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Doggygirl 08-18-2012 12:24 PM

A Return to Low Carb, and some other stuff...
Here I am. Again. LOL I was so embarrassed to come back...AGAIN that I tried to set up a new account under a different name. That felt strange though and I couldn't even bring myself to make a post. But I read and read and read LOTS over the course of the last week!

I have been reading Stephen Phinney's work and also the Challenge Thread about Nutritional Ketosis. I actually ordered a meter and strips (from Canada - much cheaper!) and when they get here, plan to join that challenge. It makes oh so much sense to me to REALLY figure out where I'm at as a fat burner. When I HAVE tried to get back on the LC wagon, I suspect I just wasn't quite getting to ketosis - no wonder that didn't work.

Another part of the "back to the basics" effort for me is re-reading DANDR. BOY can I relate to the issues presented in the early chapters about HUNGER on a low calorie diet. Before wandering into the WW camp in 2010 (I WANTED MY SUGARCARBIES!!!!!) I had never really followed a low calorie diet. I had followed the starvation diet as a teen (not eating at all, literally). I tended to gain and lose weight through my 20's and 30's mainly as my activity levels shifted. Then I hit the 40's and BLAMMO! Huge weight gain over night. Low carb is how I lost it. So that's what I knew.

I had drifted away from strict LC and sugar got it's hold on me. My weight started drifting up and when I was a bit more than 10 pounds over goal, I knew I had to do something. I decided to try WW. I was able to get back to my goal pretty quickly, but in the process sugars, etc. got really entrenched in my meal plan. I didn't want to give them up and was in DENIAL about what I needed to do. Some of you might remember my posts over the last year or so as I have tried to do semi low carb with fruit, etc. I am not knocking those plans or WW. We are all different. I am a person who is HIGHLY addicted to sugarcarbies in all forms. Addiction is sneaky. I believe it's just as real for me with food as it is with (formerly) alcohol and (formerly) nicotine. Denial, denial, denial.

I am finally waving the white flag. I surrender. If I want to get back to a happy place where I am in control of my food and not the other way around, then I have to get back to low carb.

Today is Day 4. My first 2 days were around 50g carbs (not net) and yesterday was around 20g total carbs. Today will also be at the 20 level if I don't eat the leg off the table, which probably contains carbs. Trees are a vegetable, right?

I have given myself permission to eat as much fat as I want just to get through this first couple weeks of keto adaptation. Somehow I think I had more stamina for it in my 40's than I do now in my 50's.

I would love to weigh 148 again. But even if I never lose a pound from where I am right now, my bigger goal is to get out from under this constant thinking about food (sugarcarbies). I just want to be FREE!

I'm letting my old journal stay dead and buried and starting fresh with a new one. I'm going to start posting my meals (and welcoming feedback!!!) and hope to settle into some group threads that make sense as this thing evolves. And then maybe post some other stuff!

I'm grateful LCF is here. I'm grateful so many fellow travelers are here sharing this journey for better and for worse one day at a time. I'm grateful to read success stories and I'm grateful to read about other people who like me, are coming back for the umteenth time. It is precious to know I'm not alone.

May the whoosh fairy be kind to all of us today! :aprayer:


Doggygirl 08-18-2012 12:37 PM

Meal plan for today:

B: (6AM) 2 eggs fried in butter
2.5 oz pork chop (5 oz looked like way to much so cut in half. It was perfect. I'm realizing I need to watch protein - not over do it!)

L: Was mildly hungry! (11AM)
Egg salad (2 egg, 1 tbs homemade mayo, 2 t dill relish, 1 t mustard)
2 cups salad greens
1 oz blue cheese
1 t olive oil
2 t vinegar
1 tbs coconut oil right off the spoon

S1 (not my planned snack): (1:30PM) 4oz, yes FOUR cream cheese. That's what it took to quiet the beast for right now.

S2 (planned snack - haven't decided if I'm having it yet)
2oz organic pastured cow pepper jack cheese

D: 4 oz salmon with 1 t olive oil
1 tbs homemade mayo
Salad greens w/ olive oil & vinegar

Will report actuals and macros when it's over.

