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RileyWorm 02-09-2012 06:38 PM

My hHCG experiment<3
So I decided to just start a journal instead of crowding threads with the minutiae of my daily diet and ups/downs.

This is my 3rd round of hHCG. I have gotten down to my pre-holiday weight of just under 140, and plan to lose 15 more (hopefully).

Anyway, I am going very rogue and basically following low carb/Atkins-type plan while dosing hHCG. My calories have been around 700-900 since Monday, with ratios of approximately 50% fat, 30% protein and 20% carbs. I have lost 2 pounds this way so far, with a .8 gain this morning (exercise related, I'm almost positive).

Weight this morning: 140.6 (water retention due to exercise, I'm hoping!)

Today's menu:
B- egg whites with spinach; coffee with 2 tbsp of HWC
L- tuna with 1 tbsp mayo; 1 tbsp of peanut butter
S-SF hot cocoa with 1 tbsp HWC; an orange
D- 4 oz. ground beef with grilled onions and peppers; 1/4 tbsp. butter

I haven't logged all of my foods but at lunch I was at 416 - with dinner and the hot cocoa, I figure that is another 400. Didn't figure totals for ratios either.

I also didn't get much sleep last night, late class and early morning to work. Tonight trying for earlier bed time, and grocery shopping tomorrow. I've been wanting to experiment with cottage cheese shakes, and some quinoa dishes. I also have been wanting an avocado...I also need either peanut butter or almond butter, and Greek Yogurt (usually stall on GY but may try again because I've been CRAVING it!)

Good night, thanks for reading!

ellenalesa 02-10-2012 05:07 AM

Lots of questions
Hi Erin,

I am on my first round of hhcg. I started back in July and my best friend had a tragedy in her family and I went completely off the rails. I was only on it for about 2 weeks. So I am counting this as round 1.

Do you mind my asking how much weight you've lost? I want to lose 40-60 pounds, maybe more. I would like to lose about 25-28 pounds this round, and then can go more slowly after that.

I'm finding it much easier this time. I am following the 800 calorie guidelines, although I may be above 800 calories.

Have you always been rogue? I would love to hear your story.


RileyWorm 02-10-2012 10:31 AM

I lost 20 pounds on my first round (28 days), 15 pounds in my 2nd (about 3 weeks, with an interruption in there)...I gained back 10 so put my net loss at 30 pounds in two rounds. This round I have lost 15 and have been rogue the whole time. My losses started off very quick but I have struggled with eating off plan (like completely, such as cupcakes and nachos and toasted raviolis.) I mostly started with extra protein, such as eggs/cottage cheese, in the mornings. This whole week I have done an Atkins-style protocol.

I think you can do your goal in 1 round; I just ran out of hcg my first round so I had to stop at 4 weeks, lol!

Today, however, I am fat fasting (no hcg) ....my ratios are a little off as I am making do with what I have on hand, but I've had:
coffee/2tbsp cream
2 eggs with 1tbsp of butter
2tbsp cream in hot chocolate
2 tbsp of peanut butter

I plan on fat fasting through the weekend and then on Monday considering if I want to break into my reserve bottle. I am retaining major water from a horrifically intense workout and it has me a little down; of course I know what the cause is for the gains/stall but staying off the scale until Monday.

RileyWorm 02-10-2012 03:08 PM

Dinner tonight: 1/2 avocado with aged parmesan ranch dressing. OMG soooo good. I have about 150 calories left to play with, so trying to decide if I wanna make a coffee with cream later or a small piece of low-carb cheesecake.

RileyWorm 02-10-2012 06:04 PM

peanut butter mousse for a little snacky...probably a little over 1000 today but pleased with my ratios nontheless...
I went crazy at the grocery store tonight, natural PB, dark chocolate PB, and individual PB cups! (sometimes I eat reduced sugar, sometimes I don't. nut butters and I get along pretty good either way!) Plus 3 avocados, and I found GY that was 10% fat! I couldn't believe it - It is Cabot brand.

RileyWorm 02-11-2012 07:59 AM

Down 1.6, finally! Continuing on with my fat fast today, which may be difficult since we are going out to eat tonight. The plan is:
B - coffee/cream
L-avocado with aged parmesan ranch
D-Red Lobster- crab legs with butter, caesar salad.

