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tiggy_oz 07-17-2012 01:14 AM

Tiggy Jones Diary: Life, love & lowcarb
So as always, the first post in a new journal begins with a recap of my weight loss journey. I have been on and off LC for many years and started the first time in 1998/9ish. Did well but when I moved to australia I did not have any control over my eating due to my living situation (was not allowed to cook or buy my own food - overcontrolling father of my then husband). Gained it all back and a few friends. Went on and off plan a number of times over the following few years and gave it one heck of a crack in 2006 where I lost a ton, was exercising like a gym rat and making huge changes. Then I made the choice to leave my husband and my healthy lifestyle went out the window with the incredible stress involved in that. :cry:

Gained it all back of course and eventually hit an all time high of 330 before I got my head fully back in the game and fully committed again in November 2010. Since then there have been many ups and downs, but despite the slow and steady losses I have lost 75lbs (including a couple 20lb regains whoops!), without any intentional exercise.

I allow myself some off plan weeks and meals here and there knowing they will slow my loss for a while, but it works for ME because I know I can always get back on plan easily and lose whatever fat and water I have gained. Of course I get frustrated with the scale, and not losing 100lbs in 4 months - BUT this is what I need to do to succeed without feeling overwhelmed and deprived. Living this way also allows me to experience the life and culture of living in Indonesia this year without feeling I am missing out on trying new things.

Although I rarely notice the changes as they come along slowly, looking at photos really drives home the progress! I have posted these elsewhere on the board, but I will put them here as a reminder to myself to NEVER GIVE UP! What a difference 70 lbs makes! :jumpjoy::jumpjoy:



P.S. This journal is probably not for the faint of heart as I am a tell it like it is kinda gal, and frequently go off topic. Living abroad, LCF's is not just my LC support system - its a way to 'talk' to close friends. If if wasn't for my past journals and the support of the amazing gals here I doubt I would have achieved what I have! :heart: you all!!

tiggy_oz 07-17-2012 02:09 AM

Hi gals, hope you all found me in my new home! Sorry about no journal posts for a few days and thanks all for the messages of where in heck did you goooo tiggy!!! :cry::cry:

Perhaps it was time to start a new journal as I seem to be entering a new phase in this healthy lifestyle gig - exercise! I don't want to jinx it (please god don't let me jinx it :aprayer:) but for the first time in a LONNNNNG time - like 6 years - I have been actually somewhat enjoying being active. In the past hard core exercise worked really well on the scale, but caused unrealisticly high expectations and tears when the numbers or inches lost didn't match the effort.

But I think having done the slow path this time I have more patience with progress and can apply this to prevent burnout when things don't go my way.

I took a major step on that exercise front yesterday! My normal routine of 'all by myself' got thrown out the window by friends popping by unexpectedly both afternoon and evening. Instead of putting off the exercise until late in the evening (which I KNEW I would NOT complete), I put on my big girl pants and did a short 25 minute YRG in between social stuff. GO me!! This is big, really big.

TOM popped in and gave me a nice loss and I was 265.6 this morning. Will see what this week brings.

Stuff I did/learned (aka update of all things tiggy)
  • I suspect eating coconut oil is having a positive impact on my upper arm skin elasticity.
  • I actually LIKE eating eggs as long as they are fried in saturated fat and doused in salt. VERY weird!!
  • PMS sucks. that weepy crying stuff is rather annoying. Glad thats done!
  • Got rid of N - got tired of his lack of showing care - especially in contrast with Welly. Made me cry lots (combined with PMS), but feeling ok about it.
  • Although I like hiding out at home, going out with friends is better
  • Ying and I are working on friendship. He really is a handy bloke to know and his posse of friends are invaluable.
  • Lowish carb thousand islands dressing, and good quality blue cheese are to die for when you haven't had them in a few years.
  • Fried gurami (like big versions of the aquarium fish) are REALLY tasty!!
  • My skin still thinks I am a teenager :doh:
  • Humidity sucks
  • Upcoming Ramadan is causing a TON of traffic congestion :(. Travel has doubled in time and hazards.
  • Only in indonesia do they combine a karaoke bar, with a state of the art gym.