Right now I just want to get through the day and will EAT FAT and not care a rusty hoot about calories until I get switched over to fat burning. Then will see where hunger levels and calories are.

(I know...Dr. A said no calorie counting. In the past I have always done best keeping an eye on it and trying to keep it in a range. My "off switch" for hunger is broke!)

Other stuff. Canned 7 quarts of tomatos today. Hope they seal! :aprayer:

Now I'm going to go outside - it's such a nice day - and read DANDR and watch DH train dogs.


Doggygirl 08-18-2012 05:45 PM

Well, I really did feel like I was battling monumnetal hunger all day. It was not a picture perfect Atkins eating day by any stretch of the imagination. Can you say nuts??? BUT...what I did RIGHT. I did NOT go for any sugarcarbies at all. So I end the day at just over 2500 calories and about 60g total carbs. I feel good that I didn't give up any ground to sugar!

I know that the hunger supression will arrive soon.

Tomorrow I will make a plan for 1800 cals and 20gcarbs. I'm trying to keep protein 90 - 100g, the rest fat.

If rabid hunger is still with me, tomorrow I will go with fat rather than dip into the nuts. (I wish I could banish those from the house, but cannot as they are DHs. So I must learn to keep my mitts off while they are here!)

I'm just grateful to chalk up another sugar free day. That has to come first, I think.

cfine 08-18-2012 06:04 PM

Good for you for coming back!

jeaniem 08-18-2012 06:14 PM

Hi Doggygirl
I think we have both posted in some of the same challenges before. I can relate to being embarrassed to post and restarting again. I recently had 36 days on plan and was binge free, I felt so confident and happy and then had a bad day and have since not been able to get back in control for more than a day or two. Here I sit bloated and feeling disgusted with myself and vowing to make tomorrow the day I truly get back on plan. Let me know if you would be interested in checking in with each other at some point okay?

Doggygirl 08-19-2012 04:44 AM

cfine - thank you for the welcome back! Congrats on being in the 40 pound club - that is awesome.

Jeaniem - I indeed remember us posting together as I've wandered in and out. It seems as though you have stuck here despite the struggles and I think you are way smarter than me for doing that!! Disappearing doesn't make things better. I would love to check in with each other for accountability. Do you have a journal or do you want to do it here? Or somewhere else? Congrats on staying binge free for 36 days. I know what you mean about the struggles to get back on the wagon. The goofy voice in my head always says "we'll just eat *whatever* today and then get right back on plan tomorrow.." But the voice is a liar! :mad:

So today marks my fifth day free of all sweets - natural or artificial (it's always better that way). That is my most important goal right now - off the big junkie carbs.

The meal plan for today:

2.5 oz pork chop
2 Eggs
1 tsp butter
1 tbs coconut oil

3 oz ground turkey (using it up)
3 oz mushrooms
1 tbs butter
3 tbs sour cream
2 cups romaine
1 oz blue cheese
1 tsp olive oil
1 tbs vinegar

2 oz cream cheese
4 oz celery

4 oz salmon brushed with olive oil
1 tbs mayo
1 cup zucchini
1 tbs coc oil

Cals: 1785
Fat: 143g 73%
Carb: 20g (total) 3%
Pro: 103g (24%)

I would really like to stay in this sort of calorie range for awhile. I will see how it goes today with hunger.

#1 goal for today: Stick to this plan no matter what! Moving towards keto adaptation is the key to conquering the hunger, and sticking to this type of menu day after day is how I will get there.

Other stuff..

Not sure what else I'm going to do today! I might go for a walk. I also have "Slow Burn" which I've been wanting to read and haven't - I need to incorporate some strength training back into my program (when did THAT get lost???) and it seems Slow Burn might be worth exploring. I need to clean my closet and remove the too small stuff but I've been avoiding that chore. :sad: <---I was looking for the :whiningcrybaby: smilie but couldn't find it! :) Actually, I think I would feel better about myself if I get everything out of my closet that doesn't fit me right now. I think I'm talking myself into this.

