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Robofitz 01-29-2013 08:24 AM

2013 is going to be my year of success!!
I’m starting this journal for accountability to myself. My goal in 2013 it to be in a size 10 by the end of the year and I know I will do it! I am currently a size 14-16.

I love myself and owe it to myself to stay focused and committed to low carb 100%...not just committed during the week, or committed with a nibble here and a nibble there but 100% committed 100% of the time. I started low carb on 1/7 and stayed cheat free until this past Sunday and yesterday I spent all day feeling like crap about myself! I figured I can either fail or I can use my cheat as a lesson for the next time I feel like straying. I want this journal to empower me when I am feeling weak as well as keep me accountable. I want to take this one week at a time staying at induction level carbs until I hit my goal. Every Monday I will set a new mini goal that I will hold until the end of the week, this week my goal is just staying on plan with ZERO cheats!! My 1st mini goal is to be in a size 12 by my boyfriends 30th birthday, we are going to Vegas and I want to be able to wear a cute swimsuit that I feel confident in!!

I spent my whole life battling with my weight. My heaviest was 260 and my lowest was 150. I lost all my weight by severe calorie cutting and excessive working out. This wasn’t something that was sustainable for me so the obvious happened…I gained back ½ the weight. I refuse to weigh myself because I get pretty obsessed with the #’s on the scale so I will be measuring instead and I will measure once a month and track it hear. Please feel free to post any advise or things that have helped you stay focused and on track throughout your journey.

Today’s menu
B – 3 scrambled eggs ½ cup ground turkey and 1 oz shredded cheese.
L – 3cups ground turkey
D – Pork roast with small side Cesar salad.
Workout – 45minute treadmill workout keeping heart rate between 140-160

HappyHappyJoyJoy 01-29-2013 07:09 PM

You can do this!! In fact, you'll be surprised - you could be there by June!:jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

Robofitz 01-30-2013 07:55 AM


Originally Posted by HappyHappyJoyJoy (Post 16228017)
You can do this!! In fact, you'll be surprised - you could be there by June!:jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy:

Thank you Happy!! That would be awesome if I could be there by June but I figured I would give myself until the end of the year. It is very difficult for me to shift my weight:annoyed: I workout like crazy and have always watched my diet although I have never seriously tried low carb! Im excited to see some changes:jumpjoy:

Wow! From your stats looks like you have lost a wee over 40lbs in 9months! Way to go:clap:

Robofitz 01-30-2013 08:37 AM

Im feeling really good this morning. I slept great last night and now ready for another day:jumpjoy:

Todays menu
B – 3 scrambled eggs with ham, coffee with cream
L – 1cup ground turkey with 3 slices of ham
D – BF is taking me to dinner tonight to celebrate our anniversary. The place we are going to, serves gigantic portions so we will most likely split a prime rib and I will have a side salad or vegetables. I am determines to stay on plan though, this place has amazing desserts and BF has a sweet tooth like no other so perseverance in full effect!!!

Workout - My shoulder has been acting up so I am going to do another cardio day. 25min treadmill climb and 20minutes on eliptical

Gonna shoot for 100oz of water today!

Robofitz 01-31-2013 08:16 AM

I am feeling really great today…I have tons of energy and I feel more focused than ever. I exceeded my water intake goal yesterday by 32oz so I feel good about that and I am ready for another day. :D

I wanted to recommend watching a documentary “Hungry for Change”. It’s streaming on netflix right now and it’s very informative for so many reasons. I watched it last night and it really inspired me to stay away from artificial sweeteners and pay more attention to the ingredients in the food I consume. There were people on there that lost 200lbs or more and others who where able to heal ailments just from their diet, also a ton of other great information.

Todays menu
B – 3 eggs with ham
L – Taco style salad (romaine lettuce, chicken, tons of salsa, little sour cream, a sprinkle of cheese and guacamole) this is very yummy and super filling.
D – Salmon with salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, some parmesan cheese, avocado w/ lemon juice and olive oil, salt for dressing)
WORKOUT = 45minute circuit training with light weights, tons of abs…my shoulder is feeling much better so going to ease back into some light weights.