Frenchie'sGirl 07-17-2012 07:07 AM

OMG :hyst:kareoke, gym, they can sing while they get thier workout :rofl:
Sorry that just REALLY struck me as funny.
Glad to see you back, I missed you!
Find the idea about coconut oil interesting. I havent been making anything with mine and I should. Isn't there some divine CO recipe running around here somewhere?
Glad your getting rid of the luggage and trimming down with the emotional tug of war that was going on I coudlnt see good coming of it. Hope the friend thing works with Ying though. Welly does sound like a keeper so I am keeping my fingers crossed for you there.
Eating Gouramis? *gulp* B-b-b-ut I love Gouramis :cry:

tiggy_oz 07-17-2012 09:18 PM

yay diane found me :) - now to round the other gals up.

It really is a funny mental picture about the gym. I haven't been yet but apparently its one of the best ones and not to far from my house. They do some strange things here haha. I think the ying thing will work out as long as I can get it through his head we are not together. He and his business partners really want to access my web design skills, and I like using their network of helpful people so its kinda an even power base. I did enjoy hanging out with him yesterday - he teaches me heaps of stuff and we can talk for hours which is nice.

Not sure if the scale is up or down today. It really likes to chuck out strange numbers at me, and can vary a lb for each step on. It gave me a 255.2, followed by a pile of 256's so I went with something in between. Its fine, its still in the range I expected.

Had a fun time setting my kitchen on fire yesterday evening! :doh: I deep fry in a massive pot and never have any trouble with it. I cut my eggplant into thinner strips than normal yesterday and I guess the additional surface area caused more water to come out - causing a BIG oil foam over onto a gas (open flame) burner. YIKES!! Which then resulted in fire! Ever wanna feel true adrenline kick in? Do that. Thankfully due to the design of the cooktop once the burner was off it all went out. PHEW!

BTW, if you cut eggplant into rather thin strips and deep fry till crunchy they are super delicious and almost like having fries. :love:

I think tomorow I might do my measures again. I think there might be a small loss to show. I am comfortable wearing a pair of pants I bought 6 years ago that I was never small enough to wear. VERY cute pants and I'm pleased. Also, able to wear some 2x (remember this is ASIAN 2x which is not anywhere CLOSE to a western 2x) underwear! Realistically they are probably a wee bit small, but they are not rolling down and have just enough fabbric to fit my big behind!

I wish I could stand all the time. many of my clothes are to big when standing, but that sitting down thing doesn't work in my smaller clothes unless I want bits poking out. I'm in that in between clothes stage and its driving me a bit nuts.

Did a little bit of exercise yesterday but not an official workout. Just isometrics while watching crap tv, and similar. It was my scheduled off day so no worries. Today I want to do a video of some sort. Already walked my 2 flights of stairs 2 times just for fun while waiting for my washing machine to do its thing.

Frenchie'sGirl 07-18-2012 08:37 AM

Yeah, you can't hide from me so easily :p

SO glad you are ok and nothing bad happened in the kitchen, that had to be Extremely scary! Glad the eggplant fries worked out and hope it was worth the heart attack LOL

I too hope everything works out with the friendship thing with Ying, it does sound like he could be quite useful and seems to have a head on his shoulders?

I hate the whole clothes thing and know exactly what you mean! I was fortunate to find a few things that fit me ok this last time and use them when I want to be really comfortable. My body is so odd right now I dont know if it will ever recover. I like the loss of weight but I hate the saggy wobbly floppy body I ended up with :@

janetsbreeze 07-18-2012 08:38 AM

Oh I found you!
Tig, the link in your siggy isn't working for me - I searched for your most recent posts to find your new journal.

kittycitygirl 07-18-2012 06:09 PM

Found you!