Off to make breakfast...


Doggygirl 08-19-2012 07:27 AM

Well, my garden made the decision what I will do today. More tomato canning!! I was hoping to put it off, but I know I will be very happy with myself when I cart 7 more quarts to the basement.

I am really appreciating reading DANDR with a fresh pair of eyes after the "low fat" experience. Some people seem to find success with that but for me....oh boy. My experience in the long haul has been more like what Dr. A describes in his patients. I am sad that Dr. A is no longer with us to continue breaking new ground and being fearless speaking up against the "main stream" when it's wrong. ETA: I am grateful for others who are carrying on! (Phinney, Taubes, etc.)


jeaniem 08-19-2012 03:41 PM

Hope your day is going well. I fasted today until 6pm and then had a homemade protein shake, cabbage w/ grass fed beef and a couple of pieces of shrimp. Now I am sipping an iced coffee and enjoying the feeling of not being stuffed with carbs:laugh: Can you believe we lucked out and have cherry tomatoes growing in our back yard? I didn't even plant them this year because the critters always eat them.

jeaniem 08-19-2012 04:47 PM

15 Days til Labor day~ Giving myself a little mini challenge to stay on plan for 15 days and then buying myself something nice.

Doggygirl 08-20-2012 04:58 AM

Induction Day 1 - 168.8
Hi Jeaniem! Sounds like you had an awesome day yesterday. How cool that you have cherry tomatoes that you didn't have to plant! And the critters are leaving you some! I will join you on the 15 days to labor day on plan. For me, that nicely coincides with a 2 week Atkins induction.

Well, I've given myself several days now to be very loose with my plan and eat nuts to my hearts content if sugar cravings are too much. Of course that is a recipe to help me get off sugar, but is also a recipe for weight gain, not loss (and too high PUFA and all kinds of other not good stuff!)

So.... It's time to get serious now about a structured LC program, and staying with my meal plan for the day.

B: 2 Egg Salad - 1TBS Mayo, tsp cod liver oil, tbs coc oil
L: Salad - Romaine, turkey, blue cheese, olive oil & vinegar, spoon of coc oil on the side. :)
S: 2 oz pepper jack cheese, 10 olives, 1 coc oil bark (need to get that made this morning!)
D: Beef/tomatoes/small amount of onions which is going in the crock pot this morning, 1 coc oil bark
S: one more coc oil bark if I think I'm starving

Will report macros tomorrow based on "actual." This plan meets my personal targets for fat, pro, carbs.

NOTE TO SELF!!! Remember to:
Drink plenty of water
Drink water or club soda when I think I'm hungry
Go to bed early if I think I can't stand the evening without food after dinner

I'm going to come back later and read those reminders.

Other stuff....
I'm going to school to become an addiction counselor. Interesting being a student again at 54 years old. Classes start for me on Wednesday afternoon and I'm really excited! By way of doing some reading on that topic, I am reading "Heroin Diaries" by Nikki Sixx. Was expecting at least some glamor to go with the tragedy that is heroin addiction. Of course his life as an addict was made "easier" by virtue of his money. However, the desperation in his soul along with the "smallness" of life (thinking of nothing else but the next fix, in the end) sounds the same as a poor junkie on the street. Addiction is insidious and doesn't care about socioeconomics.

I'm grateful to be free of alcohol and nicotine these days. I want to be free in my relationship with food as well. I'm not there yet - not even close. But getting sugarcarbies out again is the right step, I think. I'm really sick of spending as much time as I do thinking about food, weight, diets, blowing it, so forth and so on. That is classic addiction too in my eyes.

Wow - that's some heavy other stuff for early on Monday!!! I'll try to remember a good joke or something for a later update LOL!


jeaniem 08-20-2012 12:36 PM

Your upcoming addiction counseling career sounds interesting. I quit drinking and smoking without too much trouble, but the carbs have been an ongoing battle. Like you, I just want to be free of the food obsession and the subsequent negative effects it has on my life.

