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cprcheetah 03-10-2012 06:38 PM

No Time To Weight --Heather's Journey
No time to weight has been my weight loss mantra for a while, I suffer from PCOS and my honey and I are trying to have kids unsuccessfully, I feel my weight & his are impeding the process so truly, honestly, there is NO time to weight to get fit, lean & healthy! The time is NOW! Once again I find myself at almost my all time high weight (250 is all time high) and splitting my scrub pants at the thighs (and they are size 2x) and feeling fat and flabby. I am a bonified Carbohydrate ADDICT! My husband was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance/Chronic Inflammation/Diabetes/Fatty Liver Syndrome in August 2010, and so we had a 'drastic' diet change (cut out ALL flours/grains/sugars etc) while it has been a challenge, we still eat too much and I still cheat/flub when I'm at work. Well I hit bottom yet again, when I ripped/tore the seam out of my 3rd pair of scrub pants in a matter of weeks.....so I pulled out my Lean for Life diet book and started on Tuesday....I am down 4.4# and feeling great. My honey has to go out of town for business for a month so I am going to see how much I can lose before he gets back. Hoping to surprise him for our anniversary weekend (7 years!) I have done it before, in 2004 I lost over 65# and was a size 10 for my wedding....I CAN & WILL do it again!

Starting weight: 235#
Current Weight 230.6#
Goal Weight: 165# (we will see how I feel/look at that point)
Diet plan: Lean for Life
Exercise: Wii Fit Plus & Walking the kiddos (dogs).
Health issues that impede weight loss: PCOS/Insulin Resistance/Arthrits in knees so exercise isn't my easiest.

cprcheetah 03-11-2012 05:34 PM

Wow I actually did it! I stayed on play for a full day, got my exercise in, and this was WITH the stress of my honey leaving me for a month! I am so darn proud of myself, I'm in tears, literally. I like the Leslie Sansone, Walk at Home DVD's and usually I tend to just start them and go about 10 minutes and then give up, well today I finished it for the first time in a long long time! Woot Woot! It was the Walk Slim Fast Start and I went 2 miles! Woot! Can you tell I'm just a tad bit excited? I've decided that I am going to surprise my honey, so when he gets home he'll come home to a slimmer, healthier me. Hopefully a cleaner house. That is my goal and part of my anniversary present to my sweetheart. Woot Woot!

On Plan: Day 1 Protein (I decided to start over since I kind of botched Friday by having Chinese...
Exercise: Yes! Walk Slim 2 Miles Fast Start
Water: Yes!
Attitude: Bummed that my baby left me for work, but excited, tearful and motivated for change!
Measurements: Dare I post? EEK! These will be my 'starting' measurements
Chest 43" Under 36 & 3/4
Waist: 38
Hips 53 (yep that includes my ghetto bootie)
Thighs L 31 R 31 & 3/4
Arms 15 & 1/2 R 15 &3/4
House: Dishes, Cleaned out Fridge, top to bottom

cprcheetah 03-13-2012 08:53 PM

Still going strong! I start my 'weight' loss portion of the diet tomorrow. I am down 7# so far which feels AWESOME! Can't wait to keep losing.
On Plan: Day 3 Protein
Exercise: Yes! Walk Slim 2 Miles Fast Start
Water: Yes!
Attitude: Had an 'extremely' busy hectic day at work today, busy busy and training 2 people...so was running around crazily today. Didn't feel much like exercising when I got home but 'forced' myself to do it, as I was making up every excuse in the book why I 'couldn't'. I feel much better now.
House: Too Pooped to do much today.

cprcheetah 03-14-2012 06:24 PM

Wow, well I managed to stay on plan even amidst stress (found out my hubby is staying for 2 weeks longer) than he was originally going to! So that gives me 2 extra weeks to get into shape. I'm super excited, even though I'm sad he won't be here for my anniversary, it is giving me that much more motivation to do good and stay on plan.
Day 4: 1st Weight Loss Day
Water: Yes!
Exercise: 30 Minutes WATP Walk Slim 2 Miles
Attitude: AWESOME all things considered!
House: several loads of dishes done by hand, and consolidated some crap that has just been sitting out forever and got it taken care of.

cprcheetah 03-15-2012 07:59 PM

Huge NSV (Non Scale Victory) today! Debra at work went to McDonalds and brought back French Fries for everyone (her Dr is trying to get her to GAIN weight), any how, she put them in front of me and offered them to everyone, and I sat there and ate my HEALTHY lunch (Salad w/chicken & low carb dressing, broccoli, 1/2 an apple) and wasn't even tempted a TINY bit to snag a french fry....which is HUGE as normally I would have eaten most of them

Today was a little hard eating everything I was supposed to, I wasn't even hungry for dinner, I think part of that is because I started taking my pills again and they really can mess me up. (Depression etc). They can make me feel quite funky and if I don't take them early enough before bedtime....I don't think they digest so I wake up feeling nice & queasy.