Link not working for me either.

Wow! Talk about a rush! Glad you got the fire out!

tiggy_oz 07-18-2012 06:50 PM

Thanks for the heads up on the sig link. I had typo'd it - not surprising! All fixed now.

I have lots of comfy at home clothes, but not so much nice stuff for going outside in. Hopefully I lose a ton before I go back too aus and can have a shopping spree. I also dislike some parts of my body now more than before. Boobs.. ug. DISLIKE! Upper arms, well they are better than they were when I was fatter, but still my second least fave part (least fave while clothed). They do seem to be tightening up a bit so perhaps there is hope.

Scale is nice today. A new number - 254.2! Using my fancy spreadsheet, if I continue at this rate of loss (since june 26 badger challenge 3) I will hit the high 230's by late september. That's pretty exciting.

Did exercise yesterday. Not a tape as I wanted, but a good solid 25+ minutes of squats and pushups and lunges and some yoga poses. Did something bad to my shoulder though (appeared after the workout) and its very uncomfortable today. Hope it pops back to where it belongs soon.

Oh and I had another one of those lets play in photoshop and compare old pics days. I figured out how to get the sizes to exactly match so its easy to see the difference. Found a terrible pic I took in bathing suit at about 277 and took one in that same suit (man it doesn't fit well these days) and then in a suit that fits better.

I really understand WHY the losses are not showing up on the measuring tape. Because they really are coming off area's that I don't measure, or are hard to measure well while alone. Its all coming off my legs, and some off my upper arms. Very little is coming off my torso. I am morphing into the dreaded middle aged apple :cry:. What the heck, I'll just get brave and show ya

I have knees again! Thats kinda exciting. And skinny calves! Perhaps there is hope for knee high boots someday.

Ug, the upper arms make me cry but they are a lot tighter than at the start.

And my least fave picture that shows my stomach is not really changing much - no wonder my pants still feel like they fit the same. Also, I am going to have to retire that bathing suit. Zero support for my now floppy saggy boobs. Not a good look. The other one in there has icky rolls on the back view, but other than that is a good fit.

iamfaithful 07-18-2012 07:28 PM

Wow you look great! Dont worry about the loss only in the legs more than the core... your legs are really different! A very good change... when they loose all they want then the core will come off...that is kinda what is happening to me. You are a lovely lady! Hang in there! You have come a long way and will make it the rest of the way.

Seabreezes 07-18-2012 08:23 PM

The changes in your pictures are great. You have come a long way and, I know, will continue to do so.

We were in Bali and Bodorabour earlier this year. Interesting country. I can see where eating could be a real challenge!


tiggy_oz 07-18-2012 08:35 PM

Seabreezes - man you guys get around! I think you mean borobudur (the big Buddhist temple on Java island)? Both awesome places. Love me some bali and love me some Jogja (yogjakkarta). How awesome you got to visit. Ya the eating can be tricky! They hide sugar or starch in everything! I combat it by eating really boring food at home haha. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I WILL get there, slowly but surely, or in indonesian, pelan tetapi pasti (my fave new saying)

Thanks faith :D. I am hoping the core starts dropping soon. In the past I always lost from core first, and legs later so this switch up is strange. I understand its hormones and getting older and the belly will go, in time. Thanks for your sweet words :love:

Seabreezes 07-18-2012 08:43 PM

Yes, the National Heritage site. The port was Semarang. We were there in '99 the first time. It was a long drive, but interesting.

kittycitygirl 07-18-2012 08:52 PM

SeaBreezes :hugs:

Can see the difference! Stomach is my nemeses too! :mad: seems it fights to hang on!

Seabreezes 07-18-2012 09:00 PM

Thanks for the hug, Kitty!