Day 2 here for me and not really following a certain plan, just keeping the carbs low, moderate fat and high protein. That's what seems to work best for me.

How did your day go DG?

14 days til Labor Day

pooticus 08-20-2012 12:56 PM

Hey DG! Welcome back! Your meal plans sound delicious hon!! You can do this. And never be ashamed!!! Hold you head up and walk right back in and begin as you intend to go forward!!!!

Love ya hon and glad you found your way back to the light!!! MUAH!

Doggygirl 08-20-2012 01:17 PM

Hello ladies!!!

Jeanie!!!! Great to see popping in - together we can do this! My day is going well so far. I'm glad yours is too! It's about 3PM here and that is when things can start going a little crazy. So I just ate my snack - hope the fat and a little protein carries me until dinner! I am right there with you as far as the on-going battle with food. Unfortunately, I don't believe I will ever be a moderate cookie eater. Do you have a journal too? If so I will find it for mutual support! If not, we can share! :shake:

POOTICUS!!! I am so happy to see you pop in! How have you been? I need to find your journal and see what you have been up to lately. Or maybe you will give me the cliff notes! :cool: I hope you are well. Were you working on a recipe book or web site or something or am I remembering that wrong? (I'm old and get very confused at times! :D)

I made a coconut bark recipe today - I've never included butter before. OOPS! I didn't know not to melt it so it separated! That's OK - it's still good stuff. I used to make it with just coc oil, cocoa, vanilla and stevia. That was good too. If I don't think I'm doing well with the sweet taste of stevia (i.e. cravings) then I will go back to just slurping some coc oil right off the spoon.

My ketosis meter showed up today. Since I will be poking my finger every morning anyway for a while, I'm also going to dust off my glucose meter and just see how my fasting BG is after another????? however many months more it's been wallowing around in carb land. I can't even believe I would wallow in sugarcarbies after my Dad passed this summer from horrible diabetes complications. Ugh. That's why this food thing seems like an addiction to me! Insanity! Time to go make a post in the Nutritional Ketosis challenge thread. And wait for my test strips to arrive from Canada.

I have been reading a lot of the links and info that Auntie Em has posted. What a wonderful resource she is for all of us here.

OK - WONDERFUL to see you ladies! I am also hoping another friend of mine pops in here. Don't know what your screen name will be, but you know who you are!! So come on in and let's share this adventure with the great women of Lowcarb Friends!!!


pooticus 08-20-2012 02:21 PM

DG - in two words this past year has been all about breast cancer. Still livin' the dream lol. My blogs are in my siggy line. Would love to see and hear from you there as well!!!

Hugs and glad you're back. It'll calm down!

Doggygirl 08-20-2012 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by pooticus (Post 15886145)
DG - in two words this past year has been all about breast cancer.

:console::hugs::hugs: I can't even imagine what this past year has been like for you. There really are no words.


Doggygirl 08-20-2012 05:32 PM

It really is great being here and connecting with old friends and new. I'm really happy being an LCFer today.

I made some minor changes to my food plan but since I'm wrapping the day up soon, I figured I would post my results:

Cals 1940
Fat 169g
Carbs 28g
Fiber 16g
Protein 80g

Carbs and protein were right about where I want them. Fat is my biggest variable for now. 1940 calories is a lot, and yet I'm hungry!! This is frustrating but I am NOT, repeat NOT going to dive into DH's nuts again. That didn't sound right. :D Nuts as in cashews and peanuts. That leeway is over. I am hoping if I just stick with it one day at a time that my body will adjust and the hunger will dissipate.

Actually, I think I'm going to take another look at my plan for tomorrow (already done!) and make sure breakfast is substantial. Might shift some things around.

Jeaniem I hope you are having a good day! Check in no matter what, OK?


jeaniem 08-20-2012 05:47 PM

Had a good day! I want to eat too, but thought about this thread and my goals so I hung in there! Going to shower and go to bed early.:)

DG- Are you a nurse?