Robofitz 02-01-2013 10:54 AM

YAY!! ITS FRIDAY:jumpjoy::jumpjoy::jumpjoy:…so excited for this weekend and this one will definitely be a challenge staying on plan but not to worry…I’m pumped to stay focused with no cheats. Tonight BF is taking me to dinner, tomorrow night a big group of couples are going to a dinner then shooting pool and playing shuffle board afterwards. Sunday is a full day of football, friends and BBQing. I have already planned out my “staying on plan” strategy and now its just time to execute it!!

Today menu
B – 3 eggs and ham…coffee with HWC
L – Salad (lettuce, cilantro, cucumber, red onion with homemade avocado dressing)
S – ½ cucumber with a little hummus
D – going to dinner but I already know what I am going to order…Salmon with grilled asparagus w/tons of water and most likely 1-2 cocktails (vodka w/soda water and a lemon)
WORKOUT = 45minute cardio...treadmill climb and eliptical keeping heart rate at 150-160 today.

I really hope this amazing energy sticks. I feel like in the last couple of days this fog has lifted and I have this amazing amount of energy:yahoo:. My work stress affects me less, my over all attitudes towards life and people is changing and my creative senses are in full force! Had I known in the past that really sticking to LC would have all these amazing benefits other than weight lose; I would have changed my way of eating long ago. In the past when I tried this WOE I half assed it, this time sticking to it has really made a huge difference. The desire to want to fuel my body with whole LC foods and cutting out all the chemical laden crap that I used to consume is strong. The positive effect’s completely out way any carby food that I used to consider a treat!

On an upward to a healthier me, a stronger sense of self and a fresh outlook on life! At this point I could care less about losing weight because I feel amazing. Losing inches is just butter on my steak vs icing on my cake:D

Robofitz 02-04-2013 08:52 AM

This weekend was both great and horrible if that is even possible. Friday night went out to dinner with DBF and I stayed on track. Then I woke up Saturday morning horribly ill. I couldn’t hold anything down and was getting sick literally every ½ hour and wasn’t even able to hold down water. It was definitely food poisoning since I was so violently ill. By the time I got everything out of my system it was close to 3pm. I finally felt like I could eat something but the only thing I could stomach was a tortilla and a piece of toast. I know not the best choice but I couldn’t stomach anything else. Other than that I stayed on plan and was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend. Although I didn’t have time to take measurements.

Today is a super busy day so not a lot of time for sit down meals and also still not feeling 100%, most likely will eat very little.

B – 3 eggs with ham
L – Some nuts
D – Double bacon cheese burger wrapped in lettuce
Workout – just a light cardio workout, not gonna push myself too hard today.

Robofitz 02-07-2013 07:59 AM

I didn’t get to workout yesterday, as a matter of fact I haven’t worked out since last Friday. I figured I would just give myself a break until I was ready which will be today because I am pumped to sweat today. I just don’t want working out to become a chore so I figured I would just allow myself to take a few days off. I have been eating on plan though and feeling great! I measured last night and I am another ½ inch down in my waist, almost a whole inch down in each thigh and still very little change in my arms but that is ok. I figure my arms will be the last to shrink since they always are. Hoping to be in size 12's by the end May!!

Today menu
B – 3eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese, coffee w/cream
L – 3 eggs with ham
D – Chicken break with salad
S – blue cheese stuffed olives (if I need)
Tons of water today, I woke up super thirsty so gonna get that water down.
WORKOUT = 45minute cardio

Robofitz 02-08-2013 08:08 AM

Again it’s Friday and I am looking forward to another great weekend. We have some gloomy rainy weather today but I love it!! This weekend is yet another semi busy weekend. Tonight is a dear friends store opening party. There will be live music, dj’s and I will get to see a lot of good friends. Tomorrow is a big music day for me, getting ready to record some vocals next week so will be prepping and practicing most of the day tomorrow with one of my band mate’s. This has been such a great musical experience for me for so many reasons; this is the first time I am delving into singing since I am a drummer and a bassist. I feel more comfortable “behind the band” then front and center but it has really awoken my passion for music and the challenge so far has been very rewarding. Sunday will be nothing but cleaning the house and RELAXING!! Both DBF and I have been so busy lately with work and everything else that we decided to make it a snuggle movie marathon day!! My couch is calling my name and I can’t wait to just kick my feet up before another long week of work.