Bejewelme 07-19-2012 04:41 AM

Tig- oh thank God you are back my life has been sad without you!!! So much to talk about!
Your pics, I posted on the HB thread, but you can see you have lost a bit in your tummy and your legs, girl you would be wearing those WW boots no problem, I have giant redwood calves that I freaking hate, I keep telling the PS cant you hack my calves, LOL

Starting to exercise??? I got weepy, yeah! Honestly it will make you feel good and you will see measurably losses and I know you are a tracker so you will like that and you did this before so you know, dude the older we get the harder it gets for sure!!!!

CO- I need to eat more of that, I stir fry with it but not much else, I know people swear by it

Nate- good to be rid of him, yeah for Ying sounds like a good smart guy to have around in a strange place, and glad Welly is still leading the pack! LOL

Gurami- oh I dont know if I could eat them, but I guess I could! LOL

Eggplant, zuc they hold so much water please be careful deep frying, God forbid that would spray you or something, If I fry I usually cut then lay out and sprinkle with salt to dry a bit then fry, sounds like you overloaded the pot, BE CAREFUL!!!!

You got no boobs either! Did you tell me you had a boob job? I had those ginormous boobs, I posted an old pic that just floored me yesterday, I am like no wonder I am the saggy baggy elephant here!

So glad you are back with us hun! I missed ya!!

BluJ 07-19-2012 05:32 AM

I found you!!!! Thanx to Bejewlme! I thought you had blocked me! LOL!

janetsbreeze 07-19-2012 05:57 AM

Tig, you can see such a big difference in your pics - you look great!

tiggy_oz 07-19-2012 06:20 AM

BluJ I would never block ya :) Glad you made it.

Amber - ya I can totally see a massive leg difference, a medium one in my bottom and a bit in my tummy. Its coming.. Thanks for the tip on the salt before frying. I used the same amount of eggplant as normal that I had never had trouble with, but it was just the increased surface area. I have a cover on that sucker so no splashback, just fire haha.

Ya the CO stuff is tricky. I really dislike the taste of the natural stuff - seriously gag - but the flavourless stuff I use in salad dressings (that dont need refrigeration), in bruchetta/salsa mixes, deep fry, coconut bark, mixed into my veg soup for some extra oomph and a few other things I am forgetting. I want to make that pudding, but I am afraid I will hate it. Who knows if that is what is causing the tightening, but I really do have a feeling its it. No matter, from everything I read on medium chain fatty acids, and the high smoke point - its a winner IMO.

No exercise today - I am SICK. Like scary I want to go to the doctor or perhaps hospital sick if it continues. I wish it was a simple tummy thing (I have drugs for that), or a migraine or something but this is weird stuff. I think I mentioned that I have been feeling dizzy and lightheaded on and off for about a week. It has been getting worse the past few days and it has culminated in feeling 99% debilitated. I made it to immigration and pay my wifi bill, and had a coffee, but felt like I was walking through molases the whole time. Got home and nearly collapsed. Even laying down doesn't help.

So now my vision has weird spots, headache, feel like fainting or falling down if I walk, totally fatigued and moving at all is a big effort. Also feeling nauseous and like my cognition is impaired. I feel really high or drunk, without having taken anything haha. The only things that come to mind are low iron (since I haven't eaten red meat in a week or 2, and only eggs for the last 6 days), low B, low blood sugar, a blood pressure problem or an ear infection gone badly wrong. Ive been drinking a lots of water, getting enough salt (via food and broth), a reasonable amount of sleep etc and put ear antibiotics in a few days ago.

Made some rice to see if eating that would solve it (ie blood sugar issue). No dice - just made me feel like throwing up. Took a berocca (its vit C and B's and other vitamins), ate a bit of beef, and requested an assignment extension.

