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Saltsandsea 01-29-2013 04:06 PM

My B-day present to myself!!!
:clap: Hello, my name is Lyndzee and I started atkins 2002 on January 16, 2013. I'm 6 foot tall, and in my (ahhum) late 20's, I was always pretty thin. Then came my babies.... My first was a surprise and he was born in march 2011. Then six months later, surprise or shock really, found out about my second. He was born June 2012, so they have a year and three months between. Both were c-section and huge!! Ten and eight pounds respectively. Now my body is a wreck, honestly would do it all over again I love them so! But as hubby says no more ( makes three for him) I need to be healthier for them and comfortable in my skin.
January 16 I weighed 240
January 23---230
Tomorrow I weigh myself again. Will probably do a weekly weigh/measure every wed. Want (and WILL) be comfortable in a bikini by my b-day in June!!!! Lol!
If anyone has tips or encouragement or maybe crazy stories about Atkins and their journey, feel free to share :hiya:

Saltsandsea 01-30-2013 07:35 AM

Okie dokie, got up this morning, before coffe and after the bathroom, weighed myself and took measurements.
Starting weight was 240, so that's 15 lbs in two weeks!! So excited!
Starting was, chest-36
Sooo happy! It doesn't feel like much but I know it's an awesome start. Sugar is my nemesis, peanut butter and chocolate in any form, but will gladly keep away from it to keep seeing these numbers drop. I have 65 more to go, I know it's not a lot, but sometimes it feels like 1,000lbs! For now, drinking coffe, and making a meal plan, will keep updating.

Saltsandsea 01-30-2013 03:44 PM

Getting dressed for the store and on a whim pulled out the size 16 jeans from the bottom of the drawer. They fit!! A little snug mind you, but no over hang! I still have the marshmallow mommy belly, but it is slowly going away. I have always had a butt, it's just never been this jiggly, can't wait to start working out to tone. I know there is SOME muscle under there.
At the store I found some coconut oil and bought it, I have read great things about it. Got home after lugging in a 36 lb toddler, a 20 lb eight month old and all the groceries, that counts as a work out right? Anyway, I tried some on the tip of a spoon and my first thought was "ridiculous!" Followed with, "where have you BEEN all my life!" It instantly made me think I was eating a mounds candy without the chocolate. But screw the chocolate, this is better and better for me, in moderation, and I fell in love :)

GailyGail 01-30-2013 05:32 PM

Lyndzee -- congratulations on losing 15 pounds in two weeks! That is awesome!!! And it is so great that your size 16 jeans fit and looked great! You are well on your way to success. I have hard great things about coconut oil -- it seems to hasten weight loss by making you feel fuller. And it is great for your hair and skin!

Saltsandsea 01-30-2013 07:42 PM

Thank you! :) I can't wait to see a change, Lord knows, my hair could use it!

Saltsandsea 01-31-2013 09:15 AM

Aaah, what a morning!
Last night I didn't feel well, a weird cool front came in yesterday and it went from low 80's to 40. Scratchy throat, congestion and all around yuckies. Didn't take meds though, just some green tea and CO, really had to talk myself out of a hot toddy, old Jackie D was giving me the eye. This morning I'm feeling a lot better, so far...
Here's a little BG:
We live in south-central tx, on a ranch in the boonies, and I mean BOONIES. The only house on the dirt road that's like two miles long, nearest civilization is 3mi. one way. It's a corner store/post office and there is one yellow blinky light, no red lights here!
It has its up sides, quiet, close to nature, we have a horse and some cows, chickens(who keep hiding their fresh delicious eggs) and three dogs, one cat and who knows what else. My hubby hunts on the land and harvests deer (in season) and wild hog. Out here the hogs are as thick as a roach infestation, but hogs are way tastier, and open season year round. Our deep freezer is currently full of ground, pan sausage, chops, steaks and backstrap. None of it from the store, he processes it and I know what goes in the sausage :) Glad to have this good meat, only problem is I'm getting sick and tired of PORK!
Uuuuhhhg, and the other problem, Hubbs can throw down some BBQ, he's has trophies to prove it. But his super secret rub has brown sugar in it and its not the same BBQ with out it. He has been very supportive, trying different recipes and grilling salmon for me,
next to his 14 hour sweet and spicy, perfectly tender, liquified fat rendered, basted pork butt..... I believe if I ever do have a temptation it would be that, or his brisket or ribs. I can still have his sausage/cheese bacon wrapped jalapeņos.
The down sides, I am a beach baby, from the coast and raised on the water, Hubbs is country to the core and from here. Sure, we have stock ponds here that one could swim in but seeing as how the cows think that's the thing to do too, I'll pass. Im used to shrimp and fish at least two or three times a week, and Cheap! We would go down to the marina and buy from the boats for $1 a lb., good sized shrimp too, catch our own red drum and speckled trout. It's just so different.
Four years later and I'm still adjusting.
In light of all that info, we have a water well on our place. This morning it decides to act funky and stop giving me water. Thank goodness there was enough filtered water in the Brita to make the baby's bottle. I try it an hour later and there's water!! So just when I get the Brita filled again, I won't drink it from the tap and don't want my kids to either, it just cuts off.
Call Hubbs and tell him what's going on, he says there is probably air in the lines and he will have to bleed it when he gets home from work, at six in the evening!!
Blah, good news, took a peek and lost a lb since yesterday, hope it sticks and wasn't a fluctuation.