Today menu
B – 3eggs with little bit of soyrizo and pepperjack cheese.
L – Cobb salad with ranch
D – Not too sure yet since we will most likely be going out for dinner, but will either be a carb friendly salad or protein of some kind.
Again tons of water today, still been very thirsty
WORKOUT – 45min treadmill HIIT workout, keeping my heart rate between 140-170

Robofitz 02-11-2013 09:21 AM

Did great this weekend even though I was busy. I drank a bit more wine that I needed to on Friday night but then I didn’t drink at all the rest of the weekend. Friends store opening was so much fun and my BF and I won a trip to Catalina Island in the raffle. That was unexpected but made the night so much more fun! Music went great Saturday and I am almost ready for this weekends recording session.

Todays menu
B – 3 eggs w/3 pieces bacon, water
L – 11 chicken wings
D – Either will be chicken breast with salad or ground turkey burrito bowl…not sure yet.
WORKOUT – Doing another 45minute’s HITT on the treadmill…this new routine has been kicking my butt and I am enjoying it a lot, so I will be doing it again today and most likely tomorrow

Robofitz 02-12-2013 08:31 AM

Todays menu
B - 3 eggs cooked in bacon grease, 3 slices bacon
L - slices of ham w/pepper jack cheese
S - Celery with cream cheese, plus pork rinds if needed
D - ground turky burrito bowl...I made chicken soap last night since my boo is super sick so burrito bowls tonight
WORKOUT - 45minute cardio HITT

Robofitz 02-14-2013 09:38 AM

It’s Thursday and I am PUMPED UP and full of energy!!! I feel great! I put a pair of 14 skinny jeans on this morning and they are loose!! What a great way to start this day of love and today I will do just that, I will love myself and tell myself I am worth it. I hope you all stop and tell yourselves today how amazing you are and that you love yourselves:heart: . Hope everyone has a great V-day and that you are able to spend some quality time with your loved ones. BF and I will be making dinner together tonight then doing what we love best together…playing music in our living room for an audience of one, our pooch! :sing::sing::sing:

Yesterdays menu
B - was really hungry this morning so had 4 eggs, cheddar cheese, 3 slices of bacon
L - Ground turkey with 1 slice melted pepper jack cheese
D - Wings with ranch dressing
WORKOUT = 45minutes circuit training w/weights doing mainly compound moves, keeping heart rate between 140-170 entire time.

Today menu
B – 3eggs, 3 slice cheddar cheese, 3 slices of bacon, coffee with HWC
L – left over wings from last night (ok, I think I need an intervention…I’m addicted to wings!)
D – Pork roast
WORKOUT – 45minute cardio HITT on treadmill

Robofitz 02-18-2013 08:15 AM

Friday’s menu
B – 3 eggs, 3 slices bacon
L – roast pork with 1 slice pepper jack cheese
D – 4 large prawns over steamed veggies
WORKOUT – 45minute circuit training along with some boxing drills

Saturday’s menu
B – bacon, avocado, tomato omelet
S – few strawberries
L – ½ left over omelet
D – carne asada, green salad w/ranch dressing

Sunday’s menu
L – bacon burger with no bun, small side salad w/ranch
D – ½ double cheese burger wrapped in lettuce
CHEAT – 3 pieces of chocolate, few chocolate covered pretzels, 10 sour patch kids

Today’s menu
B – ½ double cheese burger wrapped in lettuce
L – cob salad with ranch dressing
D – carne asada, side salad w/ranch
WORKOUT – 45minute treadmill HITT workout

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