Doggygirl 08-21-2012 05:13 AM

RIP Phyllis Diller
OK - before getting on the business of the day I just have to say Phyllis, rest in peace. She certainly brought many smiles to many people and also paved the way for other women in comedy.

Our "powder room" on the first floor of our house is called the "Phyllis Diller Powder Room." The news of Phyllis passing sure brought back some funny memories of how that came about. It's quite a room - the one room in the house with mostly original decor. Bright pink wallpaper with gold cherubs. There are even cherubs painted in the sink. The wallpaper is on the ceiling too. The vanity and closet doors and other trim are painted gold. When one of our neighbor friends, who is into the "personalities" of rooms saw it, he said "how delightfully tacky! It needs a chandelier!" So we took the dining room chandelier down (it was coming down anyway!) and DH & friends made a project of re-outfitting it for this bathroom.

When that was finished, my neighbor friend dubbed it the Phyllis Diller Powder Room. (other rooms in my house have names too LOL) One of my brothers thought THAT was hillarious. So he wrote a letter to Phyllis. It was very tongue in cheek about his sister being a fan, and who has a special room in her new house devoted to Phyllis. He made this sound like a very big deal without ever mentioning it was a bathroom.

For Christmas, I opened a box that contained a picture of Phyllis, signed by her wishing us good luck in our new home. :)

We have since added some other interesting star pictures on the walls. But it's still the Phyllis Diller Powder Room.


Doggygirl 08-21-2012 05:30 AM

Day 2 Induction - 167.8
Hi Jeanie! I'm glad thinking of our challenge helped you make the decision to go to bed early. Last night was a little easier for me than the night before. I want to NEVER FORGET how difficult it is for me to get off sugarcarbies. I am not an RN but am studying to become an Addictions Counselor. This will be my last semester in the classroom (for an associates in this topic). I will be doing internship in the spring. What do you do?

I track all my food and weight, etc. in an old program called Life Form. Anyone remember that??? I think it's long since discontinued. I have tried to migrate to other on-line tools but I really like Life Form so keep going back. I have a lot of data saved going back to my SECOND weight loss adventure. I wish I still had data from the first go-round....I was using Life Form then but must have changed computers or something and not carried it forward.

Anyway.... I weigh on a Tanita scale. I know the BF% isn't really true since I weigh first thing while dehydrated, but I keep track of the numbers just to see the change.

Last time I weighed what I weigh now, which was on the way DOWN from 204, I had somewhere around 3 - 4 pounds less body fat (so more muscle, I presume). That tells me something about LC v. LF, I think. I feel very "fluffy" these days. Can't wait to change that.

OK - back in a bit with my menu for the day. It's already planned out but there are a couple changes I'm going to make.

Hello to jeaniem and anyone else who happens by!


Doggygirl 08-21-2012 06:01 AM

Food Porn..
I came across a recipe somehow connected to the Whole 30 site for breakfast sausage. It starts of course with fresh pork sausage then add spices. It's spicy! Just the way I like it.

Anyway, this recipe suggested an interesting way to cook the sausage. Divide 1 lb sausage with the spices mixed into 24 little meatballs. Put them in mini muffin tins to bake. 20 minutes and they are done! Yum! 4 little balls is about 2 oz cooked of sausage. (at least with this sausage!) Got some chicken thighs marinating, and cooked up 2 eggs in EVCO while the sausage balls were in the oven. What a great way to start the day! *EVERYONE* probably already knew about that mini tin cooking trick. I am always the last to know about these things LOL!

So...menu for today:

B: 2 Eggs, 2 oz cooked sausage, 1 TBS EVCO, 1 tsp CL oil
L: Salad - lettuce, 1.5 oz turkey, 1 oz blue cheese, 1 oz cheddar cheese, EVOO, raspberry vinegar, coconut bark
S: 1/2 cup cottage cheese (using it up - man is it good! a little organic brand from the health food store...), 10 olives, coconut bark
D: 2 chicken thighs, 1 cup zucchini, 1 tbs EVCO, coconut bark

If I stick to this plan, here is where I end up:

Cals: 1805
Fat: 152g
Carb: 18
Fiber: 5
Protein: 95g

It is not easy to keep my protein under 100g. I can't wait for my ketone test strips to arrive so I can see where I am at and tweak as necessary. I think having a true way to measure ketosis (we all know the stix are pretty useless, especially later on) will take some of the mystery out of this. I hope anyway. :aprayer:

Boy looking back at this historical data is really something. Another thing I noticed is that during my last successful weight loss run, I dropped over 50 pounds very steadily. I consistently stuck to plan. My calories bounced around quite a bit - averages from 1300 to 2200 - but the carbs were always consistently low.