I will be over 1000 calories but I think my fat will still be pretty high. Tomorrow I will make it lower cal, higher fat...

RileyWorm 02-11-2012 09:27 AM

Instead of avocado I had a slice of my cheesecake. I made it last night and have been waiting to have a taste! SO good! I cut it into 16 slices in stead of 12 so it is 230 cals/serving, 83% from fat. :)

I need to work on a project for school but have been spending all my morning here on LCF. I just can't get motivated...Maybe after a nap I will get a boost...

ellenalesa 02-11-2012 04:16 PM

Hi Erin!
Wow, 20 pounds in 28 days? AWESOME. Did you have a lot to lose? I am about 60 pounds above my pipe dream weight (130). I am 5'3". I don't look as heavy as I am because I used to do a lot of weight training and am now doing Callanetics 3 x a week.

I would LOVE to shed 30 in one round but am concerned about getting saggy skin. I am almost 48 and am concerned that the skin may not bounce back too quickly if I lose it too fast.

Today I had 85% lean ground beef for dinner. I tried 96% once, :down: won't do that again any time soon. I DID have a smaller portion than I normally would.

So, you CAN have fat on P2? I'm all for rogue but just don't know what the guidelines are. Does it make sense to do an 800 (ish) program and then every once in a while have a refeed day?

Maybe if you've been doing this for a while, your body needs a little break. Good luck, whatever your decision.

RileyWorm 02-11-2012 08:14 PM

I originally started out around 170, sad to say I did not weigh myself exactly before starting, and had lost a few pounds before starting hcg. My highest weight ever hovered around 175. I am 5'4"...my goal is 125 which will be 50 pounds lost. I am at 135(according to my old scale which I used my whole journey right until last week, according to new scale I am 139)

Fat is not part of the original protocol AT ALL, in fact it goes against all principles of hcg, but it worked for me! :)

ellenalesa 02-12-2012 06:33 AM

Congratulations on your weight loss! Would you mind sharing some of the things you ate on your first round? I'm usually ok with eating the same things over and over, but I would like to have more ideas so I don't get to the point of not being able to eat chicken breast ever again.

I'm recording everything I eat so I can learn what works, and what doesn't.

Everybody's definition of rogue is different. Some people add more calories (that's me, and a little fat here and there). Are you staying on the 500 calorie plan, but using fat? I saw some calorie counts, that's why I'm asking.

RileyWorm 02-12-2012 07:17 AM

Ellen Alesa, Thank you! My first round last year was STRICT protocol until my last week I stalled so I experimented with some things and ended up losing my last 5 pounds, my 2nd round I experimented with turkey as a protein and mixing veggies.
On my 1st and 2nd rounds, I ate:::
If you like sauerkraut or dill pickles, you can have those, they are true to the original protocol. I made meatloaf with a smidge of tomato paste, dry onions, and melba ground up; I would make a crockpot meal with turkey, cabbage or sauerkraut, and diced apples. That was probably my favorite. I made ground beef or turkey chilli alot also. I would eat burgers wrapped in lettuce with mustard. Cottage cheese/strawberry shakes are really good too. I also bought a lot of flavored coffees. (didn't count calories at all)
My 3rd round I followed the OWL plan loosely (didn't count calories that closely.) It gives you much more freedom so you can really get creative with your foods, but I am sick of all of the protein options. I did Atkins-style with hcg for 5 days, and I counted calories and kept it to below 900 and ratios of 50% fat, 30% protein, and 20% carbs.

Right now I am fat fasting, 1000 calories a day, 90% from fat, no hcg...I should probably change the name of my journal...:)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

Down .2 today, which is a relief. I almost didn't weigh, but I have to remember to hold myself accountable. My fat fast actually went well, but I was probably close to 2000 calories, and had way too much protein. We ate at Texas Roadhouse, where I had a salad with ranch, broccoli, 12 oz. ribeye....and a beer, and 3 fried cheese balls! Yikes! Oh, well, I am just so happy I only had ONE beer, and NO rolls! If you have ever been there then you know their rolls are AH-MAZ-ING!!

