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Bamboozled 02-06-2013 09:22 AM

This is where I Say Stuff!
I think I need to keep a journal of my weight loss so a year from now I can see where I was in March, June, etc. I find I forget some of my struggles after they are done and over with.

Down to 291 as of Feb 6th. Have been stuck at 291 for a week or so now. Definitely not a full fledged stall by any means but let's see if I can get the scale down by the weekend!

I'm hoping my slow weight loss helps my skin bounce back. I've been drinking more water than should be humanly possible, hope it keeps my skin hydrated!!

Bamboozled 02-13-2013 08:39 AM

Well, this weekend I didn't do that great. Had half a chicken sandwich at dinner on Saturday and ate most of the fries. I just couldn't justify $15 for a fricking ceasar salad so ended up eating some carbs. It was a mediocre dinner and I wished I hadn't been dragged out to the restaurant in the first place.

Sunday I had some fajitas, which we made at home and were awesome. Now I am going to start a really clean month coming up. I guess I have been getting very frustrated at not losing weight even though I have been so good. Perhaps I need to try a fat fast or something like that.

Had brocoli and butter for lunch today. Forgot the salt so it was mind numbingly bland.

Yo-yoing between 292 and 293. Would really like to get down below 290 by March.

Was planning a Valentines Day cheat but I am not going to. Not after my indulgent weekend!

Bamboozled 02-15-2013 08:42 AM

Hubby, thinking he was being sweet, brought me home a few heart shaped jujubes they had at his work. When he brought them home I tossed them across the room and said NO!

Four hours later I ate those buggers. They were good but immediately after I regretted it. You see within 5 minutes of eating the 6 jujubes I was dashing to the bathroom with the runs. Within FIVE minutes of consuming them! Crazy!

And the last time I ate some sugar was Christmas and after eating only a handful of Turtles, I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up. I am not a puker either.

I think in a way I am very glad I ate those stupid jujubes. Just reinforces that SUGAR is poison!!!

Bamboozled 02-25-2013 10:21 AM

Going to switch to South Beach starting today.

I have been having some chest pains for the past few weeks on and off and it's gotten a bit concerning. I'm not blaming the way I'm eating but I do think it might be best to cut back on the fatty meats and go South Beach and see if that helps.

I lost a great deal of weight on South Beach before but I was younger (18) and I think weight loss is easier the younger you are so I will try not to be disappointed if it doesn't work as well this time.

Bamboozled 03-18-2013 08:28 AM

Myah! Argh!

The attempt to start eating phase 1 South Beach ended up with me going on a two week mini binge. By that I mean I ate my regular broc or salad but then for dinner I would go nuts and have stuff like a potatoe, rice, etc. I didn't go back to eating sugar or junk so I can't really get too upset with myself over it. The stress I was dealing with was really intense and everyone falters on diets, especially when extreme stress is involved!

I am now feeling better and much less stressed and looking forward to today being a fresh start for LC! My low carb diet is now tailored to fit around the Blood Type O+ diet. Cutting out cauli, cabbage, mushrooms, pork (ham, bacon, etc) and processed meats. I am adding back carrots and some fruits (plums, cherries).

I will have to keep careful track since I am not sure how well I will do consuming fructose.

And as a reminder, eating carbs left you feeling much more poopy then when not eating them. And, I know you hoped that eating fiber would make your stomach feel better but you still have that achey inflammed spot left of your belly button.

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