OK - I'm going to do something else before I make myself nuts looking at all these numbers! (well, it's probably too late - I think I'm already nuts! :))


jeaniem 08-21-2012 10:10 AM

You are so psyched up DG and quite inspiring! I was down a lb. today and will probably lose quickly for the next few days since I got a temporary tooth crown put on this morning.:sad:

Doggygirl 08-21-2012 02:16 PM

jeaniem, dental work stinks. (I had a different word in mind but I'm sure I would get in trouble for using it!) I had some oral surgery done in july. Didn't stop me eating sweets though. Hope it went smooth and you are feeling better in the mouth by tomorrow!

Day is going OK so far. I'm hungry now but have a snack waiting for me. Life is good.

Got a strange reading on my old BG meter this morning. I'm not very experienced with it. I think I might have messed it up the way I did it. I took a reading this afternoon 1.5 hours after lunch, and it was 106 which I believe is good for that time frame??? Much to learn about these meters and BG and ketones.

I intend to stay OP today. That is all.


jeaniem 08-21-2012 04:25 PM

I Haven't eaten much today taking ibuprofen which is helping a bit. I still haven't heard from the childcare job I applied for, but I know they have called my references.

What kind of work do you think being an Addictions Counselor will lead to. I have a DS 22 who is in jail due to issues with alcohol/pain pill addiction. Lots of alcoholics in my family and an aunt who died from a heroin overdose, so addiction hits close to home with me. It also amazes me how my other son literally has never even so much as smoked a cigarette or tasted a beer. It is not my being naive either, he is 25 now and would have no reason to lie to me. Interesting stuff....

13 days til Labor Day

Doggygirl 08-22-2012 04:56 AM


Originally Posted by jeaniem (Post 15889028)
I Haven't eaten much today taking ibuprofen which is helping a bit. I still haven't heard from the childcare job I applied for, but I know they have called my references.

What kind of work do you think being an Addictions Counselor will lead to. I have a DS 22 who is in jail due to issues with alcohol/pain pill addiction. Lots of alcoholics in my family and an aunt who died from a heroin overdose, so addiction hits close to home with me. It also amazes me how my other son literally has never even so much as smoked a cigarette or tasted a beer. It is not my being naive either, he is 25 now and would have no reason to lie to me.

Hi Jeanie! I'm glad to hear that ibuprofen is helping! I will :aprayer: that the child care job calls you. Is that the type of work you have always done? Tell me more about your life!

I'm very sorry to hear that DS22 is in jail for AL/pills. Prescription pill abuse has always "been around" in some form or other, but is SKYROCKETING as a problem today. Opiate pain killers such as Oxycontin, Vicodin, etc. are a big problem. The issue is even more complicated due to the fact that unlike in the 60s/70s, heroin now can be used by snorting, smoking, etc. In the old days, the purity levels were low enough where injection was really the only way to get high. So a common progression these days for kids is a start with pain meds such as Oxy that either come from a doctor (ie sports injuries) or come from the parents/grandparents/friends medicine cabinet. If they get "hooked" it is very expensive to maintain the habit with pills. It is then much cheaper to just make the move to heroin. Lots of kids end up injecting at some point, but it is no longer a drug that has to start out that way. I know back in my own college years, there was a lot of experimentation with various stuff. But NO WAY was I going near a needle. With heroin, that barrier no longer exists.