B -coffee with cream
cheesecake, with a smear of dark chocolate PB
L- avocado wrapped in salami
D-not sure yet, but probably bacon....

RileyWorm 02-12-2012 03:16 PM

I will be slightly over today, calories wise....:(
B - I'm figuring 150 for HWC, 250 for cheesecake (230 for cheesecake, 20 for the smallll tsp of PB I added) (400)
L - 1/2 Avocado - 150 - Salami - 70 (220)
Snack - small piece of cheesecake, probably half the size (125)
D - 4 slices bacon, and probably some cheddar cheese.

However, my ratios are probably 85% or higher...I don't figure my fat calories ratio anymore because I just take from the list I have of 200-250 calorie meal options, and each one is higher than 80%.

But, I FEEL great and I am starting to see more changes, physically! My tummy is really flattening out. Which is great, but I have been working on my trouble areas (rump and thighs) with weights, squats, lunges...I know it will take a lot of time to improve but I get very impatient..:)

RileyWorm 02-12-2012 07:46 PM

Spent the afternoon working on my finance project, and moving around furniture in preparation of our NEW BED's arrival! A king mattress, I cannot wait! Trying to mentally plan out my menu for tomorrow.
B-coffee/cream (100)
cheesecake (230) = 330
L-pork sausage, cheese (180,110) = 290
D-bacon (180)
cheesecake (230) = 410
total: 1030; above 80%
I may try to sneak in an avocado instead of something else; we shall see.
G'nite, off to snuggle with my Nook, winter weather advisory here, brrr!

RileyWorm 02-13-2012 10:27 AM

Down .8 this morning!

Today's menu:
b- coffee/cream (100) Cheesecake (230), small serving of pecans, (50ish?) = 380
l-avocado (150) salami (70) cheese (110) = 330
d-? I have about 300 cals to play around with, so probably 4 slices bacon and something else...

RileyWorm 02-13-2012 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by RileyWorm (Post 15413219)
Down .8 this morning!

Today's menu:
b- coffee/cream (100) Cheesecake (230), small serving of pecans, (50ish?) = 380
l-avocado (150) salami (70) cheese (110) = 330
d-? I have about 300 cals to play around with, so probably 4 slices bacon and something else...

Well, I already had my 300 cals I had left; at home this afternoon so getting 'boredom' hungry...dinner will still be 4 slices of bacon, so still puts me around 1200, which isn't too bad (plus I have class tonight so extra cals to get me through the night isn't a bad idea...) Especially considering I am FF for two more days, an increase in cals may not be a bad idea so I don't get a huge gain on Thursday (Friday morning, actually...) My plan then is to attempt EFGT ratios through the weekend and maybe FF again Monday.

My old scale, which weighed 4 pounds less than my new one, would put me at 134, which means I am only 9 pounds away from the 'old' 125...BUT, going by the new scale now, so I'm 13 away...it's so close I can taste it!!:)

RileyWorm 02-13-2012 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by RileyWorm (Post 15413219)
Down .8 this morning!

Today's menu:
b- coffee/cream (100) Cheesecake (230), small serving of pecans, (50ish?) = 380
l-avocado (150) salami (70) cheese (110) = 330
d-? I have about 300 cals to play around with, so probably 4 slices bacon and something else...

To add to this for the day:
cheesecake with blueberries and a splash of cream - probably 300...I never got my bacon, because THEN, me and my mom went to Steak n Shake. I got a mushroom/swiss burger, no bun, with a side of coleslaw, which I'm sure had sugar in it, but I had maybe 5 bites of it. SO, not a total loss of the day, but could have been better. We will see what the scale does tomorrow...

RileyWorm 02-14-2012 03:35 AM

Down ONE whole pound! Wowsers! I had to weigh 3 times, but I'm sticking to it. Similar menu today as the other days...

RileyWorm 02-14-2012 12:43 PM

WELL, I just had 4 caramel filled milk chocolate hearts...28 carbs, who knows how much sugar? Oh well...it could have been worse...but tonight going to eat Italian, I can get away without pasta, but the dishes are still calorie laden...staying off the scale tomorrow for sure. :)

ellenalesa 02-14-2012 01:03 PM

Happy Valentine's
Hi Erin,

What do you use to sweeten your cheesecake? I used to use Splenda, then got concerned about possible health threats. If I make it again, I will use xylitol or something, maybe a blend.

