simone 02-21-2013 10:29 AM

Thursday, 2/21
Yesterday I was reminded of how important it is for me to have healthy foods made ahead of time, so that I'm not hungry or scrambling around at the last minute. Being unprepared usually causes me to get off track. I was lucky that I didn't blow it yesterday because it could have turned out badly.

This morning I had a piece of low glycemic toast with an egg for breakfast. (Ezekiel 7 sprouted grains) I know I can have it, but I'm a little worried. I feel full and everything, I'm just afraid that it will tricker cravings or mess with satiation. My plan is to eat either oatmeal or a piece of bread at breakfast a few times each week. Other meals will be lower in carbohydrates, especially dinner, to balance it out.

Since I have been going to the gym, my attitude has improved about working out. I'm not as negative or afraid. I'm actually looking forward to spin class tonight. :)

Today I wore a pair of jeans that I have not been able to fit into in almost a year! It feels really good to lose some weight, even if I do have more to go. :)

Breakfast: coffee with ff half-half, toast and egg (no butter) Carb 15g, sugar 1g

Lunch: 3 oz. tuna with celery and mayo (3 carbs)

Dinner: Roasted chicken breast and stir fry cabbage (10 carbs)

Exercise: Spin class

Simone 02-22-2013 06:09 AM

Friday, 2/22
I lost another pound! Working out is helping me lose weight faster. Since the end of January I've lost 12 lbs.

Anyway, last night's Spin Class totally rocked, quite literally. I can honestly say I never really got into Jimi Hendrix growing up (he was long gone by the time I hit puberty), however last night the instructor played tunes from artists like Buddy Guy and Hooker, transitioning into the 60's-70's rock scene like Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, The Stones and The Beatles. I really enjoyed it. It was a nice change.

Stuff I want to do today:
1) Go to the grocery store (with a list!). We are out of everything. I found a few recipes that I want to try for next week, and need to get started on them this weekend.

2) Hit the gym. I'm stuck with exercising on the elliptical and weights today, no fun classes. I loaded up my ipod with new music last night to make it more interesting, hopefully that will help.

3) Wash and cut veggies and fruit so that they are ready when I'm hungry. I used to grab bread-like snacks or something prepackaged when I got home from work while waiting for dinner. Having washed berries and cut veggies in the fridge, or a cheese stick has really helped me when I was hungry. Getting everything cleaned, chopped, put away in containers usually takes me 30-45 minutes. It's not a favorite task, but man I love having it done.

4) Wash and sort out gym clothes. Having a clean shirt paired with exercise pants and socks makes it easier to grab when I'm packing stuff for work the night before. It's very OCD like, but it works for me.


Breakfast: yogurt and fresh blueberries; coffee with ff Half-half (not especially hungry today)

Lunch: eggplant pizza (looking forward to this!)

Dinner: Probably going out tonight. Protein, veggies, water. That is all!

Exercise: Gym for at least 1 hour; walk the dogs; I also want to ride my bike at some point this weekend.

Simone 02-23-2013 08:06 AM

Saturday, 2/23
My muscles are aching from head to toe! I wanted to go to spin class this morning, but my body hasn't adjusted to all of the working out again. Last night I fell asleep at 9 p.m., like an old woman!

We decided to eat at home last night, instead of going out as we had talked about. I roasted a (whole) chicken. I haven't done this in a while; it was so good. They had a sale on organic chickens, making it almost half price. I couldn't resist. I always cook whole chickens on a wrack, so the fat can drain; I felt like it was a healthy meal. I ate mine with broccoli, but I roasted red potatoes in olive oil and garlic for my husband. I'm not going to lie; it was hard to pass on the potatoes. I stuck to my plan, and ate only protein and green veggies. I'm glad I didn't blow it.

I've been thinking about a working out schedule, and trying to come up with a solid one to follow. I know I will have to change it when my body gets used to it, but I like having a master plan, so to speak.

MWF- Elliptical, or treadmill on incline 45 minutes
Weights 20-30 minutes

T,TH, Sat- Spin Class

Saturday- Yoga after spin class (it's an extremely low key class, mostly stretching)

Sunday- nothing!

I can't over do it, though because I have two Australian Shepherds that demand a lot of exercise. They make me pay when I don't walk them! Sometimes I cheat and take them to the dog park, though. :)

I hope I am able to follow this schedule. It's not going to be easy. I used to work a similar plan for years. I hope it falls into place as it did then. As I recall, it gets easier.


Breakfast: Oatmeal :heart: 1/2 cup dry oats (12 carbs); 2 teaspoons "All Natural Peanut Butter" swirled in after it was cooked (1.5 carbs); Coffee with ff half-n-half

Lunch: 3 oz. Tuna with celery (3 carbs) and mayo

Dinner: Green salad with red pepper, cucumbers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes; 2 oz. roasted chicken, lime vinaigrette (about 10-15 carbs)

Exercise: Walking the trails today with the pups (5 miles)

Simone 02-24-2013 06:12 AM

Sunday, 2/24
Last night we went over to my sister's house for dinner. I brought a green salad, and my sister roasted turkey. Everyone had sandwiches, except me. (I felt a little weird, but it was ok) I measured out my food and did really well during dinner. I didn't have any sweets (cupcakes), bread, soda/pop or potato chips.