MagieDen 03-17-2012 08:35 PM

You are well on you way, good success to you in your weightloss journey!


cprcheetah 03-17-2012 08:43 PM

Thank-you! Still going strong! Tweaked my menu plan a little as my breakfasts the past 2 days contained too many carbs. I have Metabolism B (aka Metabolic Syndrome) so I don't burn carbs like everyone else, mine just 'snatch' on to the nearest fat and stay there for good. So I decided tonight after reading up on it a little I needed to 'up' the anty a little and increase the intensity of my workout. Well I'm feeling it in more places than just my calves (which have always been strong & lean) the majority of my weight is in my thighs and my butt, a little in my abdomen. I can see my ribs....so yeah I've got curves....just lumpy ones :-) I am going to take my measurements again tomorrow, interested in seeing how they are doing as I've been exercising every day.

cprcheetah 03-18-2012 10:55 AM

So down 10.8# (6.4# this week) and lost 2.75 inches since last week. It feels great. I know I can keep this up and keep on losing this weight, these inches. I have an end goal in my sights. I have already dropped my BMI 2 points from a 39 to a 37! It feels great! My goal is about a 25, I think if I hit 150 then I will see how I feel/look at that point and perhaps keep that as my goal if not then tweak when I get there. But I have a long long ways to go, that's my 'ultimate'.

Chest Under 36 & 1/4"
Chest Around 42 & 1/2"
Hips 52 & 1/2"
Waist 37 & 3/4"
Thighs L 30 & 3/4" & R 31"
Upper Arms L 15 & 1/2" & R 15 & 3/4"

MagieDen 03-19-2012 05:01 AM


AsmallerME 03-19-2012 07:24 AM

You're doing so great!!! Losing weight was exactly what I needed to jump start my fertility too and resulted in a successful pregnancy. I hope you have the same success. :hugs:

cprcheetah 03-19-2012 06:00 PM

Amber...we are hoping....although I was skinny when we first got married :-) But we hope that eventually we may conceive.

Things are going great in the diet department. Today was a 'protein' day and I discovered that I really like 'savory' cottage cheese :-) I added a spinach blend of seasoning to it and it made it way yummy...and less monotonous. I have discovered though with my metabolic syndrome I really have to have daily movement/exercise or I fall out of ketosis.....bummer...as I am a VERY couch potatoish type of person....but I can and will change that if it means slimmer, healthier, happier, non hurting (joints from lack of movement) less asthmatic (winded just walking a few steps)....me :-)

MagieDen 03-19-2012 06:15 PM

Exercising = Great Healthy Benefits


cprcheetah 03-25-2012 07:09 PM

How I managed to have a loss this week is beyond me. I cheated a couple of times (and paid the price intestinally (apparently I am also gluten sensitive like my husband). I am down 13.8# so far and gonna keep on going!

cprcheetah 04-02-2012 06:20 PM

I haven't been on my diet for a 'full' month yet but have lose 16.2# which makes me VERY VERY happy. I had a week where I was 'off' sort of due to stress, and didn't get all the exercise in I'd like to have gotten in. But I'm back on track this past week and really am starting to get the compliments. I noticed today my scrub pants were fitting looser and my 'thunder' thighs are starting to shrink which is awesome if you ask me :-) Hoping to lose 10 more # in the next 3 weeks so I can lose about 25# by the time my honey comes home from his business trip...as our anniversary (7 years) is next week (monday) and this is my present to him, that and a cleaner house! I'm super excited!

cprcheetah 04-05-2012 06:25 PM

People are really starting to notice the weight loss. My friend/coworker today told me I am looking awesome, especially around my face (which is where I tend to lose it first), and my 'booty' shelf as I like to call it around my hips/rear is disappearing. My job is also getting everyone 5 pairs of new scrubs and I was able to order 1x pants instead of 2x, still have some thunder thigh work to do but it feels great. Did my grocery shopping today and I LOVE having a 'healthy' cart. My husband and I have done pretty well in that regards as we eat grain/gluten/sugar free normally due to his health...but it still feels awesome!

cprcheetah 04-05-2012 09:51 PM

Chest Around: 40"
Chest Under: 35 & 1/2"
Waist 38" (bloated from my cheat today)
Butt/Hips 51 & 3/4"
Left Thigh: 30 & 1/2"
Right Thigh 30 & 3/4"
Left Arm 15 & 1/2"
Right Arm: 15 & 1/4"

So total inches lost so far is 9 all together! Woot Woot!

cprcheetah 04-07-2012 06:03 PM

I got a hair cut today, both these pictures were taken the SAME day, I can't believe the difference in the 'leanness' of my face.
this is before

& After:

cprcheetah 04-09-2012 08:50 PM

Here are my current "Progress Pictures" No Time to Weight: Current Progress Pictures... Current progress pictures....I'm seeing the biggest difference in my face, hips & thighs, and a little in the belly....maybe a tiny tad off the rear LOL! 9" and 17# lost!