Anyway....I'm sorry about your son. Is he being given an opportunity to get any treatment or support for sober living? My own county has figured out that treatment is a LOT less expensive than long term, repeated incarceration and we have a very strong drug court program. Whatever the means, I :aprayer: that DS22 finds his footing in life. So happy that DS25 has never picked up. Research shows a stong genetic component to the risk of substance use problems. (there are of course social and psychological risks as well). The best way to avoid the genetic risk is to never start.

I'm very happy for you that you were able to stop AL and NIC with relative ease. (I am a former alkie drinker and 2+ pack a day smoker!!) Looking back on these addictions, I see what a waste of time and money they were in my life. For those who can truly have a social drink now and then, good for them. I'm not one of them. (took me a long time to figure that out LOL!)

Other stuff for today..

I am SO EXCITED about classes starting! Last night I was like a little kid packing up my new briefcase on wheels (my back was killing me toting all those books in a bag last semester!!). I also picked out an outfit and planned what food I will bring since I will leave home at 1PM and not return until about 10PM. It's fun to be this excited about something at 54!!!

What kind of work will I do?? I'm not sure! There are lots of different things going on in the addiction treatment and prevention fields. I hope to get my state counselor certification after my internship, and then start applying for jobs! I'm comfortable with the idea of just following wherever this leads and trusting that I will end up wherever I am supposed to be. I would like to work part time and continue with school to get my Masters in Social Work. (I already have a BS in an unrelated subject from years ago). With a Masters and the potential to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in addition to a Certified Addiction Counselor, my options expand.

Well, I think I will start a new post for the "Return to Low Carb" part of journaling!


Doggygirl 08-22-2012 05:04 AM

Day whatever it is now - 166.4
I was happy on the scale today with a decrease from yesterday, and also the body fat calculator is moving down so hopefully the fat burning has begun! I followed yesterdays plan to a tee except that I left off the EVCO bark after dinner. Wasn't hungry for it. I thought about going and getting it before bed, but that was just my bad habit of wanting to snack in bed while watching a little TV. So I left it alone. A small victory on this path.

Not happy that my fasting BG is over 100. It was 103 today. I meant to get my new meter ready and test them side by side this morning but I forgot to do that. Maybe tomorrow. I get blood work every 6 months for my thyroid meds and my fasting BG used to always be in the 80s. More recently (since the heavy carbage began) in the low 90s. I hope this scare is enough to help me stay on the right track! I better start keeping a much closer eye on BG.

Todays plan includes a LOT of food to take with me to school. I would rather over eat fat and go over 2,000 calories than be tempted by all the carbage in the vending machines and that other students bring and share.

B: 2 eggs, 1tbs EVCO, 2 oz pork sausage
L: 4 oz salmon, 1 cup zuke in EVCO, 2 tbs sour cream, EVCO bark
Road food: 2 egg salad w/ home made mayo, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, lots of olives, 2 oz pepper jack cheese, 2 EVCO barks

I am determined to stay on plan today despite the departure from my summer routine and being away from home most of the day.

I need to get back to exercise sometime soon expecially for the BG.


jeaniem 08-22-2012 11:25 AM

Hope your school day went well! Way to go on the planning meals ahead of time.

I lost a pound today, not eating much though.

I have always taken care of children and have worked with special needs children as well. I had been a nanny the last few years but my latest charge just moved to Illinois due to her Dad's job change. So now I am trying to find something in the field. My husband is an RN who works night shift and I have the two sons I mentioned above. My 25 yr. old suffered a TBI when he was 17 due to a car accident. He is doing relatively well but we all including him have had to adjust to the "new" him. My life is much happier and I have better coping skills when I eat LC and exercise, though I often forget that fact!! I got in a brisk interval walk today and then put on a couple of miles walking to get groceries. I can't do weights right now as I am working on rotator cuff issues. I do miss the weights.

Do you have children?

jeaniem 08-22-2012 02:16 PM

I got the job. Tentatively start on Monday!

12 days til Labor Day

Doggygirl 08-23-2012 04:47 AM


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I lost a pound today, not eating much though.



