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Auntie Em 03-06-2012 07:11 AM

VLC on a budget, as ancestral as I can make it.
Food prep yesterday:
HB eggs, beef burgers, hwc/hh custard made with crushed saccharin tablets, hh/hwc yoghurt (still incubating)

Grocery shopping:
half-price Swiss cheese from Kroger, and hh was on sale :)

Shopping list:
hwc and 18-pack eggs from Walmart as they have the best prices.

Meal ideas:
Tuna-egg patties with butter or beef drippings, and salad of lettuce and malt vinegar


Herbs growing nicely in their containers.

Splurged on senior decaf coffee at a fast food place: 68 cents.

Being more mindful of eating small amounts of PRO at a meal, and paying closer attention to how my body and mood respond to what I eat, while eating, and afterwards.

Breakfast today:
Black tea w/ hh, clo and dab of pastured butter, 2 HB yolks and beef drippings

Auntie Em 03-06-2012 10:03 AM

Baked Egg Custard recipe (part of yesterday's food prep)

Scald hh/hwc (I used 2/3 to 3/4 hh and the rest hwc yesterday) Total amount four cups.

I mixed in four crushed saccharin tablets. I used the Necta Sweet, one grain tablets in this batch. Tablets can be crushed between two spoons.)

Mix in part of scalded cream mixture with 8 - 12 egg yolks. Then, add rest of scalded, cream mixture. (I used 8 yolks yesterday to be thrifty. More yolks is nicer, though.)

Pour mixture into small canning jars. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

Place jars in pan large enough to give a nice water bath.

Place pan with filled jars in oven. Pour hot water in pan, being careful not to get water into the jars.

Bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit until a knife test shows a clean knife.

My batch yesterday took one hour and twenty minutes.

One can add vanilla extract, or unsweetened coconut flakes, or whatever else one wishes, before baking.


This recipe can also be used for making homemade ice cream.


Auntie Em 03-06-2012 01:41 PM


Tea w/ hh, CLO w/ dab of butter
A few bites of egg custard and yoghurt

2 hb yolks w/ beef drippings, decaf coffee w/ light cream

Beef liver, grapefruit sections, egg custard. More tea.

Supper: perhaps beef bacon and an egg, lettuce and a bit of malt vinegar

Auntie Em 03-08-2012 11:26 AM

Something a friend posted on the internet recently, which I am keeping in mind:

Lack of sunlight results in neurotransmitter deficiency, causing lethargy, depressive mood, and metabolic disorder/weight gain (known as SAD/atypical depressive symptoms). Lack of sleep increases cortisol, decreases leptin, thereby contributing to metabolic dysfunction.

Staying with ca. 30C and 60P these days, eating small amounts at a time. It seems to suit me very well, these days. :)

Time for sunshine. Best wishes to all. :)

Auntie Em 03-09-2012 08:23 AM

From a comment by "flo", translating something from Dr. Kwasniewski's forum, in Polish, after a post at Hyperlipid on Dr. K's diet:

Animal fats contain almost all needed for their burning enzymes, minerals and vitamins, exactly in the amounts and proportions human organism needs.
Vegetable oils don't contain these molecules what significantly decreases their 'biological value' comparing to animal fats.

Fats from egg yolk and bone marrow, biologically active fats, especially those surrounding kidneys are characterised by very high biological value associated with the contents of many common for animals and human biomolecules which when consumed don't have to be produced, saving this way protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.

Am continuing to find eating egg yolks, offal, bone/meat broths, wild salmon, and butter/cream, healing and strengthening. I find the yolks and offal sit well, digest easily, and sit more nicely than muscle meat. Muscle meat tastes good, but doesn't seem to digest as easily or be as satiating as offal and egg yolks, even with the cream/butter/beef fat, and a bit of carb.

Small meals, constant amounts of CHO and PRO, breakfast to breakfast, lunch to lunch, and supper to supper, per Dr. Richard Bernstein's Law of Small Numbers. Tea and animal fats early, three small meals, and an egg yolk, or some yoghurt made from cream, or a small piece of cheese, in between meals, if needed. :)

Small meals, high bioavailability of nutrients, good sunshine and rest times, progessively graded exercise, nice sleep habits, supplements. They are all making a nice difference. Read and adjust something, wait and see what a change brings. Read and adjust....

Auntie Em 03-09-2012 09:21 AM

Food today: Tea w/ hh, clo and a dab of butter

Breakfast: 2 hb yolks and a bit of beef liver, a tiny bit of parsnip, yoghurt made from hh/hwc

Lunch and supper will be similar: 2 yolks, a bit more animal protein, some dairy fat, and a tiny bit of plant matter.