If this is how people with chronic fatigue feel - man my heart goes out to them! Hopefully I can find a doc that speaks english, or get one of yings friends to interpret for me at an indonesian speaking one tomorow (and drive me since driving is LOW on my list of smart stuff to do)

Normally I LIKE to be alone when I am sick. Just let me sleep, but tonight, I really wish I had someone here. I'm scared, and it takes a LOT to make me scared, but feeling your body shut down on you will do it :doh:

kittycitygirl 07-19-2012 06:25 AM

Oh, Hun! Get to a doc quick. Prayers and hugs

tiggy_oz 07-19-2012 06:29 AM

Yay for facebook. Found a good doc to try and see tomorow who speaks english and is a lovely lady (met her before)

Thanks kitty :)

Oh amber, how did i forget about the boob topic... I still have big boobs, but that one suit has 0 support in it so they kinda become very flat bits of ick. With a decent bra they are ok, OR if I am laying on my side one looks nice haha! I did have a reduction 20 years ago from size SUPERGINORMOUS to a b/c. Now.. I have enough skin for a D, but no lift left. If I have to pick a surgery to have it will be to fix those puppys. They aren't super gross yet, but far far far from attractive. I love me a good bra these days, but my old ones are not getting filled up anymore haha.

kittycitygirl 07-19-2012 06:38 AM

Yay on doc!

My bits recovered nicely from weight loss....good for my age LOL! Was worried for a bit....got lucky!

A good bra is a friend!

janetsbreeze 07-19-2012 07:49 AM

Tig, please feel better and let us know what the dr says.

mama_2_3 07-19-2012 08:37 AM

Found ya!
That's great news you found an english speaking doc. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Seabreezes 07-19-2012 09:46 AM

Hope the doctor finds out what is wrong with you. It doesn't sound pleasant.

iamfaithful 07-19-2012 10:30 AM

Tig I hope I am wrong but it sounds like you are experiencing a blood blockage, maybe to the brain? Be sure she checks out your heart. Ladies have completely different symptoms of a heart attack or blockage then men do. I know.... I own that T-shirt... bought it in 2000! Had the same thing going on with me...took several days before I decided to see a dr. He had no idea...sent me to his Nurse Practioner... she put me immediately into telemetry (but 1st I drove home got a bag with things, paid some bills, did some house cleaning etc- I was to drive to the hospital 1 block away but decided I was well enough to go do the other things...yeah, right). Two hours later I arrived & after 4 days they could find nothing... Two weeks later I still felt the same way...went to cardiologist & told him "Crack my chest open & find out what is wrong!". I went in for a heart cauth the next morning & they found a 90+% blocked artery on my main muscle of the heart about 10mm long. Dr told me I could have only made it maybe TWO WEEKS before I would have been gone! Dont want to scare you.... but be sure they find out! PLEASE!!!! :hugs:

pooticus 07-19-2012 02:10 PM

Oh My Goodness! Iamfaithful! :hugs: What a scary event! And so glad you are still with us!!! :hugs:

Tigggggggyyyyy! Girl, you look beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us!!!! :hugs: MUAH!!! I can see a tremendous difference in your progress pics!!!! You're working it.

I so hope the doc finds something. Insist on a cardiac workup, please??? Saying prayers for you!!!!

So glad things are working out with the men! And the yingyang is behaving and prooving to be a help rather than a hindrence and weight to drag around.

I know this isn't the best subject to bring up...when you aren't feeling good and when you're talking about eating reef fish...but, ahem, didn't you move to Indo to dive? Where are your dive trips lately, Missy? I've been wondering why you haven't been out there tearin' it up with your new sleek body??!!! MUAH! Just tell me it's "nonya" if you wanna!!!

:hugs: and :aprayer:

People are good. Isolation is bad!

pooticus 07-19-2012 02:11 PM

Oh and I love love LOVE LOVE your new place!!

Bejewelme 07-19-2012 03:03 PM

Tig- did you get to the doc? What is up are you OK? I am guessing it is 6 am there? I get all confused with these time changes

janetsbreeze 07-19-2012 03:37 PM

Tig, we are worried about you :(

iamfaithful 07-19-2012 05:18 PM

:sick::sick::sick:Waiting...... :sick::sick::sick: holding our breath

and saying many :aprayer::aprayer::aprayer:s

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