My 25 yr. old suffered a TBI when he was 17 due to a car accident. He is doing relatively well but we all including him have had to adjust to the "new" him.
What is a TBI?


My life is much happier and I have better coping skills when I eat LC and exercise, though I often forget that fact!!
Me too!! My DEC (Disordered Eating Committee that chatters away in my head) will tell me when I am stressed out that sugarcarbies will make me feel better. Truth is, there is a "sugar high" and then a HUGE crash which just leaves me feeling horrible. And the cycle continues. I need to remind myself how that feels so that when the DEC starts chattering, I can make the better decision and stay on the even keel that LC gives me.

Do you have children?
No, but I have a husband. Does that count? :hyst: (actually I have a terrific husband so no complaints here, other than he keeps acquiring more dogs. We have 5 currently! I love dogs, but sheesh!)


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I got the job. Tentatively start on Monday!

:jumpjoy::clap::up: Very excited for you!!! What will you be doing exactly?

First night of school was great. LOL I was so tired by the time the second class got out! These classes only meet once a week so are 2:45 hours long. Two of them back to back is a LOT of sitting and concentrating! I love both of the teachers though so it's going to be a fun semester. And challenging! Lots of papers and projects and presentations. I better get busy!! I have a strange schedule this semester. One of my classes doesn't start meeting until the last 8 weeks of the semester, but then we meet TWICE a week for 2:45 hours each time - so an accelerated pace. My goal is the get my papers and projects DONE for these first classes. That way I will be able to focus properly on the accelerated class once it starts.

I am also taking two "short topic" 1 credit hour classes this semester. Each of those meets for 3:45 hours on 4 Saturday mornings. The first one starts this Saturday and is about working with adolescents. That should be interesting given the HUGE issue in our community (and many across the nation) with a resurgence of heroin use among teens. The last 4 weeks of the semester I will go again on Saturdays for DUI work.

OK! That's about all for the "other stuff." Will make a new post re: the return to LC!

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Day whatever, 166.2
Ended up yesterday ON PLAN!!! Once again cals are around 2,000 which won't (I don't think) yield big weight losses, but is getting me through the transition to (hopefully) ketosis. Yesterday stats:

Cals: 1988
Fat: 163g 75%
Carbs: 22g 4%
Fiber: 3g
Pro: 101g

Also, I tested fasting BG this morning with my old monitor and my new one (that will also measure ketones once I get the strips in the mail). The old monitor said 85 and the new one said 83. I was happy to see those numbers. This also tells me that the previous readings for fasting BG of 101 and 106 were probably right. Yikes!!!! What a warning. Made me think of how my Dad suffered SO MUCH in the last several years of his life with all the diabetic complications. I don't want to let BG problems sneak up on me like he did.

The last couple of days when the DEC has chattered about some urges for sugarcarbies, I had a strong visual in my mind of that BG meter screaming 106!!!! first thing in the morning. I heeded the warning and ate fat.

Todays plan:

B: 2 eggs, 2 oz pork sausage, 1 T EVCO
L: 4 oz salmon, mayo, tomato, EVCO bark
S: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, celery, EVCO bark
D: 2 roasted chicken thighs, zucchini in EVCO w/ sour cream, EVCO bark

I also plan to go for a walk this morning. Gotta start this exercise!!


jeaniem 08-23-2012 07:37 AM

TBI is traumatic brain injury. He is a miracle, the Dr's told us he would live in a vegetative state, but after 7 months he started waking up. I quit my job at the time and spent many hours reading his favorite books to him, stretching out his limbs, brushing his teeth, and many other things in hopes to help his brain rewire and finally it paid off. I cried the day he finally reached out and picked up a ball I rolled across his chest!

I am so impressed with your planning and the resolve to go back to school! Oh my that is a long day for you!!!

My job will be working mornings at the YMCA with preschoolers. Big perk is I now will have a free membership, after having paid monthly for years this will be nice. I am going to try to eat a big breakfast so that I can workout right after work three days a week.

Hope you get a nice walk today. I don't see a big change in the scale when I exercise, but it does make me look smaller from losing inches.

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