Glad to see your fat fast is working out.

I am trying to stick to "clean" eating, and it's a challenge. Yesterday, I had no hunger, but wanted to eat anyway. I have a feeling I eat much more than I need to.

I really want to stick to this properly for a few weeks and see what my results are. I would like to stay on for about 40 days, and was thinking of a loading day or 2 in between, then back to protocol for 3 weeks. I want to get past my lowest weight of 174; actually, I want to get to about 167 or maybe a pound or 2 lower...but let's see how I do!

RileyWorm 02-14-2012 06:42 PM

I use Splenda, always have. I have used Whey Low in the past which is fantastic, but the jury is out on the effects of blood sugar as it has fructose in it. I have used it fine and lost, but it is super pricey and I have to order it. Xylitol, erythitol, etc...not readily available to me and I'm not familiar with the measuring/equivalents...So I stick to Splenda. :)
I'm doing really well with the fat fasting so far, but making tomorrow my last day. Today I kindof flubbed, so if I am up hopefully I can get it back down with a good fat fast. (I had some chocolate, then a salad with dressing that I know had sugar in it, breaded chicken breasts, and broccoli. Not the worst, but I probably had a whole days of calories in one meal!)
Then, I'm on to EFGT ratios. Then probably another fat fast sometime starting late next week. Not feeling like I want to go back to hcg anytime real soon, as I'm losing well and eating great foods...I was just getting sick of the lack of variety/lean proteins and still don't feel ready to go back yet.

So I found this recipe online and am thinking it would be delish with a few tweaks. Either dark chocolate or sugar free chocolate chips, Splenda instead of sugar and honey. May have to try as a replacement for my cheesecake next week.
From Tasty Kitchen.
10 ounces, weight Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 cup Butter (salted)
1 cup Sugar
2 teaspoons Vanilla
1- cup Pecan Meal (almond Meal May Be Substituted)
3 whole Large Eggs, Beaten
3 ounces, weight Dark Chocolate (I Used 70% Cocoa, But A Semi-sweet Would Be Nice Too, If You're Not A Dark Chocolate Fan.)
cups Heavy Cream
1 Tablespoon Strong Coffee
1 Tablespoon Honey

For the brownie:
Preheat oven to 325F and line a 99″ baking pan with aluminum foil, or coat with butter or cooking spray.
In a saucepan over medium-low heat, gradually melt the chocolate with the butter, stirring until smooth. Remove from heat, stir in the sugar and vanilla, and allow mixture to cool a little.
Whisk in the pecan meal and beaten eggs until combined well.
Pour mixture into a baking pan and bake for 25-30 minutes.
Let cool for a few minutes before cutting.
For the warm dark chocolate sauce:
Add all ingredients to a heavy-bottomed saucepan, and heat over low to melt chocolate and warm mixture. Whisk until smooth.
Serve warm.

ellenalesa 02-15-2012 04:30 AM

That brownie sounds good
Are you still taking hhcg?

I definitely like the idea of a fat fast. How does that work with P3 and stabilizing?

I also saw a post about leptin-reset. I like that idea, as well.

I'm getting waaaay ahead of myself!

RileyWorm 02-15-2012 10:36 AM

Good morning!
I am currently not taking hcg, I am just doing a super-rogue P3 by trying to lose more weight. There are lots of gals doing FF with hcg, you should check out the Fat Faster's Thread. Tons of info. There have been a few girls on there saying they stabilized fine, most everyone else is still experimenting. :) I did do FF on hcg, but since I haven't done a real P3 I don't know if it would affect my stabilization yet or not.
************************************************** ****************

Up 2.5 pounds from yesterday...I believe the culprit was the high calories and the sugar laden dressing on my spinach salad. Oh well! Don't really regret it, as I know the gain is all water, and hoping most of it will come off with today's final FF for the week. Tomorrow I am incorporating more protein, but still high fat. Friday may turn out to be a GY day if I need to do another CD from last night's gain. (Normally don't lose on GY, but found FULL FAT so I've been itching to eat it, so I'm gonna try it!)
Still totally figuring out this stuff day to day, so my plans may change...

ellenalesa 02-15-2012 03:33 PM

Have you read about leptin reset?
I just came across a post on the hcg boards, it's a way of doing P3. Jack Kruse is the dr. who started it. I made a note to myself. I don't want to read too much about it now because I am trying to do low fat rogue.