Saltsandsea 01-31-2013 03:55 PM

Menu tonight- my first attempt at roasting whole chickens. Yes, plural, go big or go home :) yes I know, a southern girl who's never roasted chicken? Well I can make some fried chicken good enough to slap somebody... but obviously can't now, much to Hubby's dismay. Will have to experiment with some mayo and crushed pork rinds later.

Saltsandsea 02-01-2013 08:11 AM

Well, chicken last night was stupendous!!!
Paula Deen was right, you can never have too much butter, they were juicy and flavorful. Cleaned them out and rubbed them down with two sticks softened butted mixed with salt, pepper, minced garlic and Italian spice mix. All over and under the skin on the breasts, liberally. Baked 350 for an hour then basted every fifteen mins, three times, then cranked it up to 400. Thirty mins later, took them out and let them rest while I made some broccoli. It was awesome! I'm surprised I even have left overs!
I know it may not sound like much to some, but for me it was a great accomplishment, I think I'm really learning to expand my cooking skills on Atkins. :)

Saltsandsea 02-13-2013 10:39 AM

Hello all :) it's been awhile since I've posted, crazy babies in the house, but am happy to report that I have stayed on plan! Weight today is 220, that's 20 lbs down, and from the start I'm down 15 in. overall. So happy! I've been bad about counting and writing down my carbs but I pretty much eat the same thing everyday.
3 eggs in the morning
Meat and salad for lunch
Meat and salad for dinner (sometimes a veggie too)
2 cups of coffee with HWC and Splenda through out the day (I'm a coffee-holic)
And not as much water as I should be drinking
I take a supplement, potassium,coQ10, b complex and krill oil every day. When I forget I can tell a difference. I'm planning on a 2 week vacation to my mom and dads, they have been missing the kids (their first grand kids).
I'm concerned about going off plan there, my mom bakes like crazy and it's sooooo good. But she has already said she will do anything to help me not be tempted.
Will keep updating!

Saltsandsea 02-16-2013 02:14 PM

Well, my goodness!! Vacation to my parents is now on hold, my mom had her appendix rupture, she is fine and in the hospital recovering. I want to be there even more now, but as she said, an infant and toddler in a hospital room won't have much fun.
WOE is still going great, had coffee/HWC/Splenda and a cream cheese-coconut oil fat bomb. For lunch I experimented with a pork steak. I put some salt, pepper and garlic, started pan frying it, then added some cummin, yellow mustard and cream cheese. It was really good and I was surprised!
I ate it with some steamed yellow squash and Brussel sprouts.

Saltsandsea 02-19-2013 08:08 AM

Denise Austin just kicked my butt! Two days in a row and it hurts so good... Have been on track with WOE and feel great. Weigh in and measure tommorow.
It official:
I stink :( my hubby told me last night. He said I have for a while but he didn't want to be rude. Well I would rather be smelly for a while and burn fat than be all rose petals and chunky. I told him it won't last forever and I'll just brush my teeth more, like eight times instead of four :) listerine is my friend...

Saltsandsea 02-21-2013 03:55 PM

Uhhhhh.... Went off plan last night. Hubbs and I went to the rodeo and it was awesome!!! I ate well and clean, but I drank :( I don't remember how many beers but they were Michalob ultras ( sp)? Then free shot of crown and at the after party it was bud lights. I hardly ever drink any way even before Atkins, but last night was one of those once a year things. Hangover wasn't bad, I remembered to chug water, and the scale was down three lbs. but I know it will come back. Today I'm back on track though and will continue.

Saltsandsea 02-23-2013 08:45 AM

Ahhhhh today. Well the scale is back up to 218, but that's ok. It's the lowest I've been in two years, dehydration from the alcohol was weird. Tex-mex is the ultimate hangover food but the beans, rice and tortillas are no-nos :( so I passed and had black coffe. Had the leg cramps I have heard about but they went away after the potassium supplement. Felt great yesterday and good today. Thinking about a round of Denise Austin, is it sad that I'm so excited I found episodes from the 80's I could record? We used to have a channel that was work out shows ALLDAY long but for some reason direct tv did away with that :(
I am very interested in callenetics, if any one has experience or personal journeys to share please feel free. I would love to hear the good, bad and ugly!!! :)

Saltsandsea 06-24-2013 08:49 AM

I'm back!!!! Got lost on a sugar tangent, really lost, but now today is day one again!

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