Auntie Em 03-14-2012 01:47 PM

Am really enjoying reading the newest edition of Dr. B's book. His explanations are easy to understand. He writes about nutrition and metabolism in such a nice, understandable way. :)

Made yoghurt today just about half each of hwc and hh. And a pile of hb eggs.

Have been lazy about cooking the last two days, eating hb eggs and cheese for meals, or just cooking a couple of eggs or just yolks.

Liver is next on the list of food prep. An eight-ounce package from the dollar store is $1 if I remember correctly. That lasts me three or four meals. Bit of beef bacon, 1.5 - 2 ounces of liver, and some yoghurt, occasionally lettuce and drops of malt vinegar.

Cooked beef burgers are thawing, so will have muscle meat again tomorrow.

Re-heating with a little water, and perhaps some chives in the skillet, and cheese on top. :) Limiting tea intake again. It's so easy to let the tea drinking increase. ;) Or eaten cold with a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream.

The azaleas are blooming and folks are in spring mode. It's delightful.

jem51 03-26-2012 12:53 PM

Thought of you as I snatched up 5 packs of Painted Hills beef bacon at 1.49 each. I've never eaten it but feel that i cannot go wrong.

Also organic zucch was 1.09/# so got a couple for soup.

Organic broccoli was .79 last week but up to 2.09 today so won't be having that.

This is good practice for me considering I am seriously contemplating the RV life in a couple years....no more stocking up so will have to follow the specials in order not to break the bank.

Hope you are well.

Auntie Em 03-27-2012 03:23 PM

Jem, how kind of you to post here. :) Hope your beef bacon was good! I rinse mine to get off the cheap salt. I, too, am contemplating full-time RVing. I use a tiny, dormitory-sized fridge, but have a large pantry cabinet. The RVs I've seen actually have larger refrigerators than I now have. :) Am slowly downsizing, inching my way towards an aluminum house on tires.... Hope you are doing really well.

jem51 03-30-2012 08:38 AM

Good morning Auntie.

I've been looking around the web for blogs on women going it alone on wheels or w pets.
There are some out there and I hope to make some good contacts.

I went to an RV show just to compare sizes, really, since I won't be buying new.
I have done some dramatic downsizing and will continue over the next 1 1/2 years.

I volunteer w the SPCA and they have a thrift store. Those cats have benefitted from my downsizing.

We'll have to compare notes.

Auntie Em 03-31-2012 02:12 PM

Hi, Jem. I, too, read, the blogs by women who fulltime alone, and check a few RV forums. I talk to RVers fairly often, and ask all the questions I can think of, if the folks are willing to talk "shop".

I don't have to be in a hurry about the steps or the choices, so am glad to have time to learn. I may take a few RV driving lessons, too. The driving is one of the daunting parts.

I'd prefer to have everything low tech, but may have to have some automatic things, due to the physical strength required for extending and retracting awnings, and sometimes for getting boards under the tires for leveling. Having automatic awnings and levelling is very handy, but adds to the initial costs, and costs of maintenance, price of insurance....

The thrifts shops have received most of my paring down, too.

The full-timers I know have gone through several RVS to end up with what they now enjoy. I'm trying to learn from their processes and discern what I'd like to have at the end of those stages.

I rarely ever see women driving the giant rigs, a large towing truck and a giant fifth wheel, by themselves. Once in a while, a woman behind the wheel of a giant motor home.

I think through choices, and weigh the costs and benefits each would mean to me, as best I can.

It's a nice process, thinking through it, regardless of which choice I make. :)

Hope you are doing really well! :)

jem51 04-18-2012 05:54 PM

Hi Auntie Em.

In the spirit of eat well and saving $$, thought I'd share this; Grocery Outlet had Organic Valley pastured butter for 2.49/package.
It's the green, foil package.

I purchased 6 and since the date is 5/2012, vacuum sealed some.

I am planning a bullet proof coffee experiment tomorrow so will need to purchase more butter if I love that concoction.

The idea actually comes from butter tea....Himalayan, I think.

I will use CO instead of MCT.

On the retirement plan; I was totally thrown into a tizzy this a m while reading an article on Ecuador....sounds perfect.
I'll need to research a bit more and brush up on my Spanish.

Bye for now.

Auntie Em 04-20-2012 10:56 AM

Jem, thanks for your kind post. :) What a great find to get the Org. Valley pastured butter at that price.

I often put tallow or butter in my tea, usually with a bit of hwc, hh, or a little lactose-free milk. Sometimes I put in brewer's yeast, sometimes sea salt, sometimes beef broth, or even an egg. I have yet to try the traditional fermented yak butter. :)

South America is popular as a retirement spot. I hope you like what you find out. :)

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