AsmallerME 04-10-2012 07:17 AM

Has your husband come home yet? I know you must be excited to show him your changes!!!

MagieDen 04-10-2012 07:56 AM

You're doing great! Like the progress pictures! :)

cprcheetah 04-11-2012 04:01 PM

Amber....9 more days till he comes home! I'm hoping to get to 215 which would be a 20# loss. I was stalled for about a week or so because I was drinking diet soda too much and enjoying too many low carb/protein snacks each day. But it's going back down now.

cprcheetah 04-11-2012 05:44 PM

Here are my 'long term goals'
End of April: 209
MY 35th Birthday (9/25) 168
Dec 31st 149
This is an average 2# loss per week, which I have been averaging about 2-3# per week sometimes more sometimes less. So I'm keeping it reasonable, but hoping to get to goal by the end of the year. I'm super excited, and have a plan to keep on going even after my hubby gets home. Hoping to encourage him to join in the diet with me as well as he needs to lose quite a bit too.

cprcheetah 04-15-2012 12:09 PM

I hit a new low this morning! 216#, haven't seen that in a few years! Woot woot! My hubby comes home on Friday night! I can't weight. Hoping to lose a few more pounds before then, I so want him to be like "Whoa baby!" Know what I mean? I have been struggling the past few weeks bouncing from 216.4 to 218 and up, and I finally got the scale moving back down again, hoping it keeps up!

Work has been incredibly stressful, we were basically told we had 3 days to get out (on a month to month) on Thursday....we already have a new place we are going into but it's not finished being built yet so Thursday I had NO IDEA if I was going to be laid off for a month or what was gonna happen....Friday morning we found out the new landlord is going to let us use another vacant spot for a month....which is quite the relief but packing and getting everything moved out by Tuesday has been stressful. I am maintaining the diet though, even though I'm tempted to grab a bag of tortilla chips (my BIG weakness) and dive into them, I'm staying strong with low carb/protein snacks. Also started drinking Green Tea, I've heard there are lots of benefits and it helps with Weight Loss so we shall see! Ever onward!

4myfuture 04-16-2012 10:52 AM

Hi! Just read your entire journal thus far. Wanted to to cheer you on. Congrats on all the hard work you have done so far. What kind of dogs do you have?

sunset 04-16-2012 05:12 PM

I just wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss. Keep up the good work!!

cprcheetah 04-16-2012 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by 4myfuture (Post 15584850)
Hi! Just read your entire journal thus far. Wanted to to cheer you on. Congrats on all the hard work you have done so far. What kind of dogs do you have?

Thank-you! I have a chihuahua named Zoey, a Golden Retriever named Shellie and a Shih Tzu/Brussels Griffon mix named Griffon. I also have a house full of cats lol! 4 + 1 perma foster kitten and 1 mama kitty with her 3 baby kittens.

4myfuture 04-16-2012 06:23 PM

Ive got a full house too! !! 2 dogs and 3 cats. They keep us busy. Kutgw and ill be reading! !

cprcheetah 04-17-2012 09:03 PM

Holy Cow! If my life could get any more stressful it would be a miracle LOL! So my job/workplace is in limbo right now as we are trying to move into a new location, have gotten a 3 day notice from our landlord, but the new place we are moving won't be ready until the middle of may......we HAVE to have somewhere to go, we were going to go into another place at the same complex our new place is going, but Dollar Tree stole it LOL! They are moving in there as their command post while their building is constructed...JERKS! LOL! j/k, I'm actually really excited that Dollar Tree is going in there, I LOVE Dollar Tree! BUT that leaves us with no where to go and we are supposed to be out NOW! SO we MAY get permission from the city to use one of the spots we're renting but aren't doing any 'renovations on' temporarily, if not we will have a temporary office delivered next week....again leaving us in limbo.........so STRESSED to the max! My husband comes home Friday night. I am SO stinking excited. I hit 214# this morning....that means a 21# loss! Hoping to keep it up also with all the stress it makes it HARD HARD HARD! Just wanted to post a quickie update. My boss also shocked me by taking myself, another coworker and the bookkeeper out for chinese buffet.....yeah so gotta work that off....

4myfuture 04-18-2012 06:58 AM

You got to your first goal! Awesome! Your husband won't even recognize you!

cprcheetah 04-19-2012 11:36 PM

OMG OMG OMG my wedding ring fits! I haven't been able to get it over my knuckles for several years......I think my diet and not having swollen joints from not eating gluten/grains made this possible. I tried it on on a whim.....just in time for Rob to come home. Keep in mind I am retaining water right now so my fingers are swollen. Tears of JOY

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