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rosehip 06-10-2012 10:15 AM

Rosehip Runs
I decided to start a journal to help me track the dual goals of weight loss and fitness.

I started Atkins induction in January 2012 (again) and, depending on the day, lost between 12-15lbs.

I moved over to JUDDD in May 2012 and haven't looked back. JUDDDing has helped me increase my loss to 21lbs and counting. I love JUDDD...it is a way of eating/lifestyle that you can take anywhere, at anytime!

As for fitness - I am training for a half marathon. The Disney Princess 1/2 marathon in February 2013, to be exact. Hoping that training + JUDDDing will carry my along to my goal weight and maybe teach me a thing or two about perseverance as well :)

I am following a 12-week half marathon training schedule that I plan to spread over 8 months (i.e. repeat some weeks until I get them down pat).

Today is my first run on a "down day"! 2 miles...I am nervous.

Menu for tonight:

100g shrimp = 100cal
2 cups mung bean vermicelli = 300
lettuce, carrots, mint, sprouts = 25
vietnamese dressing = 80

505 calories + a protein shake if I need it

A little higher than my usual DD calories (I tend to keep it around 450) but I think it will be ok.

Cheers :)

rosehip 06-10-2012 10:16 AM

P.s. after today's run, my weekly total will be 9.5 miles! Now all I have to do is work up to running those miles consecutively...hahaha

rosehip 06-12-2012 11:17 AM

Today was this week's warm up run - an easy 2 miles. Well, it would have been easy had my ankle all of a sudden started acting up. Not sure what to call it, but the outside of my ankle "clicks" when I rotate it and sometimes feels sore/stiff. Anyway, after some periodic stopping and stretching, it seemed to ease off.

Today is a DD for me and I generally fast until supper time. Otherwise I tend to mildly obsess over calories. I don't mind fasting and I subsist on coffee, herbal iced tea, and water.

I was nervous of runs falling on DDs but this one was really pleasant with a strong finish (am I talking about running or wine with that statement, ha ha). I had a LOT of energy which I attribute to the DD and to the fact that it was my favourite running weather - cool, cloudy and a little rain here and there.

I am struggling with water weight the past couple of days. Humid weather does this to me, JUDDD or not. I feel like I am starting to finally get rid of some of it but honestly I drank tons of water yesterday and felt like my body was holding on to it for dear life...human water balloon!

Hoping to see 195 on the scale this week. Having surpassed the 20lb mark felt amazing. I am heading to a friend's wedding down south for a week in July (yes, July!) and I told myself I will be plenty happy with the existing loss and just as happy if I happen to shed a few more pounds between now and then.

Working up to 4 miles on Saturday....shaking in my shoes, ha ha :)

Have a great week!

Babsbabs 06-15-2012 06:21 AM

Hi Rosehip, it sounds like you are doing really great! I am glad things are working out for you with JUDDD and the running. My weight loss stalled a bit when I started running this month but when I got on a scale that measured muscle and body fat % it showed that I had lost 3 pounds of fat and gained the same pounds back in muscle so I am happy with that! I hope your 4 mile run goes well tomorrow! :)

rosehip 06-16-2012 08:30 AM

Hi Babs!

Thanks for the well wishes - you have been so helpful! I am glad to know there is another JUDDD runner...it made me less wary of running on a DD. As previously mentioned, on an LC day a long run was really hard.

Good tip on the measuring your body fat %....my scale does that and I never think to check it. I will tomorrow for sure.


rosehip 06-16-2012 08:35 AM

4 Miles run today and a beautiful 4 miles it was!

First - I saw 195.8 on my scale. After an up day. Crazy...but maybe the running and JUDDDing are finally going to play nice with each other :)

Next, BF and I got up at 7am (groan) to drive into the country and dispose of a van-load of renovation materials at a landfill. Yes, a landfill - surely it must be love if I am in this deep :)

Before I dropped off the van (a rental), I mapped 4 miles from the rental place back to our house.

The run took me through the downtown core, past lots of people opening their shops for the day, others buying milk and newspapers, and some really nice churches. Then past a huge museum, down a street of little cottage type-houses, past a little park with a fountain, down a tree-lined street of nice red brick houses and finally back into our neighbourhood.

Also it is Italian Week in our 'hood and the street was buzzing this morning as I came to the final few meters of my run.

It felt great - definitely felt like my tank was full, so to speak. I actually ran for almost 20 minutes without having to take a break...a huge improvement! So far so good...

And now to go help BF with the renovations...bah...at least it will distract me on my DD :D

Nelle Belle 06-16-2012 04:26 PM

Sounds like you have a good plan.
I did the Disney Princess 2/11. It was fun, dont forget to bring a camera, lots of good photo ops. Bad part was catching a bus at 4:30 am for the start. It was dark when it started. Get yourself a costume, lots of people wear them, even the men that run it wear skirts. Google Sparkle Skirts, they are fabulous and worth the $$. I still wear mine. Also, go to the Disney forum and join the conversation. Lots of good advice things I didn't even know I needed to know.
You will do fine with JUDDD as long as your eating and training are consistent.

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