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AubernBear 02-03-2013 07:06 AM

The bears journey through the woods
This is my flog (fatloss log).

A bit of history, I started on 4th January this year after getting to my 'ut oh' point.

Thursday 31st I had my 'mega binge', some call it carbocide - I ate about a billion carbs.

I am now back in ketosis (ketostix checking becomes addictive, like a strange game).

Today I did my first 'check-in', I weigh 158.2KG (348lbs) and I am 6"4, my build isn't that of a super fat person, but it has noticeable fat - I used to be very athletic and I am still fairly 'muscly' beyond the fat.

Anyways, that's all you're getting! I look forward to hitting the end of the month to see where I'm at with this... the 27 days I did do I had noticeably lost size with clothing is becoming quite baggy, the goal is to hit 300lbs and to start lifting again - i am looking at this as a fairly long term thing.

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