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Lindzomatic 01-23-2013 02:20 PM

Lindzomatic's Weight Loss Journal
Hello, all.

I am a 24-year-old woman, 5'2" and as of this morning 142.3 lbs.

I started my meat-and-eggs diet yesterday. I am hoping to keep this as a way of eating for life, although eventually I think I will be adding in a small amount of very low-carb vegetables.

Yesterday I had five eggs fried in a little butter with salt and pepper on them, and also some canned tune and some canned crab meat.

Most of the day was fine. I didn't notice anything unusual except that I was really thirsty. Towards the end of the day I was still very thirsty, peeing every 30-60 minutes and had some low blood sugar issues (or so it felt like).

When these symptoms started I noticed that my craving to smoke (pack a day normally) went down quite a bit.

I had more low blood sugar problems throughout the night, which caused some anxiety and frequently waking up.

I am hoping that by making ketosis a lifestyle change that I can someday get rid of low blood sugar attacks and thus get rid of a lot of this anxiety. My doctor says I am mildly hypoglycemic.

And of course I would also like to lose some weight, hehe. I have tried so many different diets but I have been stuck in the 140s since I was 15 and was also in the 150s at times. A friend said she thinks I might be "carb resistant" and suggested to me a ketogenic diet. I did some research, went grocery shopping and here I am.

This morning I was exhausted and stiff. I felt very weak and very tired. I called in sick to work and slept until 10. I made myself get up when I finally had to pee too badly. Then I made myself eat some breakfast.

Today I had six eggs fried in a little butter with salt and butter and also a can of pink salmon.

I felt better today, no low blood sugar feeling and so no anxiety. I was weak and stiff for the first few hours but this went away by the afternoon.

I am not quite as thirsty today, a little but not as much as yesterday, but I am still making myself drink 3 liters of waters. 1 liter still to go. I am not peeing like crazy today, either, just normally (for me).

I am still feeling a little tuckered out despite no exercise so I might go to bed a little early again.

I know I need to get my calorie intake up a bit but I'm just not hungry, and making myself eat that salmon (I like salmon) made me feel a little woozy. Maybe once my body adjusts more.

I don't think I have any signs of ketosis yet but it's only Day 2. My urine is normal. My mouth tastes normal. I am just pretty tired which I am guessing means my body has not started making ketones yet and is still waiting for me to eat some carbs.

Also my craving to smoke was still way down today, which I wasn't expecting. So I guess that is a side bonus. I normally smoke almost a pack a day but today I have only had five so far and couldn't finish more than half of each one.

Well I hope I can lose a little more water weight while waiting for ketosis to start. My belly did look a little bit flatter this morning and I think it is because I lost some bloating which is nice.

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