I love the idea of experimenting but I see the possibility of getting totally off the program, and I really need to dump this weight!

Have you ever had Cabot GY? It's really delicious. I was using FF GY during week 1, not sure if that stalled me or if it was the monthly cycle. I had too many variables going on so I figured I"d cut the GY for now.

Let me know if you make that brownie.

Also, would you share your cheesecake recipe? I have one that calls for sour cream. Not even sure if I know where it is at the moment.

RileyWorm 02-15-2012 04:37 PM

I've read about it, but under the impression that most people try it when they have trouble stabilizing/hormonal issues...so I haven't researched it very thoroughly...
I actually have a big tub of Cabot in the fridge, I am excited about trying it!! I'm glad you like it, someone told me it is a bit tart, but I think I'll like it! I am OBSESSED with GY...
Not at home, but will share the recipe later. It is George Stella's recipe, which you can find on his website...try to google it, not sure how much I can share on here. It is Ricotta Cheesecake...ricotta cheese, sour cream, hwc, cream cheese, eggs, splenda, vanilla, lemon juice...it is my favorite, esp. with berries on top! :)

RileyWorm 02-16-2012 12:47 PM

Down .2 - still have a way to go to get to my pre V-day weight, but not stressed. Doing a regular P3 today, and then another CD tomorrow. I'm going to try a GY CD...we shall see if it works for me. Then another P3 day, and another CD after that if I need it, probably do a chicken day. Then I might be back to FF.
Today's cals only come to just over 1000, and I feel like have eaten SO much so far...I threw in some PB to keep my cals up a bit, because I don't think 1000 is enough (unless I'm FF)...We'll see if I go down any tomorrow...
Shampooing carpets tonight, sounds fun, right? Preparing for the arrival of our new bed!

RileyWorm 02-17-2012 03:38 AM

Down from my regular P3 day. 140 even. Still have 2.5 pounds to go, so I was off when I calculated my gain from V-Day. Attempting a GY day today, at the very least it will be an All Protein Day....

RileyWorm 02-17-2012 10:22 AM

GY day going well, I am running to the bathroom ALOT, so hoping I will have a nice loss tomorrow. Thinking about eating a steak tonight, instead of 3rd serving of GY...I have one more serving of GY left and kinda want to save it for breakfast tomorrow.

Saturday I am going to do a regular P3, and Sunday will probably be my 3rd and hopefully final CD, I think I am going to go buy a rotisserie chicken. Probably regular P3 on Monday again, and back to FF til Friday/Saturday maybe.

RileyWorm 02-17-2012 05:04 PM

Today turned into just a Protein Day. Dinner ended up being a chef's burger, and about 5 stuffed mushrooms with sausage and Philly Cooking Creme (santa fe flavor). That cooking creme stuff is awesome, but super pricey, so won't buy often. But, a little bit goes a long way.
I have a feeling I will see a decent loss tomorrow, so tomorrow will be another P3 day, and then hopefully I'll only need one more All Protein/CD. Planning on:
b- coffee/cream and either leftover stuffed mushrooms with scrambled eggs, or the rest of my Greek Yogurt. Lunch will be whatever's left.
Dinner - I'm planning on getting BF to go to Red Robins so I can get a burger, protein style! YUMM!

RileyWorm 02-18-2012 05:29 AM

Down .6 from yesterday. I'll take it, I'm back in the 130s again, finally!! Today is going to be a regular P3 day. I am going to finish off the cheesecake I have in the fridge for B. One more CD tomorrow to see if I can drop the rest of this bump-up, then gonna do some more FF next week.

RileyWorm 02-18-2012 11:35 AM

b-CHEESECAKE, coffee/cream
l-3 pieces steak kabob, with a bit of onion/pepper, PB
d- hopefully Red Robin!

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