I did have one indulgence after dinner: about 1 oz. of organic white cheddar popcorn. Considering everything, I think I did okay. The popcorn was a pretty healthy snack (low in fat and calories), but it did have 12 carbs for that 1oz., which is a lot. And I didn't plan to eat it, so technically I fell off the wagon. I'm about 6 oz heavier this morning. The extra weight could be because of the popcorn; I'm not sure. More likely, it's just fluids.

Either way, it's back on track today.

I have three recipes to make today. Spinach eggs, Stuffed Peppers, and (maybe) Chicken Soup. That should give me some nice options through the week.

Breakfast- eggwhite omelet; coffee with ff half-n-half

Lunch- Huge green salad with cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, celery, cherry tomatoes and 1 T (light) tomato/basil Feta cheese. Lime vinaigrette.

Snack- 1 cup of mixed berries (blackberries, raspberries and blueberries!)

Dinner- Stuffed Peppers; steamed broccoli

Exercise: Going to spin class this afternoon. Walking the dogs (~2 miles).

Simone 02-25-2013 08:30 AM

Monday, 2/25
I'm so glad that I made the breakfast casserole yesterday, because this morning I did not want it!!!:p The thought of more eggs is making me sick. I will have to get over it soon; I don't want to waist all of those expensive organic eggs!

Yesterday I went to spin class and walked the dogs. I feel like I'm doing a great job sticking to my plan. I started at the end of January, which isn't a very long time, but I'm hoping to change permanently, making this a new way of life.

Breakfast: Low fat Greek yogurt. Fresh mixed berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries)

Lunch: 1 stuffed pepper; raw veggies on the side (celery, cucumber and a couple of carrots)

Dinner: Lowfat Chicken Kiev (made without breadcrumbs) with broccoli on the side.

Snack: not sure if I will need one today...

Exercise: Going to the gym after work. 45 minutes elliptical 20 minutes weights.

Simone 02-26-2013 09:34 AM

Tuesday, 2/26
Holding steady at the same weight this week. I'm eating clean and working out, and that's all I need to be concerned about. Right?

I have to keep reminding myself that weight loss acheived through a change in lifestyle is 100% better than a crash diet, even if it means taking a little longer. I'm eating healthy carbs that are important to maintaining health for the long term. My vision can't be so short sighted that I'm only considering this summer or this year.

Seeds, fruits and vegetables all have cancer fighting properties that help us to maintain good health. That's a fact. And let's be honest, I didn't gain weight eating fruit and veggies. I gained weight eating refined carbs. I remember being completely out of control with my diet when I put on 45 lbs. I stopped working out and started eating poorly.

Somehow over the past 4 years I started doing a lot of this:

1) I used to eat cereal as a snack before bedtime.
2) I used to eat chocolate quite a bit. Halloween and Christmas turned into downright binge eating.
3) I used to sit on the couch and watch TV when I got home from work and stayed there until bed.
4) I used to eat out for lunch and sometimes dinner, too. At minimum we ate dinner out 3 times a week. Sodium and fat were the two main staples of my diet.

When I think about the weight I gained I realize it was well deserved. So why do I think my body is treating me unfairly if I don't lose a pound every other day? That's insane. :dunno: I love it when journaling (sometimes) makes these little blind spots of insanity apparent, even to me.

If I want to lose weight without crash dieting, I have to work out! The gym and I need to be best friends. lol.

Onto a different topic: I think I'm done with eggs for a while. I ate them this morning and almost gagged. Just can't do it anymore. :sick:


Breakfast: 1 piece of Ezekiel bread (dry toast) with spinach eggs on top; coffee with ff half-n-half

Lunch: Left over chicken kiev (about 3 oz.) with large mixed green salad

Dinner: Salmon (about 3 or 4 oz.) and lots of steamed broccoli

Snack: 4 oz. apple

Exercise: Spin class after work, tonight

Simone 02-27-2013 05:59 AM

Wednesday, 2/27
In a hurry this morning!!!

Breakfast- oatmeal (oldfashion oats) with spinkle of mixed nuts (2 carbs worth)

Lunch- Broiled fish (plain with lemon) and mixed green salad

Snack- apple (4 oz)

Dinner- Chicken and broccoli

Exercise- Gym 1.5 hours

Have a great day, Low Carb Friends. :)

Simone 02-28-2013 04:55 AM

Thursday, 2/28
Exciting news! My sweet husband bought me an iPad mini on Tuesday. We got it set up last night with some really cool apps. I now realize that I have made journaling unnecessarily difficult on myself. I set up an account with an app that tracks calories and carbs automatically. It also allows members to network, which I plan to do a better job at. lol.

Anyway, I will stop journaling here. I never made any contacts during my short tenure here, but someone was obviously reading my journal besides me. For that reason I feel the need to explain my departure and assure you that I am not giving up, and NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!!

I hope everyone on this forum meets their goals, and more importantly I hope we all find and maintain good health.

Best wishes,
Simone :)

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