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moondust 01-03-2013 12:30 PM

Weight Loss Journal

This week finally i have managed to become a non smoker 72 hours and counting :jumpjoy:

However i also need to address the "Well Padded" behind that i nurtured whilst sat at my office desk during 2012. So 2013 is about losing weight, toning up and living life healthy :)

I am planning to keep a journal of what i eat how i feel and if my any miracle how much weight / inches i loose

So Day one :)

Breakfast - Tomataoes and Basil on thin toast with Extra light phili cheese spread instead of butter (much less fat).

Lunch - Ham salad sandwich, extra light phili cheese instead of butter.

Dinner - Samon salad with low fat orange drizzle cake

Snacks - Extra light phili with crackers (2)

Drinks - Coffee no sugar with semi milk, 1 Malibu and coke (im sure i read somewhere coconuts are good for you :lol: ) and bottle water.

Exercise - 1 hour callanetics and about 20 different attempts to dance to Gangham style with the kids (Oh the shame :hyst: ) which lasted about 40 minutes of humiliation, the kids laughed though.

Planning to update as and when i remember / have time

Cheers for reading wishing you all a fantastic 2013


mcelromi1 01-15-2013 01:01 PM

Congrats on the smoking!
I'll be rooting for you:)

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